Contest: Love BlackBerry? Want to Show it on your Wrist with an Official RIM Watch? If So, Here's Your Chance!

Official BlackBerry Watch
By Kevin Michaluk on 6 May 2010 12:59 pm EDT

Last week at WES 2010 I won this Roots RIM watch at the BlackBerry Blogs Tweet-Up. Though I am a watch addict almost as much as I am a BlackBerry one (one of these years I'd love to start up a watch-dedicated do you like the domain for a watch site??) I figured I'd pay it forward with this sweet schwag to a lucky reader of

How to Win this RIM Watch: As tech writers and passionate consumers, it's sometimes easy to focus on the negative... we pick on where things need to improve and what we want to see and forget about the pure awesomeness we already have in our hands. So for this contest, in the tone of the BEP, I want to focus on the positivity. Just drop a comment to this post letting us know Why You LOVE Your BlackBerry and how it's made a positive impact on your life for your chance to win. That's it. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Now let's feel some BlackBerry LOVE.

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Contest: Love BlackBerry? Want to Show it on your Wrist with an Official RIM Watch? If So, Here's Your Chance!



It's everything! Business, Communicator, Family photos, music, - what else could anyone want --- other than a RIM watch of course!!

im a phone junkie.i used to change my phone more frequently then my socks but then a blackberry 7100 was put in my hand and 6 blackberry's later i have a Storm 2.. RIM is the greatest !!!

I love my Blackberry! I'm able to connect to my work, school, and personal email all at once - no need to check three different accounts! It also lets me be a twitter addict.

Having my BB helps me keep in touch with everyone through emails and IMs. Also I'm more organized thanks to the calendar, docs2go, and notepad. Plus I never get bored anymore with the games, music, and videos I have on the BB.

It connects me with the world and friends! It also lets me play sweet games on it while I take a deuce.

With pretty much all external emails, chat applications, youtube and other stuff blocked off at work, my BB helps me keep in touch with friends and the world.

Also, nothing beats driving listening to iheartradio with google maps running with nary a hiccup.

My Blackberry for the simple reason that it has never failed once. I have had many phones and I always seem to come back to my good ole berry. Everything about Blackberrys satisfy my needs. From my emails , text, BBM, and even apps they all help me get through the day with ease. Also with my service I rarely do not have signal. Other phones on the same carrier will be in the same location with little or no signal and my berry always has good signal strength. I will never own another device other than a BB. This is why I think I deserve this watch.

I love my blackberry for all the ways in which it keeps me in touch with people. Having friends and family all over the world; its important to me to never miss out on being able to stay in communication. Add that to the power and efficiency of getting things done, and the Blackberry is my personal gateway to the world.

Winning the watch will solidify my addiction. The two things that I never leave the house with are my 9700 and my watch.

Time is money and what better way to keep yourself organized than having a watch that complements your crackberry. It is the perfect marriage.

I've heard so many people tell me I should wait for the iPh@!$* to come to Verizon but REALLY...why should I when I LOVE what my Storm does for me?!!? Sorry Steve, it's BB for me, baby!

My Blackberry allowed me to drop my internet at home which saves me $$$ (and also helped me convince my wife to let me have one!)

I use my 9550 for everything; keeping track of appointments (and my wife's), keeping up on news/sports, weather, maintaining by accounts, watching shows, listening to music/audio books/podcasts, just to name a few. I'd be lost without it!

So this might sound cheesy but my BB is apart of me. I take it everywhere with me, I dont think there is a time I dont have my blackberry with me. I considered it like my child sometimes lol. I use it for everything, school, work, personal activites. Even my boyfriend thinks I love my BB more then him (haha maybe just a little bit)

It's time to be passionate. I love my BB Storm 2. I love the touch screen whether browsing online or scanning email. The resolution is wonderful. The best business phone I've ever owned. I wish I had become a BB a long time ago!

I love my blackberry because it is a very good work horse and gets what I need done, and quickly. It has saved me a lot of time with its email capabilities so I am not always going to my computer to reply to emails!

I love my Blackberry because it was able to bring together all of my email accounts and social networking sites on one fabulous device. It has possitivley effected my life by allowing me to stay in constant contact with family and friends.

I love Blackberrys cause my life is so conveniently at my finger tips. All my emails my friends r a few clicks away and I can reach them almost anywhere.

I love my Blackberry because it never lets me down, and I can make my wife go bannana's without saying a word, and that makes me smile because she's a life sucking force from which there is no escape.

BB is the best (by far) email/business smartphone there is, hands down. It makes my business travel so much easier to manage. And now with my Storm2, I can actually some fun on it as well. Keep it coming RIM.... and I love watches too!

Ever since I got an iPad for my Birthday I have come to love BlackBerry all the more. I am already anticipating getting the 9800.

I am a recently converted blackberry loyalist and I enjoy being able to access my emails quickly, also texting on the 9700 is a beast! I love bb and it been an awesome addition to my life!

I LOVE my BlackBerry smartphones (yes, I carry TWO!) because they keep me in touch with friends and family and thus make me a better person!

For over a year my iPhone friends were "lording over me" the superiority of their phone and its many apps. They stopped laughing when they saw me reading my email while talking on the phone via speaker mode!

My BB is mostly work, some play, but it makes work more productive, and fun. I work for a translation company and need near constant access to co-workers in Indonesia, Romania, Egypt, Argentina, as well as across the USA. Living in Portland, OR, I'm in the "last" time zone.

I use Word to Go, Sheet to Go and PDF to Go from DataViz to annotate and author screen shots and draft content co-workers need assistance on. I send emails with screen captures to answer questions, (while away from home office) and frequently use the web browser and a app to send a shortened URL in a jiffy.

Social networking has become a critical part of my company's business strategy. I manage Twitter, LinkedIn and FaceBook, all with powerful, free apps that have cut the chain to my laptop.

Finally, my favorite app of all time is Kindle Reader for Blackberry. (Read my review: ... This App allows you to download thousands of books (many of them free or under $5) and comfortably read and navigate on BB's screen. I had many speculative comments on how easy this is to do. It's a bit like reading on 3x5 cards. BUT, it allows me to read for 1.5 to 2 hours per day in "pockets" of time (e.g. standing in line at the drugstore) when I normally don't have a book at hand. Now, I don't have ONE book at hand, I have TWENTY EIGHT books at hand, or in my pocket.

I think the BB Bold is amazing; it does everything I want and more, in a small compact package. Oh, just for fun, I do view many videos on YouTube. Here's one that I downloaded to cheer me up whenever I'm a bit depressed (goofy 1930s jazzy dance musical number):

-- I've had 3 friends run out to get a Blackberry after watching that video. They need tight integration with OUTLOOK (which the iPhone still does not do well) but they wanted their smart phone to be "Fun" as well.

Maxwell "Blackberry" Hoffmann

You can have your I-Phone, you can have your droid. I will take my Blackberry Storm II over any of them. Not only is it a GREAT phone, and great for email, etc. but I have used mine in a completely different way. I have been live streaming my son's high school soccer games all season. Was able to stream from Alabama all the way back to Okla. City with over 50 computers hooked up watching the stream. I use the Blackberry as my modem. I will be making a video of how I am doing it, and will post it on line next week!


I own a 9700 with Tmo and it's been great to me! The best I have had it comes in handy with the great apps and battery life. When I'm out in a long night and don't have my charger around it can't last for 2 days with out charging. And the great apps like Twitter facebook and google maps to get me to my destination!

I love the push content. I love everything bout my tour (except for the semi-functioning track ball).

Aside from all the standard reasons (great apps, emails, etc)... it has helped me pickup girls... well, at least one.

I noticed she had a BlackBerry so I asked her for her PIN... a lot less tense and cliche than asking for her phone number. From there we BBMed back and forth and went out a couple of times.

BB basically has let me easily communicate in any way that I need to anywhere that I go. Extremely useful for emailing (with push receiving for staying up to date), I basically rely on a desktop way, way less (and use less power as a result).

I've had Blackberry's for what seems like forever. My Storm2 rocks. I keep my BB with me 24/7. It's a friend, connector to the world, friends, famliy, information, and work info. Thanks to you all for always bringing us the best of the best information and updates.

I use my  9700 for EVERYTHING! My calendar keeps my hectic schedule in order. I can push appointments to my daughter's  8900. I keep my finances in order with mobile checkbook. I use it to chat with my honey while he's in training. Look up directions, find businesses in the area with gps function, check my multiple email addresses. I do everything with my  and would be lost without. I had an android before and got rid of it after a week. NOTHING BEATS A BLACKBERRY!

I love my BlackBerry because it keeps me sane. With out it I would forget appointments, birthdays, address and the list goes on. I've loved BlackBerry's and RIM for over 3 years now and will continue. Now lets all pull for a Bold revamp of the older form factor with track pad. I still have my power house and it never leaves my side. My friends love it for the music I play while disc golfing. I could go on for ever.

For me, I think it's easy to lose sight of what makes a 'smartphone' smart to own - acting as an effective mobile organizer as well as keeping you in maximum contact with whatever your life requires. My BlackBerry excels at just that. While it's on par with other devices (including 'dumb phones') at making calls and storing contacts, it has changed the way I maintain contact with friends, colleagues, clients, and the anonymous world in general. From its native security, to BlackBerry messenger and the other integrated messaging clients, to managing my several disparate email accounts across several services, to keeping my schedule and contact data in sync and up to date - it's the best mobile device I've owned.

The OTA syncing between my Outlook and 'berry has been a huge timer saver on the road. Having my calendar at my finger tips means I don't forget about nearly as much stuff as I used to. BBM is a life saver for communicating with field staff and friends!

