Contest: mProductive To Do List for BlackBerry - 25 copies to be won!

By Michelle Haag on 2 Nov 2010 01:53 pm EDT
Ryan did an in depth review of mProductive by Basis Design last week. I think the general consensus from the comments was it looks like a nice app and possibly a good time saver, but it's a bit on the expensive side, even with a trial available. Well, folks, this is your lucky day. If you're interested in mProductive for your BlackBerry, read on!

To recap, mProductive is advertised as the "ultimate BlackBerry to do list and time management application". The app manages your next actions, priorities and projects all through a single interface to your BlackBerry Task List, Calendar, Memo pad, emails, calls and sms. Also I'd like to point out that mProductive was awarded a Regional Selection in the 2010 BlackBerry Partners Fund Super Apps Developer Challenge. While mProductive is available for a wide variety of devices, there is no Torch support at this time. (Don't shoot the messenger, it's likely in a future update folks.)
Contest: To celebrate the release of mProductive on CrackBerry we have been given 25 copies to give away. Just leave a comment letting us know what you like most about mProductive or how you’re planning to use it and you’ll be automatically entered in the drawing to win one of 25 free copies. One entry per person please; contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST.
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Reader comments

Contest: mProductive To Do List for BlackBerry - 25 copies to be won!



I just started trying this yesterday. It looks like a great way to finally make tasks and memos useful. Right now I get emails from people with assignments and I have to separately create a task. This makes it a lot easier.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate, mProductive, I would very much part of the timetable for appointments and notes.

of projects and appointments and people to co-ordinate, so this app would be great to have. put my name in the hopper and pull it out as a winner please...

I get to track buttloads of ARTISTS (a wily bunch, at best) across several projects. Constantly blowing deadlines. Always on the lookout for ANYTHING that can ease the process on a mobile (they give Outlook conniptions). Wary of "trials" for this purpose since they typically expire before a full shakedown is possible. Hell. If I win and this works out, I may still pay them! (What price sanity?)

Thanks to the CB and mProductive folks for the opportunity.

I would love to win this app. I have some major projects to keep track of and his app would help me manage them effectively

I have a very heavy social life. I would use mProductive to help coordinate/organize my daily activities. Thanks for the opportunity.

I could integrate all of my roles. Husband/dad, marching band dad, Boy Scout leader, employee. All in one place!

I integrate work and personal together on my BB and it becomes tricky managing everything with the native BB utilities, so mProductive would save me tons of time!

Between college classes, running a business and just living life, this would help me out alot!

Pick me to win this. I could really use to help keep more organized. I oversee the training division at my firehouse and this would help me out!

I have been looking for a good, full function To Do. This looks like what I want in a To Do.

Having mProductive would change the way I use my Blackberry completely. Just by having access to everything in one place will be so much more productive instead of jumping from app to app.

I think I deserve a copy because it would allow me to schedule time for me to buy things from the Crackberry store.

The app could very much come in handy for my study. I need to make a lot of assignments, in which i have a lot of deadlines, so keeping track of them in my BB would be very helpful.

This looks like what I need to keep track of the multitude of projects, personal items, etc. that I'm always losing track of. Please help me get organized!!

Man this would be great to have to help me with my ADD. I wont have to fumble with that dang gone calendar on my BBdesktop. Please pick me Thanks, Guy

mProductive is a really great looking productive app for BB. I would love to try it for my Storm2 but can't afford it.

hope I win a copy though!

thanks and good luck to everybody.


I'm constantly looking for the best todo list app. I will certainly give the trial a go, but would love to get the full for free :)

I just downloaded the trial and am amazed! This is a great program. Clearly one of the best I've seen. It will make a positive impact in my business.

This app would be a great help in organizing my school, work and personal life. There's just too many things on the go, and I have yet to find a good application to organize it all.

I have been looking for something like this app. I currently use my calendar and memo pad to keep things in order. This application would make balancing school, work, and life a lot easier.

so having a better way to organized my tasks would be great! It would also help me track things I may have delegated to others...

