Contest: New Fuss Premium Theme From JC Designs - Enter To Win One Of 25 Copies

Contest: New Fuss Premium Theme From JC Designs - Enter To Win One Of  25 Copies
By Bla1ze on 9 Apr 2010 02:30 pm EDT

John from JC Designs has recently put out his latest piece of work. Fuss, has been designed for wallpaper lovers in mind. Included with the theme are 4 unique wallpapers to choose from which work well with keeping the flow of the theme. And of course, if you do so choose you can easily swap them out for any of your own chosen wallpapers. With built in quick keys you can easily turn off all of your display icons to completely free up the background. If you've got a keyboard device, hitting the space will bring it all back up, while Storm users can just touch the bottom of your screen.

Since this is a newer release for JC Designs, John has decided to offer up 25 copies of Fuss to the CrackBerry community for us to give away, leave your comments and we'll pick out some winners. If you'd rather have Fuss right now though, you can grab it for only $4.98. In addition to the contest, John has also updated the ever popular iBerry blocks theme for Storm, 9700, 8900, 9600 devices and added support for 85xx and also a 83xx OS 5.0 version and placed it on sale for only $3.98 until tomorrow.

Reader comments

Contest: New Fuss Premium Theme From JC Designs - Enter To Win One Of 25 Copies



This looks like a great theme. Very smooth and slick. I really like it. And I do love my backgrounds and swapping them around from time to time.

Very nice theme, might buy it anyway (or maybe not, love my Reverie and HD)

Thanks for the opportunity though, much appreciated

Well being a WallPaper type of person count me in please. Looks interesting but there weren't many views of what it will look like on the 85XX.

This theme is similar to the miro2.0 theme I'm currently running on my 9550 and I love it! So a free copy would be awesome!! Thank you!! :D

First theme I have bought and a mistake.
Where are the included wallpapers?
Why when I try to customise the dock do the icons disappear?
Why is there a line across the bottom of the dock which means if you do not use the standard icons or use use icons such as ubertwitter or even the default mail image the line goes straight through it?

Maybe I am missing something but as much as I want to like this I don't understand the failings I see.

I have been looking for a good theme which utilizes the real estate and gives best result and looks like this is one of those..

Let me tell you about my little qualm,
I got a new BB to replace my Palm.
I look and I sort through all of the apps,
But it's quite obvious that some are just crap.
Without a good app I at least like to look good,
So I like to put new icons under the hood.
This time this theme's free to a handful of us,
I just hope I'm the one to win a copy of Fuss.

I only use themes that take advantage of the Storm's screen and to show off my kids on my own wallpapers. This looks like it would be perfect for me. Pick me !

I never thought I would want to try a theme.. but after looking at this one I just might! I would love to try it out

I've seen this theme posted in the share your screenshot forums. It looks Super. I really like all the wallpaper space. Very nicely done. I'd love to try it on my device. :D

I have one theme that I've used for about six months or more now. Any others I find arent want I really want. This one looks promising. So pick me already would ya? :)

It looks like the Miro icons because it's a straight rip. I'm trying to contact JC Design and Bla1ze to get to the bottom of this.

Wow, straight rip without shame!

this is a comment. it has been left here in hopes of being picked as a winner. and after going to my tax guy, anything would be a win. thank you

pick me for something free, I'm always promoting crackberry website to people. I will be a great salesperson for you.