Contest: Love BlackBerry? Want to Show it on your Wrist with an Official RIM Watch? If So, Here's Your Chance!

Official BlackBerry Watch
By Kevin Michaluk on 6 May 2010 12:59 pm EDT

Last week at WES 2010 I won this Roots RIM watch at the BlackBerry Blogs Tweet-Up. Though I am a watch addict almost as much as I am a BlackBerry one (one of these years I'd love to start up a watch-dedicated do you like the domain for a watch site??) I figured I'd pay it forward with this sweet schwag to a lucky reader of

How to Win this RIM Watch: As tech writers and passionate consumers, it's sometimes easy to focus on the negative... we pick on where things need to improve and what we want to see and forget about the pure awesomeness we already have in our hands. So for this contest, in the tone of the BEP, I want to focus on the positivity. Just drop a comment to this post letting us know Why You LOVE Your BlackBerry and how it's made a positive impact on your life for your chance to win. That's it. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Now let's feel some BlackBerry LOVE.

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Contest: Love BlackBerry? Want to Show it on your Wrist with an Official RIM Watch? If So, Here's Your Chance!



I love my Storm 2. It works great and it's fast. I use it for work emails. I also use it for Geocaching, which is a fun treasure hunt adventure, I like the apps, and music on it, Pandora is great.
It has brought great joy into my life :)

I have family all over North American and my BB has given me the ability to talk to them through bbm anytime anywhere! as well as given me the ability to respond to all my emails in a prompt manner ; > BB FTW!

It keeps me in touch with the world - BBM with my friends, email with my colleagues, and apps for interacting with everything else (banks, weather, etc)!

OS 5 is great and OS 6 looks even better. A HAPPY Storm2 user! an essential part of my everyday life, from business, personal, and pleasure. It has made me more efficient in every aspect of my life. I truly love it.

Nice Watch!

So why do I love my Berry? Well, for the same reason why most of us do. Its my friends and family with me where ever I go. Simple as that. Keeps me connected to the world with news, sports and weather updates. Its the ultimate communication device plain and simple!

I love my BlackBerry because it made me feel like I have a third hand, adding more possibilities to my day-to-day activities. If I happen to lost it, it'd be like I got a hand cut right off my arm. It's an amazing extension to my body in a weird -but awesome- way.

Love my helps me with my everyday life...ranging from emails to sports. I don't think you could pay me to switch my device. Rocking this sweet watch would be awesome...I love RIM and will always support their products. Pick me please...thanks

I am an outside salesman, and b4 getting my blackberry, I would have to pull over from town to town to check my email if I knew a very important email was coming to me. Now I hardly use my laptop anymore. I can get my emails instantly, no more waiting for laptop to fire up and no more wasted time doing so. It has been a life saver for me for the last 3 years now. I look forward to many more happy years to come!!!

My Tour 9630 allows me to have instant email and my computer and BB are automatically synced. Too many great things to list but having my email/calendar/tasks etc. all in one place and working together seemlessly are invaluable.

I love my storm. I love how I can open a link in twitter and go back to look at more tweets while the page loads. I love how my email is instantly on my berry thanks to BIS. I love many more things, but the bottom line is I love my Storm :)

My wife and I do not get to speak to each other a lot during the day, so both of us having a Blackberry enables us to use BBM to stay in close touch when we need to or just send a quick Hi. I could not imagine the world without Blackberry's.

I love my BlackBerry because it keeps me connected with my friends and family while keeping me entertained. Because of my purchase of a BlackBerry Curve 8530 I now have another hobby I like to enjoy. I'm always looking for new applications, themes, etc and it keeps me busy doing so. It has become a part of me.

I'd be lost without my Blackberry. It has become and essential part of my life along with my wife and son's lives also. To have so much power in the palm of my hand is amazing. There are now four Blackberry's sitting in my house and we are always watching and waiting for the latest news on whats next. Blackberry along with Crackberry is like being part of an elite club. I am so glad to have joined!

I have had many phones over the years but LOVE how easy my messaging is with my Blackberry. My Storm does exactly everything I need it to do and I can customize to my liking and multi-task.

Love it! Can't wait to get my watch!!!

I decided to give up my iphone for my bold for bbm and I haven't regretted it for a second. I have come to love my bb and wouldn't trade it for any other kind of phone!

Blackberry is an integral part of my day to day living. Just for the pure fact of email. With a combination of work and coaching my daughters soccer team I am able to keep up to date on any game cancellations or changes and send them off to my parents. Being able to manage my schedule with my calendar and having the ability to filter my appointments between business and personal is a big plus for me. Then I use apps like BBM, Facebook and Twitter to keep up with Family and friends while on the go. It is truly a unique device that is able to serve all my needs from day to day!

My tour gives me the ability to operate with an extremely busy schedule: full time job, full time college student, family, girlfriend, etc. The fact that I am able to communicate literally around the clock with all the people I need to make my world go round just makes everything so much easier to handle. I couldn't imagine what I'd do without my blackberry! BOOYA RIM!

Why I love my blackberry. By coolguy78240

it all started in 2008 when i was talked into buying a curve 8330 by my lovely wife. she never realized she had unknowingly created a monster. Now i have my tour. I need my phone. it runs my life. it helps in all aspects of my life including my work as a nurse. I work with substance abusers, sometimes due to the drugs they abuse they cannot take certain medications. in an emergency situation, i was able to look up drug interactions on via my tour, and avoid a potential fatal drug interaction. For this reason i say I love My Blackberry. and im sure my patient would agree.

Before I got my storm I was late for meetings, forgot my girlfriends birthday, lost touch of friends. Since getting a blackberry? ( Storm being my first ), I've been so much more organised it's crazy. Contacts synching with FB, Twitter, Foursquare I am now a complete Socialite! I've pretty much lost my memory completely, but no matter as I HAVE MY BLACKBERRY! praise RIM for inventing a product that has replaced the memory of an ageing bloke.
People tend to like me more when I'm not forgetting :P thus bringing me a huge amount of Joy :D
( Now I just need a product that listens for me when my 'Selective' hearing goes )

I love my Blackberry Curve 8330. It is a great all-in-one tool which is a necessity in my daily life. I text, e-mail and surf the web on it daily with co-workers, friends and family. I also enjoy sendings voice notes and short videos to family members across the country, which has come in handy lately because both of my grandmothers are hospitalized. I feel connected with everyone ! It's great and I can't wait to upgrade later this year.

I love my blackberry, its the best device I've ever owned. Having internet access, gps, a wide range of apps and so much more at my fingertips is priceless. Most of all I use my device for emails often I have to reply quickly and there is no better device. Thank you RIM and crackberry for giving me the best blackberry experience.

* it helps keep me on task.
* it helps me make all of my meetings.
* it helps me stay in contact with all my peeps via email, Twitter, Facebook, and the like.
* oh, it makes phone calls too.

This is very cool of you to do.. As a watch collector myself, I know this has to be a tough sacrifice. I love my blackberry because of its unlimited functionality.. It has allowed me more freedom in that I'm not carrying an ipod, laptop, phone, gps, etc. But instead, I have ONE device to rule them all..

my blackberry does everything. Since I got it I don't need to carry a separate phone,address book and mp3 player everywhere, and I don't even need to wear a watch anymore. oh wait...still want to win this

Blackberry's are the best phone out there. You can state your cases for the Iphone and Droid but you have to look at Blackberry as a phone for adults that are on the go. Blackberry's are meant for business people. They offer messaging that's more consistent than the Iphone, a more attractive line of phones, and have been around longer than Iphone will. Iphones are Ipod Touchs. Blackberry's have always been and will always be a Blackberry. I love that Blackberry doesn't make quick changes to their products. They may not make the best decisions but they do research what people want and then decide on what to do. That's what makes them better than Droid, Iphones, and any other phone makers. My only request is they make some nicer color options for the Blackberry. If they can make Red, or Purple, or White why not Navy Blue or Teal (GO SHARKS!!!!)

I love my BlackBerry which keeps me in touch with my beloved ones! Having an accompanying BB watch truly makes my life complete :-)

My BlackBerry has made me more efficient with work as I can quickly and easily get back to people and when my day is done, I've been freed from an otherwise backlogged day. Great to BBM with my friends too! :~)

Because it has made me more organized w/appointments, and I love the multi-tasking ability of my phone, be it jamming out to tunes that I have on the phone, or rocking pandora/slacker through my home radio while it's hooked up to my bb. This is the best phone I have had bar none!

For the many years that I have owned a Blackberry, I feel that my Blackberries have been like girlfriends to me. We have been on and off frequently. At time I didn't like what she was giving me so I would find a new toy, like an HTC device or something. But ultimately my love for the Blackberry device can never be tarnished. My Blackberry has made things some much easier for me at times. Checking emails is a breeze (lets not to forget to mention reading doc attachments), sending them; so easy, scheduling appointments made life so much easier. But I love my Blackberry so much because it keeps me so well connected with my contacts. With Blackberry Messenger, I am able to send a message and know if the recipient read it or not. Some people take that feature for granted but I think its awesome. If I could I would marry my Blackberry...ha

My Blackberry has helped me out greatly with keeping up on e-mails. Also with the easy access to the internet I have a great way to look up information.

I love my crackberry. Got my first 957 and have been lost to the world since. I have had to have 5 thumb transplants due to crackberry thumb. I could use a watch that helps express my love for crackberries.....and it would be nice to win one of these contests...

