Contest: OtterBox Strength Case for the 8500 and 9100 series - 6 up for grabs

OtterBox Strength Case
By Adam Zeis on 21 Jun 2010 11:11 am EDT
  OtterBox Strength Case

Back at WES we first saw the new OtterBox Strength Case for both the 85xx series and the 9100 series. This classic Commuter Series case sports some new colors, with 10% of each purchase going to the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade. This not only gets you a great case for your device, but gives you a way to easily donate to a good cause. The two-piece design gives you unbeatable all-around protection for your device that is sure to keep you worry-free.

Contest: We have 3 OtterBox Strength Cases for the 85xx series as well as 3 OtterBox Strength Cases for the 9100 series (6 cases in total) to give away. Just leave a single comment on this post and be sure to include your device model (either 8530, 8520, 9100 or 9105). If you don't have any of these devices than unfortunately you'll have to sit this one out. Contest ends Sunday at midnight PDT.

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Reader comments

Contest: OtterBox Strength Case for the 8500 and 9100 series - 6 up for grabs


It would be great to win this case for my brand new pearl 9100 that I just purchased. Also, my grandmother has breast cancer so it would be nice to sport this case in honour of her.

I love the look and the colors. It softens the hard exterior of the device. Nice makeover! I could use the 8520.

I would love to have one of these. Have yet to find a great case and this looks like it could be the one! I have an 8530.

I was looking at cases the other day and fell in love with this one. I'd love to have it and donating some of the money for breast cancer is awesome! Help stop breast cancer!!

I have a 8530 Curve.

This would be awesome for my fiance, who will be my wife on July 3 of this year, for her 8530! She'd love it, especially if it was available in red. She's jealous of my Otterbox Defender on my Tour and it'd would help her in the Army. Thanks CB!

I got an Otterbox at WES in Orlando this year from the guys who work there. However, now I have a new BlackBerry & I'd love to have one to protect this smartphone :)

As a young breast cancer survivor, I would love this case for my Curve 8530! I was diagnosed wih breast cancer when I was 25, I have been through vigorous treatment and surgery and I'm proud to say I am now Cancer Free!!! Thank you for helping to find a cure for breast cancer!!!

I would love to win one for my daughter's new 8530. She's new to BB and doesn't know anything about the blogging sites.

My wife totally needs one of these for her 8530. She treats her phone like Lenny from Of Mice And Men, Its horrible since she refuses to insure her phone.

I would love to put a Pink Otterbox on my wife's berry.. She is big into the Komen foundation and loves to share the awareness..

I have a BB Curve 8350 an it would be perfect for my phone. I'm loving the crackberry site, lots of useful tips and downloads.


I would love a pink case for my lilac 8350. I recently lost a friend to breast cancer and this would be a wonderful tribute to her memory.

i could really use a OtterBox Strength Case for my 8530! choose me and your won't be sorry. i'm a true crackberry winner! thanks crackberry! and otterbox!!!

I have the OtterBox Defender series for my 8520, and it is the BEST case that I have used on any of my devices even those in the past. Great product would highly recomend to everyone that wants maximum protection.

Yesterday, I went with my mom to get her new phone upgrade for AT&T! I have the 8530, and I love it. So I decided my mission was to convince my mom to get a blackberry! My mission was a success as she ended up upgrading to the 8520! She has had the phone 1 day! I already introduced her to this website and she loves it! I think because she has only had this phone 1 day, it would be a good prize to give, so she comes to love even more! I am trying to hook her up so she falls in love with blackberries! Like i have!

Id love to give this to my Mom for her 8530, My Grandmother passes away several years ago from breast cancer.

This would be a great case for my wifes 8530. Would have been nice for her relay for life team too. Count me in!

I would really really REALLY love to have this case on my Curve 8530!!! And it goes to an amazing cause which makes it ten times better!!!

love it i want in on the contest for my 8530 . i never won a contest but ill keep trying ... crackberry rockzzz !!!

I am having a huge yard sale and auctioning off items to help raise money for the Jimmy Fund and this would be a great item. I know a lot of my friends have the same blackberry I do the 8530 and would love to bid on this case. I would love to win one!

My Blackberry 8520 needs some protection cuz it's been hittin' up too many skanks. Just kidding...

I seriously would like a case for my Blackberry though!!

After months of watching me use my Tour, my wife got her first BB,a Curve 8530. Now she's hooked. She's a little rougher on her phones than I am, and usually just tosses it in her purse. I think an OtterBox case is just what she needs to keep her Berry safe.

Momma had a breast cancer scare, so if this comes for the 8330, I'm going to grab her one.

I love this case and the foundation it supports. I'd love to have it on my 8530.

I just gave my girlfriend my 8520. She beat up her Pearl Flip last time. This would be the perfect case for her 8520. I could definitely use this.

This is so awesome! Unfortunately I just loss my aunt with breast cancer in jan! :( this would be so awesome in her memory! Thanks crackberry :) btw I have 8530 just in case u pick me! Thanks again (and remember everyone fighting any kind of cancer! Thanks

I would love to sport my Curve 8530 in this case.
I am a 23 year breast cancer. I found the lump and had to argue with my dr. for the mammography. I was only 36 years old. Needless to say, he was fired. And lucky for me I kept on insisting. Women need to be very vocal on their health. Men too. Don't be afraid to speak up. I was very fortunate. Lumpectomy. And this Dec will be 23 years.
God Bless those who are fighting it. God Bless those who lost a dear one and God Bless those who are healthy....may you never get the diagnosis.

Take care

Not sure I'd want pink for my phone, but I understand the cause! Will be a happy owner of an 8530 in two days, ditching the 8350i! WOOHOO!

Sweet cases! I deffinitely need one of these for my 8530! I do a lot of hands on things around the house and at work and I need the extra protection!

I would love to own one of these cases, I live in the Caribbean and they don't have them selling here....I have a 8520bb

Hi, I'm NEW to BlackBerry. I've had my 8530 for 1 week now, and I'm in love! Cute case there, and (hint hint!!) I LOVE Pink!

nice idea for a campaign!!
do post the winners
If you have a black case or a military camaflouge
save it for my 8520 curve please

I would love to get one of these for my girlfriend.

Just bought her a new blackberry 2 days ago since I fell in love with blackberry after using it for about a year.


Model : 8530 Curve

Would be a great gift for my mother, she has a 8520. The color would match nicely with her white phone.

My girlfriend would love one of the pink otterbox's for her 9100. Cant go wrong with these cases my storm has stood up to lots thanks to otterbox!

What an awesome idea! The breast cancer awareness Otterbox in pink would look awesome on my 8530 Curve II.

i have a 9100.

i could use one of these.

i've had this 9100 for about a week and a half and i've already dropped it twice. i'm too clumsy to keep the phone looking nice.

This case would look awesome on my girlfriends 8520 and its great that the proceeds go to breast cancer research!

hey guys i have a sprint 8530, i just got the phone a month ago and have had it un protected because i have not found a good case, i would like to win one of these awesome otterbox cases. my phone is all scratched up please help me.... thank you in advance

crackberry rocks!!!

Sometimes, I feel like I'm the only one who ones an 8530 Curve! Especially as people move to Android, but I remain steadfastly addicted to my Blackberry!

i really wish I could win something in this life. Being new to BB's would be a great start with this ever changing revolution of great devices.