Last Chance to Enter to Win a BlackBerry 10 Phone and PlayBook tablet and more in our Mobile Nations Passport Contest!

Ultimate BlackBerry Prize Pack!
By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Nov 2012 11:36 pm EST

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The Contest ends at 12 Noon PT on Monday, November 19th, 2012, so HURRY UP AND ENTER! 



Haha how many people you think won't read the post and try to enter here?

Kevin Michaluk

I'm going to guess Ten. :)


I see what you did there...


Taking offers should I win the iMore package :-)


I just can't wait for Blackberry 10 to be released. I have only been following Rim since January but I have seen the amazing change the company has gone through and can't wait to see all those isheep look in awe when they see what Rim has in store. As always keep up the great work Crackberry team.

BB10 Believe!

Kevin Michaluk

The amount of change at RIM since Thorsten Heins became CEO is impossible to overstate IMO. And the changes have all been AWESOME. Looking forward to BB10 as it's really the first big outward facing opportunity for the company to show the world how different the company is.

Mathieu Sawan

Been waiting for this phone for a long time! I really want one! Can't wait!


Dreaming of a BB10 - and PlayBook as well? Who could ask for anything more???


Counting days for BB10jus cant wait i guess i will win :)


Let's get this done! BlackBerry by choice.


For me this contest is awesome, for so much time follow this website ( and read daily this one, I love the new Mobile nations passport now got information about all devices and os, I believe Mobile Nations is the future, and contest like this show that Mobile Nations is the best website and this love its readers. I love Family Mobilenations and Family CrackBerry.

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Oh I'm so pumped!.... So can't wait to see the new BB10!!!

Ankit Lamba

this blackberry would be mine


I've never littraly been a Blackberry guy, I've always loved my Android :P But I'm still pumped to see what will change and what will be new :D

Karen Murphy

I would love this product!!!!

Thirty Hops

It seems it's time for me to win the BB10. I like phones. I like BBs. I like technology.

30 Hops


was really looking forward to 10, but my 9800 just shit the bed. i've only had it for a year and a half. i'm contemplating a move to samsung. don't want to but, my freakin pearl still runs. and it's 5 years old. why does my 9800 reboot in a loop and no one can give me an answer?


I think there's a CrackBerry article that tells you what to do when that happpens. I haven't read it in a while, but I think you have to reload the software. And if your Pearl still works, why not change back to it for a while? Lol.


This would be great to win, my computers are old and can't afford anything for a while. Hope I win. Thanks.


Be nice to have a BlackBerry again. Thanks for the chance!


#BB10 believe!
RIMpire strikes back!

d.j & live performance
via Torch 9800 PlayBookor Alpha Device[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]


Rim is making a comeback & I would like them to succeed.

Kelly Hinch

BB10 & Playbook " The Cool TOOLS "


winning this would at the very least make me want bb10 phone.. i wonder if they can catch up to android and ios.. or even windows..

The Cuong Huynh

winning the bb10 would be nice!


waiting for single moment of blackberry 10.... I LOVE BLACKBERRY


I would love to win itt and the first thing I would do is make the a "in the life of BB10" video for all to see.

Can't wait for BB10 Resurrection! :-)


Count me in, would like to have my dream machine


Playbook & BB10: this is my dream ... can this dream becomes reality?


Oh yeah that's the dream people......


Well over 10!
But much greater chance of winning here :-)


Except THIS isn't a contest post and you can't win anything by commenting here...


Wooooooooooot. My dream.
Thank you CB

Arteg Bulba

This is awesome chance to have a BB 10!!!!! look forward to have it
Yes, and more extensive chance to stand out from the gray mass of everyday life


Thank you for giving us such a great opportunity, i would love to win!


Long live Blackberry, BB10 will one of the best if not the best, yes I am that confident. I am also patiently waiting for it.


I can't wait until i can get one of this BB10 devices (still struggling to decide which one will be better for me) and i can't wait to see how BB10 will look on my playbook.


would love to win!! hope i do!


Pick me! Pick me!

Actually, it would be so cool if i won, so fingers crossed.


One prize pack over here, por favor, señor.


Die heart BB owner and use, thanks in advance,


It would be very nice to be a winner with CrackBerry!

David in Durham

I'm so excited, I'm gonna pee my pants!!!!


I so jazzed I would live a new BB on bb10 the software
Itself is inspiring to me :) can't wait ! Sign me up!


I cannot wait to get my hands on blackberry 10 phone.


this is like my 10th try to win something... and BB10 sounds very very nice... please?


I would love to win a BB10 device.


I need BB10.. I still have a pearl :-)


I have to win this time lo0ol


I have BB10 fever (lol)...............need to win this contest to cure my sickness


BB 10..." I am right here waiting for you."...!!!!!!
You are the B_E_S_T of the R_E_S_T ..............
worth waiting for you...........................!!

So come to be BB 10!


I am impressed with BB 10. Hope it rock the world and get BB to the top again.

bc rocket

Give it to me, I want to show all my iphones what they are missing out on

Power Mac

I'd love to win a BB OS 10 phone!


Would love to win this package for my husband. Thanks for offering it.


can't wait for BB10 with QWERTY!


oh boy, would I love to win this!!!!!...been torturing myself watching all the BB10 demo videos and my head is going to explode...either way, I'll have BB10 in my hands at launch, but how sweet would it be to win this...Thanks for the chance CB, and good luck to everyone!!!!!!! can't wait till Jan 30th...then the world will know!!!!

BB10 Believe!!!! Blackberry by Choice!!!!!


i never won anything before!


want this so much ( ^^^^ . ^^^^ ")

Bennett Bigbee

I like BlackBerry we still have a BlackBerry 3330 past down to the 2nd generation.


ooOooOooOo #BB10 please!!!


Can't wait to win. BB are awesome phones!!!


Since I just purchased my BB Bold a few months back, I can't afford BB10. So, here's hoping.


Bb10 and a playbook blame! I love my touch and playbook combo I bet it will be even better with bb10.


Great contest! Here's hoping I win.. now to enter on the right page lol.


BB10= best phone yet, and i could upgrade my Playbook and my wife get a new one win win win


I want a keyless BB. Heavy corporate user, and wonder if keyless device will be good.


The day BB10 comes out im going to propose to my gf. Shes a longtime Android user and after seeing all those review videos and such she decided she wanted to switch. Idk about you guys but thats my dream girl right there lol


this would be my birthday gift they announce new bb10 on the 30th and i'll be turning 30 on the 29th of Jan. its meant to be.


I would love to win this! I am a huge blackberry fan, GO RIM! We'll show them isheep!

Shark Week

Hopefully all the planets are lined up & Neptune himself would want me to win this.....if not, there shall be a lightning bolt waiting for Kevin from Zeus warning you kevin :)

im one of those people who always enter & see others win, but yet i always lose....prove me wrong kevin.....

Im sponsoring the hell out of BB10 over here, their all iphone 5 holders.....pfft....panzies.....

here goes nothing!


In BerryLand dreams do come true!


I wanna win this so bad, but I fear I am late....


Pick me Pick me! I don't want a weak flavored iphone,
I want the full flavor experience of BB10!


Laughing right now, smiling, at the amount who didn't read the entire article about the contest NOT being on this post. :D


Please! I have been very good.