It allows me to not be tied to my office! I can work on documents, spreadsheets, check email, make calls...from anywhere I would rather be, and that's priceless. Best of all, it just works. My BlackBerry Tour is a fantastic tool, and I would hate to try and live without it.

Once you go Black you never go back. I can't live without a Blackberry. I use it more than my laptop. I use it to its full potential. And that is saying a lot. The list of what my Blackberry does for me is endless.

Well, since I don't have a watch I constantly use my 9700 to figure out what time it is (amongst the million other wonderful features)!! I <3 BB

my first device was and 8900 just when they were release on the states i got 1.. first time using a BB... im always traveling to work, i work in a boat... while traveling its easy for me to get emails and everything trough the blakcberry... i bought the same for my wife.. when i figured out that bis can be use to internet that was when it became more value than my passport to me... on board with a travel router i can keep in touch with my friends and family which most of them got a blackberry now so the time im here as well im still in touch.... thats the real reason why im loving it.. it keeps me in contact with the world. no matter where i am...


Working in Cardiovascular Surgery my Bold is utilized for everything from scheduling to computations to looking up medications! Love my BOLD and really enjoy talking to the very interesting people one meets in the forums!

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its not just a phone. its a friend, it can be your way to connect with friends all over the world. its your assistant, it has every tool and application needed to do your job and everyday tasks. its your entertainer, it gives you your daily dose of music, videos from internet, cool games to play and jokes. its your newspaper, it gives access to daily and updated news...your guide, especially when travelling around the jungle of the metro...your fashion statement, its one of my very important bling...especially if i will have that watch to pair it with.

The reason my blackberry is more then just a phone is because it was designed to make life easier. I use my phone 24/7. The first thing that wakes me up is the alarm on tour 9630 and i already have emails waiting for me to read. I love that i know that while im asleep my BB is still working. I use it in the bathroom during my morning routine to listen to music or stream news. It’s my main source of music in the car in the house at work. It’s allowed me to stay connected with family internationally and domestic through BBM. When i travel out of the country i just slap a sim card in and im connected. I have been a BB user since my 7230. I dont know how life would be with out my BB...Oh ya that rhymes.

Instant emails off my corporate and home accounts.
Calendar to plan my day at work and play.
Texting with ease to not interrupt meetings...yet get live information from vendors, family and friends.

Stock Market Apps to keep touch of the market on the go.

GPS for those travels the first time.

Weather on the go anytime and anywhere.

Music what I want and when I want it....Bottom line the Blackberry gives us all the options we could ask for on communication, and information and with ease....The Blackberry even gives me information I cant get in the comfort of my own home. The encyclopedia should show a picture of it under "smartphone"!

I love my BlackBerry because it helped me connect to so many more people compared to the phone I had before my BlackBerry. It also lets me access to a lot more things and I am very thankful.

I would LOVE to wear that RIM watch. I'm medicall retired from the Navy...NOT ONLY does my BlackBerry keep me busy and entertained (I'm a theme addict)...BUT it let's me keep in touch with my old Navy friends I have not seen since I had my anearism 7 years ago...shamelessly playing the brain injury card!! But HEY!! LOL

I love my BB, becouse it's connecting me to the world. I can reach my mails, I can read and rebuild my docs, I can listen my music on road without an extra mp3 player also same quality...

I love my BlackBerry Tour 9630 because it helps me connect with a lot more friends and family compared to my previous phone. Also with all the apps that are compatible with BlackBerry it has made life a lot simpler. With my BlackBerry, I can surf the web anymore and access any information I need. BBM is also my favorite feature on the phone.

I love my Blackberry because it allows me to be able to stay connected with my friends, email accounts, news and my wife. I work 2 jobs and am working on a second bachelor's degree through online schooling so I am rarely home except to sleep. With my Blackberry, my wife can send me pictures of our kids, update me on appointments and just talk via text message. I can also scan my Facebook and Twitter accounts along with checking all of my news apps.

Overall, my Blackberry has made being away from my computer and family a little bit easier to handle.

My Storm 2 is my second BB device, having recently upgraded from my 8330 Curve. I didn't know what I was missing before I made the switch to Blackberrys. I thought my phones were smart....I mean I could reach the internet and check emails but boy was I being fooled.

Now with BB, my world is open and I am able to find information instantly and stay in contact with friends and family like never before. Email, Facebook, Twitter and now BBM!. I have so many new contacts because of BBM and groups.

I thought about an Android phone on my recent upgrade but decided BB is doing everything I need it to do and more. The way I see it, OS 6 and whatever else RIM has planned is only going to make my experience better.

Being retired Army, I am used to schedules and being at the right place at the right time. With 5 kids, ranging from 2 years old to 17, we have some serious schedules. Between swim team, cheerleader, baseball, wrestling, scouts, Church activities, not to mention the fact that my wife works nights, it has been an effort to find the right tool for the job. Enter my Storm. It integrates with my Outlook easily, allowing me to update contacts, calendars and check my email painlessly. Everything that I dont like about the IPhone, the Blackberry does right. Love the touchscreen, the push email, and most of all the ability to customize MY Storm the way I want it. between folders, themes, backgrounds etc it is a direct reflection of who I am. I cannot imagine myself without my Storm, let alone a Blackberry. We Storm owners are a few and proud bunch and we should be. It is not a gaming device, not a purely social device, although there are apps that allow us to do that. It is the right tool for the right job, and a damn good phone too!

I have sold wireless phones for a little over 5 years and in that time I have sold anything from basic candy bar phones to the latest and greatest PDA phones. When I bought my first blackberry (an 8110 Pearl) through AT&T it made me look differently at cellphones. That day I became a Blackberry Addict! Since then I have managed my life down to the minute via my Blackberry. Everyone I knew in college used a planner or their laptop with Outlook, but I used my blackberry. Now its something that I cannot live without and to the customers to whom I sell, well they feel the same way! :) RIM BABY!

is not complete without a watch. If it could be this one, I would make sure it would never get a single notch :)

I love my blackberry because there nothing else like it its your own little computer/email/mp3 player/camera/video camera/browser or multiple tab browsing/translator/bank account manager/sport score updater/dictionary/horoscope/tell you when and where you want to see a movie/gps/weather teller/alarm clock/calander/facebook/voice recorder/calculator/im/bbm... imma stop here cause im getting tired but there is so much more imma be here all day :) but in the end i love blackberry in general because it can do anything all in one device why even buy an ipod if you have a blackberry its just stupid cause blackberry can do more than any ipod or iphone and thats it man.

With me being in the music industry my Bb has given me the ability to not carry around a laptop and I have everyting in a office at my fingertips. If a beat needs to get emailed or forwarded I can do it no matter if I'm in the bathroom,airport, or drunk at a bar

First of all I am a watch fanatic...Second I am a Blackberry fanatic! with all the new OS out there like the iPhone and android I have still stayed loyal to my good old Blackberry. If I did not have my BB i would honestly be lost! I own my own company I own my own website adn I still have a full time job on top of all those things! If it were not for my BB there is no chance that I would be able to keep up with my crazy hectic life!!! I actually currently own 3 different balckberrys becasue I can never make up my mind as to which one I want to use... I have the 9700 and a storm and an 8520... so needless to say This is why I deserve to win this pen!!!

Please Crackberry please???!!!!!

Or maybe i'm just addicted to it and don't actually love it.

I have 3 charging docks for it. One at my bed, desk at work, and desk at home because I use it so much it won't last all day.

my blackberry is sometimes the only reason that i know what i did at that party the night before and the timeline of events by looking at the picture properties and videos.

It's also the only way that i know what time it is. until i get the inpulse of course... or if i win this watch!!!

Or maybe i'm just addicted to it and don't actually love it.

I have 3 charging docks for it. One at my bed, desk at work, and desk at home because I use it so much it won't last all day.

my blackberry is sometimes the only reason that i know what i did at that party the night before and the timeline of events by looking at the picture properties and videos.

It's also the only way that i know what time it is. until i get the inpulse of course... or if i win this watch!!!

My blackberry 8330 gave me the internet and messaging capabilities that I needed to stay in contact with my family when my job transferred me more than three hours away. Because of this I gladly upgraded to the 8530 as soon as it became available

my blackberry storm does everything! its like having my own personal assistant that gets my email to surfing the web and chatting with friends everywhere i go. she schedules my appointments and work schedules my p90x workout planer. I don't have internet at home (yes there still some of us out there) cause i am away out and about. my bb storm is the door way to the digital world. she made my life so much easy and giving more time to do other things
PS: she also plays my music for me!

Ive been working with these devices for almost 4 yrs now, which made me get one and now i will never switch to anything else. it has helped me keep my life organized as a worker, housewife and mother to a beautiful child. veryhandy in keeping touch with my friends, browsing the net and keeping up to date with my emails, tasks and appointments.
Serves as a great entertainer for my son.. out on the road, or sitting with him whail waiting to be seen by a doctor!! No more kiddie tantrums!!! Its a lifesaver. PICK ME PLEASE!!!!

My blackberry has has kept me on time and connected to my kids when I can't be around and it makes sure I never miss one of their events. I love my blackberry!

I really not only allows me to not miss birthdays & important appointments, but also keeps me connected to everyone & every thing without having to drag around multiple for me

I love my 9700!!!! I love being able to use it to handle email from my professors and edit documents on the go. This watch would be a nice compliment to my BB!!!

