Contest: Love BlackBerry? Want to Show it on your Wrist with an Official RIM Watch? If So, Here's Your Chance!

Official BlackBerry Watch
By Kevin Michaluk on 6 May 2010 12:59 pm EDT

Last week at WES 2010 I won this Roots RIM watch at the BlackBerry Blogs Tweet-Up. Though I am a watch addict almost as much as I am a BlackBerry one (one of these years I'd love to start up a watch-dedicated do you like the domain for a watch site??) I figured I'd pay it forward with this sweet schwag to a lucky reader of

How to Win this RIM Watch: As tech writers and passionate consumers, it's sometimes easy to focus on the negative... we pick on where things need to improve and what we want to see and forget about the pure awesomeness we already have in our hands. So for this contest, in the tone of the BEP, I want to focus on the positivity. Just drop a comment to this post letting us know Why You LOVE Your BlackBerry and how it's made a positive impact on your life for your chance to win. That's it. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Now let's feel some BlackBerry LOVE.

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Contest: Love BlackBerry? Want to Show it on your Wrist with an Official RIM Watch? If So, Here's Your Chance!



My first Blackberry was a Curve 8310, and I loved it... I loved how it would allow me to stay in contact and within reach at any time... I have since upgraded to a 9700, and I must admit, it is amazing.

The Blackberry has allowed me to constantly be available for my customers and my family to reach via any method they choose... BBM, SMS, Email or anything!

One way the BB has helped me and our marriage is it gets me out of my home office more. I would spend more time than my wife certainly would like in front of the PC checking email, web surfing, etc. Now, I probably do almost as much, but it doesn't seem that way to my wife since she "sees" me more. I guess I am giving her more TIME to WATCH me. :-)

I really like how I can have many useful tools, all in a single device. GPS when I'm on a trip or away from home, calendar to stay organized, contact list so I never forget a phone number, games and applications of all kind and a way to receive emails, surf the web and stay in contact with everyone everywhere. All that in a device that can hold in my pocket !

In a corporate position where clients information needs to be safe guarded, the Blackberry Curve is the answer. With the added security, I can truly insure my clients information is safe.

Using my Curve with all of the safeguards available to me and my colleagues really puts myself and my clients at ease!

Thanks to the Blackberry, I truly can sleep well at night!

My blackberry, and BBM as helped to improve relationships with friends by allowing me to communicate more freely and quickly with them. From California, the Netherlands, Pittsburgh, to down the street, without my blackberry I wouldn't have the close relationships I currently do with many of my friends

I love my crackberry, and LOVE my curve keyboard. For email and communication I have not found a better device to deliver instant push mail to my phone and ability to type a reply as lengthy as I like with accuracy and speed! :-)

I love my 9700! I was just hunting for awhile and it really helped me a lot! I didn't have to go to computer cafes just to check craigslist and I got google maps for finding the address! It made my job searching fun cuz I got internet on my hands! Plus I can chat with my friends on BBM which really cool!

I love my BlackBerry......because it's the only device that can give me all the functionality I need. Email, BBM, internet, calls, notes, docs etc. I can do it all on the go on my BlackBerry, means I can get out more rather than needing to be strapped to my laptop. Only BlackBerry can do email the way I need it. That is why I love my BlackBerry Storm2.

I love using it; it's always there and pushing all the information I want to me. I use it constantly throughout the day. It keeps me in touch with everyone as well. I can call whoever I need to or organize what something for later. I hate not having my Berry on me during the day; I feel lost without it.

the subject of this comment gives it all away. i have been a blackberry fan ever since i got to use my dad's old cingular branded(the good ol' days) 8800. if i could fall in love with a camera-less, wifi-less, old school blackberry, then falling in love with my Curve 8900 would be easy. and it was. the amazing keyboard is such a plus after coming from an iPhone 3GS. and the 3.2 megapixel camera takes beautiful pictures, especially with the autofocus and flash. the lack of 3G doesn't phase me a bit, considering i am in lack of a data plan as well. but the wifi hotspot at my house is accommodating me just as good. running the OS has just made it even better and more stable. threaded messaging has made my life much easier and who doesn't love playing a good game of BrickBreaker when you need some moments of counter productivity? ;) i think in the time i've had my 8900, i have played that game more then my favorite app. and since i know your wondering, my High Score is 15580, level 29. and the thing that makes me happiest, is what most phones lack; ultimate customization. my black bezel makes the phone much more svelte and sexy. could a single device make anyone any happier then i am? i think not. :)

I love my blackberry because on a recent deployment to Iraq I was able to use Wi-Fi and BBM my wife and a few friends back here in the U.S. It really helped me make it through the horror over there

Push email, even from my school account.
When my profs give a last minute homework assignment, I don't miss it, thanks to my blackberry.

I love my Blackberry Storm because as a small business owner it saves me a massive amount of time. I get my emails instantly wherever I am every day, and I am able to answer right away and keep making money. I keep in touch with family and friends and what ever I or anyone needs to know I can look it up and have the answer within minutes. I feel like I know everything while I have my Blackberry and I do, all I have to do is search and find anything I need to know.

The watch is cool too! I'd be proud to win this!

Rick from

Since day one it's been up hill with my BlackBerry. I've used plenty of smart phones, and hands down BlackBerry is the best, or should I say my favorite?

I've been using my 8320 since it came out. I've used the Bold and Storm, but the Curve fits me. From the native apps, to the most super apps, it never seems to let me down. It does it all, it helps me get to where I need to go, killing time with web/apps on the bus, in the car, or just waiting. It is my business phone and personal phone in one, not to mention the need of it for school. It makes life that much smoother and less stressful.

I'll never put my BlackBerry down.

My blackberry's ability to instantly deliver me emails keeps me quite happy. Furthermore playing games such as pixelated and drug wars (thanks crackberry!) keep me endlessly entertained. Its ability to run gmaps with traffic keeps me going in the right direction and even out of traffic. And its ability to use the flash as a flashlight has lighted my way numerous times. AP news keeps me up to date. And I could go on, but lets face it, I love my blackberry Storm2!

Because it helps keep me organized! It's very stylish with interchangeable accessories to fit the colors I love! You can get ahold of me easily (if I want to be gotten ahold of)! The apps are great, too! I wouldn't have any other kind of phone! Blackberry Rocks!!!

My very first phone was a "Micro Tac" , then a "startac"....from there I loose track for a while, dozens of phones and pda's. Nothing and I mean Nothing is ever going to replace my BB. I have had a Pearl,several Curves and a Bold 9000... So far nothing can touch my Bold. Sleek, stylish, Built like a battleship. Its my right hand. Could never be without it.

It's a communications Juggernaut, with my lil ol 8330m I keep in touch with my son who lives in england and I get to see my pics of my grandson the same day they get taken, you just can't beat a Crackberry for keeping in touch with family.

Well I have never had a phone that is so full of surprises. No matter how much I think I know there is always more to learn and play with. If I get bored with something I can simply try a new app,hybrid operating system, or a new theme, or get on and connect with people and talk about a device that can truly do everything. I am a student and all the time when I am in the beginning of the semester and my professor asked the class to say our name, where we are from, what we are going to school for and a hobby. I have never had anything to say for a hobby! I now say my blackberry is my favorite hobby. Many people chuckle and say "ya I love mine too!" But in my head I think "no way you like yours more then I like mine, or I bet I know more than you!" My girlfriend calls me a geek but she loves Blackberry also. It is not only something that is consistently getting better but it is something that is consistently making me better. If I feel like I am to disorganized. I use memo pad or tasks and then add stuff to my calender. Any time I have to remember something, I turn to my Blackberry calender and add it. When I'm lost?? Blackberry Maps to my rescue! If I am bored?? Browse on my Blackberry Browser! I have had many phones and a couple smart phones but nothing that turned into a lifestyle like my blackberry has. I am a business student and I have people say to me all the time "dude you should work for blackberry," I correct them and say "RIM and say ya I would love to!" Anytime someone asks what kind of new phone they should get I say "Blackberry of course, is there anything else?" Then list numerous reasons why it is the best phone in the world and usually get them to buy one. As I said before "Blackberry isn't just a phone its a Lifestyle!"

I love my Bold 9000 as well as my wife and son's Bold 9700s. My son and I gave up iPhones for them. Battery life is great, functionality is great, phone actually works. It works like I do.

My Berry is the best, it is always there when I need it. It is my constant companion and enables me to keep in contact without delay. The best thing about Blackberry is it just works!

