Contest: Reflect7 Theme - 50 Free Copies

By Jared DiPane on 9 Nov 2009 02:43 am EST


Like many Storm owners, much of my time is spent cruising the theme forums looking for something new and original. AG Designs and Graphics has come up with a theme they call Reflect7, which offers users great functionality, clean overall presentation and quite a few hidden features. Reflect7 has 2 rows of icons, three in each row, which are all user defined, as well as a weather slot. From the home screen of this theme users are able to access their calendar by clicking the date, access the clock by clicking the time, launch manage connections by clicking signal bars, and clicking the battery icon will bring you directly to the options menu. For QuickLaunch users, clicking the lower right corner will launch QuickLaunch automatically for you. The icon selection used in Reflect7 is very clean, and original. While this is a very wallpaper friendly theme, the developer has posted some additional wallpapers for everyone to use here. We have 50 free copies to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count.

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Contest: Reflect7 Theme - 50 Free Copies



This is perfect! Finally someone understands how to make a nononsense theme.... I love it. Can't wait to use it... hopefully I am a winner.

I am always on the site trying to find a new theme for my storm. I average one per week, and just from the look of this one it is totally for me. Pick me, Pick me!!!

This Theme looks amazing! I would love to pay for it, but i promised myself i wouldn't pay for another theme until the 5.0 theme problem is fixed. the memory leak along with having to do a temporary fix is enough to make all themes, that still have it, not worth any more than 99cents MAX.

but a free copy of this theme and i would most definately use it!!!!!

Wow - this theme looks sweet! Have yet too find many themes that catch my eye but this one looks more than worthwhile.

We have this theme in a little different flavor but the same set design just different backgrounds. We actually have two one called the Reflect7 Carbon and the other Reflect7 Array. We will be releasing the Timber version for most trackball equipped devices by weeks end.

I've stuck with the default theme since I got my Storm about a year ago, but this one really caught my eye. I'd like to have it.

I have been using BlackBerry for only about eleven months (coming frpm Palm). I hope I can receive a free theme to enjoy and learn.

I use the Ultimate storm theme, and this looks like it's a lot more polished. Would love to win!

this theme looks clean and user friendly. i like how simplistic and smooth it looks please send me a free copy. i would truly like to have a copy of this theme.

I hope I am one that will recieve this theme. It looks very sleek and I hope it functions well with the new 5.0 OS as I have heard some discuraging things about the themes having issues.

wow wow wow that is the cleanest theme i've seen, it really would look good on my blackberry storm , i can see now people sayin where did i get it from ,people in my office would envy me . your the best keep up the good work.

I like the way this theme looks. It's clean and to me has a retro feel to it love to get a free copy and check it out.

I have been looking for a nice 3rd party theme for a while now, and this one looks really nice! It would be so awesome to win this

I've been looking for a theme that works great on my S2!! This will be great! Thanks for offering.

*In Kanye West Voice* "Excuse me, AG Designs and Graphics, I know all your other themes are nice, and Imma let you finish but...Reflect7 is the best theme of ALL TIME-OF ALL TIME!!!"

i think this should be covered in some win-sauce. i need a new theme. L if its for sale i might buy it. wewt

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wow this theme is ugly, icons aren't centered, nice gross grey gradient, seriously why are the icons 'scattered' none of them line up in the SS...

I've only had the S2 about a week and seriously can't find any goods Themes. Thanks AG and CB for providing some promise.