Contest: RealCal - the updating calendar icon app. Win 1 of 50 copies!

RealCal by BlingBerry Themes
By Michelle Haag on 29 Nov 2010 09:52 am EST
With the release of BlackBerry 6, a lot of users were happy to see that their calendar icon now updates with the current date, instead of being a static number. Unfortunately, there are still many people with devices that don't support BB6, and they don't have that small but cool feature available to them. BlingBerry Themes saw this dilemma, decided to do something about it, and came up with an application called RealCal.  

RealCal is a simple, lightweight app that does just what you think, it updates your actual calendar icon with the current date. No setup required, just install it and it instantly replaces your existing calendar icon.

From the developer:  
"The OS6 version of RealCal is the last missing piece between creating the perfect OS6 style theme on your device. You paid good money for your favorite OS6 theme, but your calendar icon doesn't update like it does with the real OS6. RealCal OS6 solves that problem. We use authentic OS6 graphics sourced directly from OS6 devices, you simply cannot find a more accurate OS6 calendar icon application. The size, the font, the icons themselves, it's all perfect. Just what you're looking for."

RealCal looks great with themes that use OS6 or OS5 icons, or even just a great way to spice up the default theme. And because it syncs with your internal BlackBerry date and time, it's always up to date, even if you change time zones. Current devices supported are the Bold 9700, Bold 9650, Storm 1 & 2, Tour 9630, Curve 9300, Curve 8900, and Curve 8500.

Contest: We have 50 copies of RealCal to give away, courtesy of BlingBerry Themes! To enter to win one, leave your comment below. As always, one entry per person please and winners will be chosen this Sunday at midnight PST. 

For more info and to purchase RealCal on sale now for $1.49
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Reader comments

Contest: RealCal - the updating calendar icon app. Win 1 of 50 copies!



hmm... my bad. I didn't read it correctly.

You can remove my name from the entry list as I only have OS6 devices.

Sorry for misreading the story.

Unfortunately I'm not blessed with OS 6 and I won't be getting a new phone anytime soon so that I can experience that pleasure, so I definitely would like this!

This will be better than what you got me last year for Christmas. Look forward to bragging about this with our company BlackBerry "Guru".

The one annoyance that always bugs me. I got my BB on the 31st day and didn't realise it didn't update at first!

deberia estar integrada ya de serie, me encantaria poder ganar una licencia,
escoganme para ganar una por favor saludos a todos....

Great and simple idea, sorry BB was missing it right from the start but thanks RealCal for providing this. I'd love to win a copy.


I have asked and wanted something like this for a long time. Every time a new theme was developed, I had hoped that this would be the one that gave me all I ever wanted.

Would LOVE this! I love that it updates daily on my iPod, and didn't realise there was a Blackberry app that would do it for my phone calendar too!

I want a copy!! I love having the calendar date on my app icon and though I've tried OS 6, I've been known to revert back to OS 5 due to occasional issues with 6. Thanks Crackberry & RealCal for offering it! While the cheap price is hard to beat, free is always good.

I definitely want this for my 9700. Pick me please. This is something that bothers me about the calendar and I use it every day.

I always hated the "static date". What a perfect idea. Glad someone actually made a program to fix this.


I have other apps and themes from Blingberry themes and they are top notch.

I would love to win one of these new calenders as this is one of the best ideas for a stand alone simple app. I have heard about. Send a free one my way.

PS the new CrackBerry Blog site looks great.

Since I'm actually using the calendar on my Berry now, this might be a nice addition :)

Count me in please.

As a Storm 2 user it is nice to know someone is still thinking about us. Yes, I would love to win a free copy for my OS5 device.

I'd love to win - though, I wish RIM would make these things a standard feature on their BB Smartphones - it's supposed to be a smartphone!!

Always found a static date an annoyance. Tech has moved on by lightyears within the last decade & basic stuff like this is yet in the early 90's :)
It would be awesome to get this (since we cant have os6 anyway)

Since my Storm cannot be upgraded to OS6, Iwill find the good OS6-like theme. And this apps would be the best accessory to it.

I hope I can win, to give it to my boyfriend as a Santa's present.
CB, you are the all year Santa to me, because of your contest.

Yes I never really noticed the Calendar app before but this would make a nice addition to it on my BB Tour. Fingers Crossed!