I love my Blackberry Bold 9700. The calendar feature with reminders helps me remember when I'm supposed to be doing something important. I also like the fun stuff, like using the camera to share pictures with my facebook friends. It takes only about a minute to take a picture, and to upload it.

I love my 9700 because I can go anywhere and do anything (almost!) that I can with my laptop. The watch would certainly complete my outfitting!

I am always go, go, go and with this blackberry I am actually able to keep up with friends and world news. Very nice being able to actually keep up with what is going on in the world better now even while working more.

I love getting my e-mail anywhere, geocaching is one of my favorite hobbies and it gives me an edge on being first to find. I also love having music and a camera on the go anywhere.

I love my Blackberry because it does everything I want it to do. Calendar is critical to me and Blackberry has made really easy to imput appointments or meetings. Push email is very important to me and Blackbery is the best in the market for that. My brother lives in the States and I use BBM to get in touch with him in regards to our family. I have friends in North America and other countries and having BBM is truly amazing. Blackberry has the best RF and call quality which is extremely important when making calls. I love the many shortcuts as well. In a nutshell, Blackberry is simplicity at it's best.

I love my BB because it helps me stay on top of the 150+ emails I receive each day for work. First-level fast triage, as well as most responses and replies that do not require significant attachments.

I carry my laptop with me far less frequently since getting my BB, it really IS a mobile office, right on your pocket/hip.

This would all be impossible without the Tour's great keyboard. Fast, easy to use, and excellent clicky feedback - it's a great all-round performer.

Thanks for the chance to win the watch!

I love my blackberry because it makes me feel connected to everyone at ALL times.. BBM, social networking, emails ..

I'm not just saying awesome watch to win it. It would be nice but here is why.

I love my Blackberry. My Blackberry 9000 is the only phone I have been able to keep for over 6 months, in fact it's been 1 year and 4 months. Getting to know Blackberry's has opened a lot of doors for me. People come to me for troubleshooting and advise on them from which one to buy or imitating mine (theme, cover, skins, etc) as they know I'm proud of owning one. I have even convinced a lot of people to ditch the dumbphones and move to a Blackberry instead other smartphones.

One of the positive impacts has to be the attention I get sporting one. People are always asking about it and what "cool" things I have do on it. However the real reason has to be it's keeping me organized and reachable all the time. With GMAIL email, calendar, contacts always sync'd there are really no excuses not to be organized anymore and that is the top reason to get a Blackberry today instead of any other smartphone.

Right around the time my daughter was born last summer, my previous "no fun" phone was crapping out on me. My wife got worried that if she went in labor at work, I wouldn't get the phone call. So I searched around for a quality smartphone, and the Tour had just came out. All the ratings were 5 star (with lots of reviews) so I told my wife, I'll drop the money to get it. Needless to say, I got that phone call when she went in labor because of this phone.

Since then, I have utilized this phone to keep control of all my daughter's appointments with the ease of the "Today" calendar, and have all her contacts listed in groups in case of emergencies. This phone isn't just a phone to me, it is now a way of life...almost like I have my own personal assistant. As strange as it sounds, I can't thank RIM enough for putting out a product that keeps me "in the loop" day in and day out. Between BBM, easy emails, and readable documentation; I can spend the day at the park with the joy in my life, be a 1st time Dad and be able to keep up with work and the wife 24/7! All thanks to RIM

My first blackberry and I love it, I can't imagine how I went this long before jumping on the blackberry boat. It's made life so much more manageable and I can now stay in touch with people faster. The apps and programs make everything more easier.

I'm not going to write anything long, its actually hard to describe my passion for blackberries.

My blackerry list went something like this:
7100x->8800->9000->8800->9530->9700->9550(back and forth between the storm and the bold currently)

All i know is that my friends know all about my obsession for blackberries, and my dream job is not to work at google or microsoft (studying software engineering) but to work at RIM.

And if anyone talks bad about any berry, i actually take it personally! I make fun of anyother smartphone user (or any cellphone user) and i ACTUALLY get TURNED OFF by woman who use iphones!!!

yeah i know, thats crazy, i base my dating decisions if they use a blackberr, but i love blackberries.

After getting a BlackBerry I have been much more productive with work and friends! I can now talk to my friend in Italy whenever I want for FREE using BBM! It's amazing! There's no excuse why I should ever let go of my BlackBerry! It's always there for me and I need to be the same! My BlackBerry cannot be described, all I know is that it's a definite necessity in my life!!

I resisted getting a smartphone for several years, and after much careful consideration I finally decided to go with a BlackBerry. Picked up a Curve 8530 last week, and boy, am I glad I did! Makes me wonder why I waited so long. It's opened up so much for me being connected on the go. It's like having my whole world in my pocket! Don't know how I lived without before, but now I can't imagine ever doing so again.

After 5 years im using Blackberry, there's so much thing that i can do while im mobile, before that can't do nothing.
My business going great, i can do fast response through email and messenger to my client and the great thing is, all live :)) great thanks to blackberry especially RIM .. Love You Full

Le regale una a mi esposa para su cumpleaños para que pueda realizar un emprendimiento personal y poder chequear correos de dicha PYME. Como los repartos los hacia yo (en el horario del almuerzo de mi trabajo actual IT) gastaba mucho dinero llamandola y enviandole SMS para coordinar las entregas con los clientes. Luego de conocer las cualidades de las BB, decidi comprarme una, y realmente no me arrepiento! Reduje considerablemente los costos de SMS y llamadas, y gracias al chat de BB ademas mantenemos con mi esposa un contacto mucho mas fluido durante todo el dia.

Se que mi proximo telefono, sera una BlackBerry!

My BlackBerry Bold 9700 is my everything!!! From my alarm clock in the morning to my work schedule keeper. I never miss an appointment, birthday, or anniversary! If I want to play games, there's my BlackBerry ready to go! If I can't find a place I need to get to, my BlackBerry is more than capable to help me find it! It informs me with the most up to date information on my bank accounts, stocks, and even my retirement plan! I don't even worry about checking my email on my computer BlackBerry handles that with ease! I would be so lost without it, please don't make me choose to lose my BlackBerry because someone will be left in the cold and my BlackBerry will stay in the fold!

How do I love my Berry?
Let me count the ways (typical day)
1. phone 3. SMS 4. GPS 5. Timer for LAX games 6. weather app! 7. pandora for blues 8. SCHEDULE/CALENDAR 9. dictionary 10. Hockey News updates 11. Inventory app 12. Skype ..... And that is just today......

I love my Blackberry because it is reliable. I carry a Palm Pre, HTC Incredible and Blackberry Bold 9700. Through out the day I am constantly getting emails, making calls, browsing the net and sometimes using the GPS on all my devices. Well for emails I have 6 accounts on my Blackberry while I only have 3 on my Pre and Incredible. I only connect my Gmail account to my non Blackberry devices while my Bold can handle any email account I through at it. Battery life is by far the best in its class. When I did a career day at a local high schooland I showed the kids the different phones we have out here in the world. At the end of the day, after all the kids were playing with all the devices the Bold was the only device that had battery life for me to continue through out the day making calls and receiving emails.

More powerful than a locamotive? Able to leap tall buildings on a single bound?

Me with my Blackberry Tour! Love the device.

Nuff said.

i absolutely love my 8330. i've got plenty of friends who have switched over to android, but nothing can beat getting emails from my professors at lightning speed, or the fact that thing is a beast. This is the first phone i've had for the full 2 years of my contract, and i dont plan on upgrading anytime soon.

love my bb cos it keeps me connected in real time. positive impact? keeps me from being lost or late thanks to Maps function!

When I moved to Ireland for a year... My girlfriend bought me a blackberry to take with me... she bought get her own for work... and because we could stay connected Constantly and on the cheap (thanks BBM)... she is now my wife! I love my BLACKBERRY!

i love my blackberry because it keeps me connected with home. I work four days a week and miss a lot of what goes on with my two year old and my new born. being without my blackberry means being without family. i would love to show off my blackberry fanboy with that great looking watch.

I have had 2 blackberries thus far, the blackberry storm the original one and now I own the blackberry bold. They have entirely change my life and the way I function with everyday tasks. I landed a corporate job and having my blackberry indeed helped me progress thru out my job with always keeping in contact with corporate e-mail and the reminders of the blackberry. Indeed it has become my personal assistant when it comes to the corporate. I am Afig1989 and I am a blackberry owner.

