Contest Reminder: ColorWare BlackBerry Tour, Thousand Free Copies of TetherBerry and More!

By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Sep 2009 12:12 pm EDT

CrackBerry Contest Reminder!

** follow the links in the paragraph below and leave a comment on each
post to be entered into that respective contest **

Sure the image above is of a BlackBerry Bold, but what you'll be wanting to do if you haven't yet is leave a comment in our Win a Custom-Painted ColorWare BlackBerry Tour Contest before midnight PST tonight so you're entered with a chance to win. Also ending tonight is our 1,000 Free Copies of TetherBerry Giveaway. Other contests ending tonight: 50 free copies of Empower SMS Viewer; 50 free copies of Money for BlackBerry; 200 free copies of Buzz Me Pro 2 (and a shot at a Curve 8520) and 25 free copies of the CANDi theme! Wow... what a mouthful..... GOOD LUCK!

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Contest Reminder: ColorWare BlackBerry Tour, Thousand Free Copies of TetherBerry and More!


this program would be great to have, esp if its one of the 1000 of the free copys offered. i got 1 month free of mb and my carrier's access program takes over my intel pro program and turns it off...

Crackberry is awesome !! Tetherberry is a great app. Had the trial, would LOVE a free copy. It works great and i tell everybody with a blackberry they should get it.

Wow! As a UT Alum, this Orange and White Tour meets all the specs! As a transplant in "enemy territory," I would love to show my colors with this B-Berry. Thanks Colorware for the great choice and a chance to win!

It sure would be nice to win this phone! thanks again for another contest, your awesome!
And thanks for supporting my crackberry habit. :)

I have been wanting one of these so bad but don't want to send mine in and have to be blackberryless for two weeks. Please let me win!!

I have tried posting comment but it won't. I want this so bad I have tried posting but not showing up? C'maon!!

my car has the candi paint.....why shouldn't my phone....howz about you drop a freebie on me.....i could definitely put this to good use..... :D