Contest: PlayBerry, the BlackBerry PlayBook theme - Win 1 of 50 copies

By Bla1ze on 7 Oct 2010 09:52 am EDT

The BlackBerry PlayBook is pretty much the most anticipated BlackBerry device of all time. Even if you have no intentions on purchasing one it has certainly opened the eyes of BlackBerry fans everywhere and made them take a second look at what exactly, BlackBerry is doing and what their possible plans are for the future. Since we cannot as of yet, get our hands on the BlackBerry PlayBook the folks at BBIn have created us a pretty awesome PlayBook styled theme for the BlackBerry Torch 9800 and BlackBerry Bold 9700.

In an effort to keep us all calm while we wait for even more details to be released surrounding the BlackBerry PlayBook, BBIn has offered up 50 copies of their great theme. That's 25 for BlackBerry Torch users out there and 25 for all you BlackBerry Bold 9700 users out there. Leave a comment here, tell us what excites you most about the BlackBerry PlayBook and which device you need the theme for. We'll pick 50 of you all from those comments and that's it. Good luck to all those who enter and big thanks to BBIn sharing the love!

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Contest: PlayBerry, the BlackBerry PlayBook theme - Win 1 of 50 copies






The feature that gets me excited about the Playbook is the fact that you can amplify what's on your BlackBerry screen on the Playbook...that's an awesome feature if you have both products! This theme would look great on my Bold 9700!

Can´t Wait for it, at least own a theme in my torch while it Arrive,

Thanks for the oportunity :)

I can't wait to get my hands on my very own BB Play Book... the specs are amazing and will blow all iPad's out of the water! Duel HD cams... bbm ... 7" of real estate! Oh I can't wait.

My device: BB Bold 9700

Bbin playbook style theme for my Bold plus a playbook will be a perfect combination. Thank god I didn't purchase the ipad. I was super close. Can't wait for this to be released. Thanks Crackberry!

I have toyed around with the idea of buying an IPAD but never was totally sold. But the playbook looks like it can provide the total package that IPAD cannot. Love the HDMI capability to play HD videos on a big screen, seamless integration with my bb, internet from my already existing bb, great reading device, awesome multimedia and gaming experience. Honestly dont know what I will use my PC for after buying a playbook. Just got the torch last week and im loving it.

I like the fact that the PlayBook can be independent of the BlackBerry Device as well as be an extension of it. The fact that it's not HUGE like the iPad and can work with and without the the mobile device make me want this even more! I thin it will go great with my Torch!

I'd like this for my 9700 in order to tide me over until a version of OS 6.0 comes out for it. I need some variety in my Blackberry life!

It looks fantastic and if possible, I'd love to be in the running for a copy of the app. Can't wait for the Playbook either. I'm a faithful fan!! :-)

what excites me most about the playbook is the idea of RIM finally establishing an OS that will put it in its rightful place ahead of android and apple, since they already have the hardware to back this in the blackberries that everybody loves.
Torch 9800

I love Blackberry and i think the playbook rocks and is a lot more better than the ipad. i need the theme for the bold 9700 :D pick me please

Saw this earlier and was interested, perfect for my Torch!

The PlayBook excites me the most in how it's like an extension of the blackberry, not like any other tablet where it's a separate unit, the PlayBook connects to the phone and extends its capabilities, along with the processing power and HDMI output, yum.

I'm excited for the playbook, because of the size! I was completely turned off to tablets because of the size of the iPad. But the PlayBook, seems like it won't be obtrusive to carry around! I would love this theme for my Torch! Thanks again BBin and Crackberry

This looks extra cool hope I win and put an end to this 2+ year losing streak that I have. Let me win!!!!!!!

ok so since ive been trying to win contests for so long on crackberry ...

let me atleast win this onee! :)

Looks amazing. I'm blown away at the precision of ur icons. I Tried to make a simple theme...wasn't prettty but would love to try this one out

I'm extremely excited that RIM has decided to actually compete with the likes of Apple in this department. It shows that they are willing to take risks and that they believe in their products, and so do I! Way to go RIM!

