Contest: PlayBerry, the BlackBerry PlayBook theme - Win 1 of 50 copies

By Bla1ze on 7 Oct 2010 09:52 am EDT

The BlackBerry PlayBook is pretty much the most anticipated BlackBerry device of all time. Even if you have no intentions on purchasing one it has certainly opened the eyes of BlackBerry fans everywhere and made them take a second look at what exactly, BlackBerry is doing and what their possible plans are for the future. Since we cannot as of yet, get our hands on the BlackBerry PlayBook the folks at BBIn have created us a pretty awesome PlayBook styled theme for the BlackBerry Torch 9800 and BlackBerry Bold 9700.

In an effort to keep us all calm while we wait for even more details to be released surrounding the BlackBerry PlayBook, BBIn has offered up 50 copies of their great theme. That's 25 for BlackBerry Torch users out there and 25 for all you BlackBerry Bold 9700 users out there. Leave a comment here, tell us what excites you most about the BlackBerry PlayBook and which device you need the theme for. We'll pick 50 of you all from those comments and that's it. Good luck to all those who enter and big thanks to BBIn sharing the love!

Reader comments

Contest: PlayBerry, the BlackBerry PlayBook theme - Win 1 of 50 copies


im loving the playbook its going to be a total game changer cant wait to get my hands on one, no matter wat the price....too bad we have to wait so long ive read and watched everything about the playbook that is out there so far. so i need that theme for my 9700 ...since ive been waiting on os 6!!!


can't find any decent themes for my 9800, so this would be ideal! and btw, I would love one...and as usual, o'doyle rules!

I cant wait to grab the new Playbook and to be able to use it together with my 9800.

please send me the theme for my torch :)

I got the Bold 9700 an the PlayBook looks sick an would love to see how this theme works on my phone. I'm always looking to enhance my phones theme an layout

I'm completely hyped up for the PlayBook and if I win this theme it might just calm me down...or feed the flames. Either way it looks great and I want it!

Playbook just looks better than an iPad. Better size, Flash supported, WiFi only and BB tethering, BBM, docs to go, 2 excellent cameras, that's what a tablet needs.
I own a Bold 9700 ;)

That playbook theme on the torch looks awesome!! I can't wait to have my playbook to watch all my movies and write all my reports for school! Ill take a torch theme please :)

i Never pOST TO THese things but i guess i'll try i picked up 2 torchers from rogers 9800 and am really needing a theme ! , ordered my desktop charge pods and case's from here and and ready to get rockin with a new theme !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PLEASE send me this theme, I have a Torch and WILL have a playbook. Great chance to get practicing on it ASAP.

I like the fact that you can connect to the web with your existing BB phone no new account required!!!!

What excites me the most about the Playbook is RIM/Blackberry's chance to reinvent themselves and knock Apple down a notch. This thing looks amazing.

I can wait for the PlayBook. The 1gb of ram and thoughts of what Adobe Air can bring in the form of apps has got me real excited. It would be great if I could win this theme for my 9700 to hold me off until I can get a PlayBook in my hands. Thanks.

I really want it for my blackberry bold 9700 because this is the first theme i like for the bold, because it is dynamic and the colors are verry cool

Sorry what's that? I was looking up beautiful girls on my playbook... And I have to say that none of them look as good as you...

WHAT? It could work...

That and to just make other people jealous! I want to do away with my laptop for good and my torch is getting close.... But the playbook will be even closer!

i want the playbook so i can shove it in this kid's face at school and say HA!

i have flash and my phone can pair with this! yours can't!
na na na na boo boo


i guess this will have to do until it comes out though, hahaa

one for the torch please!!

I'm looking forward to see the release of the Playbook! Can't wait to see something trump the iPad! I think its great that we can perform the functions of the berry on the playbook.

Anyways, good luck everyone! :)

I really do like the new app that I won! It is perfect for my displaying my calendar on the screen! Thanks again!

I am totally amp'd about the playbook. I fully intend on scoopin one as soon as i can. I have seen the other major tablet out and although it seemed a bit akward buying one crossed my mind (shame on me). would love to have a playbook them for 9700.

thanks :)

This really looks good. WIll want to show off from my 9700 to my iphone and ipad friends what to expect from the playbook come January