Contest: Media Fly Wants To Give You $200 Towards Your Next BlackBerry!

By Bla1ze on 21 Jul 2009 09:33 am EDT

Leave A Comment On This Post For Your Chance To Win A $200 Gift Certificate!

MediaFly CrackBerry Contest!

We have covered MediaFly before here on the blogs and for those of you who may have missed it, MediaFly is a great podcast player for BlackBerry devices which allows you to set up and maintain all of your favorite podcasts from just one application.

Aside from working on your BlackBerry, you can set up Mediafly to work and sync with virtually every player and website -- iTunes, iPods, iPhone, Zune, Sansa, iRiver, chumby, Google Reader and many others such as the newly setup Roku services. MediaFly gives you access to over 25,000 video and audio podcasts from sources such as major network/news organizations like NBC, CNN, ABC, FOX, ESPN, and many more.

Leave a comment on this post telling us what you love about MediaFly and what podcasts you enjoy listening to using MediaFly for your chance at the $200 gift certificate. Contest will close this Sunday at Midnight PSt and winner will be announced next week. Good luck everyone!

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Contest: Media Fly Wants To Give You $200 Towards Your Next BlackBerry!



I love Media Fly. Especially for CNN podcasts. I love the ease of use and overall presentation. Please select me.

It is the only app that I use for my podcasts. I love the fact that I can pull in all my podcasts from iTunes and the news agencies without having to use multiple applications. MediaFly ROCKS!!!!

I love using Mediafly it's very easy to use and has a unbelieveable collection of podcasts. I always listen to ESPN and CNN keeps me current on events on the go.

i just wanted to tell everyone what a fine app mediafly is.
in fact mediafly actually saved my life. i was hiking up a steep slope, the walls were all around me, and they were starting to close in. as i am in fear of small spaces, i began to remove my clothes. i had shed everything except my blackberry. at the height i was at, i began to get dizzy. before i blacked out, i launched mediafly! sometime later, i was revived by a homeless man in a superman cape and leather elf boots. while eating dinner at his favorite dumpster,he told me he would have never found me at the top of stairs, if he had not heard my mediafly playing... i just wish somehow i could make money with mediafly.

MediaFly is the absolute easiest to use Pod-casting app. I use it for Tech, sports, and BB podcasts!

The only podcast I've ever listened to is the Crackberry podcast. lol

If I win I promist to download your app and use it faithfully forever more. :)

Pick me..................................................................................................................................................................................

my girlfriend has the old Blackberry 8310 and it time for a upgarde but she has another year before she can upgarde help me out give me the 200 gift card please

I love the MediaFly product and my favortie podcasts are CNN and ABC :-) Please pick me...upgrade coming very soon!

I love the variety and plenty of podcast available to subscribe to and the fact that it has nice syncing features as well. Easy application to use. And I love being able to manage all my podcasts in one easy place.

MediaFly is totally amazing how it connects to so many places with just one application. This is my total media package. This gives "One stop shopping" a new meaning, lol.

Instead of it being called MediaFly, it should be called "WOW"

I could sure use the 200 dollars on a new BlackBerry. I really love my curve, "Real MEN LOVE Curves", but looking to get another....bold, curve 8900, tour (when wifi comes with it)....So trust me, I am one person who could use the 200!!!!!

I am on my fourth BlackBerry Storm, and only one replacement was from a broken phone. So if this breaks I will try to trade it for a Tour, but otherwise I could use this to help pay for one!

I love that Mediafly has a simple user interface, great connectivity and that I can listen to my Crackberry podcast comfortably from my Blackberry while keeping it organized. I love even more that they are kind enough to give 200 towards my Storm 2!!!!! =)... Hopefully.

I love listening to CNN and other news stations through mediafly. I would love to upgrade my BlackBerry or even buy another one. I want to win the contest

That would be so sweet to have $200 to get the new storm when it comes out, or even the tour, and put my first BB to rest the origional storm. So please pick me.

I downloaded Media Fly and it is wicked !!!

I've gone through it and am listening to a podcast,this will for sure be a staple!!!!


P.S. If you send that $200.00 my way, when I buy my new BB,this will be loaded :)

I downloaded Media Fly and it is wicked !!!

I've gone through it and am listening to a podcast,this will for sure be a staple!!!!


P.S. If you send that $200.00 my way, when I buy my new BB,this will be loaded :)

I like how nobody reads anything... they just see "WIN $200" and start posting...

I have yet to see a comment (including this one... HAHA) that is a valid comment to win the contest.

Already planning my next Blackberry purchase. Yes, I have to admit it.... I have been converted. Was never a big BB fan until recently. Now I'm Die Hard.

I was having a hard time accessing the Podcasts, when I first purchased my Curve. Once I found Mediafly, I had no more problems & gained access to a ton of other podcasts as well. I absolutely Love Mediafly!

Well, this entry caught my attention so I decided to go and download mediafly and try it out. The initial set up went really well and I added some channels to my profile. What I didn't realize was that it was going to add about 50 different shows, which is really awesome if I needed a ton of content, but I really wanted to narrow down my list quite a bit. It wasn't too hard to go through and add/remove shows at will. I like that you can import rss feeds as well.

I've only been using it for about an hour now but my initial impressions are very good. It's definitely worth checking out, plus a chance at $200 is always nice too but even if I don't win the money, I've still won by getting a great app! Thanks Mediafly!

From reading the website it looks like this is an awesome app. I will definitely download the trial and see how it works.

I use media fly to catch all the news podcasts and sports podcasts from bbc and espn, respectively. Honestly, I listen to the NPR podcasts more than anything else. Wait, Wait! Dont tell me! FTW!

i just won an unlock from herizonwireless but i dont even have a crackberry yet! anyway this contest would really help me out with that..

Makes those long plane flights flyby, I listen to lots of podcasts, Photography and news related, and crackberry of course.


I could really use this $200 on a new blackberry. With kiddos and all the expenses that come with them I can't afford a new Tour. Thanks CB and Mediafly!!!

I love that MediaFly is easy to use and has so many podcasts to choose from. I like the CNN news update update one and the music podcasts.

I am crazy for music and I love to store my music and video's on my blackberry for those down times waiting around. Thanks for considering me.