Contest: Love BlackBerry? Want to Show it on your Wrist with an Official RIM Watch? If So, Here's Your Chance!

Official BlackBerry Watch
By Kevin Michaluk on 6 May 2010 12:59 pm EDT

Last week at WES 2010 I won this Roots RIM watch at the BlackBerry Blogs Tweet-Up. Though I am a watch addict almost as much as I am a BlackBerry one (one of these years I'd love to start up a watch-dedicated do you like the domain for a watch site??) I figured I'd pay it forward with this sweet schwag to a lucky reader of

How to Win this RIM Watch: As tech writers and passionate consumers, it's sometimes easy to focus on the negative... we pick on where things need to improve and what we want to see and forget about the pure awesomeness we already have in our hands. So for this contest, in the tone of the BEP, I want to focus on the positivity. Just drop a comment to this post letting us know Why You LOVE Your BlackBerry and how it's made a positive impact on your life for your chance to win. That's it. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Now let's feel some BlackBerry LOVE.

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Contest: Love BlackBerry? Want to Show it on your Wrist with an Official RIM Watch? If So, Here's Your Chance!


I don't know where to start. The push email that helped me to be more responsive to business and personal needs. The calender helped me stayed organized with deadlines, apps such as navigation takes me places, i mean there's gazillion reason to love and get addicted with blackberry, not to mention the basic function of a phone-calls. so please pass it my way


I love my blackbery tour! It keeps me upto the minute updated on everything my friends and family are doing. the Facebook feature is ADDICTING! I can take pictures of my granddaughter and instantly share them with facebook, myspace, email them to family and also mms them to family. Once my OS system crashed and I was without my tour for about 10 hours. It was a nightmare! TRULY a nightmare.

I've had my first blackberry, a storm 9530, for about a month now, and absolutely don't know how I've lived without one for so long. I love the bbm and the fact that I can get every email everywhere I go. I'll be sticking with my blackberry for quite some time! only helps me with everything I do!

The answer to the most asked question, "what is the purpose of life?"

Answer: Blackberry

Kevin, now we have at least three things in common. We both love BlackBerrys, watches, and! I love my Storm for all the technical reasons folks have already mentioned, but what I didn't expect was that my Storm would lead me to an incredible community called Thanks to all of the kind and helpful folks on this website, I have learned more about my Storm than I ever expected I would. Being on and learning about my BlackBerry has become a very enjoyable hobby for me! The people on are like an extended family to me. BTW, the domain name sounds good. When do we get started? :)

I love the limitless ways that you can be connected with blackberries. Just the way you can check weather if you are out, get schedule changed with email, or just send a funny picture to a buddy. Wouldn't trade it for anything

The 9700, definitely the 'BOLD' precision and elegance any smartphone user could want; especially with the track-pad.

...And I'm never going back. BB does everything that my Palm PDA did for PIM with one small exception - the BB platform will continue and grow but Palm OS has been shevled (for the PDA, anyway). I didn't think I'd like having my phone and pda as one device but now I find it very convenient to only carry one device and I've almost retired my iPod nano cuz I listen to music while at work from by BB. And as soon as my VM-605 arrives I think the little crabapple in the car will also be replaced. I have found myself to be a big advocate for BlackBerry to my friends as the BB platform can only grow! Apps like Poynt make my WinMo friends cringe as the app is currently BB only. Looking forward to the Bold 9800.


I love my BlackBerry because bbm keeps me in touch with family when im out of town and also my daughter loves to send smilies to her mother.

ever since I get my BB I've been much more organized. I love all the neat things it can do. Theres pretty much an app for anything and always new ones coming so everyday is always a new adventure with my BB.

Just recently upgraded from an 8330 to a shiney black 9700. WoW love my Bberry. This is number 4 and as a Telus Platinum perks client, (just need to spend too much a month) I am eligible for a free equipment upgrade every year. I use my 9700 dozens of times a day in my business. I am a serious road warrior and it has become indispensable, I am even looking forward to a slate/pad from RIM.

ps Sydney Crosby for Prime Minister

Love the BlackBerry?? Of course I do. In reality BlackBerry is an energy saver. Seldom do I need to access e-mail or files on my desk top computer. The Bold does it all and it's as close as your hip where ever you go. Energy saving technology, convenience & quality.

