Contest: 1,000 Free Copies of TetherBerry! $50k Value!!

TetherBerry Contest - 1000 Free Copies to be Won!!
By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Sep 2009 12:08 pm EDT

Following up on our Win a Free Custom Painted BlackBerry Tour Contest, held in honor of passing the 1.5 million registered members to date milestone, Patrick from TetherBerry contacted us with a friendly email and a super nice offer:

I've been reading how has recently passed 1.5 million users. Truly amazing! Since the community has been the foundation of our product, we'd like to offer 1,000 free copies of TetherBerry to fellow CrackBerry users. Our product currently retails at $50, so the value is $50,000!

ONE THOUSAND FREE COPIES... Suhhhhweeet! I know a lot of you out there are already TetherBerry owners, but hopefully 1,000 of you are not. And if you already are, spread the word to fellow BlackBerry users to come and enter this contest. Entering is easy. Just leave a comment to this blog post (just leave one - multiple entries won't count). Contest deadline is Sunday midnight PST on September 13th. 

For more information on TetherBerry, or if you want to skip the contest and just buy a copy for yourself today, you can visit the product page. Thanks TetherBerry! And good luck everyone!!

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Contest: 1,000 Free Copies of TetherBerry! $50k Value!!



This would be absolutely outstanding! Thanks for offering this up, i was hoping to give away some of my themes on here but this is a great offer! thanks again

This is sweeeet! I need this while I am at work and have nothing to do so I can get on my laptop. Everything that would be considered fun is blocked at work. If I have more fun I will be more productive at work and overall a more productive member of society. Send it my way.

I can't believe they are giving away 1,000 copies. I wouldn't mind if I won but currently do pay verizon for tethering. I came across crackberry not too long ago and can't stay away. It's definitely addicting.

Please enter me in the TetherBerry contest. This looks like a great app. I've been wanting to try it out for quite some time now!

Thanks, and congrats on this major milestone!

I would love to have one please, since the regular GPRS/3G plan is pretty darn expensive here in Indonesia.

I trialed this app and loved it. I talk my Boss into buying it and he loves it. I would really enjoy a free copy of this application. I won the RDP+ contest but never received a working promo code. It would be awesome to receive one for such a useful app!

I am sure I can find Tetherberry very useful. Never know when your gonna be stuck someplace that is supposed to have internet or wifi yet it doesn't work.

Hoping for the best
Preparing for the worst

= Covered!!

Oh mighty crackberry staff please pick me this would make my life so much easier both in my wallet and in school! And thank you to tetherberry for being so generous!

Ahhhhh I've been trying to save money to buy this since forever, but the need for food always gets in the way. Here's to hoping!!!

Oooh... yes please.
I could use this at, I mean..not at work..cause I'm working hard.

My brother bought this program and he loves it. He has a different Blackberry than I do, but it works great!! There have been no charges to his Verizon account and he noticed it was much faster than using the Verizon service. I cannot wait to get this software. We are going on a trip out of state for a week and will be using the internet a lot. My favorite part is this is a one time charge instead of the monthly charge from Verizon. I wish I had learned about this sooner.

i dont think i NEED tethering but its something id love to say I have dat my sis or buddies iphone doesnt have!!!


Wow This is an awesome thing for a website to do, Crackberry rocks.

I've yet to win anything from your many other contest, this right here would be a great first win!

Either way thanks!

having tetherberry would be awesome! i go to so many places with my laptop that dont have wifi and being able to finally get it would be amazing!!

nice, i travel alot with my blackberry 8830WE n my laptop this would be awesome to have!!!

I've been trying to win alot of contests lately and this one is the one i really want to win. 1000 WINNERS!!!!

I'm almost up to my 1 year anniversary with my Storm. I love being part of the BB gang. Tetherberry is the one app I have been waiting for. With Verizon charging $$ each month to use my Storm as I modem I have been waiting for an alternative. Every review of Tetherberry looks great and just what I need. I hope I am one of the members that receives this program.

Since i got my Blackberry a month ago I have seen the TetherBerry app but just couldn't bring my self to buy it yet.

If I win all the guys in the office will be jealous (and probably go buy their own copy!)

I remember when TetherBerry first came out, I was trying out their beta form, and i kicked VZW Tether package to the curb! (Financially sound move). I even convinced one of my fellow co-workers to buy it when it was only for $40. Now I'm totally crossing my fingers, oh I so hope to be one of the winners, If I do win I take the initiative and start convincing other friends to purchase program as well by showing them mine. (-_^V

I need this for my macbook and to be able to use some of the 1GB that fido gives me. Will be really useful and they wont know what hit'em!

I have been using the beta for Mac product and now just waiting to actually buy it when it is available. Unless of course, I am selected here... ;-)

This is a great application. I bought it for my Dad to use with his Storm when traveling, but I don't have a copy myself.

Count me in Crackberry!

I have multiple BB users in my company that are interested in this App. Please, can I get a free copy to show off???

I'm glad they are having this contest. I have been reading up on tether berry and was looking to purchase this item soon. Would be nice if I was one of the 1,000 to win. fingers crossed. lol

Oh mighty crackberry staff please pick me this would make my life so much easier both in my wallet and in school! And thank you to tetherberry for being so generous!

I love the idea of being able to access the internet anywhere I have a signal. I would have purchased this a while back, but have to watch my pennies these days. Winning a free copy would really make my day - week - month - year !!!

Everyone always talks about how good it is, however I would LOVE to find out. See it in your heart to help a poor berry user out!

I would love to have a copy of tetherberry. I have heard nothing but good things about the product, and winning it would be awesome and demonstrates that the company looks after Blackberry users.

Commerce with a conscience. Good job guys.

This seems like a very handy app. I just really hope it will not go against my carrier's (Verizon's) terms and conditions. Thanks TetherBerry.

What a great welcome for a newcommer to this site. I feel so lucky that I'm just gonna sit by my mailbox now and wait for it to arrive.

I used the trial version on a recent and it worked great. Waiting until I go on the road again to buy it. If I could win a copy, even better.

I wish this was available like a year ago! It took me a while.. but finally figured out how to tether with my blackberry bold...

But would love to try this app out!

I'm already using my Curve as a modem through Bluetooth. What are the advantages of TetherBerry?

1000 Free copies of a $50.00 Product is rather generous... Maybe i will have luck for once :)