Love the Blackberry for its simplicity and available apps, my wife and I can personalize our phones (or should I say personal assistants) to our hearts content. Especially like the mapping apps like poynt and Google. Both of us used to get lost constantly when traveling to a large city, and trying to find our way around. Never again 

My Blackberry!!!! You will never catch me without it.
It keeps me in touch with the world, family, and friends if I'm home in the USA or abroad. I never leave home without it.

One of the main improvements that Blackberry has provided me with is the ability of keeping in contact with my sister, who is in Spain. "How is that?", you might be asking. Simply by using a very valuable application that RIM includes with all their devices: Blackberry messenger. Thanks to this application I can stay in contact with my sister without need of using my minutes or paying high international fees. Blackberry messenger will also allow me to hold non-important meetings by including associates in the same conversation, whenever we are in different locations. This way, we all are in the same page and the message is delivered equally to everyone.
Both in my personal and professional life, Blackberry has made my relationship with them stronger.

Thanks, Blackberry!

Ever since I boughtmy first bb (if you ask my family I am constantly looking for my next one), I can't remember a time without it. It has been a camera for special events when a camera was forgotten and has saved me many trips to the office to do something small that I was able to do with my BB.


Ever since I bought my first bb (if you ask my family I am constantly looking for my next one), I can't remember a time without it. It has been a camera for special events when a camera was forgotten and has saved me many trips to the office to do something small that I was able to do with my BB.


I'm disabled and my BB makes me feel so connected and safe. All my friends & family here in the UK can see if I'm ok in so many ways. So glad I bought a BlackBerry!

I love my blackberry because of the way it funtions I have person work and fun all in the palm of my hand. A way that it has helped me is I have lived in Orlando fl for 13yrs and as a child I had a lot of friends in nj that I lost contact with well via facebook I contacted them they have blackberrys !!! So now we have been connected thru bbm! So if it wasn’t for blackberry I probably would still have little contact with them. And I am a watch geek I love them so this would be nice for my collection.

P.S. sorry about spelling and punctuation i am trying to do this quickly at work lol.

My Blackberry allows me to take my work anywhere. I now can spend more time with my family then in front of a computer.

My Berry has made my life livable, the whole I don't know how I lived before it cliche is absolutely true! The constant communication via email messenger and voice is obvious, and does not need repeating. My berry is my source for news, entertainment. I have never forgotten a birthday, anniversary, or appointment thanks to my blackberry. Due to the fact that I no longer actually need to use my personal computer, my relationship with my wife ( also blackberry user ) has improved dramatically. If RIM could only see how much they have impacted the lives of all of us. They each and every one, should be nominated for sainthood!

As a corporate user, the email and calendar interface in beyond measure.
With the addition of 3rd party applications such as WorldMate, Viigo, Exgis, WHERE, Traffic, etc. has made travel for business at cinch.

Entertainment value has increased with the addition of Pandora, Ubertwitter, Fandango, NFL Mobile, Foursquare, Crackberry APP Store, etc. and not to mention the media.
With a 16GB card, my latest device, 9550, is equal to the iPhone. i can convert my movies and watch them on the plane, my music collection as well.

i love my Blackberry. Its my connection to the world, when i am disconnected from everything else. BBM keeps me connected to family and friends all over the US.

i recommend these devices to everyone i know. And those that join never look back on their old "smartphone" again.

Being a former Palm Treo user and currently on my second Blackberry (Storm 9550), gave me an entirely new outlook on the usefulness of RIM's wonderful product. Not only is the device extremely well engineered, but the user interface is more intuitive than any other smartphone i have used. My 9550 allows me to communicate not only through voice calling, sms, and e-mail like most smartphones do but BBM has revolutionized my ability to stay in contact with my friends while on the go without having to use Facebook or Twitter. I can set status messages, see whether someone is actively responding to BBM's, send files,pictures,videos and even use the infamous PING! all with unlimited usage through BIS. This feature is just one of many that convinced me i'm never switching to another device.

Whenever I tell anyone they should get a berry, its for one reason, as above. It's not a phone, its a way of life. Of course its not perfect, but I feel no need for my own computer because I have my nberry. If I need to do something online, I get my berry out and I do it. If I can't do it on my berry I can do it at work. Nae bother. However great a rival phone might be, it will take a lot to move me off a berry!

My love tryst with blackberries started in 2007, when I switched over from my ppc6800 to a 8703e. The change stemmed from a suggestion by a sprint service rep after having constant crashes from 3rd party software. That and I did not find Winmo's e-mail delivery helpful. One of the first things I noticed was how great the battery life was compared to the other phones I had used in the past. But fast forward 3 years into the future and my blackberry has truly become an end all total solution for my life on the go and at the office. I use it to for navigation from one city to another when I travel, for up to date communication, and Slacker radio has cured my boredom more times than I can count. I love the numerous ways it provides me to communicate with co-workers,friends, and family. I love BBM, the facebook and twitter apps it provides, and although archaic in my opinion, PTT. On top of all this, I can't forget the status symbol that is embodied with owning a Blackberry, for me my 9630 is not a phone or smartphone, it is a lifestyle!

I love my Blackberry Bold 9700 because it has simplified my life, saving me tons of time that I can now spend with my beautiful girlfriend.

Simple - I love my Blackberry because it lets me take my office to the softball field and watch my girls play.

i love my blackberry *crackberry* because it is the ultimate communications device it does everything i need i need to email i can do that from my phone it keeps me mobile when i would otherwise be stationary if i'm working on something at home computer i can easily transfer it to my bb and still keep working on it even when i'm awake from my desk and it has all these apps for things that i would otherwise be stuck in one place to do when i'm out and want to get something off my computer at home i can RDM to it and get it that way email to stay in touch with friends and family and BBM wow i can't say enough about that for those of you who have bbm know what i'm talking about bb pearl was my first smart phone and i wouldn't look back this device has changed my life keeps me connected with everyone and everything that is important to me and did i forget to mention it also makes and takes calls 2 hehe i never leave home without it and i'm constantly looking at just to make sure i don't see that little blinking light.... good luck to all...

My blackberry (Tour 9630) is my life. I use it all day and for everything. My friends make fun of me about it. I go through the equivalent of 3 full batteries everyday and I'm never slowing down!!

Favorite new app is actually a theme I just got from crackberry. It is called DroidSlide and I absolutely love it!!

My first portable device was an Ipaq 1940, i love to edit my office files and then send them by bluetooth...
that product was awesome (even if he has windows, the only failure i think)
but i just bought my blackberry days ago,
and my life have changed entirely, it mantains me connected in my different activities:
+ Personal business (in the morning) developing simple and advanced Web 2,0 sites
+ Company business (taking notes on meetings, taking contacts and send that info to my associates)
+ Night study at the university (taking important notes, recording voice of my teacher, looking important information on the web)
+ Personal life (keep connected with my friends using BB with the BBM, in order to arrange meetings and other stuff)
+ Projects with foundations ( i do voluntary work in many foundations, one is Atlas Corps, so with my BB i can evaluate the candidates for the fellowships, arrange meetings and check important info using my GPS)
+ Amusing, i have bought some games from the app world and is amazing...

BB is one of the great things i have right now!

I love my berry because it gives me internet access at a job that has locked out our internet, and provides me with endless hours of entertainment, through games and social apps. It keeps me connected to all the people I wish to be connected to, and is my overall lifeline. Keep it up RIM!

Well I have the curve from sprint and I love it I'm still a student so when ever its necessary for me 2 do work for school it gets me ahead becuase of the word to go and da web browser plus I have 1 of the biggest addiction to blackberrys funny thing about it is that this is my 1st bb and I'm never goin back to any other phone ever again :D

Aloha From Maui Hi,

I work for the parks and Recreation Department for the County of Maui. Our Company has all been issued Blackberry devices and it has made a big difference in our company. Everyone is updated instantly with BBM and instant emails to one another

I would love to show off my new watch during our next department meeting. Show me the love

Aloha a hui ho

Does my motto "BlackBerry, Never Leave Home Without it" say enough?

My Bold 9700 (formerly 9000) keeps me in instant contact with my job as if I never left my computer.

And when I go for leisurely walks, I use it to listen to music and check baseball, hockey, and football scores.

Also, the camera on the 9700 is very good, so I use it to capture those "Kodak" moments.

Thanks for offering this contest.


My blackberry does everything for me! I have never been so completely secure when I am not near a computer because I have my blackberry and will never miss a message.

My blackberry does everything for me! I have never been so completely secure when I am not near a computer because I have my blackberry and will never miss a message.

I love my blackberry for the following reasons:

1. While I was caretaker of my grandmother who was battling lung cancer, I was able to keep tabs on her via my blackberry by installing a 3rd party app and a camera into her bedroom. I was able to see how well the nurses were treating her. And if and when she got up to go use the bathroom, I was notified via email/text upon motion detection. One time, she fell into the bathtub and hit her head. If it wasn't for my blackberry and the ability to receive emails (thank the lord for PUSH) and texts, I would not have been able to call the paramedics and to get to her in a time fashion. My grandmother eventually passed away, but I have endless screen caps of her waving to me thru the camera. She knew I was keeping an eye out on her, and was always amazed at how technology had come since her day.

2. My mother is deaf and we both have blackberries. Since then, our relationship as mother/son as grown stronger because we communicate more, and better.

That's 2 of the top reasons why I love my blackberry!

I've been a blackberry user for 5 years now. I don't think I'll ever leave.


I love my Bold 9000 because it has integrated with my life so well.

From staying in touch with family in friends, to being an excellent time waster when I'm bored by playing a game of UNO or Milles Bornes, or reading a book with Kindle, the Blackberry has integrated so well with my life that I find myself using it more than my computer.