What excites me about the BB Playbook is the tablet-to-device synchronization and tethering ability. And it truly is something us BB fans can be proud of and use it to rub in the faces of all the doubting apple and android fanboys.

i love everything about the playbook, and the fact that its gonna oust the ipad in every way.. Storm 9550..

thanks crackberry!!

To be really honest I haven't use BB before, but I just buy a Torch because it is touch screen and because of the Playbook that is coming looks awesome... I will love to make my new Torch looks like it...

I cannot wait for the playBook to come out I think I was the first person in Calgary to get the Torch. The Play Book will Help me play against all my friends that have IPADS, and have been trying to get me to buy one. I want to show that BB is still the better choice.

Looks amazing for sure. I think it makes the Torch even better with this look. Would love to see this OS running on this phone one day.

I just received my torch and have been looking for new themes.

to asnwer your question, the playbook excites me the most because it will offer the finctionality of my blackberry in a take-home tablet which will allow me to leave my laptop at home and use existing services of my blackberry (includes tethering on 3g as well!

the perfect travel laptop (in a tablet)

What excites me: The Playbook will blow the iPad out of the water!
My Device: The beautiful Torch 9800

just got my TORCH and WILL get PLAYBOOK haveing a PLAYBOOK theme for my TORCH would be F'ing SWEET.

apple SUX.

Looks amazing the new qnx system looks pretty sweet can't wait till I can get one and link it up with my new torch I will be in nerd heaven lol!

Im loving the PlayBook! Cant wait to run TweetDeck and BBM on it. Ill take a Theme for the Torch!

What most excites me about the PlayBook is to see RIM stepping it up and showing the world who is BOSS!

Aw man this theme is super tight. If I win this my torch will be way too ballin I hope you guys pick me. Man that theme is sweet.

I think the playbook is awesome cause its in competition with the iPad, and i can't wait for it to come out cause i'm gonna get it instead of apples stuff just cause i love BlackBerry stuff a lot! :)

Love that RIM is stepping up their game and working to stay relevant amongst the competition. I almost jumped shipped to the iPhone (what was I thinking?) But Rim has been really impressing me lately.I can't wait 2 get the PlayBook 2 compliment my 9800 :)

The new OS looks like it has had a lot of work put in and should set up RIM for a good few years. Theme for the 9700 please

The BlackBerry PlayBook does look awesome! I'd want to win this contest. If I win, I'd like this theme for the BlackBerry Torch 9800.

I'll take 1, if I don't win it, I'll end up buying it. It's a must that I have the sexiest 9700 on the block

As far as the playback goes, it's a must buy for me because it has everything that the stupid ipad doesn't have. And the hdmi port is the biggest thing for me, I can't wait until it comes out

This is so awesome. I was hoping some themers would cook up a PlayBook inspired theme because the UI is so slick. I'd really love to get a copy of this for my 9700!

Two things excite me about the PlayBook:

1. The fact that it's a BlackBerry. That means that it will be of the highest quality, and I'll be as connected as I am with my Torch (BBM, etc.)

2. Its form-factor. Owning an iPad, I find it a little too big and heavy. The PlayBook will be smaller and lighter.

The theme, by the way, would look great on my Torch 9800!

The whole reason I got a torch was so when the playbook came out, I could sync the whole thing together. This would be nice.

The new OS is what excites me most about the Playbook. The specs are great, but for the longest time blackberry users were just getting new hardware with updated software. Now were actually getting New hardware and new software. It makes the upgrade to a new device more exciting. First OS6 on the Torch was an exciting change, but now QNX....its blowing me away.

I'm so excited about using BBM on playbook and how it will be better than iPad!

Ps. I would like to use this theme with my 9700

May offer a window into future BB smartphone UI designs and OS updgrades for the Torch. Curious about any performance hit and user configuration of screens. Can't wait to try it on my new Torch.

Playbook is gonna be awesome. Dual core processor which hopefully makes it way to the Torch2 next year. But Flash Playback, because Apple still don't want to open up their architecture for that to work.

Want theme for my new BB Torch.

I would love one of these to play with and show my colleagues at my job. I am a diehard Blackberry addict.

I'm bb fan and decided to buy ipad as there is no choice. But since the day I heard about Blackpad, I have decided to wait for it. Now RIM has introduce playbook officially on DevCON and so exited to own one. For the time being, will still satisfying using my BB9700 and decorated the playbook theme will be the perfect. Count me in for my9700. Thanks CB.