I am unsure that my life could continue without Blackberry in it! I have probably sold over 100 devices and I work in a restaurant. By boring my friends and coworkers till theirs ears bled, I have made everyone either get a Blackberry or lie and tell me they got one just to shut me up. I am currently trying to become the first man to actually marry his device....I will keep you posted on that!

I love my blackberry and all the nice functions that can be used. I use it daily as a music player, it's replaced the radio in my car, and being able to use the web from just about anywhere is great! Don't know how I ever got by before having one

I was never passionate about a phone until I own a blackberry
the reliability of the OS and my push emails are some features that can even make Mr. Bond jealous (well beside of his Aston Martin).

There's only one word to describe my blackberry and as you guess is: AWESOME!

I used everyday, I can't go out without it, it's like an arm's extension =)
I see everyday news devices comming soon but I think I won't leave my Tour ever! And yes I Love to tweet, facebook and bb chat every second of my life through my blackberry! Sometimes I use it as a modem and rocks my world!

I was forgetting I talk with my girlfriend a lot using my BB :p

I'd use this watch proudly so please pick me up!!! does enough for the most part. And white hands on a white dial is a bit hard to read. No thanks, but my BlackBerry is a great all around device that finally combined my Palm Pilot and cell phone and does both well.

I use my Blackberry to tell me the time (in more than one time zone) but that looks like a nice wrist accessory. I would wear it.

I love by BlackBerry because I can use Tether to get online while at the park, share my connection with friends while they are at the park with me (using Connectify), use BerryBlab to reach and reply on the forums, see exactly what's going on with my phone with it on silence (thanks to BerryBuzz), get a game going against a friend with Mancala, read my e-mail, text and browse all AT THE SAME TIME.

I don't know many other phones that can do it all (and especially at once).

Again, good luck all.

In a nut shell. I went to college at UC Santa Barbara met all these cool people. Lived with four housemates from LA! We all Graduated, I now live in Nor Cal and they and more of my friends in LA. Well We all, a lot of us now have BB, and the last of my ex housemates recently got his Curve, and on a recent visit to LA, he said "BBM is the best invention ever." And I must agree, so easy to communicate because we all carry our Berry at all times. BBM and so much more is why I Love BlackBerry!

I've loved blackberry since my first 8300 to my new addiction the bold 9700 which helps me in my everyday task, and to have a watch that goes with it, nice!!

I always had friends around that had BlackBerries, I never understood well why everyone loved them. Until I bought one, I made my life simpler! I always needed that email from work, that message from a girl I liked in the BlackBerry Messenger, I even got taken more serious because of my phone... and it is not only a Smartphone, its a lifestyle... which I'll be always looking forward... when I get my next BlackBerry. BlackBerry LOVE, what is all about.

Manuel Bergher.

Its simplicity is high tech. I'am new to BB, and wish
I got one sooner. I love the crystal clear display and sound.
Makes work fun.

My BlackBerry 9700 has been stellar. The two BlackBerry devices before it were not as beautiful on their last days in service, but they won my heart. The best thing I can think to say about my BlackBerries in general, is the reliability: from reliable hardware and system performance to reliable software from device-to-device. I love my BlackBerry.

I use my 9700 for business, but it's more than a business tool. Ownership of a BlackBerry has become a hobby as well. I enjoy installing the latest OS leaks, new themes and apps. It also keeps me connected to Facebook, and I also like to listen to Slacker Radio.

I love my Blackberry because I now have a phone that tells the world that dispite my polyester treads, I'm just that cool!

I love my Blackberry because not only is it a full featured messaging phone,it's also the most reliable phone i've had.

Blackberry has just been there when I needed it to be, be it a quick e-mail i'd forgotten to send, or some files I needed to be able to copy and store on the go.

I love my Tour because it allows me to work smarter and more efficiently, it allows me to keep in touch with my friends and family, and it allows me to get away from it all with a few games and the web.

I have seen my friends and coworkers move from their BlackBerry to an iPhone or an Android device, but I just don't understand why. They have nothing but problems, whereas my Tour is rock solid since day one.

If you want a phone that always works, and a phone that works for you, you absolutely need to get a new BlackBerry in your pocket.

I love my BB Tour 9630 because not only is it messaging heavy (like myself) it is so much better than my old iPhone 3Gs. If I can dream it, I can do it with my BB, not so much with an iPhone. I will never own another phone that is not BB.

The calender is my favorite considering i'm a very forgetful person. With the proper theme i can view my appointments on my home screen and making a new one is so simple! Thank you RIM!

it keeps me communicated through email to friends and family from NY to Korea to Taiwan, and i can BBM them without any extra charge. My text messaging amounts went wayyy down (BBM ftw!).

i have never used a physical calendar, but the calendar on my phone keeps me organized and i definitely cannot live without it.

some days i'm on my blackberry for up to 5 hours and i can't keep my hands off of my 9700 and it would still have about half batter left.. love my phone!

So I moved to US about 10 years ago when I was 14 (i'm 24 now) and lost touch with most of my friends as it was very difficult and expensive to stay in touch with them, on a recent visit to Egypt most of them started using blackberry and I use my BBM on a daily basis to keep in touch with them 24/7 literally worldwide, some scattered in Europe also, besides that being connected all the time to personal/work email...can't beat that!!!

I love my blackberry because its a phone that is super user friendly and can adapt to any sort of need you have. As a musician as student the blackberry storm is great so I can stay in contact with my professors for assignments and to keep myself aware of all things going on in the school. Not only that but its a great tool to stay in contact with band members for all gigs. I use it when I am play to have the list of repertoire and I also keep my tabs and lyrics for any song I might be preforming. Over all it has made my life a lot easier and allowed me to stay on top of things.

I love my BlackBerry because it truly connects me to the rest of the world. My 8900 is actually my first phone, and the list of impacts it has made on me is far too numerous to name. Mostly, it's made the impact of giving me a way too access information like never before; I can't tell you how many times I look something up on my phone in one day. I would love to show off my love with this watch. Maybe it will take some attention away from my phone.

But my Blackberry has turned my world inside and out. Being a college student (most of you remember that) time management should be a required course. My blackberry has essentially solved that problem; I use my calendar on a daily basis all of my classes are scheduled on repeat depending on the days. I schedule all of my meetings, tests and due dates. Surprisingly BB’s are common on campus so I have BBM groups dedicated to group projects. And although Iphones are more "consumer friendly" having a physical keyboard allows me to send e-mails to my professors pretty fast. Not to mention apart from school I run a small food manufacturing facility and being able to time manage everything in one central device is a great achievement in my opinion so with or without the watch (because we do have our blackberry's to tell time) I love my Blackberry.

Being a Road Rep I live out of Hotels most of my month, but having a blackberry, 2 actually allows me to remain in contact with my business and personal relationships, from family photo's of a child's first crawl up the stairs, to funny signs on the side of the road, sharing sharp wit, and helping a friend pick out an outfit for a date, the blackberry has kept me connected.

I would not know nearly as much about my friends and family, nor would I have met some truly fantastic people if it was not for BBM, and crackberry incidentally

For my regular job, I have to travel for over two ours by train. Since I got my Bold I can now check my mail and spam my fiends with nonsense during my traveling hours. Also I met my girlfriend thanks to my Bold. She was already a die-hard BB user and saw me on the train station with the Bold 9000 (which was brand new at the time) and wanted to check it out. I wanted to check her out and one thing led to another. Now we're engaged since last week, so to say my blackberry has had a little influence is quite an understatement.

Oh and my phonebill has reduced amazingly thanks to BB Messenger...too bad all saved money will go to the wedding :)

Like a lot of people in my generation, much of my childhood was infused with technology. I learned to type on an Apple, using Mavis Beacon, while my mom trudged her way up to her insane WPM by learning on a typewriter. Regardless of where or what you used to learn on, the general layout of keyboard meant one thing: word processing.

This may sound odd, but the action and sound of typing is something I actually enjoy. As a writer, I found myself to be a lot smoother of a human being in text rather than vocally. I adopted texting with ease, learning to use the predictive text on a traditional phone pad. When I first saw the QWERTY keyboard on a Blackberry... I had to have one.

I love my Blackberry Bold because of the detail in the keyboard... the ridges help me recognize where the buttons lie, allowing me to text quickly and efficiently. Also, Blackberry phones have always been more computer-based than other phones I have used in the past. This has been one feature that has kept me coming back for more. My functionality on my PC easily transcribes into my phone, allowing me to open attachments and treat e-mails as I would normally. Kevin mentioned in a blog post how Blackberry emphasizes quick, one-handed uses while other phones require you to fully focus on the device to operate it. This, combined with everything else, is why I love my Blackberry.

