Contest: Media Fly Wants To Give You $200 Towards Your Next BlackBerry!

By Bla1ze on 21 Jul 2009 09:33 am EDT

Leave A Comment On This Post For Your Chance To Win A $200 Gift Certificate!

MediaFly CrackBerry Contest!

We have covered MediaFly before here on the blogs and for those of you who may have missed it, MediaFly is a great podcast player for BlackBerry devices which allows you to set up and maintain all of your favorite podcasts from just one application.

Aside from working on your BlackBerry, you can set up Mediafly to work and sync with virtually every player and website -- iTunes, iPods, iPhone, Zune, Sansa, iRiver, chumby, Google Reader and many others such as the newly setup Roku services. MediaFly gives you access to over 25,000 video and audio podcasts from sources such as major network/news organizations like NBC, CNN, ABC, FOX, ESPN, and many more.

Leave a comment on this post telling us what you love about MediaFly and what podcasts you enjoy listening to using MediaFly for your chance at the $200 gift certificate. Contest will close this Sunday at Midnight PSt and winner will be announced next week. Good luck everyone!

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Contest: Media Fly Wants To Give You $200 Towards Your Next BlackBerry!



If I win, it will just about pay for my Storm 2 when it comes out! I bet MediaFly will be sweet on that!

I like having the ability to listen to podcasts on my blackberry during my commute as well as at home. I currently subscribe to the crackberry and engadget podcasts.

Okay.. so I get my Fox and NBC on MF. I have a bunch of podcasts setup but my BB is in the other room and its rattling my brain. Hook it up! My curve is messed up and want a tour. Ay worth a shot!

MediaFly is an amazing site. I use it daily! Whatever I'm in the mood for it's got. Whether it's hilarious stuff from Comedy Central, or maybe I'm feeling a little political. Maybe I just want some health tips. MediaFly has got it all. You should totally pick me, I've been trying to save up the money for an 8900 but being a takeaway server at Outback (G'day mate!) just isn't cutting it! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Plus my 20th birthday is Tuesday, what a great present that would be :D

MediaFly has everything! I'm a college student who's into technology and video games. There's absolutely no way to keep track of all the products coming out to the world, but MediaFly makes it sooo much easier for me. I use mediafly for my ipod touch with the top three channels CNET Loaded, the 1UP show, and CNN News Update. These daily podcasts are a must for me, allowing me to stay in touch with the world around me. I don't think I could live a full life without mediafly. I LOVE MEDIAFLY!

I've never really listened to many podcasts before, except a few of the ones offered by Cnet and whatnot, but after checking out Mediafly's homepage, it does seem like a service I'd like to try out on my Blackberry. I'd be more than happy to accept $200 towards my Tour. :D

This is a great contest. Times are hard yet we still like our toys right? So something like this really helps.

I love being able to keep up on all the important thing going on while I am working and not risk getting busted at work on there computers thank you and keep up the steller work

This is great. Can't wait to see who wins. I personally use mediafly to listen to Tommy and Rumble and Eliot inthe morning podcasts while I'm at work. Good stuff.

I love MediaFly because it's available on all the devices I have so I can stay up to date with sports through ESPN!!

I use it to watch all my podcasts, mainly revolving around ski and snowboarding videos.
Once again Media Fly, YOU THE BEST!!!!!!!

fly cast is where it's at. no other app let's me load up my ESPN better. It's become a daily routine to catch it on the way in to work. My commute from northern virginia to DC is an hour and 45 minutes. I don't get a chance to watch sportcenter at all so this is my saving grace to keep up with the sports world.

love it because I don't need to be by a PC to update it.
I mostly listen to news, NPR, MediaFly would be so awesome on a new Tour :)

I haven't listened to podcasts in probably a year now. Maybe making it easier to do will help? I just don't log thatat much time in front of my PC anymore. Now that I have a blackberry though...

I have a negative atitude toward contests especially when it comes to money. All I can say is cheers to the winner enjoy your new phone.

One small step for large step for getting away from the fad that r "iStuff".

Mediafly helps me leave my crapPod at home.

I am going to buy my wife a new tour so she will quit telling me she wants an iphone. Gotta show her blackberry is the way to go

Well, I do like the app but I do need a new device with more memory so I could enjoy it. The $200 would be used so I can get a new device since it's not time to upgrade yet but I wouldn't mind putting in $289.00 along with the $200 G.C. and that would be my new Tour and then I could enjoy MediaFly for myself. Thanks

Hi my name is Matt. I have had my crackberry Storm Since November. I have to date 7 different storms because they never work and always break. I love blackberry. I just need a crackberry phone that I can rely on. I had to walk home a few times because of this thing. Please pick me, I really need a new one. Thank you.