And am hoping the Playbook will be released as soon as possible. Would really love to have one for work and also for FUN! :D

Thanks and have a great day for all Crackberry users.

I have the new Torch 9800 and think that the pair up up the PLaybook with this phone will be the best out there. The Playbook is the perfect size and it blows the iPad out of the water in my opinion.

Great job on the design.

Would love to try this theme to get me ready for the Playbook that I'm "Deffinatly" gonna get.

And didn't care for it. It was neat, but I couldn't justify owning one, even though I spent a full month playing with it.

If I can't justify it for work, then I don't want it.

Now, along comes the PlayBook and I have business reasons, legitimate reasons, to buy a tablet.

Finally able to have a tablet that will connect seamlessly with my IT system at work! Awesome! Would love this theme for my Torch!

What has me most excited about the Playbook is the UI. Never been a fan of Apple's grid-system and the Ipad amplified that even more. Also, flash on the tablet? Hell yeah. Who needs an App store when the entire internet is your app store. This theme would look sweet on my 9700

What doesn't excite me about the Playbook? I currently have a Torch and I am amazed about the pairing of the two devices which I know will work well with the Torch especially. The multitasking, HDMI capabilities, front and back cameras, and that its not too big and heavy, I can carry it everywhere. I'm trying to be the first person in Jamaica to own one that's how serious this is for me :-). Love the look of the theme too I think this would be perfect on my Torch. PICK ME!

Torch please!!! I can't wait for the playbook, I need a tablet that I can actually bring on my train commute!!

Just got my Torch and this would be a perfect theme for it looks awesome, the thing that excites me about the Playbook is that RIM is not pushing us to buy proprietary cables, and that to me sounds like the Playbook getting a great start from the ground up!

I have been trying to post for 2 hours!! Just got a Torch last week. Had a Curve prior. AM LOVING IT and should get a playbook based on my enthusiasm alone :pm. Please;)

What excites me about the PlayBook is that I no longer need to decide which iPad memory size to get. Bold 9700 please if the CB Gods pick me.

Would love to try it outm it looks really intuitive and different. I've been dying to try out a new theme on my Torch! :)

Hello ! Firts of all thanks for the opportunity to have a great theme free , well why I want a playbook , well is the first tablet that got me interested because of the specs , second it have flash 10.1 and the acquisition of documents to go that means that we are going to have a complete tablet at last ! Taking out the cameras and the 1080p video recording that adds a lot , for last the QNX OS , defenetly better than android and more complete OS than iOS 4 , well I think that I just say a lot , well thanks again and good luck to everybody


Hands down this is the device that I've been waiting for. My wife looked at the IPad and I was just about to get her one, until I saw the Playbook. I showed her and now she wants to wait.


My first BB was the Curve 8300 and I was instantly hooked. I will NEVER own a phone that is not a BB again. Currently I am on the Torch (Purchased 8/12 at 9:00am). The Playbook theme would be a nice hold over for me.


Blackberry For Lyfe!
... and that's my final answer!

I'm completely amazed at what RIM's work seems to have FINALLY produced. I'm very impressed with my 9800 Torch (although the OS still has its bugs), and I'm definitely getting a Playbook if the price range is within reason.
This theme is the first I've seen that's worth having for OS 6 - I'd love to win a copy!!

i want the theme so i can play my torch off as a playbook hehe
and the playbook is 100000000000000000000000000000000000000x better that the ipad

Since I'm really excited about this new device and the possibility to have a REAL replacement for my laptop -which is huge BTW-, is it wrong to wish my BOLD 9700 to look just like the PlayBook? I don't think so

Greetings from Colombia


Would love a copy for my "Torchy" my little pet name for it. I really need some friends. Bring on the Playbook

PlayBook is the besttt tablet on the world 2 cameras and YOU CAN RECORD IN HDDDD!! that is one of the most amazing things i am in panama so the blackberry tablet is going to come like uff.. maybe 1 year, im getting the torch so i want this AWESOME APPLICATION TO MY NEW TORCH :DDDD

I like the size of the Playbook, nice that it's not as large as the ipad. I could use the theme for the Torch

To list only one exciteing feature after now learning the multitudes that the PlayBook can perform would be robbery, however the two grandest features would be the amplified viewing and the multi-tasking capabilities. And now that I hold a BlackBerry Torch 9800, my experience is soon to become 10 folds.