One of the reasons I got a BB was to get more organized, but the native Tasks app just doesn't get the job done, IMHO. This looks like a great solution.

I just started a new job and this would be just the thing to keep a project coordinator like me on track!! Thanks Crackberry for offering these great contests!! :)

This application sounds like a BIG step in the right direction. It would surely help out in staying organised & making the above statement actually happen.

This would definitely take my work ethic to the next level! I'm currently checking out the trial and so impressed.

I wear a lot of hats (both literally and figuratively) and mProductive has helped me to keep my work and personal life in balance and my time under control. 'There's (already) some apps for that', you say? Yes, I'm sure there are, but I don't want 3 or 4 of them eating up vital memory when one can do the job of all of them combined.

I would love to have a copy of this great app!

I work as a Creative Arts Director for a ministry, running from 8 in the morning to 10 at night, 6 days a week. We train dancers, artists, musicians, actors, do outreaches, work in schools training children in the Creative Arts, do productions, counseling, mentoring, training, run a college and equip the rural areas around us - a pretty daunting and time consuming task! I can really use this app in helping me keep up with tasks, time management, meetings etc. Would absolutely love to take this app to the furthest possible use it can go. Chow, from South Africa-D

I have used empower and it has been OK but cumbersome to say the least. I'm willing to give m productive a go. Sales guy I need a great organizer.

i am a social worker and this would really help me out becuase i am always double booking appiontments and forgetting what i should be doing at this moment. the to do thing on blackberry orginally is so not helpful takes forever to plug stuff in and i never see the reminder until a week to late.

I always wanted to put my to-do list on the phone since that's the only thing I carry around with myself, so having this app is a blessing, although BB Storm sucks whenever I put a new app in it: it's like dying just for one more app.

I would coordinate my calendar, my kids activities, my work appointments and personal meetings with this app. I'm a big user of the BB calendar and this would help a lot.

This app has good graphics and is on the top of my list of potential task manager apps because of the native Sync with bbTasks and outlook.

Since I'm working 13h a day and I have a lot of responsibilities as well as things "to do" during typical day it is more than probable that this application would be very useful for me.

This would help me keep better track of all of the things I do at work. Get organized at home and with the world peace organization I'm so involved in.

I would use the crap out of mproductive! I make to do lists all the time and sometimes so many that I cannot keep track of them This app would allow me to get away from the native app on my phone and use something that woudl offer a bit more functionality. I hope I win one of these as it would seriously make my life easier!

I love how it integrates all of the native BB apps in one place.. One view.. no need to switch back and forth between to get all of the information I need.. I am on the go all the time and this would help me be more productive with less hassle!!!

I'm in the process of reorganizing my life and scheduling my time as a result of getting a new job, so mProductive should be quite useful for that... and I'd be happy to have a copy!

I'm a clergyperson, and I have a very complex schedule and many projects going at a time. A product like this would help me keep better track of everything.

As a college student, who are in many organizations. This would help me plans out a lot activities, and events and meetings. I'd would buy this app, but since there's a giveaway, thought I could give it a chance. May the force be with me.

Ok maybe it's too ambitious and daring of me to ask to win this as a birthday gift but here's why I needed mProductive so much, I am a student and I work part time as a freelance marketer and my Blackberry is ALWAYS on me whenever I am out. So most of the times I will be taking notes with my Blackberry, be it a future appointments, class schedules, someone's contact, I don't have to keep searching for the memo pad and then contact list and then calendar to store things individually, mProductive can do the work for me! That's really gonna make my Blackberry a powerful tool! Therefore, I want it! :D

I tried mProductive and the demo version seems to work (as far as the demo version goes). I would like to win this and use it on my Storm.

I would use this app to better project manage the many open assignments I have with my clients. I think it would help me organize my meetings and to do items very well!

Been looking at this product since it's launch. It would be VERY useful in conducting my day in, day out needs as a sales rep out in the field!!!

Please pick me!!!