It keeps me informed. It keeps me connected. It keeps me on time. It keeps me up to date. It keeps me going. It keeps me entertained. It keeps me selling. It keeps me efficient. It keeps me on track. It keeps me navigating. It keeps me focused. It keeps me busy. It keeps me rooting for the little guy. Thanks RIM. Nuff said.

My wife and I LOVE our BlackBerrys sooooo much! I have been unemployed for 18 months and worst tthing wife gets laid off too! We have had bad daysand more to come, but the last thing we would do is to shut off our beloved Berrys! Theres a dedicated and cracked out member of this community for ya! I'd rather be homeless than gIve up this berry of mine!

My BlackBerry is a Gem here in Jam Rock a Pearl taken from across the sea, a Curve in my hand and a Bold thing you just have to see. BlackBerry forever!

I love my blackberry because it makes it so easy for me to stay connected with my friends! It's also like my portable computer that i have to take with me everywhere i go!

i love my blackberry(curve 8900) because its like my own personal own batman and he's robin so to speak.ways that my bb has made my life more positive is just the extreme impact it has made by making my life as conveinent as it could blackberry has literally made me eliminate daily use of my laptop,ipod,and digital camera to very seldom use.from the web(constantly downloading music,researching tech news,and research for school projects)..from the camera(taking pics whenever i see a sight that i must capture) camera(being able to make tons of funny home vids)..from the calendar(always having reminders for kids doctors appts with me to keep up with schedule)..from music(being able to carry my whole music library due to the microSD capability,also being able to use standard headphones or listen thru having both options)..alarm clock(help me wake up for my day)..password keeper(which i use to store tons of personal information because i know it secure with my bb's security)..memopad(which i use to store all my poems)..and of course bbm(which my wife and i use to keep contact with each other while at work)..overall i can say with much pride that my bb makes my life more enjoyable and i cant thank rim enough for making a device that im am so content with and that i can honestly say i have no complaint about.thanks for listening and good luck to all:)

My first Blackberry has been a great addition to my work tools. I can get up to the minutes changes pushed to me at any time. I never feel like I'm operating on old data.

I bought a Blackberry Tour so I could fit in at! I love my phone and I love this site, including the podcast. This watch would be a great to show off to my friends, I would love to have one. Keep up the great work Kevin and company.

My Blackberry Curve has completly changed my life. My sagem was the worst phone possible only making calls (just barely). The Blackberry on the other hand can do more, wayyy more. The music player and buttons are awesome for moving out and about. The keyboard makes texting and sending emails possible without having to press absolutly flat buttons.

Wow, major rant. I now see why this site is called crackberry.

As a full-time student trying to balance life, school and work, its tough not being around a computer constantly to stay in touch with professors and peers in addition to carrying a large organizer - my BB does both and more. There are honest days that I just go where my appointment book tells me to go and when it stops telling me where to go, I go home! Without my BB I would be lost trying to juggle 30 credit hours with tutoring and life off campus!

The reason that I love my BlackBerry is that it my life as a handicapped person makes easier and more transparent, better and am always accessible, with more joy and a smile every day! Similarly and beside that, I believe in my strong developed mental willpower to move forward and be survive, also with and as a BlackBerry. It's also a real go-getter! It gives balance, provides stability, survey and is stable in a busy world with many events and things also around us.

My Blackberry Storm 2 has led me to meet some really nice people via the forums on I have also become involved with one of the top theme creation sites, as a result of my love for themes and my Blackberry. I have gained respect in other areas as Im able to communicate instantly and professionaly. I never miss a meeting at work and I always have the latest information on any subject at hand. Im sure I could do most of this without a BB but it would be 10 times more work. Having a Blackberry has made this easy. Thank you RIM.

At any give time I use my Storm to...
Listen to music, books or podcasts on my Bluetooth headset.
Catch up on Facebook and Google Buzz.
Check the whereabouts of my friends and family with Lattitude.
Shoot photos or videos and post them on Facebook or Buzz.
Check and reply to nearly instant emails, TXTs and IMs.
Use Google Mobile app to spell a word by saying it.
Research why the crescent moon has the points facing up.
Maybe I'll even talk to my honey on the phone.
While commuting to work on the Washington DC Metro.

The only problem is, what am I going to do in the next five minutes?

Very cool contest.
I love my bb tour for several reasons.
1. I have several email address and I get messages pretty much every day, so instead of logging on to a pc at work or at home. I can reply, send attachments on the go with ease.
2. The apps! The apps for my personal use be it hertz rent a car, news with ap mobile, etc
3. BBM for unlimted texting!
I could go on, but you get the idea.

my bold 9700 saved my life at the end of the semester when my computer died on me. i needed to finish a 20 page report for a class, but with no computer i was screwed, at least until i realized that i could create documents on a blackberry. this was my first blackberry, but not the last...

I love my BB. It has made my life so much simpler. No more running for a computer every chance I get. I have communication with me win I travel. Whats not to love?

Somany reasons why I love my BlackBerry, but the 2 main reasons are:

1.) As a consultant, I have to act on an offer email as soon as it comes in to my mailbox and with BlackBerry's incredible PUSH mail, I've gotten the chance to be one of the first ones to reply to the offers where with my old WinMo I was 5 to 10 minutes behind some of the rest of the crowd.

2.) I use the calendar on it like it was a religion. Bills, reminders, birthdays, even saved my ass with my wedding anniversary.

I love my BB tour. This thing has changed the way my life runs. You can have my Tour when you can pry it from my cold dead hands.

I've been on RIM for a couple years now. I absolutely LOVE RIM because of BBM. It helps keep me and my family in touch. I originally started as the only Blackberry user in my family (Crazy, right?) so as they started seeing me use this device, I talked them into RIM. I got my wife just a basic Pearl Flip (She was skeptical of ridding herself of her flip phone) and I got my mother a good old Curve. And now we can all easily stay in touch.

Also another reason I love RIM, they make me earn more at work. I sell RIM and have for over 3 years now. Every time I sell one I earn more then your regular phone. I would LOVE to show my BB Pride with this watch. I'd actually start wearing a watch again! I havent worn one in over two years when I got my first BB.

I love my Storm 2. This is my first blackberry and it has been a great investment. I am able to care for work and personal business in no time. Easy communication!!! Love it!!!

My wife leaves in the morning at 6am, and doesn't get home until 5:30.I leave at 5am and some times dont get home until 6 or 7 at night. Then I am always on call. We hardly ever see each other. At her job she can't make personal phone calls. Thats why I love Black Berry Messenger.Just about the only time we get to talk to one another is BBM. Thats the one program I gotta have. I don't care about being able to watch movies,playing games, surfing the web,or having the coolest phone.Just want to talk with my baby.Thats what time it is.Get it.Lame I know. Thanks BB and CB.

This watch looks awesome! I love my Blackberry because it's like having my PC in my pocket all the time. I never lose connection with the world and always feel updated. Besides their phones are awesome and super sexy!

My BB 9000 is just the best - dont know how I survive without it! RIM needs to revive the 9000 - the watch wil be a fitting accessory to my BB lifestyle.....

Ringa Ringa RIM of my BlackBerry BOLD 9000
Pocket Full Of BlackBerry Bold 9000
Assha... Busshha...
I am fall in love with my BlackBerry BOLD 9000

I am using my Bold for private use and for business use. It is the best phone ever and I do not want any other, not even an Iphone. What it does for me:

- Keeping my contacts organized and updated
- Email with clients wherever I am
- Getting my quote-requests directly on my BB so I can immediately respond to my clients and earn me some income :-)
- It navigates me to wherever I want to go
- It is my MP3 player, when I am on my bike or in my car
- I can watch video and my favorite shows on "uitzending gemist" (dutch "missed-show" service)
- I keep my administration (hours, miles) on my BB
- It is my agenda
- I use the web browser to view sites, news, traffic or to manage my servers (I'm a hosting provider)
- I use my BB to manage my customer accounts on my hosting servers
- I even used my BB to fix one of my servers when there was a problem with the email and I was not in the office!
- I Twitter with my BB to keep my customers posted on news about my company
- I let my customers know if I am in the office via Foursquare on my BB
- I am managing my business network with LinkedIn on my BB
- I even have my holiday pictures on my BB!