I love my bb. It keeps me connected to my friends, family and work through email, bbm, and texts. I think I use it more for those than i do for voice. It also helps me keep organized for where I need to be and when, given I have 2 jobs plus I volenteer my time as an emt for a small town ems service. Without my bb I would be very lost

blackberry has been a great addition to my life. it keeps me organized and up to date. plus im not late for any of my appointments

I LOVE my Bold 9000 because it's the device that keeps me connected to my friends at all times. BBM is such a great tool for me because of the ability to create groups and share anything with them instantly. I also love the long battery life of BBs. It's been a positive influence on my life by keeping me organized and in contact with all the people I know, whether it's business or family and friends.

I bought my storm2 in November 2009. Since then I have convinced at least three other people to upgrade. I'm on the road all the time and use my BB almost every minute. Whether it be google maps or slacker or this thing is always doing something. I am the go to guy for tech support in my little circle and that watch would be one more thing to show people how cool BB is. Before too long I will have everybody I know using one.

I love my Storm2 because it lets me keep track of my most precious gifts... my 2 children that I love more than life itself. We adopted them from Guatemala, and when I am away I use my Storm2 to look at their pictures and funny little videos. We are never more than a Storm2 away from each other!

My Blackberry LOVE started about 5-6 years ago out of necessity (work). Aahh.. my wonderful lovely barely color 7520. She was so good to me. Not very powerful or easy to read. But, good to me she was. After a couple years she to the Blackberry drawer in my office. Not an hour later I met the LOVELY 8300! It was LOVE at first sight.. oh the curves.. VERY NICE!! At the end of her contract.. (single tear) She also went off to the BB drawer in my office. I really did LOVED that BB. But I would have never met my current LOVE, Storm1. I've known her since the third week after release. We have grown together a great deal. She's had countless operating systems, wiping her memory every time.. It's like meeting her for the first time all over again.. Sometimes after a reload, (another single tear)she acts funny towards me.. One time she would only she me a white screen with an error 507, and nothing more.. (cry) She got wiped after that. She did OK for a while until after another reload, she, she, she.. would run real slow, and drain her battery real quick.. not allowing me to see her or to gather emails, PINS, and SMS.. Not to mention keeping me from our special time.... Bubble Tower 2.. We loved playing that game together.. she would power off in the middle of theday and we couldn't spend our quality time!! (WAAAAAIIILLL!!1)She's better now, she stable, her battery is good, and no leaks. Thank goodness for her current OS without memory leaks. But I have a confession to make. Don't tell Storm1, but (looks around, puts storm1 in holster) I may have another Love. Storm1's contract will be up in September, and I've had my eye on (looks around) Storm2. In Sept. she'll be much easier to get.. She has more memory, she's faster.. I feel dirty saying so but, Storm2 has a better click. Don't tell Storm1 I said so, it would kill her. I need to keep her healthy until September. Oh! I hear Storm1, she's ready for some Bubble Tower 2! Alright, remember what I said.. mums the word..

As a Blackberry user since having a 7250 (which I also enjoyed at the time), I have lived with the benefits everyday. I have always been able to stay in touch and been able to respond quickly when business demands. it has changed how I approach business. the communication is second to none and access to the internet allows me to be responsive without delay. RIM has set the bar pretty high which also creates high expectations. I am happy to focus on what my Blackberry does and remain hopeful for the future.

RIM is a great partner, in business, also as a personal device and as importantly in volunteer positions (ran a youth hockey organization for six years... great tool to communicate many last minute changes, rink locations, etc.).

Sorry about being long winded.

I love my blackberry because i'm in constant contact and always accessible for those people that matter to me the most.

My fingers are crossed...

I just got my Blackberry Curve 8520 few weeks ago. I really love my Blackberry because it reminds me of how much my parents love me.

It started when I woke up in middle of the night around 3am and I accidentally throw off my Nokia 2760 and the screen just blank off. So I immediately call my girlfriend and leave a voice message that I can't reply her SMS text later and anything just call. I felt very sad at that moment as we have been using the same phone.

So the next early morning around 6am,before I went out to buy breakfast, I told my mom that I need to buy a phone later, any phone as long I can call and SMS to replace my broken phone. My mom just said "yea,yea later" with a nonchalant tone.

And yeah I do feel sad about it, so after coming home, I told my mom again that I need to buy one later. Its not like I want my mom funds, just want to tell her. She said "don't buy! later,later". Suddenly my father call me from upstairs. He then gave me a wrapped box. He said "Happy Becoming Birthday Gift" and I was like WHAT?!. After I unbox it, to my surprise, yeah I got my first Blackberry Curve 8520 :)

Ever since, I knew that Blackberry is something special whether the function or BIS, is reminds me of how much my parents love me. I love them :)

Heck my birthday is this coming 29 May :D

My first BB was my trusty old Curve 8330 with VZW. I picked it up used on this very site. Once I started using it syncing with e-mails, contacts, and calendars my life got easier. I'll admit the phone felt a bit aged but still did its job. The Tour was out and I snagged it up the first day. What a difference the phone has made. It's snappy and has more then enough memory for my use. App's have made a WORLD of difference. I never knew a smart phone could be so...well SMART! I'd love to show off this TIMEPIECE to show the world how much I love RIM and their BB products. Pick me!

My Blackberry Storm has made my life easier and more organized. I love knowing that I can make everything happen through my bb. No need to carry a laptop around! Thanks RIM!!

I cant even begin to describe how much I love my BlackBerry Storm 9530. This phone, nay, this life savor, has helped me in almost every way possible. When I got lost in a different city at 1:00 am, BlackBerry Maps got me home. When my car broke down on my way to school, my BlackBerry sent my location to my brother so he could come help me as fast as possible. And when I'm bored in study hall, my life saver got me through with some amazing applications such as Twitter, Facebook, and a bunch of games. Also I BBM and Text message like none other every second of the day.

Now I know that this is a pretty short list and that it doest really give my full emotion on exactly how much I love my BlackBerry, but I figure I would just point out some of my main uses of it.

I would love to add this RIM watch to my list of BlackBerry accessories and to show my love for RIM and BlackBerry even more.

Thank you

So I need my internet always and everywhere. Best meets my BlackBerry these prerequisites.
Short and sweet, with my BlackBerry, I am always and everywhere online. and that's good! :-)

Like most people I've had many phones. Over the years I've seen phones add more functionality. When I finally got my hands on a BlackBerry, it bridged the gap for what I was looking for. I wanted it for phone calls, email, texting, web browsing. Other apps I've added since then are gravy.

I love my BlackBerry because it is a business and pleasure phone all wrapped into one. I can pretty much have it all in one device on my belt.

I don't know how I could live without the alerts, todo reminders and the other things my BB remembers for me. It saved me from forgetting important stuff more than once! Thank you BB!

It was this day that I had thought of my blackberry 8310 as just, another phone.

December 4th 2009 my mother was hit by a car as she was walking to work. Which in turn changed my life, forever.

Had it not been for my phone I would have been completely out of the loop concerning work and work emails because guess what? Just because your life stops..the rest of the world does not.

It was always having reliable service for countless hours in the SICU and then in various rehab units that made me a BB user for life. Had it not been for my trusty 8310 I would have been completely disconnected from a world which at the time I didn't care too much about but as I said earlier, just because your world shatters, doesnt mean the rest of the world (especially a multimillion dollar business) necessarily cares.

Since December 4th my mother has endured more then any one person should. Shes made a 95 percent recovery and for that I am thankful beyond what I am able to articulate.

It became apparent to me how much I love and will continue to love my BB device. I am now on my 9700 and love it. I now know how important it is to receive literally life or death information be it through SMS or through At&T's amazing coverage.

Id love to win that watch. Who wouldn't. In the end I know there are far more important things, and without my blackberry my life would have come to a complete standstill.

Thank you RIM. Thank you BlackBerry 8310(retired) and thank you Blackberry 9700 with .593 OS.

Thank you all so much. Don't take your loved ones, be it your family or technology for granted, ever.


I have had a blackberry before I had to use it for business, and I liked it just as a phone but now, it makes my life so much easier. For my job, I already spend so much time in front a computer, the Blackberry makes it possible for me not to spend more time on my computer then I want to, from browsing the web to checking my email. My Blackberry makes things happen so I can make them happen!

In addition to making me look like one of the coolest people on the planetitis an essential part of my everyday life, my business, my personal activities, and all the pleasure filled activities of my life are enhanced by my BlackBerry. It has made me more efficient in every aspect of my life. I truly love it. And the ladies love that I have it! ;)

My Bold 9700 helps me in every situation.
Then people say to me " hey, could you look up this and that in the internet for me please?" and then i can say simply " yes sure" :)

BlackBerry is awesome!

From the moment I started with the Pearl, to when I got the Storm, finally upgrading to the Tour, Blackberries have made my life immensely better. I never have to "check" e-mail because it comes straight to me and the Blackberry tells me it's there. To compose even the longest messages is simple and comfortable with the big keyboard. Intuitive shortcuts let me get everything I need to done, even multitasking. I love my Blackberry.

i love blackberry because of its push service. My girl friend also uses blackberry so we text a lot via bbm. The other thing is that i used nokia devices before blackberry and i have to say blackberry os is much faster & stable than nokia's symbian.