I love my Blackberry Bold 9000, thanks to it, it has kept my personal and work life in line, keeping me always organized. But the biggest thing my Blackberry has done for me is that it has brought me and my girlfriend together, which is the love of my life. All this from one wonderful Blackberry.

Love my blackberry since its like my personal assistant, plus I get to talk to my girl and friends all day long with BBM !

I'm a student & IT professional... Being able to always be intouch & informed is extremely important to me. My 9700 allows me to do this & a lot more. Simply put, I love my blackberry because its an extension of my being. Green Lantern uses a ring, Iron man has his suite, I save the world daily with my bold.

My storm 2 is awesome. It helps Me stay on top of my business, at the same time keeps Mr connected to my family and friend. My 5 year old daughter who I think is addicted to my phone likes watching youtube videos of icarly on it. Not my first blackberry but really love the storm 2.

I love my Blackberry for all its done for me. Everything from traffic and weather apps to an AMAZING email system, to BBM and Social media clients that help me stay in touch with the ones I care about when I can't be with them. In just under a year, my Blackberry has changed my life.

I still have every BB I have ever owned and would love to add this to my collection. As much as you hear how behind the curve Rim is,they can't be too bad with as many followers they have with all the choices of smart phones there are these days.

i love my blackberry because it allows me to take full control over my phone and its many features. i can customize many things about it, as opposed to a junk brand clunker phone that only plays 3.99 ring tones o_O. It is also a great business essential for my job and having a smart phone with my new ford sync system is amazing. having a phone that does it all is exactly why i love my blackberry! and crackberry is there to help all the way :)

I love my 8830, I got mine before it was even cool to get a bb. Nothing better than waking up right b4 class, checking my email and finding out that class is canceled, thanks bb!

I love my blackberry storm more then any other electronic device I own. Managing my company and dealing with other businesses that are over seas is a lot easier especially with BBM. International call rates and text messaging rates are outrageous and BBM let's me keep in touch with my friends and associates over seas. Name a easier and more useful feature any other phone offers and I would pay you to use it but you can't! Blackberry is the best and always will be.

It helps me stay atop the workload since most of the communication with my team is done via email.

The calendar synchronization not only allows me to remember things I usually would forget but gave me the ability to 'share the day' with my babe (since I got her on an 8900 ^^).

Now with the new gmail features, it simply turned my 'lil black son' (as mum calls it) into a even more powerful. Should they do the same for yahoo, I'd have all my email life covered.

One thing I must mention is my babe who lives in the UK. We used to have lots of problems, managing sent SMS messages and working out calls. Now, with the BlackBerry, we can BBM all we want, and 'talk' all we want using voice notes. Oh and we can talk using iSkoot, which does not hurt since she's got over 500 minutes/month.

Back to the business side, I am fast on responding to issues, contacting people and arranging meetings, knowing that my stuff is safely stored away from the device (thanks SugarSync). Should it ever fall into wrong hands... SrmtGuard can make sure it will never be used for ill purposes.

Did I mention I get to talk to my babe more often? :)

Cool watch! would love to have it, to compliment my Tour! My phone never leaves my side. With facebook updates, my emails, and 3.2 megapixel camera, I cant live without it!

My Blackberry has helped me keep a job in the worst housing recession the US has ever seen. Through my blackerry (at the time 7100i) i've been able to stay in touch and connected WHILE working on my college degree. When out of office, i'm connected through my blackberry while commuting to class and on campus. It has become INVALUABLE for me to have, i cannot be as effective and productive without it. As the OS continues to grow, that same growth relates to how it becomes more and more part of my life.

It would be my honor, my complete and sincerest honor, to be selected for this watch and would wear it PROUDLY. I push blackberry among my collegues, and those arleady with BB's i always push them to Crackberry for app's, theme's and news.

Please chose me.

I'm on my third BlackBerry now, the beautiful, sleek Bold 9700, previously having the Curve 8310 and the Pearl 8100. I keep coming back to BlackBerry because, simply put, no other phone has come close to letting me do what I need on the go as seamlessly as the BlackBerry.

For example, my Bold has become a mobile workstation, letting me get my email, look into things online and by phone, keep in touch with family and friends and plan my downtime!

Much love to my BB for making my life so much easier!

My first Blackberry was Gemini (Curve 8520). I got it when I got sick and I'm very curious what this device can do. I've got myslef 7 days on ICU because of dengue fever. I don't have anything to say at those time except : "God, if it is the time, just take me. But please give me a chance to try Blackberry smartphone that my father gave for me..."

Well, miracle happen. I'm full recovery and got my own Blackberry devices. So far it's very useful and always connect me to the world. It doesn't matter when or where. Just sit down and enjoy the Blackberry. After all, I still using my first blackberry until now. And I'll keep it to celebrate my miracle..that occured on December 31st 2009 :) yup..right on New Year!!

I love my blackberry, because it has made me ubber efficient in my day to day life. Communication is a critical part of my life and my blackberry does it with ease. Also, having a blackberry vibrate on your body is pretty cool too!

Feel in love with Blackberry first, BUT then it lead me to this wonderful website and the rest is history!

Blackberry system has kept me more in touch and up to the minute with all the facets of my lifer than I was was. I'd say I could look at my life as "bbb" and "abb"- before blackberry (seems like the dark ages) and after blackberry!

I love my BB as it allows me to stay on top of my work and correspond with my clients 24/7 and not strapped to my desktop or office. It has allowed me to shine in my job by responding to and sending e-mails outside of normal business hours. The watch would be an awesome compliment to my 9700!

Without my bb, I would not be able to wake up in the morning. I would not be able to keep in touch with distant friends. I would not know what my schedule was for the day. I would not be nearly as efficient as I am now. I would be lost...
Simply put, without my bb, I am not myself.

Plus, I have this nasty habit. Whenever someone asks me the time, I instinctively look at my wrist, which doesn't have a watch on it. And what would show how much I love my bb then an official watch. It would have a dual purpose, which is awesome.

My BB 8900 that I have, helps me out a lot with keeping track of my personal emails, as well as accessing my work emails through Bolt Browser using the corporate web account. It's a great device.

My BB is by far one of the best devices I have ever used, when I think of BB, I think of reliability, functionality, and efficiency. I used my BB the most for emails and calender, it helps me keep track of my busy schedule, and it sometimes feels as my second brain. Thanks BB!

Well my blackberry storm 2 was my first BB, everything was so confusing at first but I got the hang of the basics, learning new things about it as I used it more but how it really helped me was when I started to build a website with some friends. My BB held everything I needed, even my power point for our presentation, my own pocket laptop. It's both fun and business at the same time. Met lots of people on BBM and also met my due dates on important stuff with it as well. So what I'm trying to say is that this BB isn't getting forgotten anytime soon cause without it I wouldn't be able to function haha.

Well let's see. I started with the Storm 1 and loved it.
I have moved to the Storm 2 and love it even more . If I won this watch I would love it too. I need a new watch since all mine were stolen in a robbery last year. I have even turned many people in to Blackberry lovers too this year.

My Storm has allowed me to spend more time with my wife and three kids. Because I can stay up to date on all emails, Facebook, have my calendar remind me of where I need to be and when, that when I get home I dont sit down in front of my computer to read emails or Facebook. More family time is the best!!!!

A lot has changed since I used a BlackBerry! My works have been more efficient and far reaching. My general life also improved vastly as communication is just a few button presses away.

Blackberry has done nothing but treat me well. The fact that it is an email powerhouse is awesome. I receive and send so many emails on a day to day basis while not at my desk, I do not know what I would do without a blackberry. Thanks for the awesome job RIM!!

My (first) BB has allowed me to be in close contact with my coworkers. As I am in the field most of the time, this is critical to not feeling like you are working on a deserted island, where there is a smoke monster and a bunch of crazy people.....ooops....I digress. I would love to win!

Like most BB users, my Storm II never leaves my side. I use virtually every aspect of the smart phone. 5 email accounts, 3 person, 1 school, 1 work. Keeps my to-do list and calendar events (haven't touched a paper list or paper calendar in years). Runs apps I need from the every day (apps for organizing class assignments / projects) to the once in a while (navigation apps). Keeps me in touch with friends (and the gf) through BBM and social networking apps (Facebook & Twitter).

Love it!

Don't actually want to win the watch but just wanted to join in the BB love! Since getting my first BB a year ago (8900), I've become totally addicted, with my BB making a big positive difference to my everyday life. It's just the premier device for communicating and keeping up to date - from the email which helps with work, to BBM for keeping in touch with my friends and family (esp when I'm abroad), to the apps which make this my perfect device (podtrapper, scoremobilen etc) to those which make this my daughter's favourite device (baby go, youtube), I can't imagine living without my BB! Over the last 6 months I've persuaded 4 other people to get at BB and they're all equally happy : ) My BB is permanently stuck to my hand and I couldn't imagine life without it! BB for life!

Work Play all connected on 1 device with family friends all over the world, what more can I ask for from such a great like device!! GO RIM!!!

PS....Can I sync the watch with my BB and get an LED alert to tell me I have a message :)

Well it reconnected me with my lost childhood love. Cannot be happier now. She contacted me a few months earlier but only txted and all I had was a w385 with a standard keypad. This has allowed me to txt much more. No matter how much I hate my Berry at times it will forever be remembered for this.

