Contest: MegaHorn by ToySoft - Win one of 30 free copies!

By Michelle Haag on 21 Oct 2010 09:30 am EDT

Sometimes you just need to make some noise. Whether you like to play jokes on your friends, or just need to get someone's attention, MegaHorn from ToySoft is sure to help you. With 20 air horn sound effects to choose from, you are sure to find just the right one for whatever your needs are. Included sounds are:

  • Long Horn, Short Horn, Train Whistle, Tug Boat, Fire Truck, Police Siren, Police Siren2, Intruder Alert. Tornado Siren, Warning Siren, Alarm Clock, Smoke Alarm, Phone Ringing, Buzz, Heart Monitor, Pager Beep, Dog Whistle, Car Honk, Temple Bell Fox NFL Theme

You can adjust the volume and/or stop the selected sound while it's playing, and navigation is very simple. MegaHorn works on all BlackBerry smartphones running OS 4.3 and above, including BB6 and touchscreen. MegaHorn is just $.99 in the CrackBerry store, and there is a free trial available also.

Contest: ToySoft has been kind enough to give us 30 free copies of MegaHorn to pass on to our readers. Leave us a comment below to be entered. Multiple entries won't be counted, and winners will be chosen randomly at midnight PST. Good luck! 

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Reader comments

Contest: MegaHorn by ToySoft - Win one of 30 free copies!



I hope I win so I could use it school and the teacher will think it was the bell and that way I could get out early.

my friends that have iphones and droids are always playing jokes on me now its time for the berryman to get them back lol

I have some of the same sounds saved as ring tones. Great attention getter. Hope maybe to get all of if I am one of the lucky ones to get the app for free. These are the reasons to visit Crackberry everyday.

This is cool, but how about a megaphone app? You know - speak into it, and it amplied your voice. Anybody know of one (or care to develop one) for BlackBerry phones?

This FUN little batch of sounds defaces the purpose of the BlackBerry hand held device. The BlackBerry is for business, not FUN! Why would anyone even think of having FUN with their BlackBerry??? Offensive, abnoxious and juvenile! I'll take a copy!!!

I know my family would get a kick out of this app! The only sound missing is the hockey goal horn. Maybe they can include it in the next version. Thanks!

This would be perfect when I'm at the sports bar! There have been many occasions where people would show off their iPhone and make these weird loud sounds from their phone. I would love to have this app and blow them out of the water! HA! Also my car horn doesn't work in the Winter. Maybe I could use this?? LOL

I'd love to have this app on my BB so I can hook it up to my truck's audio system. And then hit the air horn full blast as people cross the street. ;)

This is exactly what I need considering I have hundreds of little sounds clips saved to my phone for various occasions. Hope I win :D

Please! I would love to have a copy of this new app for my Blackberry! Help me make some noise for free!

this would be so great to use when the many people that i come in contact with feed me some bull#@%t. i could just MegaHorn them..