I think my bb rocks. storm 1 user who loves its funny cause if you ask someone you know for their pin and they dont have a bb then you say why not and thats too bad. those who dont have just dont understand how much life is better with bb. cant wait for 6.0!

I got my tour in anticipation of a deployment overseas. At the time it was the only one of a handful world phones offered by Sprint. Oh how great a blessing it is for my wife to be able to call me in an emergency no matter what part of the world I'm in. The sense of security that provides is worth every penny. In addition to that is the fact that I can just add my appointments to my work outlook and it adds to my blackberry automatically. It has saved my behind more than once because it reminded me of a forgotten appt. Thank-you RIM for this wonderful tool!

This watch would be awesome to if only I could have Blackberry branded shoes I would be all set!

After i start using blackberry. it become 1 of the important in my life. i can go anywhere without blackberry. it help me a lot in daily life. useful, user friendly, secure. i really love it. :D

I love my Blackberry as it helps me stay in touch with everyone important in my life when I cannot be with them in person. Patrick.

FREEDOM. It's all about freedom. I could be working all day and night because of the volume of emails I receive and the number of staff I manage. My BlackBerry breaks the chains to my desk. Gives me the freedom to leave work, spend time with my family, play golf or hockey with my friends and never leave my staff or clients hanging, waiting for instructions, directions, answers. To me it is a FREEDOM MACHINE.

i love my blackberry. every since switching to my first smartphone i have become more organized. i don't think i can ever go back to a non-smartphone.

I LOVE MY BLACKBERRY! Its made life easier, its made things more user friendly all around, dont need to carry a cumbersome laptop around, it fits neatly into my pocket. I have the world in my pocket and its ALL MINE!!

I LOVE how my bb helps me to be organized. I am the wedding coordinator at my church. To have all the bride's info a click away-is HUGE!! Brides love that I am prepared for them. For work, I have all my emails, spreadsheets, charts and in contact with clients at all times. I am the practice manager of a veterinary clinic, and this is a huge timesaver for us. My husband and I keep in contact all day long by txt and phone. The LED light lets me know what is incoming without disturbing anyone. He is so impressed with it, he is getting a bb. So are two of my friends. BB ROCKS!

Since having my bb I have gotten myself so organized, at work and at home.Mom of 6 kids and general manager at my job requires a certain level of organization. My life is so much less hectic now that I am organized. I will never resort to another phone. BB is with me for life!

My Bold 9700 is great. Level 1 messages so I'm quick to respond to our best customers; Vlingo for the quick message while Driving; 3G & Wifi so I can usually talk and view a new email from that person at the same time; Viigo has put all the news related information in one place, weather, sports, etc,; Personal Assistant helps me track all my accounts and has been a life saver tracking multiple bank accounts; then add in everything else, Calendar & Contacts, where would I be without them, all of the Google Apps, plus Web Browsing, GPS, Alarm Clock, Camera, MP3 player, etc, etc, etc. IT'S ALWAYS ATTACHED TO MY BELT OR IN MY HAND.

1. BBM keeps me connected to my Blackberry peeps.
2. Screen size is awesome for video playing.
3. Nothing beats the Blackberry for connected messaging.
4. SureType is the bomb.


My boyfriend has had a BlackBerry for years. He had the BlackBerry Pearl 8120 but he didn't start becoming a BlackBerry fanatic until he got his BlackBerry Storm 2. Once he got his new BlackBerry I would hear nothing but BlackBerry, BlackBerry, BlackBerry. He would tell me the latest news on Crackberry (which I am now a member of). I have never seen someone so passionate about something! His eyes would light up every time BlackBerry released something new. I never quite understood the hype or obsession with BlackBerry until I too got my first BlackBerry. I have the BlackBerry Curve 8330 and could not imagine my life without it. I must say I will never go back to another phone. I now find myself looking on Crackberry and calling my boyfriend up to tell him what new things are coming out. My boyfriend has always been a BlackBerry lover and in turn he has made me into one. He once said "Now that I have you, I just need the Storm 3 and BlackBerry OS 6 and my life will be complete". That right there tells you why my boyfriend is the biggest BlackBerry lover there is!