A blackberry is a blackberry. It's like a high-end computer snapped into a smaller size and it can be put in to your pocket. Having said that, blackberry has helped me a lot — it keeps me away from my mac for like weeks because I don't need laptops anymore. Blackberry has everything I need. I'm focusing on my college now, so blackberry keeps up with me everywhere I go and I don't waste any precious moments standing in the front of my computer at home.

My Blackberry has been a complete lifesaver for me. I have the Blackberry Storm 2 for Verizon Wireless and I could not live without it. It has a GPS, a phone, a calendar, the web, music, apps, etc. I am a student and my entire life is on my blackberry. I am constantly working in the hospital for my nursing clinicals and I often have to be there VERY early, sometimes I wake up in the morning and I don't even know what day it is. Blackberry changes all that. I have my full days agenda laid out right in front of me. I don't know what I would do with out my Blackberry. I think I'd keel over.

My BlackBerry's changed my mobile life. Unrivaled push e-mail, security options, and overall user experience, BlackBerry gives me a lot of control. A premium device with more customizable features than most phones. I'd be damn proud to flaunt RIM's logo on my wrist.

I have been a Proud Blackberry owner for 3 years. For 2 1/2 of those
I didn't have hi-speed internet. :( My BB was and still is my favorite
Way to quickly access the internet. When my granpaernts were in the hospital
And the docs gave diagnosis' we were unfamiliar BB was my most
Important source of information.
Now, my BB is my most fun tool for social media, not to mention to keep up
With appointments. Oh makes for a wonderful phone, also. As the iPhone becomes
More popular, I keep thinking....I just need a new Blackberry! Would love to
Prove my loyalty to RIM by having this watch!

I've had plenty of phones during my years.
I've had a cheap nextel, cheap T-Mobile phones, and most of the time a T-Mobile sidekick.
The Blackberry Tour was my first blackberry and I never want to go back to any other brand of phone. Its sleekness, style, applications which help me not only to organize my life but school work as well, all make me adore my Tour and it will never leave my side, unless I upgrade to a new blackberry of course.

I am a software engineer, cyclist, husband and father of 3. Before I had my Blackberry I would get home from work and immediately have to turn my laptop on in case of emergencies at work. I couldn't be away from a computer for any extended period of time without notification. This made it hard to just go do things with the family, go on training rides, ect... Now that I have my Blackberry, I can respond to emails and stay in touch with everyone wherever I am. It gives me more time to spend with the wife and kids and makes it easier to go out for an extended bike ride. Soon, I will also have tethering capabilities so it will be possible for me to work remotely if we decide to go camping, ect...

Thanks Blackberry

The absolute convenience it gives in allowing me to keep in touch with my family and friends all over for free with bbm. I've been able to get photos, sound bites and videos of my niece all the way in london england and I'm from toronto. My girlfriend loves my blackberry but I always argue with her because I don't want to share it haha. And it acts as my watch, so if I win the watch I won't have to check my bold. Wait, now I wonder if I really want to win the watch? U can just throw me the bold 9700 in white and I'll call it even ;) sweeeet! Haha

I love my BlackBerry as it allows me to stay in constant contact with work, friends and most especially my family. Since I work a lot of hours my daughter can use my wifes BlackBerry and we can have a short BBM conversation. The BlackBerry allows me to respond quickly to emails and stay organized. Mulit tasking on a BlackBerry is effortless and fun....working on a email and listening to a Crackberry podcast or even music at the same time is taken for granted

I love my Blackberry, although its still a Storm 1, it has never given me problems at all. I use for for email,for facebook,twitter,myspace(rarely),BBM,Aim and really love the new cardstar app. Its awesome.

Would love to win this watch since i somehow misplaced mine about a week ago. This would be perfect.

Not sure what I did before I got my blackberry 8 yrs ago... I keep everything on it... would never get a dif phone!!!

I made a forum post about this recently, what with all the negative nancies that post around here, but I won't tell that exact story again.

Instead I'll talk about the community.

It makes me smile whenever I see another blackberry user. That's not just becuase iPhones are utterly ubiquitous amongst people my age over here, it's because blackberry users have a connection with each other.

A rookie with a brand new 8520 might ask me (with my pimped out old bold) how to rearrange icons, or to add a specific application, or set-up something.

I know at least a handful of people run a BBM group chat during lectures to talk together, there's one for the library and another in the tech labs. Always worth checking out, both for social stuff and if you need to ask someone a question but don't want to try random strangers.

Its that kind of thing that makes me happy to be a blackberry owner. I love the devices, and the apps, and the productivity, but there's something awesome about getting a PIN message from someone you never knew answering a question. I've had guys on here do that to me, when I've asked a noobie question. Even had a few ask me stuff (when I seem to know what I'm talking about).

That is why blackberry is special, why it makes me happy, and why I know bundles of you could never ever leave, even on those days you really wish you had something else, but you couldn't just leave the crowd of happy friendly people.

Apologies about much words, and lack of spell checker.

BTW Kevin... you're gunna have to read a whole hell of a lot to get through these ;).

I started off on a Curve 8310. Since I got into the world of BlackBerry it has made a tremendous difference in my professional life, as well as personal.
So many people around me have had BlackBerry's for much longer than I have had one. It's always nice to walk somewhere and hear "Hey! You have a BlackBerry too?! That ones nice!". It's a very fun group to be a part of.
As for professionally I can't say enough so I'll keep it short. With MemoPad at my disposal I am able to make on the fly annotations when talking to customers about their roofs or any other note about their house work. Being able to use Google Maps at a moments notice has helped me from getting lost going to stories or looking for a house to talk with customers. Having my instant messengers available to me 24/7 without a laptop needed really helps me keep in contact with my brother in Iraq and my friends from all across the globe. Also, if I have to get a business' address and/or phone number having Yellow Pages Mobile handy helps tremendously.
Since upgrading to the Bold 9700 I have fallen more in love with my BlackBerry. The trackpad works so much better, having a lock key and Standby key are marvelous when I need to lock/unlock my phone in a hurry.
Like I said, I could go on forever, but there's nothing like keeping in contact with your friends and family whenever you want on a phone you love. I would marry my phone if I could!

I love how blackberry lets me work away from the office while feeling secure. I do a ton of emailing with clients with personal info.

I love the fact that I can do so much while I am at work with my BB Curve 8330. I have all my e-mails in one spot. I can message with my wife. Most of all, SHE LOVES THE BB as well. Which is good because that means she is happy and I am happy!!! Thanks BlackBerry!!!!

After starting a non-profit rescue group and finding that when out and about, when I got home, I had a million emails that needed to be answered. When I got my first Blackberry, it made my life a whole lot easier keeping up with urgent emails that come across and keeping in touch with the volunteers. There is no way I could go back. Thank you Blackberry! You made my life a whole lot easier.

I keep myself organized and connected with my berry! I'm not sure I would find my way through a work day otherwise....

I have had many friends with a BB and when i got brought us closer...something in common..and now its like a little family...with us and now everyone here at CB. So in a has changed our lives in what we talk about and do and how we do it. BB has been the tool to do this all.

With everything from battery life to durability to integration...BlackBerrys haved saved me so much time and money of the years! I am definitely a lifer when it comes to BlackBerrys!!

I'm not sure where to start, as being a Palm fan for a long time I've just falling in love with my Bold, from keeping up with all the members of my family, to finding things to do around the city, to reading my RSS Feeds, to conducting a lot of business, to taking family photos, to social activities like Facebook. I could go on and on. I might have an addiction, oh yes.

If it wasn't for my blackberry, I'd forget everything!

I have terrible short term memory, and without my Blackberry, I'd forget appointments, new people, everything.

That, and she's BEAUTIFUL :D

I love my 9700, nearly everyone of my cousins own a blackberry so with BBM its really easy to keep in touch with them, and through this site i made even more friends.
So pick me I love watches.

...the bestest phone I've ever had. I had always heard how awesome the Blackberry was but thought it was too "high tech" for me. I finally took the plunge and got my first one last year. It's the Curve 8330 and from the very first day I was blown away. I use my BB for everything from accounting to youtube-ing. Can't believe I went so long without it and can't see myself ever having anything other. I can't wait to upgrade when Sprint releases the 9650 later this month.

Hope all the moms out there have a great Mother's Day Sunday!

One of the features I like most about having my BlackBerry is that I don't have to wear my watch anymore.

Seriously, I don't want the watch. I think it's commendable for you to offer it up to someone else who might enjoy it instead of sticking it in a drawer some where.

One is my fiance,(2 months away), a sweet watch and last but not lease is my Blackberry. My fiance always says that she knows that I would grab my Blackberry if our house was burning down and not her. This is probably true because I have a very busy life and my BB helps out with the stress. Reminds me to do things, it keeps me in contact with all my clients and also my friends. If there was a contest that hopefully I could win, please let it be this one. I can't go 4-5 minutes without my Blackberry and that is how long it takes to reboot after a battery pull.

I love my Blackberry. It keeps me up to date and on time with my businesses. It also helps me to keep in touch with my kids. Presently, one is in Europe and two live away from home chasing their dream playing hockey. Thanks Blackberry!

My last 3 mobile devices have been Blackberrys. Currently I have the 9700 and love it. Here are some reasons why I have stuck with Blackberry even though there are many other options out there. I have never been this connected at all times, it has completely changed the way I communicate with people, and my portable media experience.

1.) Blackberry Messenger. A good amount of my friends have Blackberrys, most importantly my girlfriend. BBM is a much easier and fun way to chat than SMS.

