Contest: 1,000 Free Copies of TetherBerry! $50k Value!!

TetherBerry Contest - 1000 Free Copies to be Won!!
By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Sep 2009 12:08 pm EDT

Following up on our Win a Free Custom Painted BlackBerry Tour Contest, held in honor of passing the 1.5 million registered members to date milestone, Patrick from TetherBerry contacted us with a friendly email and a super nice offer:

I've been reading how has recently passed 1.5 million users. Truly amazing! Since the community has been the foundation of our product, we'd like to offer 1,000 free copies of TetherBerry to fellow CrackBerry users. Our product currently retails at $50, so the value is $50,000!

ONE THOUSAND FREE COPIES... Suhhhhweeet! I know a lot of you out there are already TetherBerry owners, but hopefully 1,000 of you are not. And if you already are, spread the word to fellow BlackBerry users to come and enter this contest. Entering is easy. Just leave a comment to this blog post (just leave one - multiple entries won't count). Contest deadline is Sunday midnight PST on September 13th. 

For more information on TetherBerry, or if you want to skip the contest and just buy a copy for yourself today, you can visit the product page. Thanks TetherBerry! And good luck everyone!!

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Reader comments

Contest: 1,000 Free Copies of TetherBerry! $50k Value!!



I love my crackberry and I love this site for tips and help for my curve 8900. Everyone is so friendly. I have always wanted to tether my berry to my laptop for some time now but dont have the money to spend on a program right now since times are a bit tough for me.

Thanks Crackberry I will always recommend my crackberry friends to you.

I have been beta testing the mac version -very, very nice application. Saved my butt a few times when i needed service at random places. Love to win the mac version!

Hi, I'd really appreciate a copy of Tetherberry which will be really useful to get on line when my flakey broadband goes down.
Many thanks and congrats on the 1.3m members.

it would be awesome to have a copy of this, but have always been too hestitant to buy it being that i'm a college student with little money to drop on apps for my storm. so winning it would help me out a lot. pure awesomeness

OK, so I didn't win the $325,000,000 MegaMillions Lottery... Please let there be a consolation prize! Pleeeeze... I must be Tethered.!

I'm currently testing the 7 day trial and WOW is all I can say easy as 123 = ) and I would love to keep using it after = )

would love to win this app! been eyeballing it since job#2 doesnt have internet for my lappy. its a dreadfully long nite without internet!

Wow, this looks like such an awesome program. Since I saw this giveaway I've been reading all about it. I'm new to the world of BB and love this site. I'll keep my fingers crossed on this giveaway.

i never won anything! please could this be my first win?! this is the perfect app for me since i'm traveling around a lot!

OOO....OOOO...pick me....pick me!! Hahahah...would love to have Tetherberry! the site. I'm totally a Crackberry guys are the BEST!!!!

Every time I think the contests can't get any better.....BAM! You guys come through again. Hands down greatest app giveaway ever. Thank you Crackberry and Tetherberry for a great chance at owning a brilliant app.

Pick me...pick me....oooo....oooo
Would love it. C'berry is the best site! I'm totally hooked on my 8330 and you guys are the best!! YEAH....

Your contests RULE!!! I would be honoured to win this app as a celebration of your 1.5 million follower milestone!!!

CrackBerry always has great contests, but this is one of those that ranks at the top of my list. I would love to win a copy of this. This is such useful software.


What a fantastic prize. TetherBerry sounds a little easier to use the the other modem method.

one of the best if not the best app for any smart phone currently have this installed on my storm and use is it on my mac, very fast speeds with never a hitch i would love a free copy for my daughter who just started college in Boston thanks again for the amazing app.

How dose this progam run from the laptop to the phone? Is it easy to setup? Will it work internationally. I know lots of qusetions but I am new, sorry


It would be great to be able to win one of these,provided I also get the tour since my Bold died out last week! :(

I have never tried tetherberry before but from what I have read, it's a great program to have and use. I have thought about trying it out and now the contest is running, i am throwing my name in the hat

I would definitely like a copy of this app.
Lots of time my internet connection goes down and TetherBerry would be a great help.

I've been considering the purchase of Tetherberry, but I wanted to see the performance of the product before buying. At this point, I may just get it for free!

Hook a fellow brother up. I would love to get this one for free. With a little one on the way I can't justify spending $50 bucks on a software app. Work your magic guys and pick me :)

This is an awesome way to continue to stay connected to ..Yeah I know I can from my BB Browser, but my eyes are starting to go bad, I need the bigger screen :-)

Sounds like an excellent product, definately could use this if it were free! only web I have is on my Storm.

If you save me 50 bucks, I'll be able to go drinking and partying with two hot boys all night long! Help me make my boyfriend jealous! XD

Tried it for a day, it worked great. I'll need to buy tethering plan if I win - good luck Verizon, there's something in this for you, too!