And so on and so on... Fact is, I am just hooked on my BB, it even goes to bed... So please please please, let me win the watch... :-)

I LOVE BlackBerry. I have literally had 5 different BlackBerry devices in the last 3 years (I keep upgrading out of contract). I also run the BES at my place of employment and am very passionate about it. I have convinced family and friends to purchase them and always show them how to work them. I would LOVE this watch and would wear it as one more piece of promotional item. Thanks CrackBerry!

My BB is my keeper. If I didn't have it, then I would forge everything I need to do. I haven't opened a phone book since I started buying BB devices.

I have been using my Tour for just over a year now and it has changed my life. I am a freelance web designer/programmer and decided to get a blackberry because I have always had the problem of not responding to my emails in what my clients would consider a "timely" fashion. Since getting my BB I have been able to respond to my clients within seconds of getting emails. On top of that I have been using a great application for connecting to my web server via SSH from anywhere. This has been such a huge help as now I no longer need to lug my laptop around everywhere I go.

Since getting my Tour I have converted 3 other people from the error of their ways into using blackberrys. My parents both have the Tour now (its great to be able to use the Free PTT feature to get in touch with them) and my wife has a Curve2. I can't wait till the new Bold comes to Verizon! We will all be upgrading to that im sure!

I would love the watch so please pick me!

The reason why I bought my blackberry is because it's the coolest phone on the market! Not only the brand Blacberry/RIM is cool, its the phone, the features, the look and the way people look jealous at me when I use it.

The phone made a positive influence on my career, because of my BB bold 9000 expierence I could advise my boss, who actually promoted me later on... (ofcourse it had everything to do with the phone)

Furthermore, my BB bold lets me get in touch with everything and everyone so I don't have to miss a thing!

I have the Blackberry Storm and without it my life would be in total chaos. It keeps me up to date with all the features such as Facebook, Twitter, and so on. Also very useful as far as looking at the web when on the go so if I am in Detriot or in Virginia I can see what food is good local. I love my BlackBerry if not I wouldn't have made this page my home page.

Love my BB, plain and simple. it helps me balance work and maintain a family life. I can get the best of both worlds!

This is my first Blackberry and its everything i expected and more. E-mails on the go, BBM at no charge, What more can you ask for.

I've been using a BlackBerry since December of 2007, first an 8100 and now a 9700. At first I got the phone because it was cheaper than the Shadow on T-Mobile. I dodged a massively huge bullt!

When I originally got it, I thought it was pretty cool. Had some nice little features, it was nice to get on the internet from it. As time went on, I realized how much it could do and began to fall more and more in love with it. In fact, I love my BlackBerry so much, I now write a column on that specializes solely on all things BlackBerry. (http:/

My most recent love story for my BB is from this past spring break when I went to New York with a few of my friends. Using my phone, I was able to navigate through a huge city I had never been to, figure out how to get to different locations on the subway, and find different places to go for all of us. If not for my BlackBerry, we all would have been lost in the city that never sleeps. And since I have a 9700, my battery would still last the whole day on one charge!

i really love my blackberry because when in times that im lonely my blackberry is the one who really makes me feel that im not alone and my blackberry is always there for makes me feel good everytime im holding it checkin out my applications that i installed free from the bb app world the games that are so tight and the themes that are for my eyes are so bright..that is why i would never let anyone touch my blackberry 8520 or let any cellphones overchanges my blackberry because my love for my blackberry is to the level of INFINITY AND BEYOND!!!!(BLACKBERRY LOVE)-O w i =D

My Tour is my right hand. It keeps me connected in every way that I, both need and want to be. It makes work and organization so much easier, and when I'm waiting for long periods, it provides welcome distraction. The support from RIM is amazing, and I have had nothing ill or less than stellar from them. My Tour is a lifeline, its stylish, it helps me keep sanity with video for my kids, it keeps me in touch with news, and it is the '67 impala of smartphones!

My current favourite is a Philip Stein with 2 dials BUT this would be a great addition for me.


I love my BB although I am a Stay-At-Home Mom, it keeps me connected to friends and family. I know about play dates instantly! I am able to keep track of all the appointment for myself and my kids. I can't imagine my life without my BB.
Pass on the Love!

As of now, I'd be lost without my BB.... Its made life easier in countless ways, It's stopped me from running to a computer every 10 minutes to check my mail, and has made many a boring event bearable with all the apps it has... I've had many smart phones, but since I got into BB I'll never get another phone other than one by RIM!

Because it keeps me connected and what not. Even the calendar and tetether alone are lifesavers, and twitter along with facebook have nnever been more accessible. :). Not to mention, I can check up on crackberry on the go. Holla at me.

I am the go-to guy when it comes to my wife asking me to put dinners or reminders in the calendar or my mother-in-law to ask me to search for a restaurants phone number or anyone asking me what the weather will look like. Personally, I like running, while keeping track with RoadRunner, and listening to Pandora, all while screening calls!

BlackBerry has changed my life in many ways. The main way is in the wallet!! I love the vast apps and themes so much that I have spent hundreds of dollars on them. Just yesterday I looked at all the PDF's or purchases and it was at 130 and that is not all of them!! I have never felt better about spending money on something more than my Blackberry Storm2 9550!! To get a free watch to go with my favorite toy, well that would be the best gift a BB user could ever, ever get!! Thanks for your time!

the ability to read/respond to email in such an easy format makes me speachless. The fact, I store video, pics, music and use it as my GPS all on one device, in such a small device still amazes me. The only way to make is better is release the new "slider" to AT&T without surepress.


Thanks for donating this nice watch "for me".
I like to have one of these. So Please give it to me.
Ha Ha Ha,


I used to carry a laptop, a Franklin Covey Day planner and a Palm T/X on the road, and now I just carry my Blackberry. What a weight loss program!

being my first smartphone, i've stuck by my 8330m for almost 2 years now. BBMessenger lets me communicate with my wife in seconds and saves my bill. Socialscope keeps me connected to my networks instantaneously, and the calendar pretty much runs my life. I don't know how I can function without my blackberry. Now if I only had a watch to keep me from having to dig out my phone all the time...

Love isn't a strong enough word for my feelings towards my BB. It has changed how much I contact friends - mainly BB owning ones but let's be honest, they are the best sort. Not to mention the lovely females I am now chatting too all thanks to my that is love in the highest degree.

all im gonna say is sure press for the win, i absolutitly love my storm, huge screen for navigating the internet and showing off cool videos, and with the sure press i can type faster then my friends with there IPhones!

- Wife
- Work
- Friends

It never leaves my side and I'd love to have that watch since it would match the leather case I have for my Storm II

I have a B0ld 9700. In a past i have a meny phone,but this Bold 9700 change my life in good. Is the best smarthpone in the world.Thank you

My 1st BB was the Pearl 8110.
4 email accounts, calendar, cell phone, all in the palm of my hand. What could be better?
In a busy life of volunteering, work and play, my BB made my life so much more organized.
Now my Bold 9700 has replaced the Pearl and I'm loving it. 3G is great, wifi is awesome at home. Thanks BB!!!

I love BlackBerry because i have the capacity to be in communication with all my company directory, keeping the business just in my pocket. Since that I change from a regular cell phone to a Blackberry, I can take the time far from the office to participate of an events, to participate in meetings with customers, suppliers and colleagues. Also with my mobile solution I can easily take the time out of the city and still take care of the commercial correspondence. The good thing in the end, no one can exactly know that I am out of the city.

I want this because of 2 reasons.

1. Like Mr. Michaluk, I am a watch fanatic.
2. I am Very addicted to blackberry and RIM in general.

Now why i love my berry.
RIM made it.
Sprint supplied it.
My emailing addiction does not have to stop when I travel to somewhere else.
Crackberry community :)
Started my love for all kinds of Cellphones.
And I use it for school and play.

I was a windows based fan untill my 9630 Tour. This is the best phone I have ever had and with several of my crew using Blackberry, communication is so easy and quick. Would love to have a watch to match.

For me, BB really changes my life. I can get the most updated news through email, twitter, FB etc. Yet I get so very organized than ever. With the calender I get to set all kind of reminders I might need, from daily routines to any kind of appointments. It's like my personal assistant!I always have it in my pocket or my hand everywhere I go. Once I forgot (yes only ONCE so far) and I was so cannot go over with it, wanted to just go home to pick it up! My husband told me "you'll be fine without it for the next half hour"... WRONG! I love my Blackberry Tour!

