Contest: MegaHorn by ToySoft - Win one of 30 free copies!

By Michelle Haag on 21 Oct 2010 09:30 am EDT

Sometimes you just need to make some noise. Whether you like to play jokes on your friends, or just need to get someone's attention, MegaHorn from ToySoft is sure to help you. With 20 air horn sound effects to choose from, you are sure to find just the right one for whatever your needs are. Included sounds are:

  • Long Horn, Short Horn, Train Whistle, Tug Boat, Fire Truck, Police Siren, Police Siren2, Intruder Alert. Tornado Siren, Warning Siren, Alarm Clock, Smoke Alarm, Phone Ringing, Buzz, Heart Monitor, Pager Beep, Dog Whistle, Car Honk, Temple Bell Fox NFL Theme

You can adjust the volume and/or stop the selected sound while it's playing, and navigation is very simple. MegaHorn works on all BlackBerry smartphones running OS 4.3 and above, including BB6 and touchscreen. MegaHorn is just $.99 in the CrackBerry store, and there is a free trial available also.

Contest: ToySoft has been kind enough to give us 30 free copies of MegaHorn to pass on to our readers. Leave us a comment below to be entered. Multiple entries won't be counted, and winners will be chosen randomly at midnight PST. Good luck! 

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Reader comments

Contest: MegaHorn by ToySoft - Win one of 30 free copies!



But fun to annoy and irritate people at work and my two kids at home.... :)

Count me in on the competition! :)

That'll be amazing to Do in class !!! :D
Please Gimme me one !!! :P
im begging uu !! :P
and i'll be happy forever :)
:D =) ;;) :P

I should have already won this from the 3rd party apps forum post that was taken down. No response about that from Toysoft on Twitter, so I am throwing my hat in again.