This seems the best device-based productivity system since I used Franklyn Covey wallets all those years ago! Yes please.

Is certainly a time saver once you get the hang of it.
It is also more money than it is worth for me to run on my BB

Is certainly a time saver once you get the hang of it.
It is also more money than it is worth for me to run on my BB

Great UI on mProductive! I love that you can access everything from one screen. Who doesn't love organization!

I love organizer apps, especially the ones that do a good job at balancing functionality with usability (minimal clutter and friendly UI). Hoping to win a copy!

Yess! I was hoping there would be a contest for this! Now if only...

What would I use it for? I oversee the Online Course Development for a college (from development to publishing), and this would be a sweet app, seeing as I despise Outlook! It would definitely help me keep everything balanced and on schedule!

Nice app!!! This one would come in SO HANDY!!! Thanks for another awesome contest, CRACKBERRY!!!! You ROCK!!!

Meant to add, I would use this mostly to aid in keeping track of lessons in homeschooling my sons, and also in organizing appointments for my sons, husband, my parents and myself. With all the health problems in my family, I'm constantly trying to keep track of appointments that need to be made, and fitting them into our schedules. But even more than that, it would be extremely beneficial in keeping our home education lessons & tools & outings organized! THANKS, CB!!!!! :)

I am a student, having lots of courses and projects, and always look for a GTD app to help me get things done.

I use the default tasks and notes as part of my gtd and mproductive will give me better tools to work with.

With life comes the inevitable TO DO LIST. As a full time employee, mother and student this is a MUST for me. Money is tight, apps are pricey and Mom has too many calendars to keep track of. I would love to keep track of birthdays, dr appts, kids activities, meetings at work, vet appts and not to mention due dates for school assignments for me and my 3 children all in one spot--on my phone! Fingers crossed that I can win this awesome yet productive app!

This would be great addition to my phone. I don't like the to do list on the BB, combining everything in one would help.

I will use it to manage my busy schedule, work, kids, appointments I could use a little (well A LOT) of help!

I downloaded the trial copy and it's like having a personal assistant. I no longer have to fumble to see what I have to do next. I am already more productive. This is a keeper and would sure like to win one of the 25 copies.

With starting a new job, and being enrolled in graduate school, I need to be as productive as possible all waking hours!

I cannot imagine to run up my job without this kind of application,,,- know this app only from reviews ,and I'm pretty sure that it's the BEST....
Know I'm using myTasks which is free,,but THIS ONE ROCK...

I want it !!!!!!

live daily by my to do lists and alarms. anything that adds or enhances built-in to do list is a great addition to my blackberry !

I've been looking for an app like this for some time now. Even though it's only a few extra finger swipes and taps, it can be frustrating to move through my calendar, memos and to-do apps. This app would great for me because it consolidates them all into one.

I'd love this application; I'm trying to get into grad school which involves lots of little steps, each with their own deadlines (take into consideration for mailing time for this item, processing time for that) for 5 different potential schools! This would be a great app to keep me organized and not forget anything.

actually this would be nice to keep me up to date on what homework assignments are due when cuz right now I have to do them as an event to even show up on my calendar. this way I can just integrate it into my calendar properly.

Can't wait to get my hands on this, as this will help me organize all my meetings and daily scheduled appointments! Thanks CB!

This app will be awesome to use for my job. I work in the Maintenance Dept for a 336 unit Condominium complex. Keeping up with all the work orders is such a hassle. This app will help get it all organized and run in a more efficient manner in regards to the daily routines. Please help a brother out.



After reading the recent review you had for this software, I knew that it would blend well with the way I live and work. Being a volunteer for so many things, I could use a boost to the old memory bank in my head.

I agree the price is a little steep for this, but I downloaded the trial, and it is amazing. I hope you are able to give more than 25 copies, or I am one of the lucky 25 out of the million or so that comment! Blackberry for life!

With 2 different babysitters, my work schedule, my husbands work schedule, and my 2 kids under 3 years old having dr appts and playdates, I could REALLY use this!