2.) Email. Duh. I have multiple pop3 accounts and the Blackberry does an amazing job with managing them, as well as offering the best push service around. Oh yeah, Copy & paste that works fluently!!!!

3.) Media. Ok, so maybe its not the best option out there for a portable media player, but its my phone and I always have it with me, and the Media player is pretty great for my purposes. I have an 8 gig microSD card, plenty of room for a ton of MP3's and a few videos. I have my Blackberry hooked up to my head unit in my car, and always have my music on the go.

4.) Third party apps. Again, I know Android and iThingy have a much bigger selection and Dev's say its easier and more profitable to develop for them, but the Blackberry App World isn't terrible. All the important apps for me are on my Berry. Google Maps (anything google really), Poynt, Slacker, Noblex, Facebook, BBScanner, Berry weather, and a ton more that a lot of people like that I don't use.

5.) Themes & customization. Blackberry has so many themes to choose from. It is very easy to customize your blackberry to look and feel just how you want.

6.) I love being part of a passionate community, and coming to this site every day. Os leaks, rumors, and tips and tricks that I learn every day!

There is plenty more to love about my Berry, but they are some key points. And I want that watch, so bad!!!

I got a BOLD 9700 a few months ago after having a Curve 8310 and a Storm 9530. The Bold 9700 is 1000X better than any other phone, BlackBerry or not.

I use my BlackBerry for work and play and it has helped with all aspects of both. I never have to worry about putting up an Out Of Office reply, just send all responses to and from my phone. Some people think I'm working or on the computer all day long (I'd hate to tell them I am for fear of looking like a geek/nerd/whatever to all my friends and family.

It allows me to keep the world at my finger tips!

I take care of two, senior citizen parents with failing health. I'm able to keep all my notes, contact info, pictures to document things... all right there in my pocket to show the doctors and (On many occasions) the EMT's. Sufing the web on it and the games keeps me form going insane long hours in hospital waiting rooms.

I'm in a long distance relationship. She too has a Blackberry and BBM gives us a level of commuincation that makes those miles seem like nothing. Not to mention Google maps helps me when I'm on the road back and forth to find gas stations, rest areas with WiFi... and, if I need, I can tether my BB to my laptop and just pull off anywhere for a quick break.

Before I got my first Blackberry, when I got home, I turned my phone off and put with my car keys. If anyone needed me, they should call the home phone.

Now, my BB stays by my side, 24/7.

I can't imagine my world without my BB.


My blackberry has literally become part of my body. I use it nonstop all day, whether it be email, bbm, sms, internet, games, ect. What I love most about my b9700 is its reliability. Their coverage is hardly ever down, yea they update things like bbm in which there is down time; but for the most part when I need my bb its there. I couldn't imagine not having it. I'd really enjoy winning this watch to further show my support for blackberry, aswell as RIM as a whole. Thanks for the considersation.

why i love my blackberry? because it is not iPhone and there is nothing like blackberry out there..!!!
And I would like to have this watch too...

I would not have remembered numbers or been to meetings on time but I honestly think the most important thing is that I have met some INCREDIBLE people through Crackberry, Twitter and so on BECAUSE of my bb. I would wear that loud and proud to show my thanks to RIM for making my life better for bringing all these great people into it.

Blackberry love, nothing like it


It keeps me connected with family and friends. It also allows me to be more professional, by arriving at meetings on time and keeping on top of all of my tasks.

I absolutely love my Storm 2! I made the switch to the Blackberry smart phone 1 year ago, due to a career change, which now has me in outside sales and having the Blackberry Storm allows me to recieve emails from my customers instantly and they have been very impressed with the quick replies to their emails. Plus, my work laptop and BB are automatically synced, so having my email/calendar/tasks etc. all in one place and working together seemlessly are invaluable. I don't know how I survived without it before and will never be without it again! Thank-you for the opportunity you are giving us to win the RIM/Roots watch, its very generous of you! Have a great day everyone.

Hey I'm almost new to the BB world but in a few months I've discovered that I lived with the wrong brand before!!! I love to be always connected and with my Curve 8520 this is possible now! Not just for social things but also to make easier my job!! I'm sure that I'm on the right place and I made the best choice with RIM :D

I am a avid watch collector and BB lover. I was just discussing last night after seeing another Droid commercial how Johnny come lately phones just can't compare to a Black Berry. Yea I can list all the good but in 1 word? Solid.

I love my 8900! It helps me stay connected to my personal and work life. Plus, it can double as an entertainment device! I am drooling over the pictures of OS6 and can't wait until I can get my hands on it!

This watch would help he count down the time until I can play with new toys! :D

I love my Blackberry because not only has it alowed me to keep in contact with friends and family across the US and Canada but all over the world with Text, Email, BBM, Facebook and Twitter. It also alows me to work away from the office. I dont need to be inside infront of a computer to do work or have a meeting with my boss. I get to work on the go, outide on a nice day or laying around at home.

I love my Blackberry Storm!!!

5 years ago you couldn't have paid me to carry a cell phone. I detested the very idea of carrying around one of those stinking tethers. Not a chance. I had had a few prepaid leftovers from relatives and friends, but I never stuck with them. I did want a PDA though. My wife had a Zire 71 and it was a pretty cool gadget. Well finally my wife (through much nagging) talked me into ditching our house phone and getting me a cell on her plan with Verizon.

It was a cheesy little camera phone but it worked well enough and over time I grew to accept the evil little device.

My search for a decent PDA was proving to be a little difficult though. With the emergence of Windows Mobile, the floor was dropping out of the non cell PDA market and I couldn't fine one that I liked.

Enter the Pink Pearl.

Back in February of 2008 Verizon was sending out flyers for the Pink 8130 and my wife wanted it. We were both eligible for an upgrade, had been eligible for awhile, and she wanted that phone.

Now just a little about the wife. She is not into technology at all. She could care less, but she wanted the Pink phone. So off we went to the nearest VZW corporate store to take a look. When we got there we looked around and finally tracked the evasive little smartphone down. It was I think free after a 50 dollar rebate and we made the deal that if she got the Pink Pearl I could get the Silver one. She was apprehensive about taking on the added cost of the data plans but we picked up the Pearls.

I was amazed at what the little bugger could do. I mean wow. This was my PDA. I soon realized that I could browse the web, get my emails, listen to music, use it for work, and use the voice notes recorder for classes. My grades actually improved after getting into my first Blackberry!

I was in 7th heaven. I was even googling comparisons to see what was better the 8130 or the original Iphone. Silly me, of course the 8130 was better than the original Iphone. The 3g just barely beats the 8130 ;)

I check about a two dozen times a day, I have over 1600 posts in the forums (not counting the million or so I have in the Storm lounge or have been deleted). I have written for several different Blackberry blogs and am waiting impatiently for OS 6.

I love Blackberries. For all my complaints my Storm does everything I need it to. The grass is always greener on the other side, but I honestly don't know what I would do without my Storm 9550.

I have met so many great people thanks to my Blackberry, and I can honestly say that even though I have never met most of them in person, I can call them friends. My goal is to someday make it to WES so that I can meet some of the people I talk to on BBM.

So to make a long story short I am an addict. I live on Twitter and call CB and Gizmofusion my second homes. I would love to have that Snazzy RIM watch.

Thanks for the contest
(an sorry for the life story).


I love the stability and 24/7 availability of my BlackBerry! I lived in a cocoon before getting mine! I also collect watches and this would be a great addition for me! Thanks for paying it forward!

I love my BB. It's Central to my everyday life. It's helped me at times when i was lost, bored, or just feeling disconnected. I've used BB's since my first 7100t. My passion still continues till this day. Love love love!

Seriously, I couldn't run my small law office (or properly manage my fantasy football team) without my Storm 2. Love it!

Well I have already posted this story here before but I really like it so I will post it again. It all started Jan '09 when I got BlackBerry's for the wifey and myself. Immediately we were both hooked. I would use that phone all day long at work. Talking, texting, bbming, checking email, facebook and twitter. I was worried that one day my boss would come to me and tell me to not use my phone so much at work. The day finally came and my boss approached me. To my surprise he did not reprimand me but rather offered me a promotion to be the lead technician supporting and deploying BlackBerrys and other wireless devices. The position came up suddenly and he wasnt sure who to fill it with and he said that since he saw me on my BlackBerry all the time that I seemed like the best fit and choose me over 10+ other guys. I am now a wireless administrator for an Aeronautics corporation and I love every day I come to work.

Why do I love my Blackberry? Because if Douglas Adams were around, he'd agree with me that it's the closest thing to the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy. With a small electronic brick, I can look up all of the answers I'd ever need in almost any situation. I can find showtimes, I can find phone numbers, I can even brighten my drive to and from work with the awesome Slacker Radio app.

Indeed it has so many uses that one could say that the Blackberry is the new Towel, and much like a towel it must be on you at all times, because it is multipurpose and it could save your life. (Or at least make it infinitely more enjoyable.) The Blackberry is my first SmartPhone, and it has convinced me that the device lives up to its is only smart for you to have a SmartPhone.

I Tweet, I Text, I Poke, I Play, I Buy, I Brag...all on my Blackberry Curve 8330, and I love it because it suits my lifestyle, as well as makes me a real zarkin frood.

I love my blackberry because its durable, fast, sleek - and most importantly its the phone I Want. It does everything i ask and looks cool at the same time. I now dont miss meetings or important events with calendars, i get updates on products i care about with twitter. the list goes on and on, id be lost without it!