Wow, that is a simple and yet difficult wat the same time question to answer. In the palm of my hand I can carry my phone, my phonebook, my agenda, my photo album, my CD collection (or at least a subset there of). I can make dinner reservations, plane reservations,hotel reservations, overcome reserbations...

What's not to love?

blackberries for many reasons! I can keep in touch with everyone very fast, effective, and feel "super sly" holding a blackberry!!

Plus, i'm a huge watch fan :D

I really need a watch to keep up with time because I can't use my blackberry storm2 at work due to client rules. :( A watch like this would be perfect for using to countdown until I have the sweet embrace from my blackberry again. :)

I love my BlackBerry because it just helps be stay organzined. I have all the apps I need in one place. I can keep my finances in order, I can be social, I can listen to music, twitter and so many things. I can do all of this from my BlackBerry and I love it.

even wiyh my trials with the storm 1 i pushed thru and have been in love with my storm 2 i am a truck driver and my bb has helped me in business transactions load information navigation, i keep a photo journal of my loads and share on my bbmsngr not to mention my bb updates on whats new thru CRACKBERRY ! thanks Crackberry and RIM i LOVE my STORM2!!!

i had 2 days to register my car, i followed a friend to the transit comission. that a little far away from my place, in a rather dangerous neighborhood. never been there before. so after the long and tedious process my car gets registered. my friend finished first and he had left. so i happily drive out and realized i had no idea of where i was. google maps on my blackberry bold saved me from calling someone to guide me.. plus the embarrassment of doing that. I LOVE MY BB!

I love my BlackBerry, thanks to the Pearl 8130, it has me addicted. I have since moved from the Pearl to the 8330, the 9000, Storm1, Tour and now Storm2. My BlackBerry keeps me connected like nothing else. It keeps me connected to my wife anf family via BBM, and SMS. I can also keep up with news, weather and all the latest Crackberry info, not to mention checking facebook, twitter and youtube. This connectivity all in a portable, sexy package that I can have with me during my shifts on the ambulance. I love my BlackBerry and all that it can do for me and I doubt I could ever replace it with a non-BlackBerry device. Thank you RIM for a wonderful device and thank you for helping me to feed my addiction. :)

I love my BB for allowing me to keep in touch with my family wherever I am. I can SMS and email and even watch videos of my grand daughter who lives in Japan.

But dont get excited, I love blackberry too! I am a bb fanatic. But I also love watches. I don't have a massive collection due to financial restrictions. (I'm always broke). Anyway, it would be very valued with me. Thank you for the opportunity.


crackberry has made a good impact on my life because now i know how to use my blackberry to be more beneficial on my school and work.

My blackberry is the only thing that keeps my sane in this insane world. I am a Supervisor of a team of 26 at a call center. About 2 months ago my dad was hospitalized and has many ongoing issues that require me to help him a lot. Having about 20 hours a week away from the office is stressful for me and my team. The good news out of all this is that I have my blackberry tour from Verizon. I am able to use the calendar function to update when I will be in the office and when I will not be, this allows my employees and other supervisors to instantly see what I am up to and plan for support as needed. I use the email to answer questions on the go. The most helpful feature I have found is the memo pad this allows me to take notes on what the doctors say. I also use telenav gps to find my way to all of my appointments and the many different doctors’ offices. I use my blackberry around 10 hours a day and love every minute of it

I and my used to own Nokias. But when we started to use BlackBerry (hers is a pearl 8100, and mine is an 8800), our BB's made us closer and it helped our relationship improve for the better. I know it sounds corny/mushy but it's true. I have been teaching her how to use her Pearl and maximise its functions, as well as putting some videos, music, and uploading her pics to her pc. Now, unlike before, we can both use each others bbs and do some snooping as well :) She has become part of my BlackBerry addiction. when I have a new app, I show it to her and when she likes it, then she gets a copy too. So, as shallow as it may seem to most, our BlackBerry helped in improving our relationship as husband and wife. Among many others, I'd say that this is how BlackBerry helped us in the best way. Kudos!!!!

i love my blackberry because it's allowed me to multitask and make my life easier. It's the only thing I need to bring around with me.