My love of my Blackberry started off with a hatred. Trying to use my brothers pearl and trying to text on it and figuring out how to read the text was just taking to much work for me so I just didn't want to ever use blackberries. I thought they sucked and didnt do anything until I got to use the Blackberry 8900 for a month. I never used a phone with that much functionality. Going from a T9 keyboard to a full keyboard was amazing, I went from sending out 2500 text a month to 7500. Facebook I never knew how fun it was before the Blackberry. Instant Notification, instant photo uploads why wouldnt you emails didnt sue much at that point but that was only my first experience and sadly it only lasted a month.

Another month later though i got the T-Mobile myTouch, which i thought i loved. It was cool with all the apps and everything but at the end of the day it wouldnt let me text which is the main thing I use my phone. I couldnt stand it anymore I was going crazy so I was like forget it I'm taking my brothers 8900 cause he wasnt using it anymore. that same day I also got voted in to as President of a Club at my college and from their own it showed me how it was work efficent, facebook amazing, and texting crazy!!

I went back to my texting ways sending out 5-6,000 a month when i went back down to 2,000 from that damn mytouch. E-Mailing my advisors for school emailing members. I was getting work done so much faster than ever before!! I typed out my first big paragraph to the members off my Blackberry at a Taco Bell hanging out with my friends and sent it out right throguh my phone. I would kill myself trying to do that from a Mytouch. With the Blackberry in my hand i didnt need to sit in front of a computer to foward emails send emails read documents, read and approve flyers, get invoice forms foward them, it was all done through my love my 9700. I have 6 e-mail addresses all for different things 5 of them are on my Blackberry (6th is my work one cant put it on) I love not having to get on to the computer and checking every single one of them.

All the built in applications throguh the phone are alot more superior to downloadable apps found on androids or iPhones. The simplicity of them make them great. If I want to put a password in to my password keeper, I dont have to jump through loops to put it in. Its just two easy steps, same for calenders, adding memos, adding notes. I TAKE NOTES IN SCHOOL IN MY PHONE!!

AND Facebok is amazing to me on this phone I'll tell anyone its probably the best facebok app ever created. Its made me more addicted to Facebook then anything but its always fun. Every aspect of the phone to me is used unlike other phones I've used.

This is long but it just shows why I love my Blackberry and couldnt live without.

Since I've found Blackberry my life has gotten much simpler. I work for a fire department and I use my Blackberry at work everyday. I use it for contacting other coworkers while on duty, checking and composing email, and when I have to go out on calls, it provides a wealth of information to me. I can't imagine having to be without it anymore!

And that was just at work. Most of my family has converted to Blackberry. It makes things very simple to stay in touch with them. It's so much more efficient using BBM instead of SMS and MMS.

The email on the Blackberry is incredible. The fact that you can have up to 10 email accounts on one device, and get push on all of this is amazing.

The positive in my life has been that while attending College I have been able to stay on top of many different assignments through the schools email system. I also volunteer as part of suicide hotline, and AA meetings. So being well connected to me is more important than just getting to class on time. It can sometimes be the difference in being there for someone in a time of need.

My Blackberry Storm is all about staying in touch and having fun, great device by a great Canadian Manufacturer. Keep up the good work Rim Jim.

My blackberry has been more than a phone to me. It helps me to manage my daily life, from who to call, exercising and whom to pay the bill to. Without it, I can feel naked and ashamed since I won't know how to run my life. Fact, I'd rather be naked than without my blackberry. Well, I still wear the watch though :)

I love my blackberry because it has enabled me to always be up to date on work and personal info. Push email could be the best feature available. I'm always aware of what's going on and don't have to be at my desk all the time.

I never dreamed the when my wife "talked" me into a Blackberry that I would get as much use out a device like this. It has replaced my cell phone (yes I do make phone calls, my palm lifedrive, and on occasion, my laptop. It has made me available 24/7 for my work in the nuclear industry. It's an unbelievable tool for my job. You can count me in for that great looking watch.

I can run a good portion of my business when I'm not in the office. This is the best for me! Not to mention, configuring the Blackberry to work with Exchange is 100% easier than the blasted iPhone!

I've been in love with my Pearl since the moment I got it. My parents' never had internet, so visiting them was always like a 3-day blackhole in my internet, now I don't miss a beat.

Everyone I know has gotten a BlackBerry, so with BBM I don't even need to have a text plan anymore.

It's just the phone that can do everything for me, I'm reluctant to get rid of it, but I'm still waiting to see what OS 6 brings to the table.

touch with all my bb toting relatives and friends so if anything happens that I need to know..I know it instantly, so I feel confident to come and go as I please!! Also I can instantly have pictures/videos of anyone or anything , I just don't miss anything it seems.

Beside the daily business use of email and calendar function, I use my 9000 as an alarm clock. Wake up!

I also have movies on the phone so my 3-1/2 year old can watch when we're out and about. He loves it and says he wants a blackberry.

Would love to show him a watch.

My BB Tour is my brain on crack! I don't try to remember anything now. I just put it in my BB. Now, I'm already very organized. But now I'm even MORE organized. I use this for everything! Then I convince everyone I know that they should have one too!

My BlackBerry keeps me in touch with all of my customers and friends. Having the Internet at the touch of a button for quick lookups for information and using the GPS is critical in my line of work.

My BlackBerry helps me to look up information on-the-go to prove other people wrong in an argument :) ... Among other things of course.

With the Tour's calendar reminding me of meetings and work appointments, and the large keyboard and fast RAM speed, I can't help but sing the Tour's praises. I also dropped my phone in an inch and a half of water last weekend, dried it out and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. That is extremely impressive to me. I will never have anything but a blackberry now, and can't wait for the new Bold (Tour 2 ha).

I love my nice is it to be ANYWHERE and work can alwas find me!!
Staying connected is staying safe!

Like many blackberry users I use it for work. Working for a major sheriffs office getting my e-mails when I'm away from my computer is vital as policy and operating procedures is constantly changing in as little as hours. Also while sitting at the hospital with a prisoner or injured civilian busting out a report for my sergeants the same night as the incident makes them incredibly happy instead of handing them in weeks later when you have gotten a chance to get to a computer. Then there is the internet. I have used the internet on my tour to watch live news feeds on protests, and wild fires in order to do my job better also. Off the clock I love the BBM and would say that accounts for a good 80% of my texting within groups. My 'berry is also my sole music/movie player even though I own three ipod devices. Running facebook is great, and uploading photos and videos to the numerous sites I'm a member of are easy to stay in contact with the members and share what I see.

Left nextel fro a BlackBerry Pearl when they 1st came out. I haven't looked back since. Left the Pearl for the Curve 8310. Left the 8310 for the Bold 9000. Currently using the 9700 & still loving everything about my BlackBerry and find something new to love it about it everyday still. Having a BlackBerry was a must for my sister when she went to college and started working on the school paper. I bought her first Curve and she's a convert ever since. Converted my boyfriend from that crappy Palm Treo thingy and he was loyal until last month when he got his iTHINGY. We're not such a cohesive household anymore. My BlackBerry shots him everytime he gets close. Compliments of bbExecutor App. Thanks for listening & this awesome opportunity!

BB saves me its cost in parking tickets every month, reminding me to move my car, replenish the meter, file appeals etc. in this over-regulated city of mine.

My BB has allowed for me to spend more time at home with my wife and 2 year old daughter and less time in the office . . . . my BB is like my office-to-go. While being at home with them, I'm still in touch with the office and responding to the plethora of emails that come in. Thanks for giving me time with my family!

My blackberry keeps my life in order. With all of my calendar appointments, contacts, emails, it keeps me on track!

I can't imagine life without it.

I love my 9000 as it is the perfect communications tool for me. Email, text, BBM, Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook.... The list goes on and on!

I love my blackberry because it keeps me in touch with my friends and family from all over the world (cheaply!). I love being able to stream music, plug it into the car, keep up to date news and weather. It was great to have it on my trip to NY last week as I could GPS my way around and keep up to date with people. Definitely an integral part of my life! BB <3.

I am on my third berry. I started with the 8100, then the 8120, and now i have an 8900. it is awesome. I love the video playback, BBM, and yes, I love the apps. I use different ones but I always know a good place to eat, what the weather is going to be like for the day, and i can find out who wants to take a trip with me. My kids love it because they can watch videos, shoot videos, or play games. It's an awesome device and i'm never more than arm's length away from her!