I hated BBs. I started my relationship with smartphones with the imate smartphone 1, then smartphone 2, then 3, then the jam, then jasjam, then I moved to HTC touch, and diamond. I was forced, and i really resisted this, by my employer to use an BB8700. 2 days into it i was converted. Since then I have changed to the 8310, 9000, and now the 9700. I have never seen a phone that can handle messaging the way a bb does. with all the windows phones that i used not one could deal with three mail accounts without starting to drop calls. my bb does 7 emails, bbm, msn, yahoo chat, google talk, myspace, flicker, twitter, g maps, facebook, bank, cnn, reuters, time, weather, and syncs with gmail, without a hickup. I love it so much that I have bought bbs for my sister, mother and father!

I now do a lot of traveling between two countries and i need to maintain a local number in each. i still have my bb9700 which does all my data and keeps in touch with the world. What did i get for my other number that is strictly for voice and sms? another 9700!

I cannot imagine being separated from my phone. Not even for a few minutes. I love the interface. I love being connected. I love that i can navigate from any page in any app to anywhere else with a couple of clicks.

CONVERTED...... I will never by anything other than a bb.

My Storm is my first smart phone, and I can't imagine why I waited so long! It's just a fun thing to have, plain and simple!

I can tell you that 1) I got the 8900 2 weeks before it was publicly released. 2) I got the first 9700 sold in Cincinnati Ohio via T-Mobile. And I got it the same day that my daughter was born. So I always tie Blackberry to the little light of joy in my life.

I love my BlackBerry Storm 2! And, I know she loves me back! How does she love me? Let me count the ways. She...

1. Keeps all my contacts organized
2. Remembers all my appointments and reminds me about them
3. Enables me to communicate with family, friends, and anyone around the world...whenever, wherever!
4. Navigates me to whatever destination I choose
5. Keeps me up to date with breaking news, weather, technology, and anything else I care to know
6. Takes, records and stores high quality pictures and videos
7. Plays my favorite music when I am feeling a little down
8. Loads and runs more valuable and entertaining apps than a human should be allowed
9. Lets me open her back door, pull her battery, and give her a hard reset without complaining
10. Comes from a long line of quality, people-oriented products from our RIM family

If that's the type of love you're looking for, then you want a BlackBerry...and discover everything it can do to help make life a little easier to live.

I love my Blackberry because it has made me more organized. I am currently a 16 year old going to college this upcoming year. I use my Curve to stay on top of all my various assignments and activities. Whether it be sports, homework, or class schedule, I plan my daily life with my Blackberry. Since getting my Blackberry, I have finally achieved the 4.0 gpa I have been working for, due to the wonderful calendar and task functions.

i am have been a proud owner of my BB curve 8520 for three months now and since then I have been in touch with all my friends and colleagues 24/7. Prior I had to wait to get home , log onto the net and then connect to them. So much time and money has been saved since acquiring my BB. I love my BB and will never go back to the other mobile I used for 10years.I have convinced 5 friends in the last month alone to get their hands on a BB, which they had done and now they are all hooked.

Being able to instantly receive e-mails from work, or a full size picture of my little boys that my Wife had just taken, to my sons first word or first steps in a video format, no matter where I happen to be. Applications to listen to music in the car, play games during that boring meeting, or just sit back on that long flight with a book (or two), all from this tiny wonder in my pocket. I don't ever see myself being able to find my way through a day without my Blackberry.

I love my Storm and would be lost without it. I used to be a Palm guy, but finally switched to a Blackberry a couple of years ago. I am glad I did! My Storm always keeps me connected to everything I need.

Quite simply, my Bold replaced my PalmLifeDrive, my Motorola Razr, a Garmin that I don't need, and keeps me connected. I would be lost without it.

I can't begin to tell you all the reasons I love my blackberry. Mainly though, it keeps me connected, to everything, all the time. Its the only thing I have that keeps me connected to personal, business, and fun stuff all at once, all day long.

I Love it, because it has my e-mail, twitter, facebook, foursquare, sms, phone, divsx movies, browser, weather, google talk, skype chat, msn, my bible, helps me finding the way for free (waze), maps, music, my travel information, an ftp client, ssh console, a windows remote desktop, a kindle reader, a qik boradcaster, a code bar reader, a Gps tracker, it syncs with my google apps domain, I can post to wordpress, reads out loud my emails while I'm on the route, tether's to my laptop so I have internet everywhere, and if I ever loose it, I can wipe it remotely before beating myself to death...

do I need to say more?? =)

There are many reason why I so love the BlackBerry, but I would have to say the number 1 reason why my device has become such an intregal part of my life is that it has helped me build my buisness very quickly, and has enabled me to be ahle to responde to all of my customers questions, and needs with lightning efficiency. And now that I have BESX up and running in my office it has become an even more powerful weapon on giving me an edge over my competition. So in a nutshell my BlackBerry is the best buisness partner anyone could ever ask for.

I love my Blackberry because it lets me stay in touch via BBM with the love of my life, who lives in the Netherlands. Getting it for her was the best phone-related life choice ever :) and naturally, email on the go is fantabulous as well!

i love my blackberry because it always keeps me connected and has made me more organized keeping up with work and due dates

Plain and simple, I got my Curve 8310 a couple years back just so I could grab my email quickly and easily wherever I am. It's worked perfectly and made being part of any organization, whether in school or as a career, ten times easier. I've waited patiently through my 2 year contract with AT&T for a new BlackBerry device that really suits me and am hoping RIM throws something incredible out there soon.

My BB allowed me to do this things i wanted, but had no way to with another brand/device at that time:

1- Constant connection (only the iphone had unlimited data plans, and it was way too expensive)

2- All my info synced to the could

3- twitter XD (i had an account, but never used it till i got my bb)

Free from checking email; from worrying and wondering about what I've missed or what's waiting for me at home or at the office. I'm free from paying for a landline, because my BlackBerry keeps me more connected than that thing ever could.

I work out in the inner-city and need a device that is reliable, sturdy and connected. I have access to my files and paperwork without having to carry a laptop with a broadband card (I'd get mugged in a minute sitting in my car with a laptop in the neighborhoods I work in).

My BlackBerry keeps me safe and frees me from computers and the office. There are plenty of other "fun" gadget phones out there, but I wouldn't trust anything but the BB.

2 years ago I was using a dating site and saw this girl. I messaged her, she replied. We talked a couple times by email and then we traded PIN #s. We talked via BBM for a few days then decided to meet. Talking by BBM off and on all day for a few days was pretty awesome. Long story short, today we've been married for 5 months and have a baby on the way. I don't know if we would be at the stage in our relationship that we are if it weren't for our Blackberrys and BBM. Since then I've moved from a Pearl 9130 to a Storm 2 9550 and from single to married and a father to be. We are both Crackberry addicts which makes life easier and no fights over our Blackberrys. Thanks RIM!

The Blackberry is not an addiction its a way of life. My blackberry is like Batmans utility belt, every day I use multiple functions (other then the phone)on my blackberry. its the swiss army knife of smartphones. Take my money take my wife... sorry honey. But stay away from my berry os someone will get hurt.

While deployed to Haiti from January thru March, I was able to send an email to the command requesting additional forces during a riot. Our comms had gone down and we had no contact with support element. The email was received and personnel were sent. An Unlocked Storm 2 with a local SIM card is the best thing ever!!

i could sell them out of the trunk of my car. i love mine so much i could scream from the rooftop! it has had a positive impact on my life and my wife. when i up-graded to the 8530, i gave my old curve to her! now we're both CrackBerries together forever!!!

i love my storm because it is a work horse and does everything i could ever want it to do, i am a BB person for life

Blackberry, Well im on my second one at this point. My First bb was a 8900. I loved that phone, yes it was a bit laggy, so i was experimenting with the OS's and different tweeks.. Im def a Tweek kinda guy.. Ive had Everything from the First sidekick, to the Latest HTC phone, WM, u name it. But the blackberry has opened up certain doors that has become very useful. From the bbm, (which is like aim) but just a bit more personal.Send files, Quick Info log, its great)To the integrated email, The useful apps, not just apps to say u have apps..The beautiful camera, and video cam. Lovely flash.. Its just The package deal. It even pushes networking, just off the fact that we have blackberries. I've always wanted a bb, but for me it was short on the media perks wen the curve 83xx came out.But the new series. (5.0) sold me. Social Networking, its all there.. I keep in touch with friends more now,keep my appts. and it looks good in my hand! =) its a great venture.

i depend on my phone for just about everything.... email, social network, maps, movies, nights out to dinner.... etc etc etc

this watch is amazing, and would just help me further my crackberry addiction

I love bb and I am an addict. BB has totally changed the way I communicate and has made it so much easier to keep in contact with my peeps. Most of my family now uses bb's and more of my friends are converting because of my relentless persuasions and they are totally loving it, I even have friends in different countries :) (absolutely love bbm groups). Work is now more productive and now people deem me as "mr important" because of the frequent berry alerts lol (although I think everyone is important). Despite all the negative bashing and disgruntled black jacket white jacket ship jumpers whining, the bb platform is where I will keep my loyalties because "it just works" really it does. With that said I think the name of your watch site rocks. Thanks for the giveaway bro.