I love my bb, it enabled me to be much more efficient as I can use it for all my lists I would normally write down, not to mention it helps me keep in touch with family over msn and emails ;)

how do I love thee? let me count the ways....

It organizes all my meetings, and reminds me where I need to be and when.

It keeps track of all my contacts, their addresses, phone numbers, work info, etc...

it gives me turn by turn directions to help me where I need to go.

It allows me to surf the internet wherever I am, as well as watch videos, and listen to music.

the best thing about having a bb, is it allows me to be in contact with everyone at the touch of my fingertips. whether it's through messenger services, email, or phone.

My blackberry is like my american expess. Don't leave home without it. when traveling i use the navigation map for directions. when i am unable to get an internet connection on my laptop i love that I can log onto the internet with my blackberry as a modem. All of my appointments and reminders, wake up alarms. also when waiting for appointments i can watch videos/movies/listen to music that I have stored on my BB bold 9700. I LOVE MY BLACKBERRY. I can surf the web and google information needed at the time. i can play games when i am bored and I can take notes, make my shopping list with software i have downloaded. not to mention i can talk to family/friends, text my children to keep track of them. i can also video/take pictures of my new grandbaby. i love my blackberry, monitor my financial institutions, shop online, figure out tips in restuarant and even read my bible when i go to church. i love my blackberry. i came out in NYC at the 10 anniversary on 34th Street to express how much i love my blackberry also, daily i check the weather before i go out. i truly try to utilize my BB Bold 97 to the max

I love my BlackBerry, it has been there for me from the day i had it. Like my right hand man, if anything i knew it would save me. Many times i forgot passwords etc, and would have to send them via email to the same account i cant open, but since the berry is linked to my account, it opens up on the phone so i can restore it (was long time ago lol). also, whenever i need important information, i get it via email immediately, the same instant it arrives at my inbox. countless times i have received infor to which prove valuable for me where i didnt have access to my laptop or computer. Not to mention apps, BBM, GPS (got lost a few times and had to power it up lol)... lifesaver on the whole. BlackBerry is the best thing ever and thus i will never switch!

Last Friday, my clumsy friend spilled two gin and tonic straight onto my 9550. Needless to say it was taken for a deep water swim.

After all that, my baby shook it off within half an hour and is working like the day i got her.

Now if that is not some good hardware and reliability from a mobile device, i don't know what is.

Love for my BlackBerry has x2.

I came from an LG phone and the big selling point for me was that the calender can be backed up along with the contacts. i work in the concert production industry and i am on the go a lot and it simple to lose things but with my Blackberry i can see whats going on for the week and add contacts instantly knowing that they are automatically backed up (i use Smrtguard)and since we are on the road a lot it always for me to reply to emails and keep up with current events in the world and with my family and friends.

As I have vowed to never get a smart phone,feeling there is no real need for one,I finally gave in when it was time to upgrade my phone. Well I was wrong. Now I don't know how I could do without it. For all my organizational needs there is nothing better. Email is the best. I love my blackberry. It does everything I need and more. And to think its a phone too. I'm glad I didn't get an Iphone even though its a great little toy. Blackberry does Rock!!!

My 'berry has helped me to save time in and out of the office when responding to e-mails as well as shortening the time it takes me to get back to my customers!

In addition my 'berry keeps me informed of my finances, news, business new and SPORTS SCORES!

Push email has been the most wonderful thing to have on my Berry. I'm still in school and I have two jobs. I need to check my email all the time to pass on information from work to my subordinates. I also have to keep track of a lot of information, which is possible through the use of Excel and Word and the PDF viewer.

Thanks RIM

I love my blackberry mainly because of its Keyboard and Emailpush-Settings. Also the design is just awesome (9700 Bold).

I largely know where I'm going due to the Maps and GPS integration. This has been a blessing for me. Love the features this has provided me with in daily work.

I love my BB Tour. Between work, four kids in school and sports I am always on top of every email. I've talked my wife into getting one once she is able to upgrade in June. I love all the different apps that make my life a little easier like personal assistant, Vlingo search just rocks and I could go on, oh and battery life...always enough to get me through the day with plenty to spare.