My BB is truly an amazing piece of technology! It never some point every day I exclaim (sometimes shocking people) that I LOVE my BB! I am a busy mother of four & I'm always on the go. MY 8530 Curve allows me to keep up with absolutely everything I need to do without missing a beat. I can keep up with a hectic daily schedule, and still look sane (I don't forget anything anymore because my BB remembers for me). This phone is such a work-horse. I have it on and with me 24/7 and the battery life is phenomenal. The applications are out of this world! It entertains my children (ranging from 6 years old to 15 years old), and allows me access to everything I would do from my desktop at home. As a matter of fact, I bragged about my phone SO much that my father not only switched carriers but switched phones! He is now the proud owner of an 8530 BB Curve also! The truly great thing is that it has brought my 63 y/o father into the age of technology! My father texted and IM'd for the first time ever a few days ago....from his BB! I am no longer a stressed-out mother because my BB and all it's perfection has brought back my sanity! (Whether I win the watch or not) I felt I should tell my story of how much of a positive impact this smartphone has made on my life and the lives of my husband, children and father, as well.

Thank you RIM


without my BB I would lose touch with so many friends! I hate sitting at a computer on networking sites. and since I got my 9700 I have become even more addicted and excited to be a Crackberry user and abuser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all I need now is a RIM watch!! ;)

Moved to Cali from Chicago with no one. Never knew what a phone could really do until I picked up a blackberry curve in 2007. Now I cant live without it. It keeps me connected to all my friends and fam back home.

I love my Blackberry Storm 2. I have loved BBs since I walked into a Verizon store to upgrade my phone and got my first one. It enables me to stay in touch with family and friends, stay on time with appointments, and get important e-mails on-the-go.

Since having a BB I will never be able to go back to a "dumb-phone".

THanks for the opporutnity to win this amazing watch.

My Storm 2 literally runs my life. It has allowed me to organize my life, keep in contact with my family friends and being able to get my important work emails. If my BB was lost I would be lost. Just about everything is in there.

The best thing about my Blackberry is that I am always PLUGGED IN. I love my alerts and the reliability of Blackberry email. I'm on my 7th Blackberry. Can't imagine life without one.

from when i was lost 6 hours from home,
to when i got the first pictures of my new born nephew,
from the e-mail i received while traveling informing me of a job offer needing attention within 24 hours,
to the time when its pictures showed the truth in traffic court.
My blackberry has been there to show me the map, the restaurant, the review and the prices. It has guided me through the middle of nowhere and it has provided me with communication during the darkest of times. My blackberry has given me music on the go and news in a flash. I have podcasts and books and movies to watch, which would all go well with a pretty sweet watch.

My 9700 is not only a life line.i have been able to do things that, i have never been able to do previoulsy on my cell phone.(chat with friend and relatives in some very remote parts of africa realtime, using my BBM). this is just simple fantastic!!

It's like a Swiss Army knife! It keeps me connected to family and friends, it keeps me on time for my appointments, and it plays my music when I'm out walking the dogs. For the longest time I've wanted to be able to carry just one device; not a phone, a PDA, and an MP3 player. Finally, with my Bold 9700, I've got all 3 rolled into one. Oh yeah, it's my GPS, too. It just keeps working! Thanks, RIM!

I love my Blackberry Bold 9700 because anything I ever need at any time is accessible through my Blackberry. My work, my friends, my love, my investments, my life! Not to mention Blackberry Messenger, the music player, and the Blackberry desktop manager! I cannot live without this creation! Blackberry= best invention since the internet! And what else would be better to go with this then to win a watch which lets me know there is never a time without my Blackberry!

I use my Bb 9700 throughout the day, to send emails, listen to music, organize my schedule, keep my passwords etc. It's one of the gadgets I can't be without, its fast, it's got a really nice keyboard and battery lasts for a whole day, its a pretty solid device and I'm very happy with it, I would recommend it to anyone who needs a smartphone.

I LOVE my Blackberry 8900! It is THE BEST phone I have ever used! It does everything I could ever want in a personal device, and I will never switch! I am a full time university student and I work part-time, so there are always a flood of emails coming in that I need to get when they come in, so my blackberry allows me to keep up on that! My Blackberry keep me in touch with my friends, family and colleagues on the go, so I don't have to be attached to my laptop to get the latest messages! Whether it is email, a phone call, BBM, text messages, or even Windows Live Messenger or Facebook, I can communicate with it all on my blackberry! Not to mention the media possibilities! I have my 8900 loaded up with music, videos and pictures so I can enjoy them on the go, whether it's taking a photo and sharing it, or listening to my favorite tunes through my bluetooth car stereo, my blackberry does it all! When I'm on the road, I don't pay for wifi at the hotel, I just tether my blackberry and I'm online on my laptop! Even when I'm out in the country where there is no cell service, my blackberry connects to Wifi and its like I never left my town, with all my calls and emails still pumping in! This little device does it all! Without it I could never be as organized as I am, or even sound as smart! The ability to wiki something with the touch of a few buttons has solved many arguments, and my Yellow Pages app finds that number I need without wasting money on directory assistance! Some people prefer iPhone or Android, but I'm a Blackberry user for life! With the endless amount of apps available, I never cease to be amazed at what this little device can do!

Blackberry all the way!!!

I think the reason I love my BB soo much is the durability factor. The only reason I ever switch devices is to upgrade to the latest and greatest. I love the fact that you can drop them and have the battery door, battery, and sim card all fly out and still be able toput them all back in and turn the phone right back on. In a fast paced work environment this keeps me in the loop and never miss an email, bbm, pin, or sms!
I love using my 9700, but from time to time I still bust out the old 8703e just for fun..... and it still works great. I can never see myself going away from a BB!!!

is just as important as communication and without my Blackberry I wouldnt be able to communicate. Or play MafiaWars for that matter!!

I use my crackberry to stay organised woeking ft going to school ft and raising my 2 year old son my calender and reminder alerts are a life saver. Plus I get to unwind as I work wile listening to slacker or an audio book. And lets not forget instant e-mail.

I used to feel "naked" if I didn't have my watch, no pun intended. I have my own small collection of watches myself. But now I could go without it more than my Storm 9550. I figure with cell phones today,they have clocks on them. Lot of times when I get off work, I wouldn't have time to check e-mails everynight. Now with my Blackberry it's no problem. I can commuicate globally if needed(I don't though). Makes it so much easier to keep in touch with family, with so many different ways to communicate. Just plain surfing the web from whereever makes the day go by much easier. Sorry I drug this out, would love to have a RIM watch to go with my RIM phone!!! Thanks!!

Wife goes into labor. I'm out on an outside sales trip in a different city. No idea how to get to the hospital from where I am. Whip out my BlcakBerry, TeleNav tells me the fastest way to get to the hospital. Crisis, seriously. I'm pretty sure that missing the birth of your first child is grounds for divorce in 49 of 50 states. And no, I don't know the one state where it's not. And yes, I did make up that statistic. Sue me.

I have a tour 9630 and I love it. I had a "phone" before... this has opened my communication with work, friends, little league team, etc...up tremendously. I'll be 34 in a week and I'm glad I finally made the leap 8 weeks ago. Thank you BB and for making my transition so easy.

Rick Williams

I love my BB because its more stable than people, always reliable (don't comment on this) and everytime I pick up another device I deep like I'm cheating on my BlackBerry. That's love right? It wakes me up in the morning, tells me where to be and when and keeps me connected with the world. So many positives that affect my life. Thank You

Hello, a Storm 2 in my pocket and a Tag on my arm, those are a few of my favorite things not to mention roots gear!
I'd be proud to sport one!

Why I LOVE my BlackBerry? Why wouldn't I. It's always at my side. Responds to most all of my touch. What is there NOT to love about it? I love my Storm2.

ooo i want this, it will go lovely with my new TOUR 9650...i know its called the bold for you slow ppl

I would not have made it through my recent job layoff and hunt without the Blackberry. I could e-mail potential employers from it, keep a pdf copy of my resume for forwarding, take and make phone calls from potential employers as well as search for jobs through online job boards like It made my search simpler, and kept me ahead of the game. By receiving and answering my e-mails in real time, I was often first or second in line. And while it took longer than I wanted to find a new job, I think the blackberry helped cut down the length of time significantly.

Jeff Bourque

While we were dating, it wasn't always easy for my girlfriend and I to communicate. We worked a lot, had obligations in community theater and sometimes it was tough to even dedicate several minutes to a phone call. We both bought blackberries, and that helped out a lot. We could easily always communicate with blackberry messenger. We shared our calendars to see when we did have open times in our schedule (thanks also to Google Sync). When more time did allow for one of us, on a bus or a train, we quickly could type out a handy email the other would instantly get.

Blackberry use helped bring us together. No we are engaged and getting married soon. Thank you RIM.

I am a small business contractor, so my "office" has to be wherever I am at any given time. BlackBerry is the best phone for allowing me to do that. Email, contacts, phone, expense apps, It's all at my fingertips anytime I need it. There is no substitute.

Love love love my blackberry...I can check email/messages without having to break out the laptop (which when we got, I was thrilled to have portability!). Got all our schedules (mine, hubby's and two kids) in one place with reminders when I need it. Can't believe I put off getting one...thought it might be "a bit much" for a mere SAHM; now, can't imagine not having it.

It's the assistant in my pocket! Calendar, email and im communicator, new apps and themes coming at you constantly.
the functionality, form and fun of my Storm 2 is fantastic!
Got my old palm back from my daughter last night and thought how far and fast this industry has flown! Keep it up RIM!!

My BB has made my life SOOO much easier. It overs everything I need to stay in touch with family, friends and makes buisness productivity as easy as a snap of a finger.

I use my blackberry for everything. I start my day with it to wake me up.
I end my day with it to put me to sleep! In between I keep in touch with Family, Friends and Colleagues. I use it for Business e-mail and monitoring applications on the network. I use it for personal email and posting to my blogs.
I panic when I am more than 10 feet from my blackberry!