As a business sales rep in the celular industry that carries a blackberry, I love this sight for the simple fact it keeps me more up to date on all things Blackberry than any other site. Everybody needs a Berry and a watch sporting the RIM logo would just top off my obsession and Crackberry addiction not to mention look stellar in my watch box with the rest of my awesome watches!
THANKS AHEAD OF TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my berry makes my life easier im able to keep track of all my communications on one device which in turn frees up more time for me to spend with my 6 month old son..for that i say thank you rim thank you bb and thank you crackberry.

My Bold is the powerhouse of my life. It's thunder and lightning in one compact Berry. My Bolds there for that quick pic at the game, or urgent email from my boss. Carrying my blackberry is as natural as putting on my socks. This watch would be icing on the cake. Thanks

Love my BB.. It allows people to contact me whenever they want. All the time... 24/7... rain or shine.. wait, that's a good thing? But I could use a more "formal" looking watch than the beat up G-shock I currently use.

because it keeps me in contact with my family and friends and it has to be the koolest phone ever due to the look and the apps that can be added. I am a Blackberry owner now and forever. Sporting the Rim watch would just be another way of saying..I love my Blackberry....

keep contact with friends family and even co-workers is so SNAPPY since i have my BB thats why i love IT

My love for blackberry goes back years. Maybe that would explain why my wife, and my two kids all have blackberries.
With out my blackberry I would be naked. Thanks for a great site for keeping all of us up to date with things to come, tricks and great videos.

I am on my fifth blackberry now. I feel naked without one and it is my LIFE! I have all my contacts, appointments and scheduling on it. I would actually be lost without it. Its like a security blanket on my hip. Messaging is so important to keep in contact with clients and when they email me, I respond immediately and they are always impressed with my almost instant replies. The blackberry has come a long way since I owned my first 7510. I will be looking at the latest one again as soon as my contract expires. No other portable phone comes close to a blackberry. I just wish I invented it :)


Well where to begin, I could never remember anything except stuff I really enjoyed. I would forget birthdays, doctors appointment etc...
But between my BB and Google Calender life is good, can't remember the last time I forgot anything! Love my Facebook, Twitter, and well any other social media stuff I enjoy. My friends think I'm a geek but that's ok, I will look good as a geek with beautiful RIM watch on my wrist. Good luck to all that are trying for it : ).

My Blackberry keeps me connected to the rest of the world, and makes each minute of my life easier for me. Other smartphones will never meet my expectations...

I LOVE my BlackBerry because it helps me keep in touch with all the people I want, and is just overall a super SEXY smartphone. It's positive impact in my life can be measured through the usefulness of the apps installed on it, and by helping me stay organized with the native Task and Calendar apps.

My dream is to work in Marketing for RIM and specialize in the Blackberry Dept. I've converted about 20 people in my school to Blackberry in the last year and have retained about 70% of them till now. I am an absolute Blackberry fiend, and all my friends, family, and teachers know it. I am very very very hopeful that I add this to my collection. Thank You.

I would love one of these (and/or the other one) to show off my BlackBerry Love. The BlackBErry (Bold) has changed my life. Way less running around to and from the office, productivity is huge, can access email and files from anywhere I go. Getting and being able to read and auth pdf invoices, excel sheets for report and word docs is just amazing. Not even to promote how much work and dispatching and organizing/booking of the comany and other businesses I deal with, I can do on the road!!! BlackBerry's are a valuble tool to any business user. Plus it helps me make way more money with being able to track so much more, and all on the go!!!!! LOVE BLACKBERRY - CHANGED MY LIFE.
And it even makes phone calls!!! :)


I had always thought Blackberry was a hyped up name brand that wasn't all it was cracked up to be. I figured I would try one out, and as soon as I began playing around with my new curve 8330, I wanted to know how to do other things. This website brought me from learning to use BBM to uploading all types of beta software and OS hybrids. There is no end to the knowledge that is gained through this website, and as RIM advances, Crackberry is there to keep us ahead of the curve (no pun intended haha).

Ever since I was an undergraduate student, I have wanted a Blackberry to keep me organized. I finally got one this year and I love it! I no longer have to carry a seperate datebook, ipod, camera and laptop everywhere I go. I have all the information I need in the palm of my hand: phone numbers, birthdays, appointments, gps and maps, chat and Facebook, internet access, etc. In summary, my Blackberry is the ultimate organizer!

Several years ago I read some intriguing articles describing the convergence of PDAs and cell phones. It has been an incredible experience to witness, firsthand, the advent of this tremendous technology. Our current smart phones have exceeded my wildest imaginations of what these tiny little devices can do.

Perhaps the best way to appreciate this technology is to have to try to live without it for a few days after having experienced its many benefits.

I loved my Curve (8330) until it ceased functioning two weeks ago. It was the best BB (Blackberry) I've ever owned out of three. I was out of town on a business trip when my Curve bit the dust. It would not boot up. I even tried wiping it with JL_Cmder, but to no avail.

The following day I called my company's cell phone department to order a replacement. I'm with Sprint and she offered me two choices, the 8530 and the Tour. I quickly paroused the features of the two phones and saw that the Tour could be used as a world phone, so I picked that one. I couldn't be happier with my choice. To say the screen is gorgeous is an understatement. Its multimedia features blow away the Curve, and the Curve is very good. The new track ball is a huge improvement. I could go on for days about the great features of this phone.

The time between my Curve dying and my Tour getting activated on Sprint's network was quite a weird experience. On my drive home from my trip, I felt so vulnerable without the assurance of a means to communicate via voice, email, SMS, Facebook, etc, etc. I was in a new rental car, but you still think, "What if this car breaks down or I have an accident? How can I contact anyone?" Motorists are not as likely to stop to help someone out today because of the plethora of needless lawsuits by unscrupulous folks desiring to get rich off of someone else.

When I was first acquainted with my new Tour (at my son's baseball game in another city, other than where we live), I was so enamored with its sleek look, its 3.2 MP camera with image stabilization (on a cell phone!!!!), its high resolution screen and incredible graphics. Even though it wasn't activated yet, I joined it to my hip and paired it with my BlueAnt V1. Just the thought of having a (mostly) functional BB again gave me the assurance that I would again soon be connected in all of the various ways to which I had become accustomed. My anguish of the previous two days without my BB were replaced with contentment.

BBs are truly tools for life. Try living without one for a few days. The amount of information I keep on mine is incredible; from company data to personal data to amazing applications which really do enhance life. I shudder to think of the next time I may be without mine.

I've been a cell phone addict ever since I got a Nokia 5165 in high school. Since then I used to worry about the content stored in the phone, primarily my contacts. I used to use SIM cards, or crappy computer software to transfer .CSV files and would have to do so every few weeks as a way to backup my data.

Now, that is the last thing I have to worry about! I love that my BlackBerry effortlessly manages my ~1000 contacts (name, email, phone, address, birthday, +, etc.), hundreds of calendar entries, and delivers email to my handheld just as fast as my computer. While it's simple, it's probably the things that i'm most thankful for becuase it is actually the most important function of the device. Otherwise, BBM, sudoku, gmaps, vnc, and slingplayer are also pretty high on the list of what I love about my BlackBerry.

Would love this watch to hold the place of my October pre-ordered inPulse. after that, one watch on each hand. Sorry Omega...

Owning a Blackberry has kept my life in order. I have gone from an 8830 to a Storm 9530 to a Storm 9550. This 9550 is the best phone that I have ever owned. I am truly enjoying it. My daily life has become much easier having everything that I need in one place, on my Storm 2! I certainly would be lost without it.

Lets see all the ways my BB makes my life simple:
1) 5 email accounts in one place. All pushed to me without pressing a thing.
2) it keeps track of everything on a day to day basis. My calendar and task are tracked and simple and notify me when I am about to miss anything.
3) Socially its all there. Facebook, linkedin, twitter. All in one or two program. I get all my crackberry tweets, and I can even keep track of what OS Bla1ze is running.
4) Music - All my music (that will fit on an SD card) is there. No need for multiple devices. Just pull it out while on the metro, play some tunes and check the CB blogs all at once.
5) what doesnt it do? Well there are somethings a BB cant do but lets be realistic, it does everything else.

So the better question is why wouldnt I love my BB?

It allows me to check the carbohydrates in foods in order to manage my diabetes better. Also the ability to use Skype to see my family while on the road is awesome.

Without My BB S2 I would lose my job. I am one of the most unorganized people you will meet and just the simple fact that I can get emails and keep appointments on it Is a huge part of my career... I would love this watch!!!

My Blackberry has given me more control in my life. We all live such busy lives and time is an enemy we can never catch. Having access to e-mail and other vital information anytime of the day helps to keep us going strong. Blackberry is so reliable! It's so nice to have a phone that you know will never let you down. So why do I love my Blackberry phone. It's (R)reliable,(I)ideal, and it's(M)MINE :)


I love my BB Tour because it gives me the freedom to leave the computer behind. I can execute almost all the tasks I perform on my laptop/desktop, on my BB - search, send email/fax, browse, blog, pay bills, tweet/fb, entertain (audio/video and photography) and purchase. WOW! the innovations of technology are endless. Even if I don't win the watch... I have already won - time and freedom.


I have recently converted back to my Blackberry Bold 9700 after a brief bit of hysteria (using an iphone). Not only is the phone a pure workhorse, the camera is awesome. I am constantly taking pics and videos of my two kids. In addition, I am an insurance agent and it alows me to keep in constant contact either with email or BBM with my clients.

I have had my Storm since December of 08. I love it but have been thinking HTC Incredible. If I had this watch that would have to convince me I need a Storm 2 instead.

