Contest: 1,000 Free Copies of TetherBerry! $50k Value!!

TetherBerry Contest - 1000 Free Copies to be Won!!
By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Sep 2009 12:08 pm EDT

Following up on our Win a Free Custom Painted BlackBerry Tour Contest, held in honor of passing the 1.5 million registered members to date milestone, Patrick from TetherBerry contacted us with a friendly email and a super nice offer:

I've been reading how has recently passed 1.5 million users. Truly amazing! Since the community has been the foundation of our product, we'd like to offer 1,000 free copies of TetherBerry to fellow CrackBerry users. Our product currently retails at $50, so the value is $50,000!

ONE THOUSAND FREE COPIES... Suhhhhweeet! I know a lot of you out there are already TetherBerry owners, but hopefully 1,000 of you are not. And if you already are, spread the word to fellow BlackBerry users to come and enter this contest. Entering is easy. Just leave a comment to this blog post (just leave one - multiple entries won't count). Contest deadline is Sunday midnight PST on September 13th. 

For more information on TetherBerry, or if you want to skip the contest and just buy a copy for yourself today, you can visit the product page. Thanks TetherBerry! And good luck everyone!!

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Contest: 1,000 Free Copies of TetherBerry! $50k Value!!



Having this would be totally awesome, connecting to internet on laptop were there is no wifi you could be anywhere you had phone service. Cool

As a retired navy submariner with 20 years of service and now working as a navy contractor that travels well over 50% of my time to help do the government work TetherBerry would fix those long hours I spend in the airports with no internet, or when I am sitting at meetings or in the field working with no access to home or office. This would MAKE MY DAY!! I have always wanted this program ever since I starting reading the posts on but my family budget plan has always had me putting it on hold. Who ever came up with the idea for this give away if a shear genius!! Thanks TetherBerry!!!

Tetherberraay sweeeeeeeet awesome and would go niiiiicely with my stooooooooorm. Keeping my fingers, toes, and nose crossed!!

could really use this. on the go alot with laptop and do not want to pay for wireless card. and i always have my bb with me

What a great contest. Tetherberry would be a great addition to my family of apps!

Phil Dickinson

I could REALLY use this application. It suits me for when I'm on those business trips, and being an associate at my firm it gets HECTED in those airports, and the LAST thing I want to do is pull out my credit card to pay to use google.


And I'd love to have this for real. It's an amazing program, but not something I'm willing to spend $50 on. If I got this for free, it would be great for school coming up. Could use getting around their filters every so often, plus when I'm on the go with my MacBook. I hope this is the first CrackBerry contest that I win.

This is amazing! For a company to be giving away 50,000 dollars worth of product in thie economy is truly special!

Thanks TetherBerry!

I have always wanted to buy your product but never really felt i would use it for what its worth. But now, since its free, i would glady take advantage of its positives!

This time I am going to win!!! I missed out on the 50% deal a few weeks ago. Must ... have ... Tetherberry!


I would love to have the ability to use my laptop when traveling without having to pay for broadband.
Looks like this is the application to do it!
Patick, Thank you for making such an offering to the CB users! U ROCK!

Co-worker has had it since it was beta. Always talking about how great it is!! Maybe I can win a copy and try it for myself!!

In fact, I am going away to a place with no wifi & I need Internet access to do my work. TetherBerry would be the perfect solution.

Of all of the effetive apps for the Blackberry this one is going to be teriffic. How many times i want to log in with my laptop - from a office(not mine), from a railway station, from an airport, from a hotel (without paying the outrageous rates and lastly without paying Verizon. So here is a hope to get one of the 1000.

My client banned us from accessing company webmail from their computers, so I need to win this one bad!

Oh wow this would be useful for those yearly trips to places where we spend WAY too much on internet service.
In mexico last june, my mom has an ATT thing hooked up to her computer... it ended up costing her $1800!!!! She had the charges removed, but still, what a P.O.S.

Wow, a 1000 free copies this has to be the biggest giveaway yet!

Maybe I'll get a copy this time around, tethering would be cool to have :)

the other day i was in my car before a class of mine started and i was on my laptop trying to finish an assignment..and i was seriously wishing i had this...hopefully ill finally get one

I've been going back and forth on whether to buy this or not so I hope I can win it instead! This would be great for me and I hope I win!!

Long time Crackberry lurker, seminew user, never won anything from a contest on here before, but I try!

Crackberry FTW

Wow Thank you very much. I have been waiting for this for a long time, this a product that I always wanted to get but could not aford it.
I hope that I win one now.

Thank you very much.


So I would really enjoy a free copy of Tetherberry. If I won a copy I would spend the rest of my days using it to save the world. Well actually no I would just use it to browse the web all the time! But in the end they are basically the same.

My husband and I used TetherBerry on a recent vacation trip. It was so much better than hooking up to the hotel wireless. And so reliable. I hope I can get a free copy for myself too!

Regardless of whether I win or not. Thank You to the developers for giving back to the Crackberry community. I always like to see people succeed and then thank those who helped them

OMG!!!!! I be like extremely addicted to Crackberry if I had Tetherberry add to my phone. I hope I am one of the 1,000.

Sooooo excited! A friend of mine won a free copy of tetherberry and he loves it, and it's a great product. I hope I can win. :)

Tetherberry is an awesome product that makes tethering via the usb cable a breeze!!! Hopefully I can win a free copy to use but if not, I will still take the plunge!!!!

Please God let me win this! I would so love this, but do not have the extra spending money for it. If I won I would for sure be showing all my friends to hopefully bring in some customers for them to increase their sales and to make up for a free copy I would receive.