Here are the things I love about my Blackberry Curve 8330.

1.) I LOVE the keyboard. I came from a palm Centro and the additional space on the keyboard has saved my thumbs. And it is SO much more comfortable than the keyboards of all the. other phones I have tried. So comfortable in fact that is used the keyboard to take notes in classes and meetings. It kinda freaks people out when I can type wothout looking ay the keyboard without looking.

2.) It actually has all the PDA tools built in. I switched to an Android phone for a week and one of the first things I noticed was that I didn't have a Task or memo program built in. What's up with that.

Blackberry has helped me manage my calendar and phone calls in an unprecedented and efficient manner. no longer miss appointments and important calls. a RIM watch would be a fantastic accessory to compliment my BOLD!!!

My BB helps me run my business. It wouldn't be impossible to run the business without it but it would be very close!

My comment is really a story. I have been a smartphone user for years. YEARS. I have had everything from the original Treo to a MOTO Q. A Samsung smartphone that I cannot even remember the model of, but OMG it was horrible. And of course an iPhone. I had a Blackberry flip for about three days, and hated it. I never ever allowed myself to fall victim to the "Blackberry curse" as I have always called it. I never wanted to become someone that would use a Blackberry because to me they were so antiquated. I loved my iPhone. Period. Well a few months back, I had to give up my iPhone because the bill was just to ridiculous. So, after things got back to normal, we ended up getting a new HTC Tilt2. Did I hate it? Yeah. So, AT&T offered to send me a Blackberry Bold 9700, a Bold 9000 for my wife and a Bold 9700 for my daughter. I feel like I have died and gone to heaven. I really didn't realize just how easy the Blackberry was. The Keyboard, is amazing. Period. No other way to describe it. My daughter no longer wants an iPhone again. Neither does my wife. We are Crackberry addicts now, and will be forever.

I've tried PDAs, Franklin Planners, everything. Nothing keeps me organized like my Berry. Nothing. Its ability to store documents, photos, contacts, emails and texts, and sync with Google Calendar makes my life so much easier.

Plus using BBMessenger with my wife is always a treat. Seriously.

My blackberry is my everyday best friend

and I take it everywhere with me ! it entertains me everywhere ! I used to take Newspapers with me in the Bathroom but now i take my blackberry ! :D and when i go to the bathroom i take like 1 hour .. forgetting the world and just me and my blackberry ! :)

it keeps me in touch with my friend , family and even enemies !

keeps in touch with my Customers and my website users

I can't imagine how life was before the blackberry !

My Blackberry Storm has become an essential component of my life - communication, planning, scheduling, social networking, entertainment, etc. Gotta have it.

if i didnt have my blackberry, i would never remember a single thing. the blackberry calendar saved my life

I love my blackberry cause my job sucks lol I work as a security guard. Without my phone i would die of boredom often. Also my girlfriend lives in mexico and me Canada long story but shes about to get a blackberry so more convenient to talk threw blackberry messenger then send text messages i always need to pay for. I also use a radio application to find new music :). So it doesn't sound like i do much with it but this phone sure keeps me not bored. Msn, games, radio, music player, text, internet, tv and videos I don't know how else to say it i love my storm :)

I've only had a BB for about three months but it's everything I need in my pocket. I just can't put it down!

I love my BB because
1. BrickBreaker (stfu, I can't get enough of that game)
2. Reliability
3. BBM
4. Ease of customization (themes, apps, icon movement, ringtones, etc.)
5. Always new stuff happening in the BB universe (of course Crackberry is where I get all of my BB news and rumors).
6. Ease of control and tight security in a BES environment
7. App World
8. Nifty accessories
9. Always a good conversation piece, even when defending it against iPhone snobs
10. It beats the hell out of the Palm Treo I had before my BB came along

Good idea for the contest by the way.


My first blackberry was the 9530 storm and I have since moved on to the storm 2 9550 and I absolutely love them both. Whether its using it for calls and text or browsing the web and taking pictures and video of my son, I can't even imagine a day without it. I've played with so many phones other than blackberry as I sell cell phones for a living and nothing else compares. I got my wife her first blackberry last year and now she won't use anything else either. Blackberry will always be my phone of choice.

It's with me wherever I go, it connects me to my friends and family and helps me organise my life.

I love my BlackBerry!

Only ONE reason why I love my blackberry. My young niece was involved in a motorcycle wreck late at night. I was not in town but my family was able to keep me posted on her condition via my blackberry. I can't tell you how important that was to me since I could not be with her. VIVA LA BLACKBERRY!

My Blackberry is my gateway to family, friends, and everything that is going on around the world. It has pulled me away from constantly pulling out the laptop to check multiple e-mail and website accounts, essentially it has made my life just overall easier and more efficient.

My Blackberry is my gateway to family, friends, and everything that is going on around the world. It has pulled me away from constantly pulling out the laptop to check multiple e-mail and website accounts, essentially it has made my life just overall easier and more efficient.

Just as we all strive for emotional stability through a satisfying daily routine, enhanced intellect through education and cultural enrichment, healthy solid social ties with our loves ones and professional networks, and spiritual cohesion through an expression of our various philosophies I sought technological harmony with many different smartphone platforms.

I have only reached such harmony with my Blackberry. With its no non-sense OS, minor learning curve,all around functionality, and reliable performance the Blackberry helped me achieve technological savvy without any of the aggravation that many times accompanies gadgets. What makes Blackberry stand out as a solid performer versus the competitor is the reliable front facing qwerty keyboard, stable OS, decent battery life, and the messaging app that brings all aspects of messaging into one easy to manage place.

Because I can see the full color screen and everything on it.
And typing "text" with a tele-keypad is just plain wrong.
Oh, and it was FREE!!! which by the way, set me free from carrier bundles. I get what I want and not what THEY say I get. Relief In Motion

What a great blend-a blackberry and an accessory I've been obsessed with for years! I've turned into a blackberry addict since my first 8330 showed me how easily emails could be pushed to my phone. My husband laughs at me, but I can communicate with our college aged daughters!

Why Do I Love My Blackberry? It's simple. My Blackberry Storm2 keeps me connected. Whether its Facebook or AIM, i am always receiving live updates that keep me connected to my friends when i'm not with them. I have about 80 contacts on BBM. That includes everyone from almost all of my best friends and friends i rarely see.Also, the reliability of E-mails on my Blackberry is incredibly amazing.

Me and my friends even created our own BBM group that we use to make plans every day. My phone is constantly vibrating from the chatter that goes on in this group but i don't worry -because the battery life is insanely good.

Connecting is just the tip of the iceberg. The call quality is outstanding, apps are constantly improving, i use it as my mp3 player, and with Blackberry 6 coming -it will be impossible to list all the great features of my Blackberry.

sweetness!! now everytime i look at my watch it will constantly remind me how much i love my blackberry!!!

because it keeps my life well organized. I have all my events/to do's/ important dates/ emails set in the palms of my hands. I can also stay in contact with family members out the country without the high cost of long distance phone calls. We make use to BBM Messenger and other IMs.

It has so many t apps I use daily, esp WIFI and GPS - Can't live without those. Now winning this watch would really be a prize for me to show off my love even more.

My BB has become the most valuable tool on the job site. Before having my BB calls, emails and scheduling were a nightmare because I manage several jobs at once and none are ever near the office. Everything from plans, compliance, contractors and materials are managed from my BB.

i love my blackberry because its basically my second girlfriend. first thing when i wake up i see and last thing i see when i sleep, always constantly reminding me of important dates i tend to forget, also singing to me when i am bored. and always organizing and remdining me of memos i wrote down. im always searching out facts and stuff my friends always wonder about and i just pull out the berry and google it, without a blackberry id be stuck with just a regulary pos phone that just makes calls and texts..

My Blackberry is my best friend. It follows me everywhere i go, does whatever i want it to do and does it well, it's faithful, you can always count on it, and it never argues or talks back. What more can you ask for ? Ok send me the watch =)


I love Blackberrys because their capabilities keep unfolding. I've had my first BB (8900) for 9 months, and I continue to learn new things about it. Even though I am not in a business career, I marvel at how much it could aid someone with hundreds, if not thousands, of contacts to keep organized. I bow humbly to its depth!

i love my storm 2...i cant live w/o it...i use it 24/ cus im always txting my friends n sending email to my cousins from mexico n colorado..i dont use da storm to talk on the i said i use it to txt n use da internet..and the most important reason i love this phone is the way it sexy that it turns me on every time i c it or touch it, wich is always

I have been using a Blackberry device for 5 years now. I currently use a Storm 2. Its east and quick to type up SMS and emails both for personal and business. My calendar continues to save my butt with juggling work, personal and booking times. While other phones may look pretty at first glance with striking UIs, I continue to choose the effectiveness and solidness of my Storm 2. At the end of the day, my phone needs to be able to do everything I need it to and my RIM Blackberry 9550 Storm 2 gets the job done (and looks pretty damn sexy doing it). RIM 4 Life!

Blackberry is the best because of it's awesome keyboard :)
it's awesome because of it's push technology. I have been with blackberry for years, and it's my go to tech gadget for my Real Estate Biz.

my bb has made sure I never miss an appointment.
also it's helped me to keep in touch with my friends through facebook.
also, since i'm rocking a colorware 9700, it's often a head turner too :)

I love my Blackberry. I have strayed a few times (Palm, Android), only to return sheepishly with my head down praying my Curve will forgive me. Fortunately, it has understood my transgressions, and accepted me back twice. I now fully understand the grass will never be greener. I will never cheat on Blackberry again. I have learned a valuable lesson; no other brands work as well, period! It organizes my life, and always will.