I use my 9550 for everything; pictures at Disney (nice quality and they are automatically uploaded to, remembering things I need to do for the wife and kids, work and personal email, keeping up with my kids when they're at an event, music and videos, a few games, working from anywhere, remote access to my home/work computer assets, keeping up with family on FaceBook, reading my Bible wherever I am (even in church - YouVersion has replaced my physical Bible).

It is indispensable.

I love RIM and my BlackBerry Storm 9530 because its my first BlackBerry and it has now become the brains behind my operation :)

this is quick and too the point

I love my blackberry because its 1,000,000,000,000 times better then my last phone the samsung glyde.

In my freshman year in college, I was really struggling to make the necessary adjustments and eventually got suspended due to academics. Then I got my first Blackberry which allowed me to communicate with my professors more efficiently and do everything on the go which in turn led to me being able to get back on course and turn my college career around!

I love my Crackberry!

have brought new business and personal connections to my hands. No longer is a laptop necessary for travel. The combined functions of PDA and phone do all I need these days. Life without BB is no life at all in my world.

A BB watch may be the only way to get my current watch off my arm. Winning this prize would be another way to make life better. :)


Managing my business and my personal life used to be a hasssle. With clients and family/friends all over the world, its nice to know they all can call or email me and I can take care of whatever needs they have in a timely manner!

I'm also a great watch enthousiast for quite some years..only since a 3 years i'm a real crackberry addict... i'm using my beloved Bold for EVERYTHING.This means that i also use my Bold as a watch and timer, the downside is that i don't pay any attention to my Beautifull Omega Speedmaster, Rolex Submariner and Rado Ceramica.....So I really want to do someting for my dear watches to let them know that i still thinking about them.Giving them a Blackberry of their own would be the best present ever!!

Its not that one phone is better than another. Whatever phone is best suited to your needs and this is the one for me. I'm headed on a trip ad we speak and I have this going for me all because of my phone. Flight check in. Done. Transit schedule. Done. Update on daily news. Done. Crackberry update. Done. Hotel reservations. Done. Email to friends with itinerary attached. Done. Car rental for arrival. Done. Movies loaded for flight (The Big Lebowski). Done. Music. Done. Just to name a few. All done from my Storm 2. Now I know that its not the only phone out there that can do all hat but my Storm does it fast with no hiccups and its is definitely the phone for me. And so is that watch. Thanks CrackBerry and RIM. Good luck everyone.

The great messaging capabilities and the usefulness of BBM have been my biggest draws for my blackberry. Seeing when people have read and when the message is delivered has been extremely handy and informative.

I'm always amazed at the people who knock their Blackberry phones. These phones are amazing. They're one of the original smartphones, but they continue to evolve and come out with great new features and apps with each new phone released. Their multitasking ability and RIM's ability to change with the times are two of the factors that have kept Blackberry phones at the top of the mobile phone game.

I love my Blackberry because it is like having the entire outside world in my pocket. My family, friends and business associates are never far when I have my Blackberry with me. Blackberry Messenger is by far the best mobile instant messenger application anywhere. Messaging with BBM is so effortless it makes other phones look like the proverbial two tin cans with string. I can take my Blackberry all over the world with me and be assured it is going to work. With the web browser, I've got the entire internet in my pocket. I am a proud Blackberry user and have never been tempted to stray to other smartphone makers.

There's no question that Blackberry is the best! I'm more connected to the world around me than I ever have been before, and I have my Blackberry to thank for that.

i'm a watch nut too, rockin' an Omega right now.
would love to add this to my collection, the watchband looks very cool

I have used all the different Mobile devices out there (iPhone, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, PRE, Android), and keep coming back to the blackberry. Got exposed to the RIM 967 pager in the old days and have been a supporer ever since. Give me a Bold 9xxx any day. Its a work horse..

These devices just work.. do need some improvement on the browser / application data backup/restore, but its getting better every day.

Because all of my friends are inside of it. I no longer have to thing about how to chat with a friend, just which friend to chat with. Doesn't matter if it is via email, facebook, Google Talk, or AIM, the blackberry allowed me to always stay connected with the people I care about.

And it is my alarm clock/GPS/iPod/browser :)

Love is very relative noun. It can be expressed through feelings, gifts, emotions,... But in any way of expressing love there is something all ways have in common that is the feeling to care about and adore something that you really love.
This is a thing that hardly anyone can resist. It changes your life from the moment you got in touch with it to the moment you will die. This really is a break point in your life from any perspective you look at it. These are actually forcing you to change some aspects of your existence. For example you start planing appointments, meetings, anniversaries,... in advance. You become more organized, you know where, when, how and why something is going to happen. In order to know these events in details you must start exploring and looking for information and therefore you are subconsciously educating without knowing it actually. In "before this life" I wouldn't even think about something that is going to happen next week or two, it was completely irrelevant to me, but now, I always know when I have something planed, even for more than 2 weeks in advance.
From my point of view this really had some influence on my life, mostly it had quite positive effect. Now I am more organized and I do things in advance, no more "last minute" working on different projects and assignments, and I must say it really feels good if you do something way in advance. This is always near me, this is my "friend", this helps me with everyday decisions, this keeps my life simple, this never complains, this is great, no it is not my sixth sense, this is BLACKBERRY!

BlackBerry devices have done a great job of helping me stay organized and efficient. I have no idea how I lived without one!

Now all I need is a RIM watch!

I just got my 9700 for my birthday from my wife and I love it because I've always gotten hand me down phones (from my teenagers) and finally, as my son puts it, I have the "bombest" phone in the family.

Why i love my BB it is the best phone and technology that a canadian company had ever made I'm 45 and I had cell phone since I was 21 , I'm proud to have a canadian company in compitition with the world .


since purchasing it in the fall of 2008, i have been lucky to obtain 72 BBM friends. it is great to stay in touch with friends & family at the click of a button from my mobile device!

I love my BlackBerry because after I boought it I stoped using my laptop, dont need to carry it where ever I go. And it's much easier to check your 6mail box in different places with BlackBerry It takes less than a second.

Love my 9700!!

Having Google Maps with me all the time has helped me too many times to count when out with the girlfriend, that and OpenTable.

One of the best BB features that helps me out a ton is multiple alarms, I can't wake up with just one. Also waking my girlfriend up is easier with the ability to set like 6 alarms! LOL

It keeps me organized and on time but most of all it helped me fall in love.

When my wife and I first met we lived in different cities (about 4 hours away). We each had a blackberry and were able to use bbm to instantly communicate with each other whenever necessary. It made that time being apart much more tolerable and to this day we still use it countless times a day. Needless to say without my berry I'd be lost.

I love my BB which keeps me in touch with my friends and business contacts through its high performance and tecnology

From business to keeping in touch with friends and family around the world, to news, weather and entertainment, my curve is my portable communication pod (used more than my laptop or home computer. I can imagine life without it, but it wouldn't be nearly as sweet!

Simply put my blackberry has changed my life. By being better organized, available and able to be more agile in dealing with my clients I went from almost being shown the door to making the biggest sale of the company in the past year just yesterday. I also travel 2 weeks a month and it would be impossible to be as relaxed and productive as I have become without this essential asset. Socially BBM is the best client out there. What else can I say, I love my blackberry and being able to move apts is a major payoff from such a small investment

From the moment I received my first BlackBerry, my Pearl 8310, I was a CrackBerry Addict...I wanted a bigger screen so I held out for the Storm2, and I absolutely LOVE it. I have never had trouble with mine from Oct 28th onward. Using an updated O/S it is smoooooooooooth as silk and I look forward to O/S 6 and/or the 3rd generation; I am hooked!

I love my blackberry. Me and my wife both have the Tour. The blackberrys are our sole internet and home phone. So with the tour we can have an e-mail adress through g-mail and still get it on our phones, plus i get my work e-mail through my phone. We honestly love our phones and even though we live in the county we have great service with Verizion thanks to the power of a blackberry.

I recall when I would make fun of all those people I would see on a daily basis with these "BlackBerries" in their hands, seeming to be walking through life with out even noticing what is going on around them. I fought the BB pull for many years and then by chance (or divine intervention) I was forced to use a friends BB to check email and get directions while on a road trip. One I had that beautiful 8830 in my hands I found it painful to give it back, but alas I had to.
Soon after that trip I found myself toting a new Pearl 8130, within 3 weeks I had upgraded to a 8330 and giving my wife the 8130 (now she is a bit of a budding BB addict). I now proudly holster the ousted 9630 and am eager to get my hands on the new 9650 when Sprint releases.
I can honestly say that owning a BB has improved my life, not the actual ownership of the device, but the features that the BB offers allows me to streamline my work and make more time for my wife and kids. My BB plays major part in my everyday life from emails and sms at work to turn by turn directions when out and about. My kids love the mobile TV feature and movies that I have loaded and a grocery store list app that is loaded on my wife’s BB and mine allow us to update each others lists as we think of items needed (if you’re married you will understand how huge this it). The Grandparents love being able to receive pictures and videos of the kids taken on the fly.
I can say with absolute certainty that my work is more productive (I use my BB as a testing platform for apps), my life is less stressful and my wife is much happier (the only one that really matters) with my completion of “honey do lists” with my BB in my life.
Thank you RIM for thinking of me and thank you CrackBerry for taking an already wonderful device to the next level.

