Contest: Reflect7 Theme - 50 Free Copies

By Jared DiPane on 9 Nov 2009 02:43 am EST


Like many Storm owners, much of my time is spent cruising the theme forums looking for something new and original. AG Designs and Graphics has come up with a theme they call Reflect7, which offers users great functionality, clean overall presentation and quite a few hidden features. Reflect7 has 2 rows of icons, three in each row, which are all user defined, as well as a weather slot. From the home screen of this theme users are able to access their calendar by clicking the date, access the clock by clicking the time, launch manage connections by clicking signal bars, and clicking the battery icon will bring you directly to the options menu. For QuickLaunch users, clicking the lower right corner will launch QuickLaunch automatically for you. The icon selection used in Reflect7 is very clean, and original. While this is a very wallpaper friendly theme, the developer has posted some additional wallpapers for everyone to use here. We have 50 free copies to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count.

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Contest: Reflect7 Theme - 50 Free Copies



I thought that crackberry is making me leave all these comments and I never win anything. But that changed and I actually won something one day! So leaving this comment because I really love this theme and would like a copy!

Crackberry & Kevin Rule!

Please can I win one. I would love to try this on my blackberry storm. It needs a new theme. It's so ashamed of the old one. It keeps saying, "you never buy me anything new. All my friends keep talking about how I wear the same old thing every time we go out." Maybe she will shut up if I get her a new one.

I got my Storm2 today and it is amazing. So glad I waited. Now all I need is to win these contests to completely outfit it with everything I can.

this theme is awesome and ive been looking for an awesome theme for my storm for over 6months now and this seems to be it so a copy of this would be the best thing since 5.0 os

i need this theme for my new bold 9700!!! please crackberry let me win! this theme is awsome the way the homescreen is and the most awsome part is the weather!!! how cool is that?!?!?

I have looked at many themes, always going back to the default. but this one looks worthy of keeping. Please choose me for your contest.

I have never won anything here but would love this to be the first item that I win!!! It has a nice feel and look and would look awesome on my new Storm2!!

This theme looks very impressive! I really like the icons and the hidden features you described.

Recently switched to Verizon from AT&T and purchased the new Storm 2. I'm loving the phone and looking for every opportunity to find the greatest apps and improvements for it!

If the reflect7 can give me a theme close to the mberry then i need it. I want my blackberry to look original and not like an Iphony! oops iphone. Hey i need this theme. I've searched for hours on Crackberry and now i think i;ve finally found a theme that will work for me.

I'm relativeely new on crackberry and this is my first post and I wanted to see if I got lucky and won something. Reflect 7 sounds like interesting app.


This is by far one of the coolest theme's that I have seen. I Hope AG Designs and Graphics continues to produce such great themes.

Although I was an old-school blackberry user, I never explored the realm of Crackberry or being able to enhance my phone. I recently purchased a Storm and I am now looking at how to improve my experience and make my phone work for me, however I am slightly timid when it comes to adding apps and enhancements...this looks like a good one. I like the idea of the hidden short-cut keys. I also appreciate the tutorial on how to fix the 5.0 OS glitch!

I need a new theme badly. I'm getting tired of my own and this theme looks perfect for me. Pick me. I want to be one of the 50. Thanks

I would love to finally have a theme that is functional and attractive! So far the few themes that I have purchased are slow, basic, and useless! It would also be refreshing to finally be able to leave positive feedback for an app!

I've been looking for a sweet theme like this. Obviously someone has put their heart into the design of this theme.

Would surely like to be one of the 50 lucky enough to be given a free copy... :)

I would love a free copy of your theme. I am new to themes and learning how to create them. I love the functionality details in this theme and would like to use them and learn about them. Thank you.

I like the looks of this. It looks clean with some detailed icons. Would love to give this a try as I have only found a couple of themes that I like so far.

I bought and installed this theme....and just as soon as I did, 2 days in a row my memory has dropped to ZERO. Never happened until I installed this theme. Uninstalled it, and the problem is gone.

This is very common among themes, especially ones as graphically rich as this one, where every icon and indicator is changed. It's an easy fix, have QuickPull restart your phone when your sleeping, you'll never notice a difference!

Hi there!!! will love to have this theme, since this is the best theme ever, and will love to have it in my new BB Storm 2. Best Regards and keep up the good work.

This app looks like a winner. I have been looking for features like this one has.

If I don't win I may have to buy.

Overall, it works great. But when I turn my Storm2 to landscape, the background would not fill the rest of the display. The background graphic would stay in portrait mode.

This is not the case anymore, this theme has been upgraded to be compatible for 5.0, adding new transitions, a landscape homescreen and folder masking.

I love the looks of this theme. I am a big theme collector and this one with its originality and 3D looks really appeal to me. Nice job. Keep up the good work.