My blackberry saved my daughters and mine's relationship. My other phone (a samsung) didn't keep all my texts like this does, it had little memory. When my Ex and I went to Court she tried to take away my visitation rights for me for my daughter. I simply scrolled through my texts that my blackberry was able to keep stored, showed them to the judge, and he immediately awarded me partial custody due to threats she was sending me OF taking my kid away from me IF i didn't do what she said. So Long story short, if it weren't for my blackberry curve 8520, I may not have the relationship with my daughter that i have now, and my life wouldn't be the same!

I lost my Fossil watch with a multi-year warranty (does me no good now) and really need a new watch, but don't really want to spring for another one. I now use my Tour 9630 as my watch, but everyone keeps thinking that I am checking e-mails when I just want to see what time it is. This watch sort of reminds me of my old Fossil and would look really cool on my wrist. ;) Mike

Ok so I read alot lately about how "behind the times" blackberry is and that they need to step up their game. I was even starting to think these naysayers had a point until I tried an android switch. I was crying for my BB after about 4 hours but it was safely on my desk at home. Solid email/text phones have brought me fully into 'generation text'. Being a computer tech and former geek squad agent, I was a little behind in my phone, having a motorola RAZR before this. I've now had 4 blackberries and am a die hard berry fan. I love that I can still get funky apps like shazam or even NESberry without sacrificing the rock solid workhorse of a phone that I put to the test every day. Keep doing what you do well RIM, can't wait to see OS 6 and the slider.

i love my blackberry because of all that it is capable of. with all the great apps available, i am using my PC less and less each day. i even make stupid mistakes with my PC keyboard such as holding down a key in attempt to capitalize a letter or hitting the space bar twice to add a period. basically, i could never live without my blackberry.

I switched from a i880 Nextel to the i7100 BlackBerry. Email and Internet were my intended uses. Soon after this, I needed to go bigger, so I jumped ship from Nextel to Sprint, and switched to a Curve 8330. I loved the phone. Email, web, and easier texting and messaging. My bosses all have BB's, and it made it easier to communicate with them. Then I convinced a friend to get a BB. He picked up a Curve 8330 on Sprint. He loves it! Now, instead of texting each other, we use BBIM. As I started using the phone more and more, I started to tap into the BB's potential. Apps, Sprint Navigation, Media Player, you name it. Then, I had a friend on Boost, who was looking for a good phone for email and texting. After playing with my Curve for about 20 minutes, he ran down to Best Buy and bought one on Boost.

My ex g/f has a BB, and she uses it to talk to our kids over the BBIM. Now my 8 yr old wants his OWN BB....

I am spreading the love of BlackBerries, and a official RIM watch would make it even better!

My blackberry allows me to live everyday, otherwise I would not be able to function and would ultimately fail at life!

I love my berry because it keeps me connected period. I have been a user since the 8703e. I did stray to palm but came back because my blackberry does exactly what I need it to.The clincher is that I am able to personalize it...something that you definitely cannot do with palm.

Wow, i dont know. I wouldnt even wear this watch. Its not like its the inpulse smartwatch which can do much more with my tour. Its just a regular watch with rim's logo on it. Whats so special about it? Maybe im not that much of a BB fanatic.

Being back to work and newborn baby boy at home sucks. Bearable bc/ wife and I have bberries so i can see him growing.

I love my blackberry, actually if my gf would let me, I would hug it while I sleep :P I use it everyday, one of the features that helps me a lot is the ability to take pictures on the field and e-mail them to the office right away. As an elevator mechanic it's one of the best tool to show unconform stuff to the office to get either the authorisation to fix things up of simply put the power down until they send a team to fix bigger things.

Short and Sweet, this phone is my life, without it I am nothing. Love is not enough of a word to describe my Blackberry 9700, and before 9000, and so on.

Thanks for reading.

I was never a fan of smartphones. They were an awkward shape, difficult to type on and way too expensive. When my upgrade came around last August fantasy football was just getting stared so I figured it would be a good time to take advantage of the internet access and took a chance with the Storm 9530 (even after I had read the reviews). I went into it with low expectations and honestly expected it to be a gimmick phone that I would never take advantage of. Man, was I wrong. I love this thing like a child. If I had one complaint it would be that I use it and rely upon it TOO much. BBM is my primary, if not only, way of communicating. I am constantly looking things up, perusing Twitter or Facebook or sending and reading emails when I should be doing other things (working, for example). My girlfriend has threatened to steal and hide my phone on many occasions out of jealously, I would expect. I can't live without it and don't see myself going with anything other than a blackberry in the future.

My BB is truly an integral part of my life. I purchased my first BB solely as a phone and a way to manage my home and work calendar. When I upgraded to a real data plan is when I really found the power of my BB. Not only do I use it to communicate with my family and colleagues, I also use it every day for many other reasons. I use it for navigation, for business directories, music and movies. One of the best uses is to let my kids play games on it. I also read the news and since I am a weathe junky I use it evet day to keep tabs on the weather. I also get my fault dose of the news. I use it to check my flight status when traveling. I am sure there are other uses thatt I am forgetting, but I think I have made my point. I REALLY love my BB!

Oh, by the way... Did I mention I love watches too.

I'm always so busy on my BB that I don't have to talk to the wife anymore!!! What more do I need to say.....

I use my Blackberry for just about everything. From listening to music to making Doctor's appoinments for my schedule at work for games etc.....

I love my Blackberry!! It helps me stay organized and on top of my busy schedule. I was given my first Blackberry 8700 as a gift when I became a Youth Pastor and have been hooked every since then. I currently have a 9700 and LOVE IT and this watch would be great!

The 8900 I currently have is the 4th Blackberry I have owned, it has everything I need in one little device, if I need information I have it at the drop of a hat, if I need to contact someone, I have a selection of ways to do so, I can play games listen to music, read the news, watch video, the entertainment possibilities are endless.
I always get drawn into arguments about Blackberry verses iPhone, don't get me wrong, I like the iphone, it's a nice gadget, but that’s how I view it, and let’s face it, the iphone has been about some years now, but what you got back then is basically what you get now but with enhancements, the BB has a multitude of handsets, touch, flip, qwerty even T9 now, not to mention clamshell and slide...what handset can you get from Apple?.
I think once a BB addict, always a BB addict, they are a fantastic device, you'll know what I mean, just try leaving home without it, you’ll feel like you've lost a limb.

I love my BB because I can keep track of all my appointments with ease, and I can keep in touch with my friend in Iraq with BBM.

I've had my curve for just about a year now. I spend so much time on it, my wife calls it "my girlfriend" and named it Bella!
I do truly love my phone, I'm almost never on my PC except to back up my phone!
As an added bonus, I get to tease my one co-worker about his netbook, camera, GPS, and cell phone he has to drag around every day
for work. Myself, I travel light and bring just my Bella. As an amateur (read: not expensive) watch collector, and Blackberry lover, nothing would be better than owning this watch!
Plus, I could rub it in to all my friends! Hehehe
P.S. Thank you so much for being willing to part with this watch! I'm pretty sure I couldn't find it in myself to be so generous.

I love my Blackberry Storm 2 it is the perfect mix to me a device that is great for business and personal use. My blackberry keeps me connected no matter where I am! I would be lost without it (literally I use my GPS all the time!).

I own the bold 9700 and it is the 4th BB I have owned. I started with the Pearl, then the 8530 then the 1st bold,now I have the 9700. I have owned several windows mobile phones and I have plenty of friends with the Iphone and the android phone and while I do like the larger screens they just are not a Black Berry. I even went as far as getting a iphone and stopped the girl and told to give me the bold instead. I just cannot get away from blackberry. Everything about Blackberry I like from the email to the internet.
I will always have a blackberry although I may change carriers from time to time.
Great contest, Keep up the good work!!!!

I must admit, at first i was a skeptic. I used to think "who would ever need all that in a phone!?" My friend was showing me his 8330. I thought the phone was cool, but who would need that? A few months later, I ended up at the local Verizon store looking at phones with my soon-to-be wife (we're married now). At the time I was very controlled by my parents. My mom makes very good money, so I have never really had to pay for a lot on my own. My parents helped me financially with a lot. They paid for my college education, and even my rent while I was in school. Every now and then when I needed (actually needed, not to buy stupid stuff) money, my parents were always there to help me out. They never threatened to cut off the assistance, or expressed in any way that they would, but I feared they would if I didn't do what they wanted. At the time, my parents also paid for my cell phone. My wife (fiance at the time) told me that she wanted us to get cell phones together to start releiving some of my dependancy on my parents. That is how we ended up at the Verizon store. The Verizon sales person must have been really good, because it didn't take him long to talk us into two (they were buy one, get one) 9530's. Thats how I got my first BlackBerry.

It was love at first sight. I was tinkering with settings, and downloading apps all evening into the night. The next day in class, I was showing it off to all of my buddies. I was so excited about all of the power I had at the tip of my thumbs! I didn't go anywhere without my BlackBerry. It wasn't long before I found out about leaked OS's and hybrids. I was loading new OS's on my phone all the time. I'm a tinkerer. I couldn't count how many times I've wiped my device and installed new software. It only took me once, though, to make sure I always back it up!

Then came the issues. Anyone that has been around for a while should know about the Storm 1 issues. I was getting around one replacement a month, and sometimes two. My wife started getting really annoyed at all the replacements. Even though she didn't have to deal with it, she couldn't see how I could still love my BlackBerry. But, I did. Late, just this past March, I finally decided to really complain about the issues. After a lot of explaining, to a lot of people, they told me they wouuld replace it with a Storm 2. So, now I have my 9550.

