Contest: 1,000 Free Copies of TetherBerry! $50k Value!!

TetherBerry Contest - 1000 Free Copies to be Won!!
By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Sep 2009 12:08 pm EDT

Following up on our Win a Free Custom Painted BlackBerry Tour Contest, held in honor of passing the 1.5 million registered members to date milestone, Patrick from TetherBerry contacted us with a friendly email and a super nice offer:

I've been reading how has recently passed 1.5 million users. Truly amazing! Since the community has been the foundation of our product, we'd like to offer 1,000 free copies of TetherBerry to fellow CrackBerry users. Our product currently retails at $50, so the value is $50,000!

ONE THOUSAND FREE COPIES... Suhhhhweeet! I know a lot of you out there are already TetherBerry owners, but hopefully 1,000 of you are not. And if you already are, spread the word to fellow BlackBerry users to come and enter this contest. Entering is easy. Just leave a comment to this blog post (just leave one - multiple entries won't count). Contest deadline is Sunday midnight PST on September 13th. 

For more information on TetherBerry, or if you want to skip the contest and just buy a copy for yourself today, you can visit the product page. Thanks TetherBerry! And good luck everyone!!

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Contest: 1,000 Free Copies of TetherBerry! $50k Value!!



all of my friends that have bought this said i should enter this, all ten of them lol. so i hope i win =P

The beta saved my a$$ when I was at the cottage! No WIFI in site, had to go all the way to a coffee shop if I wanted the 'net.

Tetherberry to the rescue! Worked like a charm!

This would really help when I visit relatives and their computers are down. No internet to get drivers is a real chore. This would be perfect.


Well I sure hope I am one of the thousand as I would love this program to use on my friends computer as he can't get internet and I don't have a computer so we would make a great team. Just like the whole CrackBerry team! Awesome work as always guys!! Keep it up and Thanks again!! Steve

Definitely interested in trying it out, as I am often in places with zero wireless internet opportunities.
So yep, I want a copy!! Pity they took down the trial option, or I would confirm it will do what i need , then just buy it.

This is an application I both need and really want to win. At $50 its tough to justify but would be a huge benefit for my MAC.

have been a member for just over two weeks and i'm totally adddicted to this site, so many great offers and free apps, unbelievible, forget blackberry site this is the one to be seen in.

Parents live out in the Boon Docks and no internet and poor Bold has to run on EDGE. This will be used when visiting the sticks!

Awesome! I'd much prefer a software like this to the tethering hack our I-phone brethren have resorted to, because unlike a hack or an exploit- it looks like the people at Tetherberry know what they're doing- through the firmware and flames...

I have no applications on my blackberry besides the ones that came with it. I would love this one. I would benefit from this like you wouldn't believe.

I could seriously use this program. I would be very happy and appreciative if I could be one of the thousand lucky people to get this.

please please oh please let this be my big win! Has anyone on verizon had any issues with tetherberry? and if so is there a work around? i just fear a huge unexpected bill.

I would love to have a copy of this. I don't get broadband in my area but get 3G service! Would be nice to have this.

Well, I already have a method of teathering my BB, but a more ToS friendly method would be nice. :-P

sent from my used, cracked, WiFi only iPhone

My wife uses it and I'm jealous. I usually don't need to use an app like this for my laptop, nut it would be nice to have a backup internet source in case WiFi is down for some reason.

I would love to get this one! I have never won one of these drawings ever! I would love this one, PLEASE! You guys are very generous!

I don't comment often but this is app can be really helpful. I have been asked if I wanted to reduce my data plan as I have the BES unlimited data plus tethering option for an additional $15 a month. I Explained to the sales guy that it ends up the same if I downgrade to the 29.99 a month data plan and then add tethering for $30 (still ends up $60 a month). He understood and said that even though he officially can not say this, but have I thought about using a 4rd party tethering option. I did but decided just to keep what I had for now. Of course if I were to win a copy I would downgrade and drop the tethering option and save $30 a month. We will have to see. Thanks for the opportunity.

the mac beta worked great for me and came in handy during a trip. i was mad that i couldnt buy it when it was %50 off but it would be a lot nicer to win this.

Man this would be sweet! I can't believe they are willing to give this away for free. I could've used this 2 weeks ago when I was at the beach and had no internet!

I've been debating on whether or not I want to purchase this. My boss has it and says its awesome. If I could get it for free.........

hey i'd love to win this!

quick question though -- vzw charges i think an extra 15 bucks a month over standard BIS service for the ability to tether. does this app/program override that charge?

1,500,001, now that I have joined. That's good news, but a free Tetherberry would be even better news!

Best contest ever.
Count me in for a free copy, this will ensure that I get that 6GB data plan from rogers before it expires on 09.15.2009

I've been using blue-tooth for this for ages but for some odd reason can't get it to work for the past 6 months. So it would be lovely to win a free copy.


I would sure like to win a copy of Tetherberry so I can can my EV-DO card. If I won a copy you can bet I'd be tearing up on Twitter and Facebook about how awesome it is. ;-0

I've been drooling over Tetherberry for a while now.. I'm stuck tethering with ATT's crap software used for their laptop cards.. Works, if you don't mind drops or "can't detect device" errors causing you to reboot so you can get some freaking work done. I can't afford 50$ for an app, so hook me up!! ;)

Have been wanting this app for a while but haven't been able to afford it. Would love to win a free copy. Awesome!

Ever since I bought my blackberry storm I've wanted an app like this one so I can use my phone to access the web with my laptop anywhere my phone has a signal, so count me in and I wish I win!