My Blackberry has been by my side for about a year and a half now. Prior to owning a Blackberry, I had been a media phone fan, moving and bouncing with the latest trends. I picked up a Blackberry because of the positive feedback I had received from people at work and to receive my work email on my phone. Push forward a couple weeks and 200 bucks later I had my very own BB phone and was synced up with work email.

Most of the time the work email I received was nothing amazing. Reports, for sale distro junk, etc. The normal after hours emails. That was standard fare until one weekend when my boss' boss decided to send an urgent email to my group at 1am on a weeknight. He was out of the country (hence the late night email) and needed some important data pronto. I had just happened to check my email before going to bed on my phone and saw the request. Without thinking I hopped online and had the data to him in less than an hour after he sent the email.

This man is pretty high up in the company and immediately started talking about me. Within a month I had more exposure to people than I could have dreamed of before. I went from being another face in the crowd to a regular name in the meetings. All of this was thanks to my Blackberry phone. I now take my phone with me everywhere and check it multiple times a night to make sure requests like this aren't being ignore. You never know when your boss' boss is going to need something in the dead of night!

I love blackberry for:
1. great community support from crackberry
2. customizable theme
3. battery life
4. qwerty keyboard and touch screen(I have both)
5. push e-mails
6. trouble free OS
7. BBM

It gives me joy and pleasure of an intelligent, caring and customizable companion that I don't get at home. It is my true life partner.

Well what can i say that everyone else has not menioned. Keeping up with work through emails, personal emails, schedules for meetings, baseball games, school pics, birthdays. Pictures, videos. Posts to facebook, updates on twitter. Listening to music. Getting directions or finding a place to eat. Games for the drive back and forth for the youngsters. waking me up in the morning with my blackberry alarm clok. Paying bills, checking scores you name it and it has been done. Thanks for just making things easier to keep track of, be on time for, make my call and just keep informed. Blackberry RULES!!!

Because it's not just a uni-tasker like some other white, fruit themed 'smart phones'. It does it all and never asks for anything in return....well except to be plugged in once in a while.

Good the truth is that I love my BlackBerry because since I have my life I Change and dividio and my history in two before and after having a BlackBerry, in addition there are several reasons:
It(He,She) allows me to go and I work to all sides without need to be in the office.
I can be in touch with my family in the different places of the world.
It(He) allows me to be connected by my social networks(nets), facebook, twitter, linkedin, once to give me an ascent in the company Comcel s.a they chose me to my instead of another candidate for the fact of having a blackberry. waoooh ... I help myself to improving my employment and quality of life.

Forgive my Englishman, but I am from Colombia.

thanks in advance

I don't expect to win this contest but, hell, it's worth a shot right?

I could write some long winded story about what kind of positive impact my Blackberry has had on my day to day life but, to spare people from sifting through the BS i'll say this; my Blackberry and my wife's Blackberry has made it SO much easier for the two of us to chat/communicate during the day since we work vastly different hours. And, since both of us have jobs that we can't really just sit and talk on the phone a functionality like BBM is such rewarding experience in how easy it makes it for us to stay in touch without worring about breaking some company policy about talking on our personal phone.

All true. Is that good enough for me to win an awesome RIM watch? We'll see I suppose. But, man, I really hope so. That thing looks too sweet.

i love my blackberry as does all the things i need it to do without having to carry pockets full of gadgets. If i didnt have my storm i would most probably need

mp3 player
sat nav
mp4 player
pen and paper
alarm clock
portable games console

oh and a mobile phone.

you get the picture.

the king of all gadgets.

My BB is an essential part of my everyday life, from business, personal, and pleasure. It has made me more efficient in every aspect of my life. I truly love it.

For starters, I have been able to not miss important appointments at work. The scheduling and syncing feature with Outlook is great.

Second, I have been taking online classes, and I am able to check my school work from my Tour whenever I can, be it in traffic, in a meeting at work, etc.

I don't know what I ever did without my BB and I don't think I could ever get rid of it....

just made the switch from a windows phone (as did our other employees). What I love is that my Bold works! No more freezing, apps work like they are supposed to, screen looks great and I can do everything I want to with the phone. Everyone is loving it!

You don't know how much until the data service or email service is out. First thing I check in the a.m. and last in the p.m. Love my Storm....

I could tell you all the wonderful reasons I have loved my BlackBerry for years but let me tell you why my BB (9700) was a blessing to me.
Approximately 2 years ago my wife became very ill and we had her at home caring for her full time. I was never able to really get out to shop or pickup whatever up before the berry would be ringing asking me to get home quickly. We had a number scale from 1-5. 3 would be streamline what I had to do, 4 was drop everything and pray there was no radar traps on the way home and 5 ......OMG get home 5 minutes ago.
The last 3 monthes were spent living in a palliative facility and between being with her and doing whatever my daughters needed we figured the fastest and most reliable way to get in touch with each other was to text. I can not begin to say how much I appreciated the berry as much as then.
Regretably a month ago she passed away however the girls still find it faster and easier to get in touch with me by texting me on my berry.
I can not say enough about how much I love and how much my berry was a vital tool for me.


The 9530 has taken a lot of (sometimes justified) flack. However, I fully enjoy mine and have the patience to deal with it's downfalls. I love that I do not need to carry around my laptop in order to be productive. It helps me stay in contact with friends and family and also allows me to vent to people via blog/Twitter. I find myself forgetting fewer things, due to the memo pad and how quickly I can type a new memo. The features I use most are SMS, MemoPad, Email, and Twitter.

I also love the fact that I can look up information on the internet, with very little effort, no matter where I am. I love the idea of BBM and use it whenever I am able (although I do not use it too much due to lack of others I know using BB's).

Although this is my first BlackBerry, I am sure it will definitely not be my last.

Thats why I love my Blackberry Curve 8900. I have a Palm Pre as secondary phone, and althought I like the interface, it can be sluggish and crashy a lot. My Blackberry is solid, fast, reliable, and always connected. It is a solid messaging device. And although both the Pre and the Blackberry have physical QWERTY keyboards, the Blackberry Curve 8900 has a MUCH better keyboard and I can really fly on it when cranking out long messages. It is really a great device for people who rely on constant and instant communication.

I love my blackberry, i am able to put all the classes that i am taken and teaching along with other scheduled events. I have had "cell phones" before but not like the complete package a blackberry gives me.

A while back I saw some info about a digital watch that would connect to your BB via bluetooth. Notifications would show up on your wrist.

Is that still in the works?

I am now on my 5th BB and I find each one just gets better.

Some of the new phones out there may have more features or more memory, but the BB platform is proven... it's stable, reliable, and efficient. I can use it all day and don't have to worry if i forgot to plug it in for the night because its not a battery drain.

Some say its become boring...well, the 9700 is a beauty to hold and operate. Then there is BBM which i am jsut starting to use regularily - efficient and fun.

Overall the BB is a great device with a quality phone, awesome keyboard, and feels great to hold and type because of it's thought out design.

I love my Tour because of it's ease of use and fast performance. I am able to stay in contact with friends and family with ease. I can connect to the internet to get any info I want. I love using Pandora to discover new music and artists. I have only had it for a little while and already I don't know what I would do without it.

I work as a paramedic, and during my down time between calls, I like to research things I come across during my intereactions with patients. Every now and then I come across a condition I've never heard of or a drug I don't know about. I try to spend at least some time researching these things and that makes me more prepared to deal with those issues in the future and might even save a life. Above all, I've always been proud to show off my Blackberry and talk about how fantastic it is. I've been a Blackberry user and supporter for the past two years and can't see myself ever going back. Thank you RIM for making such an amazing product.

Wow I am sure this is another cool invention that would change my life apart from the Blackberry. Javelin from RIM has made me more lively and breathing. I feel like my friends are at the tip of my fingers and I could reach them no matter where I am. I am more aware of what is happening around me and in other parts of the world through Viigo with all those amazing news and live score. I can search keywords faster with my blackberry browser and I can drive safely and still have a good conversation while driving with the cool voice applications and bluetooth headset. Thanks to RIM and the blackberry invention it really touched me and changed my life into a better man.

