Contest: Seidio Innocase Snap Case for BlackBerry

By Adam Zeis on 27 Oct 2009 05:20 pm EDT

55 Innocase Snap Cases to be Won! Leave a Comment to this Post including the name of the BlackBerry Device Model you own. Details below...

Seidio Innocase Snap

A few weeks back we looked at the Seidio Innocase Snap for the BlackBerry Tour. The sleek case covers the back and sides of your device, and comes in a variety of vibrant colors to trick out your Bold, Tour, Storm or Curve. The Snap sells for $19.95 at, but if you get in on the contest action right now you can may just get lucky and be able to snag one courtesy of Seidio for free! We have a big handful to give away (15 for Tour and 10 each for Storm, Curve 8900, Curve 83xx and Bold to be exact) so there is plenty of love to go around. To enter, just leave a comment on this post with your device model. We'll select random winners for each device from all the entries. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count.

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Contest: Seidio Innocase Snap Case for BlackBerry



My choice was a case or a car charger at the store when I got my Storm...considering the new USB style I had to go Car Charger and now I can't find the dollars in the budget for a cool case for my Storm 9530!

I struggle with trying to find the right case to carry my Tour and I have several friends around me that this case and I love it. I absolutely love it and I mean love it. Whether its in black or blue I don't care. Please pick me as a lucky winner and save my blackberry from anymore scratches and dings.

just bought my 2nd innocase when i learned of the 360 model really need this for my 8330!!! Pink please!!!

Guys, the 9530 owners are enjoying the OS 5.0 official version while we 9500 owners are still lagging behind. Please gift me a Seidio Innocase Snap Case for my Storm 9500 and make my day !!!!!!!!!!! Thanks.

Just got a Innocase 360 and a great product. Now I need something to show off the sexiness of the phone :) Got a Tour

Seidio is the best. I recommend it to all my friends and they have followed suit.

8900 for me. I already rock the innocase II.

My BBTour 9630 was shopping for a new cover and it told me that it wants to dressed in this case for the thanksgiving holidays. my tour 9630 was so excited that it may have vibrated for a quick moment...

Had one for my pearl, and loved it! Best case out there for BB's, hopefully I can be a lucky one and get it for my Tour

I got one of these for my Blackberry Curve 8330 from Verizon. Nothing does a better job protecting my Blackberry, and believe me I am tough on phones! Verizon didn't offer me color choices though, I got a black one, but that Blue one would better suit me, since I am a Florida Gators Fan!!!!! :)

hey crackberry can i please have a case ive never won anything before i just recently got a neww 8900 curve after a few good yrs with my 8310 so please my new baby needs some clothes

I gave up on my extended life battery door breaking and went with my normal battery, id love to have this now that I can actually fit a cover on it!

Seidio makes top of the line products! I desperately need one for my Blackberry Tour 9630. C'mon Crackberry. Hook a brother up!

Oh, how cool, we get a chance to win a Seido snap case! I've watched a couple YouTube videos by fellow Crackberry users that feature this case and it looks ideal for my Blackberry Tour.

Very nice keeping off all the grease from the device 8) would love one for my Tour 9630 8)

I love my Blackberry 8330 Verizon curve so much, I need a free protector for it!

Only the best for my Curve! ;)

First of all....I LOVE CB! Second...I lost my case for my Storm 9530 and well...since I live in the middle of nowhere Montana, I can't just run and replace it. So this would be great!