Contest: Reflect7 Theme - 50 Free Copies

By Jared DiPane on 9 Nov 2009 02:43 am EST


Like many Storm owners, much of my time is spent cruising the theme forums looking for something new and original. AG Designs and Graphics has come up with a theme they call Reflect7, which offers users great functionality, clean overall presentation and quite a few hidden features. Reflect7 has 2 rows of icons, three in each row, which are all user defined, as well as a weather slot. From the home screen of this theme users are able to access their calendar by clicking the date, access the clock by clicking the time, launch manage connections by clicking signal bars, and clicking the battery icon will bring you directly to the options menu. For QuickLaunch users, clicking the lower right corner will launch QuickLaunch automatically for you. The icon selection used in Reflect7 is very clean, and original. While this is a very wallpaper friendly theme, the developer has posted some additional wallpapers for everyone to use here. We have 50 free copies to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count.

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Contest: Reflect7 Theme - 50 Free Copies



I really Enjoy how you can change the themes on Blackberries! Its a different look then the original one that comes with the phone by default.


i would love to get this theme, from all of the themes that i have bought, This theme looks awesome! Pick me!

Never been impressed with many themes but this one looks pretty nice.. I'm into those simple themes. Does anyone know where to fine good (hopefully free?) themes for the storm?

btw, i hope i win!

Hmmm, could I or couldn't I use this? I guess if they had a free trial I would know. So I guess winning is the only option other than buying.