Im not going to write a big long story, so short and sweet it is. I had/have, and A.V.M. in my brain...(google it). It ruptured (bled) a few years ago and caused me to lose vision and memory for awhile. After gamma knife surgery 2 times, I still suffer side effects, most of which are blind spots and (the worst) temporary memory loss. And this is why I love my Storm2. It does the remembering for me with calendar events, reminders, notes, alarms, tasks and more.
Its a true relief knowing I have a reliable portable extension of my brain that I can and have relied on many many times on things most others take for granted as second nature.
Im Blackberry true...thru and thru!
Ed...(and this is the story behind my user name brayndeded)
brain dead Ed, cuz part of my brain is now zapped away. That being the lobe that houses my temporary memory.

I just got my first blackberry in November 2009. I have been wanting one for a very long time but because of my contract with Verizon and i was waiting for the storm 2, i decided to hold off. I love my blackberry. I love it even more since my computer decided to crap out on me and i use it for internet and email every day. Since I'm in college and email is the means of communication it becomes very useful. Although this isn't the only reason i love my blackberry it is a very high priority now. I don't plan on leaving the blackberry world especially with OS 6 coming soon.

I have the BlackBerry Storm and I must say, Hands down a life changer! I can not live without my new device! I purchased Documents to Go and I must say, this phone and that app alone was the best investment I've made. I am a college student and work full time so I cannot carry my Laptop with me everywhere I go, so whenever I have a report to work on, I simply use my "Word to Go" app and presto! I can get my school work done and stay connected with work all on one convinient device. RIM really hit a homerun with this product!

I started out on Blackberry many years ago with an original blueberry. I was hooked even early on. I loved that it made me more organized and helped me keep up with my crazy life. I have been thru numerous models(7210, 7290, 7100, 7130, 8100, 8110, 8120, 8300, 8310, 8320, and now have my beloved 8900! I cannot get along without it-by far the best Blackberry I have owned yet and I can definitely say, I am a Blackberry user for life!

Well with my blackberry I have had them for years since 2000. I have had many phones in between but I always get pulled back to BB. I think the main reason why is BBM its like its own family. Everyone I know who has a bb is on there I never text anymore. Because of that I have had a few friends convert because they cant get a hold of most of us whom have it because we don't text anymore. Many say well try the Iphone I had it for a week sold it and bought my 8900 which is the best phone iv had. my next one will be the 9700 but that wont be till this summer. I am such an addict with my blackberry's that I had to make a deal with the wife to only buy a new one once a year. Unless something happens to may bb that I didn't do. granted I cant bring myself to breaking it I still have everyone I have owned since 2000. Thank you for considering me for the watch.

I love the way my BB handles e-mail. Being a leader of a search and rescue team, when my state is activated, I get the e-mail. Even though the call may not be right in my "backyard", I still know there is the possibility I will be calling my team to respond.

I also love how there are multiple options for the ringer. In holster, out of holster, normal, phone only. I use a variety of ringer settings on a regular basis.

I don't love this phone. It's really cool to pull it out and whip it around so I seem like the really BMOC. I can get all my email pushed to it (except my work email since they won't let me). I have many usefull apps to stay busy, such as Golf, Facebook, AP News etc. However, I've never had to pull a battery so many times on a phone to keep it working. Delete this app, add that app, man, which one of these apps is killing my phone. I pray to the big guy up stairs that Apple and Verizon will get together so I can load all my songs and movies from iTunes on my device. Music is easy, movies...forget about it. I can't seem to find an app that lets me convert movies to this storms codex that I can operate. The native browser stinks, I go to sites and try to view a clip and seem to always get the 'format not supported' error. WTF. Please iPhone, come to Verizon. As much as I've grown to hate this BB Storm (got it first day of release), I hate AT&T even more and wouldn't piss on their burning stock even if I got to keep it. Amen.

Hey! I live in the DC metro area. I am always on the go - riding the metro, traveling to and fro - and therefore never usually at home. My Blackberry Curve has helped me keep my life somewhat together. I get my e-mails, read the news, stay in touch with friends, play music to pass the time and all on the same device! My Blackberry is a crucial part of my gear. I am helpless without it. And not having to carry around multiple gadgets is a huge plus! It has been reliable and tough through everything I put it through. Best phone ever!

I love my Blackberry for many many reasons! My wife and I recently took a vacation and normally on route we banter back and forth about directions, where to eat and whatever else we can pick at on a 10 hour drive. With my nav and multiple applications running I was able to reduce this by saying here hun check out this application and find out where to go and what to do :) The time and money my Storm2 saved me on just this one trip paid for the phone 10 fold!

My wife and I use our "berrys" to cordinate our schedules and communicate. Honestly I dont know what our lives would be like with any other devices

It's true, there were times I wished I could turn off my Blackberry, and stop hearing the sounds representing people bothering me. But...though Blackberry Messenger, I formed the most important relationship of my life. Late nights, late walks, over wine, on quiet, we talked. And now we are together..without BB, I would not be so happy today.

Now give me the watch. It's cool. :-)

I used to be an Android guy. I was in love with those phones and no one could even talk to me about any other phone. As a matter of fact I was anti BlackBerry until my G1 broke. My mother-in-law gave her old 8320 and in less than 1 day I was completely hooked. The OS is amazingly simple and efficient. The push email is a thing of beauty. There have been many complaints about the browser, but I love the browser. I upgraded to the Bold 9700 and the phone is incredible. The power, the speed, even the way it feels in the hand is perfect. I've never come across a phone with a better battery. I've even convinced non BlackBerry users to make the switch. I'm excited to see what RIM has instore for the future and I will be a BlackBerry user for the rest of time. Thanks for the opportunity to give RIM their props.

I used to be an Android guy. I was in love with those phones and no one could even talk to me about any other phone. As a matter of fact I was anti BlackBerry until my G1 broke. My mother-in-law gave her old 8320 and in less than 1 day I was completely hooked. The OS is amazingly simple and efficient. The push email is a thing of beauty. There have been many complaints about the browser, but I love the browser. I upgraded to the Bold 9700 and the phone is incredible. The power, the speed, even the way it feels in the hand is perfect. I've never come across a phone with a better battery. I've even convinced non BlackBerry users to make the switch. I'm excited to see what RIM has instore for the future and I will be a BlackBerry user for the rest of time. Thanks for the opportunity to give RIM their props.

I LOVE my Blackberry because without it I would not have been able to stay organized and productive enough through my Master's degree program to maintain a perfect 4.0 GPA. I have been able to coordinate group projects, stay productive on the road, and keep my sanitiy when I need to be entertained or stay in touch.

I love my Blackberry Storm. It has kept me more in touch with my family thru e-mails and text. It has helped me on my Fantasy Football team beating people to trades and pick-up's of the wire. It has kept me safe with the weather updates. This was my first BB and it will not be my last.

I LOVE my Blacberry as it keeps me on top of all my work tasks, keeping me organized and informed. But most importantly, throughout my busy days, no matter where I am, it allows me to stay constantly in touch with the people I love. What more could you ask for?!!


Jeffrey Pilkington

It puts my inbox in my pocket and I can have my emails with me wherever I go. I don't have to wait until I get onto a computer. Keeps me connected with the rest of the world and loved ones in other countries through the internet.

Me, I love the net, games, and cool phones. I travel a lot and 90 percent of the time I have no connection to the net, my friends, or well, anything. Since I've had my Crackberry I can do all that on the go and more! I love my phone, its my baby.

i love my blackberry right now better than i did before.. because now i can keep in contact with my canadian friends via bbm since MTS started charging 25 cents per text for a regualr text message, plus i dont know what i would do without it im lost the 5 minutes it take it to reboot :p

RIM is Flawless(IMO), Blackberry is Amazing(IMO), I think my Blackberry Storm 9530 and all my previous Blackberry device models are the best phones Ive ever owned and that I will continue to own (I dont think I will ever switch).

Ive never had issues with any of them, not even the Storm and I think everyone knows how many people complained when it came out :) I would do anything for my Storm I keep my microfiber cloth with me at all times and I clean it everytime I touch it, somtimes Ill even put my phone in a plastic bag just so that it wont get dirty lol. I also have the best protection out there for my Storm (an OtterBox and a scratch resistant/smudge proof screen protector p.s. they still smudge!!!) Other than that Blackberry has to be one of the few positive impacts in my life and I thank them for that.

I love my BlackBerry! I use my Storm for work and personal email. I'm always texting and BBMing on it to all my friends, family, and business associates. I also use my Storm when I go out on the weekends to take pictures and video of all the fun my friends and I have! My Storm can do so many things that I amazed everytime I use it! This is the first BlackBerry I have ever owned and I am hooked! I think the watch would be the perfect thing to go with me and my Storm!