I have been in the Fire Service all of my adult life. As a Fire Executive, I began on Blackberry with Nextel in the 90's and have expierienced just about every blackberry phone that is out there. Last December, I violated my Blackberry relationship by going to Android. I left my storm for the Droid and then Incredible. Last week I returned to my first love because it just handles SO many things much better than any other provider. Typing on the Storm is so much faster for me than any android platform. Business contacts are so much more organized with blackberry because they understtand the business world. I found that the applications for android were much mmore usable and functional for me than all of those "fun" but useless applications in the android market. But most important, Battery life is so much more compeetent with Blackberry. I don't regret my temporary leave of absense as it has made me not just appreciate; but LOVE my blackberry more than ever before.

I love my storm because it makes everything so convienent. I am able to check the internet, get my emails and have a reliable phone all in one.

Quite simply, I love my Blackberry Bold 9000 because it is everything I need in a smartphone. It handles my business emails and email attachments with ease, allows me to sync. my Outlook Calendar and contacts, looks great, feels great in my hands and I truly just enjoy using it. Using it for the occasional bit of fun as well, the phone definitely doesn't dissapoint with the variety of video codecs supported and MP3 supports along with Bell's application for the Blackberry which allows the unlimited live NHL streaming. My friends and colleagues are always a tad jealous, wondering how they can get this on their phones as well. The same could never be said for previous non-Blackberry phones I've used.

Ontop of this, there are a large amount of aftermarket parts for this phone. It definitely satisfies my need to tinker and customise my devices - the engineer in me. I've swapped out the housing, replaced the trackball, changed the buttons and I loved doing it. Even if it voided my warranty!

Really an outstanding product

I was a big fan of blackberry until I got the storm. Now I've ditched it for the HTC Incredible.

I do like though, as I still roam the forum.

I LOVE my CrackBerry because it is ahead of its time...many complain about the current UI, design, etc. but when it comes down to it, BlackBerry smartphones do what they do better than any other device out there!

I LOVE my BlackBerry because it is able to:

- Multi-task
- Tell me the time....a watch would still be nice though!!
- Receive push e-mails from my many different accounts
- Keep me in touch with my BlackBerry using friends through BBM
- Show iPhone users what a real smartphone looks like
- Play the tunes I love
- Keep me up-to-speed when I don't have my computer
- Entertain me with games
- Be typed on without a ton of typos
- Keep me connected to all of my social networks
- Show me the current weather, without going outside
- Hold all of my user names/passwords
- Do just about everything

BlackBerry has had a positive impact on my life in that it has set me free from my computer. If I want to know what my friends are up to, I can hop on Facebook and Twitter. If I need to look at an important document, I can do it on-the-go. When I first got a BlackBerry, my world was turned upside down and I was almost overwhelmed with everything it could do! The BlackBerry is the best thing to ever happen to telecommunication!


My Blackberry 8520 keeps me connected to those I love and want to be in touch with. And, yeah, it has some business purposes as well. But I've been a Curve/Pearl owner for three years now. Very pleased!! Now, give me my watch! Have a nice day ;)

I have possibly the worlds worst memory. My BB with Evernote allows me to quickly record everything I need to remember, and have access from my BB or PC.

I have only had 2 blackberry's in my life a 8100 pearl and my less than one month old bold 9700. But I can say without them I wouldn't be who I am today. My pearl taught me not to judge a book by it's cover it might be small and look like it would explode if another smart phone looked at it but my pearl was just as good and sometimes better than everyone else's phone long after they replaced it for the next cool thing on the block. It made me organized and professional which helped as I was becoming a dad and husband. It made me accessible everywhere which helped me in my business career to succeed. My pearl helped me to learn it is not what you want it is what you need as other cooler blackberry's and smart phone's came out but as my pearl was just as good and free I knew I needed more for others and it could wait. Trust me if you look at me you would not see a guy who would be crazy about blackberry's but if you meet me you will know a kind professional family man that is there when you need me and that is postive way blackberry has changed my life.

Why do I love my BB? well... it carries my life, my soul.
I used to me an iPhone user, but with the BB messaging, mails, and my social life has been way much better.

My 8530 has opened my whole life. From reminding me to take my pills. To communicating with my friends and family. My bb. Has found me the way. Kept me from getting wet.
I seriously cannot live without it.

It keeps me connected to all I love and keeps me working even after hours. I love how it looks and makes me want to use it more. My Blackberry 9700 is my friend and my mentor.
Thanks for Making the BlackBerry!

... I don't have to constantly try to convince people that I have a great phone; it's a given. My iPhone friends are always spouting off about how great their phones are, like we're competing or something. I never have to say a word; just whip out my Storm or my Tour,lay them on the table...and the room gets silent. It's like being in the old west. Forget walking softly and carrying a big stick...I walk softly and carry a Blackberry!!!

So aside from the sexiest work phone around, my 8350i is hands down the hardest working piece of equipment on the dairy! When I'm juggling the new feed rations being emailed by the nutritionist and editing them on the go while searching the web for the phone # for our radiator repair shop this phone has done it all for me! Placing orders for dairy supplies is an easy task via email with our suppliers and it's always nice to get a weather update too. With ease I switch between each process and they're all working hard so I don't have to ;)! I LOVE my blackberry and now my dad does too, as anti-tech as he is; he is now just as in the loop with his 8350i as I am. The dairy just runs smoother with the power of Blackberry on our side!

Now, I need a watch for when I leave the dairy....

I love my BlackBerry Tour because it allows me to communicate with my family when I'm deployed overseas. It's always reliable and I wouldn't want any other phone.

Without my BB. Right where I was... lost. My first one was a pearl. I'm a relativley new BB user. The reason for my joining the ranks of the organised is because I was not. The calendar option has made a world of differense, not just in my work life, but my life in general. Now with my Tour 9630, and more memory, I have put in a few apps to expand on this. Thank you RIM, and Thank you to CB as well.

I have been a blackberry user for about 3 years. My first blackberry was an 8330 and now I have the Curve 8530. My blackberry became an essential part of my life when I was working at a hospital. Now that Im in college, my blackberry holds an entirely new meaning to me. I can almost say I owe my success in life thus far to my blackberry. Its always been there when I needed quick access to files and papers that I use for school every single day. I have even done presentations with its help. My blackberry has become a functional part of my life, its not just a cellphone, its something completely more to me.

I LOVE MY CRACKBERRY FOR MANY REASONS! The best way I know to sum it all up into one sentence is that IT JUST GETS S*** DONE!!! Email? DONE! SMS? DONE! MMS? DONE! I admit fellow crackberrians, I strayed from the path for about 3 months with the Droid...BIGGEST MISTAKE! We all want more out of our Blackberry's. Some want a better browser, some want a prettier UI but we cant have it all. No electronic device out there offers it all. And trust me, the Droid left WAY more to be desired...for me anyway. We have a great device and a GREAT community that we should be proud of. HOPE I GET ME A NEW WATCH! But if not thats fine. I'm still glad to be here.

My last phone was an lg 8600. It played music but was still missing something. I bought this 8330 to fill in the gaps. Full html web browser. Amazing media player with nifty headset port. Mutitasking capabilities, my favorite. But the thing I love most about my curve is theres always new software and games commin out for it. Blackberry made a huge impact on my life just because I've always got my music

I carry a BB Storm 2. This is the greatest phone I have ever owned. What I love about my BB most is the network security. I pay bills and check my accounts online without worry. I have alot of friends with blackberries and BBM just makes chating with them 100x more convenient. And with the addition of Skype to my blackberry I am now able to talk to my best friend, who is currently deployed to Afghanistan. Hands down Blackberry is the best brand of mobile device out there.

The Short List:

• The more you can customize, the faster I’m sold = BlackBerry;
• Its added lots of great options to making everyday life run more smoothly;
• Nothing screams personalization more than a BlackBerry;
• No mobile phone shows more professionalism than a BlackBerry;
• Stay on top of my business;
• Sometimes choose to use my 9550 over the PC to complete tasks;
• Speed, functionality and accessibility;
• Visual, typing, applications;
• Easy constant communication with friends, family and business colleagues;
• I don’t think a day would feel the same without it by my side;
• Accessorize;
• It is just beautiful.

Simply, I love my BlackBerry.

with every one around me and in my company changing to the google based phones , i stay strong with the BB9000 and keep on telling them that this is still the best phone, and i cant live with out it

...My BlackBerry keeps me connected with the college students that I advise and serve, in and out of the office. And when I'm able to add their BB Pin upon graduation, it keeps me up-to-date and a part of their lives as they continue to develop. Thanks for encouraging me to put my thoughts into words CB, and best of luck to all!

I used to always be on my laptop and really kinda stayed home more than I should have. Now w/ my 9700, I can go anywhere and have virtually the same access to my email, internet and information. Plus it's even easier to move room to room when you don't need to drag a latop around w/ you!

its a lifeline. use for all addresses and some mapping with serfing. can't be without a bb now.

I never thought about getting a blackberry until i heard about the storm. I told my dad about it and we would always talk about it and discuss getting it. We then decided we were going to get it. Now we both have the storm 2 and it is great. As a college student, its the best. Im 5 hours away from home and with my blackberry i am always in touch with my friends and my dad through BBM. Its so fast and instant we are always talking. It also helps me contact my professors when my professors contact me. I love it. I can respond to emails asap. Not to mention i met some cute girls who have a blackberry and we BBM.

I really love my blackberry. My life is ten times easier. The email is incredible!!!!