I wouldn't be able to live without my BlackBerry, now that I have one. The e-mail is amazing. I've never been one to check email often. I'm the guy that used to go onto my e-mail account and delete over 1,000 e-mails at a time, because I never checked it. The school I went to primarily used e-mail for important communication. With my BlackBerry, I stay on top of things. My school would post odd-jobs and stuff, too. I would get the e-mails before anyone else, and I would always be the first one on the sign up list!

My BlackBerry also keeps me connected with family and friends. I've had a Facebook account for a long time. When I first got Facebook, I checked it about once a month on average. After I got my BlackBerry, I downloaded the Facebook app. Now that I get all of my notifications right on my BlackBerry, I don't miss anything!

My BlackBerry keeps me heading in the right direction! I love the GPS function. I never get lost. If I need to find a business, I just put it in my browser search bar. I copy the info over to Google Maps, and I'm on my way. I also love that if I need to call a business I just search for it on bing, click on it, and it gives the option to call from there. No more phonebooks or 411 charges!

Did I mention the Calendar? I have never been very organized. I used to miss a lot of appointments and other random planned events. Ever since I got my BlackBerry, I actually like to record the stuff that I have planned. Now its always there when I need a little reminder.

I also really love to Tether. I won a copy of TetherBerry a while back on, and I love it. I would be lost without it right now, because my internet is disconnected. I'm moving in a week and a half.

My BlackBerry changed my life by helping me become more connected with family, friends, and school. It has helped me to become more responsible and more reliable. My BlackBerry keeps my world turning.

I really love my BlackBerry. I can't live without it. Although we've been through some rough times together, I wouldn't trade it for any other device out there. A couple of times I contemplated going with a different device, but it never felt right. My friend and I are always bantering back, and forth, about who's device is better. He has an iPhone.

If I won this watch, I would sport it everywhere. I'm a very happy and proud BlackBerry owner. I feel naked on the very rare occasion that I forget it at home. If my house caught on fire, I would grab my BlackBerry before any other material item; even my 46" 120hz LCD TV (not taking into account the size/weight difference).


How do I love thee, my BlackBerry? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breath and height of thy case
I love thee to the end of Facebook … and that Twitter place.
I love thee to the level of everyday’s
Most quiet deed. And sometimes as a hasty flashlight.
I love thee, freely you send my e-mail right.
I love thee multi-tasking as yet iPod cannot match.
I love thee with the GPS put to use
In my bewildered grief since I have no map.
Tho Palm but quivers on the brink of death;
I shall but love thee better after thy next super app
Werest you lost might I faint!

(With sincerest apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning)

My blackberry keeps me informed all the time facebook, bbm(best invention evr!), email (all three accounts), sms, mms, phone, calendar, aim........ I can go on and on. I have many ways to contact my friends and family when on method fails another is sure to work I love that about my blackberry! Love the keyboard(9700 at&t) love the camera(great camera RIM!)Love the music player, Love the calendar! Love the battery life! To sum it all up I LOVE MY BLACKBERRY!! AND IM NEVER GOING BAK TO ANYTHING ELSE!
Blackberry for life. Cus once u go berry there's no time for apples! Lol

Sweet watch... now my Blackberry has helped me in many ways... most helpful is the ability to communicate with my clients no matter where I may be. The ability to send and receive emails on the fly has changed how AND where I do business so THANK YOU RIM- Blackberry.

I love my Storm2. Before that, it was an 8330 on VZW. Now, I can always have access to my calendar, and my home email. (Something work prohibits us from checking.) I have always strived to be really good at anything I take on. The Blackberry was no exception. I was on these forums for 6 months before I bought a blackberry. Now, I am the one at work who is asked all the blackberry questions. I usually get asked all the smartphone questions in general. Although it means a bit more work, I truly love learning all the new things with blackberry, and helping to teach it to others. 8 months ago, some of our leaders at work, upgraded from Blackberry Pearls to Blackberry 8320s even though the 8900s were available. I suggested to them, to go for the 8900s. Yesterday, they told me they wish they had listened to me then, and not gotten the 8320s, since they will not run everything they want them to. They assured me that when they are due for the next upgrade in September, they will talk to me before ordering new Blackberry handsets. Another feather in the hat, if you ask me!

Laptop teathering has made wherever I can safely boot my work laptop my office. Since I am on the raod a good amount for work that means I can take my office everywhere.


Definitely i love my bb!! Since i've been a BB user (back to Nov 2008) my life have change in all aspects! From a single cellphone to a all in one mobile... i manage my business from it, go shopping at the market... everything have change!

pd: today is my bday! :) it could be a great gift :P


I love my blackberry, because it does not only defines the generation that we have, (the thumb generation), but also defines the way we communicate and touch not just our family, but also others peoples lives. Its like a window to the world, and a voice of the heart....

The best thing about my bb is that I can keep in touch with friends and family that live in other countries! Sure, there's other IM options as well as email, but nothing compares to the bbm's capabilities and speed. I love <3 bb because it keeps me close to those who are far away :D

I'd love a watch.

BB has everything I've looked for in a smartphone since Palm introduces the Pre/Pixi and went to the cloud and made it hard to sync with Outlook.

Good Luck

My trusty 8900 which was set up perfectly to my needs recently died. After a reasonable grieving period I went out and bought a new Bold 9700. HATED IT! Nothing worked, locked up constantly, rebooted during re-boots. I returned the Bold for another and didn't have much better luck. After numerous calls to T-Mobile I finally gave up and made arrangements to buy a Nexus One. I had to wait a week to make the order (longer story) and during that time I couldn't help but feel like I was cheating on my wife. My Blackberry was always there for me. Yes we had our ups and downs but everything always worked out till the Bold. I blamed her (the Bold) for all our problems and I was ready to turn my back on her. The more I thought the more I realized that maybe it was me. Maybe I shouldn't have pushed all the Apps on her and make her try all these new uses. I should have moved slower. It was me dammit! Not her. I got on the phone and sent that slutty Nexus One away and begged for the Bold to take me back. I'm back in my happy place again. My Bold and I are doing fine. We're taking baby steps. One app at a time and though we still have our problems (intermittent UMA, slow 3G) were going to make this work. I'm in it for the long run.

I love my BlackBerry for many reasons. I've been playing with computers since my dad brought home a Compaq "Portable" II from work in 1984ish. I was 40 lbs and the size of a suitcase but it was a computer with a 20MB hard drive. Since then I've been a computer and gadget addict. My Blackberry is infinitely more powerful and is actually portable. I can get email, web, apps, anything and it's always at my fingertips. While I yearn for the webkit browser and a touch screen with a real keyboard ala the slider we've been seeing, it's my favorite gadget I've ever owned and can't wait to get my next one!

I live in the UK and my fiancee has recently had to go back to the USA to apply for our marriage status visa, having a Blackberry has made our lives bearable, because we can Skype using IM+ during the evenings, and when I am working shifts at my job we can message each other on ICQ. It helps too being able to send photos and videos of our kittens that she has had to leave, and having email means that I can conduct all of our business without having to shell out for a computer, internet connection and landline.

In short, Blackberry makes my life bearable - and until she returns to me to get married, it will continue to be my constant companion and most loved appliance!

For me, I like my BB simply because it's so intuitive and it keeps me organized. Getting to what I need in a click or two is very important.

well i love my berry because it has a screen and full qwerty keyboard available to me with turning, sliding or opening anything. no fuss its quick and to the point. i've never had email/text or browser thats worked so fast and flawlessly, and i mean never. my voice is crystal clear during calls and god does the music playback on it ever rock.
everything about my bb is amazing, and i'll probably end up using bb for close to forever.
i recently busted my computer and thank god i have a bb to fill in the void, which at times isnt to bad considering its a little powerhouse.
anyways i love my bb and see nothing wrong with it, its the best phone i've ever owned, period.

Blackberry has made my life more organized. I don't know I survived before it. It part of my hand now. Also, I am an avid watch collector and this watch would llok great on my wrist...

From the beginning 3 years ago i always wanted a phone that can do what i really wanted.

I then found it last year and it was a blackberry bold 9000. I love blackberry for their inovation in the cellular market and that they have set a presidence over shadowing the competition in many aspects of cellular arena.

I fully do believe that blackberry will continue to come up with innovative ideas even if it mean't to come out with a blackberry android phone.

I love my bold 9000 and it has been veru good to me. Without blackberry RIM producing this phone. I would have never bought a blackberry, but instead i would have stayed with my 7 year old samsung flip phone.

Thank you .. RIM for all you have done for me and the cellular market.

I depend on my Blackberry to make a living. It takes care of all of my contacts, mail, text etc. Without this phone, I would be lost. I tell everyone that I know that Blackberry is the way to go if you want a dependable phone that is fast, and rugged.

I am a grandfather of 3 and help my grandchildren with there finances and Blackberry is my phone of choice to do that.

I started out using a BB about 5 years ago thru my work; owever, after about a year I had to give it up because of funding issues. Even though I could only use it for work-related issues, I quickly became addicted and ended up buying one for my personal use shortly thereafter. My main reason for having a BB is I recently retired and on the road a lot and love being able to keep in constant touch with my elderly parents everywhere I go. They are in their early 80s; my mom is a computer geek (yes, at 82 years old) and we email several times a day. There is not a day that goes by that I don't hear from them...its awesome to have the connectivity no matter where I am (thank you BB)! I even have her texting now ( I got her to try a BB but it was a little overwhelming for her and she had to have something a bit less technical). I love the functions BB offers, not to mention I spend a fortune at "" buying apps!