Contest: Media Fly Wants To Give You $200 Towards Your Next BlackBerry!

By Bla1ze on 21 Jul 2009 09:33 am EDT

Leave A Comment On This Post For Your Chance To Win A $200 Gift Certificate!

MediaFly CrackBerry Contest!

We have covered MediaFly before here on the blogs and for those of you who may have missed it, MediaFly is a great podcast player for BlackBerry devices which allows you to set up and maintain all of your favorite podcasts from just one application.

Aside from working on your BlackBerry, you can set up Mediafly to work and sync with virtually every player and website -- iTunes, iPods, iPhone, Zune, Sansa, iRiver, chumby, Google Reader and many others such as the newly setup Roku services. MediaFly gives you access to over 25,000 video and audio podcasts from sources such as major network/news organizations like NBC, CNN, ABC, FOX, ESPN, and many more.

Leave a comment on this post telling us what you love about MediaFly and what podcasts you enjoy listening to using MediaFly for your chance at the $200 gift certificate. Contest will close this Sunday at Midnight PSt and winner will be announced next week. Good luck everyone!

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Contest: Media Fly Wants To Give You $200 Towards Your Next BlackBerry!



Ok, seeing this means I HAVE to tell a story! When I was a kid, my friend and I would get bored and make prank phone calls. You know, back before not just Crackberrys but even caller ID! So we'd call people and tell them we were doing surveys and whatever jokes we could think of. I got this this one poor old man and told him it was the local radio station doing a contest, that we just did a survey and could he guess our town's favorite kind of music. So he goes and asks someone and says "rock and roll" ANd I said "You are correct and win $100! Just come down to the local music store, go to the counter and say 'ZIPPETY DOO DAH' to get your prize!!" Oh, my... I'm sure he did and we got the poor man to go down and embarrass himself... but I'll never forget it when I hear (or read) ZIPPETY DO DAH!!! ;)

I love the tons of podcast available to subscribe to and the fact that it will sync up as well. Easy appication to use.

Overall just love it!!

I love my new blackberry Tour...a lot better then storm. So pick me so i can get some accessories for it.

I want to get a new phone for my wife, she is pregnant with our first child, and i want to give her a BB as "pregnancy gift". And what could be better than keeping tract of doctor appt.s then with a new blackberry.....

i would so love to have a Blackberry Tour!! my upgrade is in about a week and that is my plan! but i dot have the cash for it as i am a college Student but this would be so perfect!!! *crosses my fingers.....*

MediaFly makes it much easier to keep up with current events, especially sports! I would love to win, it would help tremendously!

AWESOME! This seems like a cooler program than the one that I use and takes up less memory from my ailing Curve the my wife is currently using and my daughters 8830WE. I'm going to wish and hope that I win so I can use the money on a new Tour for my wife!

i want the new tour and i have never won anything pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee let me win something... thanks!

Really I use it to catch up on CNN podcasts and a few others from time to time. It's particularly nice that it can be synched with so many different players and sites, since I can't access everything at work that I use at home.

I always thought that I was locked into my iPod to catch my favorite podcasts but Mediafly has set me free!! No more lugging around 2 different devices.

I feen for the BlackBerry Reviews...
I also use it to watch ESPN Podcasts,
My favorite is FOX News.
Its soOo nice to be able to sync with so many podcasts from 1 player...MediaFly!

I like that media fly works, does that count? Now for podcasts that i listen to, hmmm. Crack Berry (of course), Design Guy, and Watching the Directors.

I did watch ESPN on my prior curve with Mediafly just waiting to download again and this prize will surely make sure I do it immediately :)

I've been using it throughout beta, and have had a chance to chat with a few of the devs, love the app! keep up the great work!

Edge and MediaFly on 8310 a tease.
Wi-Fi and MediaFly on 8900 will please.
8900 after rebate $199.99.
I'll kick in the penny.
Thank You MediaFly.
Score me.

This would be awesome!

I'm up for my upgrade in september And I want a tour after my discount I still think I would owe around $200 this would be perfect!

Media Fly is great simply because of what it does. It is so simple to use yet lets me enjoy all of my favorite podcasts. The best podcast of course is The Crackberry Nation podcast.

Quick question ... first time i ran MediaFly it was fine but second time it seemeed to revert to non touch screen mode as if I had a 8830. the full keboard in portrait mode would pop up and display size reduced.

Any thoughts how to get it back to storm mode?


cool, Great app. there right down the hall from my office, I get to use there kitchen on our floor lol (inside joke)

Thanks MediaFly!! Would love the chance to win:) especially being new to the Crackberry community:).

Thanks Guys!

MediaFly is a very nice app. I use it to watch ESPN and CNN podcasts. The $200 gift cerfificate would be nice to have. Just another benifit of using

I love the tons of podcast available to subscribe to and the fact that it will sync up as well. Easy appication to use.

Overall just love it!!

In all honesty, I don't listen to podcasts or use MediaFly, but if I was to be fortunate enough to when, there is a high probability that I would start! :)

Never go in against a Sicilian when death's on the line!

Definitely the comedy. As soon as I win the gift certificate I will purchase a Blackberry, download Media Fly and go for the laughs!

Have a good day y'all!


I love listening to my BlackBerry podcasts using mediafly. This is the cleanest way to keep all my fave p'casts in one place! LOVE IT!

Listening to podcasts on my blackberry what's not to love?

I typically listen to all the news sources, ESPN, and a few sites I visit often like and

this on my Storm. Can't get it to work on Tour. Missing this app. Listened to some gaming podcast.

I am always in need of keeping up with current events and so the CNN podcast is excellent for me. Also being a musician checking for the latest artists is always something I'm on. Excellent Media App!!!!

I actually got interested via Sports Journalist Stephen A Smith and what I really like about it is that the interface is clean and simple and I like all the vast options that come with it. It's just a great application on my Bold and even told others about it.

I love Mediafly because It has the flexibility to add Podcasts as well as choose from the great list of already defined ones. I listen to the various ESPN ones while i am at work and i try to catch up on some of the ones from my church as well.

MediaFly is the best because it allows you to connect to so many application like iTunes. I recomment MediaFly to every body I know.

Super G

I got my Roku when it first came out and I use it daily, so I'm excited about this coming soon in the fall. What will really handy is being able to use the ESPN podcasts with it. Love it!

I love having the ability to listen to pod casts on my BlackBerry and MediaFly gives me the ability to manage them in a great program that looks great and is easy to use.

Being able to have one app that aggregates my podcasts makes life way easier. Give that one app a great interface and easy ways to find new feeds and it blows any other option away.

i love how i can listen to pod casts on my BlackBerry, usually listen to investor relations podcasts from different companies

Well of course, I like the CB podcast, I like The Final Lap, and I'm checking out several more! I wish this app had BT audio and video capability. Maybe in a future release?