I'm excited about playing with the new QNX software that was made for the playbook and imagining what the QNX software will be like on a blackberry phone. Its gonna be great!!! I have a blackberry torch

I just can't wait to see Apple blown out of the water by the playbook and me rockin the theme on my 9800 will support that :P

i'd like a playbook for the most obvious reason: to throw it in the face of my apple-fanatic friends, being that the playbook will be a better device than the drypad! i want the theme for my bold 9700!

Looking for some seriously new and refreshing look for a BB. This would be nice to plonk down onto my wife's 9700. (I'm still cruising away on a Storm 2, hoping 2011 brings some great options I can pick from as a replacement.)

is that i am a blackberry fan and my bro is an apple fan and this is so cool so i would have one more thing to brag about that blackberry is better :P i have the torch, please let me win :)

I cannot wait for the PlayBook, I think I can get rid of my tv maybe. It's a true all-n-one entertainment unit. I have a Torch and would love a copy of this theme

i'm most excited about having an actual tablet that literally syncs with my seems like you will literally be able to activate the sync and lay your phone down and take the playbook in the next room and receive everything you need. oh and the fact that your blackberry service will already come from the service you have on your phone is that much better.

I need this for the Bold 9700 please.

For the stuff I do on my netbook, the Playbook would be awesome - and much more portable! In the meantime I'd love this theme for my Torch 9800...

BlackBerry PlayBook looks amazing, has such an ultra sleek and thin design. Like that it can have a business and fun side to it. Like that it has 2 cameras, because you can the video chats/conferences with the camera in the front and with the camera in the back you can just take random fun videos and pictures. It has to be one on the best Tablet's I have seen.
Theme For Bold 9700

Now this is one snappy theme for my new BB Torch 9800. A touchscreen phone and a theme like that? I would love to see those two merge into one winning combination. I love my BB Torch 9800 and

Bold 9700. This looks sooooooooooo sick. waiting for that PlayBook, come on RIM give us pricing and a release date.

Hey so only 25 4 torch and 25 4 9700 I'm so glad I'm one of the 25 4 9700 whoo hoo THX mommy 4 the great BB u got me lmao

Everything excites me about the playbook that has been shown so far. I can't wait for this to be released! I have to have the best tablet to go along with having the best smartphone (blackberry). If I win, I need it for the torch.

I cant wait for the PlayBook to hit the stores. I am tired of the apple fan boys at work showing off their ipads. I will be the envy of the office with my new PlayBook. What excites me the most are the features that the PlayBook has that the ipad doesn't. Flash anyone.....

I want this theme so bad! what excites me the most about the blackberry playbook is that it has a unique O.S with QNX technology and its very modern, also the amazing multitasking it has with the unique design, and also the dual cameras of course I love taking pictures and of course bbm on it I find it so amazing to have it on the bb playbook cant wait :D. Nevertheless, it really is better than the ipad its just to amaizing not like a non-unique o.s on the ipad. My device is a Torch 9800, thanks (:

What excites me the most about the BlackBerry Playbook is the 1 Ghz Dual-Core processor. I'm looking forward to seeing how well it can multitask. I need this theme for my 9700. Hook it up CB!

What excites me the most about the BlackBerry Playbook is the 1 Ghz Dual-Core processor. I'm looking forward to seeing how well it can multitask. I need this theme for my 9700. Hook it up CB!

Had to replace my Torch but did not have all of my apps backed up. Would love to have a new Theme. Promise to back this one up!

My Bold 9700 would be even better with this theme. I am very interested in checking out the PlayBook, whenever it ends up being released. Linking the PB to the BB for WiFi and file transfer (easier to view the day's pictures, for example) looks like a very interesting and useful feature.

the PlayBook is the first tablet with 1GHz of ram which will make it SCREAM, and it basically came out of nowhere which makes it pretty awesome.

and Torch user here(: