[Contest] LensBoost - Add great looking vintage, and retro effects to your photos, and then share them with your friends

By Bla1ze on 22 Nov 2011 07:28 pm EST

With many apps already out there competing for the space, LensBoost takes a new approach to letting you add great looking vintage, and retro effects to your photos, and then sharing them with your friends over Twitter, Facebook, and BBM. LensBoost offers a straight forward and fast UI with unique vintage and retro filters / frames instead which allows for quick and easy adjustments to your full sized images, no cropping involved thanks in part, to it being built using BlackBerry WebWorks.

Feature Overview:

  • Apply filters in SECONDS, not minutes!
  • Filter full-screen images, no cropping needed
  • Share photos over BBM, Facebook, and Twitter
  • TiltShift – Create depth of field in your photos
  • 12 Unique vintage, and retro style filters
  • 6 Frames/Borders
  • More to come in the very near future!

Developed in part, at the San Francisco BlackBerry Hackathon and having won the 2nd place award at the DevCon WebWorks Hackathon - LensBoost is set up as a BBM Connected allowing you to easily share between BBM friends but the sharing options also include Twitter and Facebook.

You can grab LensBoost from BlackBerry App World for only $1.99 or you can drop a comment here on why you think you should have a copy and you could win 1 of the 25 copies we have available to give away. Keep in mind; LensBoost is currently only available for BlackBerry 7 devices so don't enter to win if you're not making use of a compatible device.

Learn more and purchase LensBoost from BlackBerry App World

Reader comments

[Contest] LensBoost - Add great looking vintage, and retro effects to your photos, and then share them with your friends


Finally an APP that ONLY works on OS 7 instead of works on everything BUT OS 7 ;) Love to get my hands on this app.

an awesome app, have been waiting for an app like this for such a long time, i believe this will be a true contender for Instagram, give me 1 please!!

I would love it so much because it would allow me to simply edit my pictures on my phone. I can take pictures and be like i'll send you this cool picture and while your at it gimme your number! It definitely helps with picking up girls :)

I would love to win this app, because i love editing photos but hate the other photo-editing apps on the Appworld that are free D:

9850 here / I'm constantly taking pictures with my phone & I love it! I'm always sending them to family and friends (on bbm!) since I'm in a new city and uploading them to Twitter and Facebook .. I really wish I was able to make pictures with effects like how my *ugh* Droid friends can ... can't wait to see who wins (including if I win) this awesome app :)

I would love to be able to use this on my 9900. Needless to say I would love to see a Blackberry community similar to Instagram (and give it some friendly competition!)

I was looking for a quick, simple way of editing my pics on the go on my Bold 9900 !! It's already bad enough there's no autofocus camera, this would be the perfect supplement to this EDOF cam.

WOW of all the items that CB has given away... This has got to be one of the coolest apps.... As one who enjoys photography, especially B&W photography I could really use this app. So PLEASE pick me for a copy of LensBoost... I would really appreciate it!

Kind Regards,


Oh yea one more thing almost forgot... I've got an OS7 BlackBerry Torch 9850 and another reason why I should get LensBoost!

With my 9900's camera being less than stellar in its operation I need all the help I can get to spruce up and alter my photos to improve their look. Pick me please!

I would love this theme so mush! I'm always looking for a good photo editor and can't seem to fine one. This would be an honor to have :) The Archaeopteryx

ANYTHING to help me take disguise err take better looking photos of my two kids with my 9930!

yes please!!

I've tried out a bunch of these photo editing apps, none have been that good so far. Hopefully this one is different. I hate how good Instagram is, us Blackberry users need something along those lines.

Hey! I want this hahaha. The only reason I miss my iPod touch is because of Instagram but having this app in my Bold 9900 would be awesome.

I was happy with PixTrix, but the ability to share my photos so easily after being edited would make this the app of choice!

Because my 9900 is my primary camera ... And I have an extremely cute puppy that I need lots of artsy photos of! :) plus it would shut up my snooty iphone friends ;)

This app wanna be awesome while pairing with my:
Magnetic Wide/Macro, Fish Eye, TelePhoto x4 for BlackBerry..
Can't wait to pair them & apply vintage effects..
Personaly I LOVE Photography by BlackBerry Device..
This apps answer my long waiting of iphone instagram like app for my BlackBerry..he3..
A lots of fun, easy, fast, artistic..
Hope I can get opportunity through this contest..

Thanks a lot CrackBerry & mblware.

My Bold 9900 was a birthday gift for my birthday, I only used it for 1 days and send it 3 times to be fixed, os died on me 3 time, I love the phone and I love BB, the replace it for me finally and the new BB 9900 is working fine, I'm looking forward to fill it with new apps and abuse it.....True Story


I have a blackberry 7 and I love taking pictures, besides I have a bunch of friends (iPhone owners) that I would love to show them and make them understand the fact that Blackberry is way better than their toy.

please please please - love this effect, it would be cool to be able to add it to photos on the go :D

I take a lot of photos, mostly with a camera, but with these effects, I can switch to the device I always carry with me...

Besides, I have a 9850, pictured in the story photo... :D

I would like this to "retro" some of the new photos I have of my kids and send them to my parents with some of my old photos of myself and my siblings. :)

Going on a family trip in 2 weeks would love to improve/ be creative with some pictures we will definitely be taking. Thanks Crackberry for a truly amazing contest. Fingers crossed :D

I would love to be able to take photos with my friends and be able to show off effects and filters that are found on the iphone.Now my friends can't comment that iphone is better than blackberry!

I'd love this app, because I use my BlackBerry almost every day as my main camera!
Sure would look great on my Bold 9930!!!
Thank You Crackberry!!!

"But you already have 4 photo editors on your phone!" "Yeah, but this one has tilt-shift..."

I'm a man, I have needs. Titl-shift is one of them.

This would be a great addition to my 9930. i take LOTS of photos & would live to try this app out!

Thanks Crackberry!

Because I take pics everyday with my BB and post them to Facebook frequently. This app adds a different dimension to the same old same old.

Because I take pics everyday with my BB and post them to Facebook frequently. This app adds a different dimension to the same old same old.

I should win because I never win anything, and it would make up for my bold 9930 not having auto focus!

Oh, this app would be nice for those of us who suffer a lot from the lack of AF on our bittersweet 9900/30s. Including me of course :) Just to make the shots we take not that crappy.
Thanks, CrackBerry!

I love using the camera on my 9850, but haven't found a photo editing app yet that I like. Wouldn't mind giving this a try. Retro/vintage is more my style :) looks fun.

I would love this as I find taking pictures on my BB way more convenient than using a camera. Editing them on the phone would be a super bonus.

I too would love a copy. Looks like a winner of an app. But you know, it's on $2 bux, so if I don't win, I think this looks it might the second app I would by for my BB (I have only 1 paid app as it stands).

As a university student, I'm always on the go and I've found that some of the best pictures I've ever taken were taken on my phone at the most unexpected times. I used to own an iPhone and Instagram sufficed for my photo editing needs, but ever since switching to my new 9900 I haven't been able to find an app that quite replicates that vintage Instagram look. I love sharing my photos on Facebook for all my friends to see and I would love to be able to "vintage-ize" some of the amazing photos that I've taken on my 9900 so far and share them!!

if I win this, I can tell all my iphone having friends to take their shoes & kick rocks with no socks. Screw you instagram!

Winning this app would already turn my funny photos even funnier, and who doesn't like free stuff!
Thanks in advance CrackBerry & LensBoost!!!

I'd love to have a copy of this app. I can take bunch of picture of my homely looking self and put it through different lenses then post them on facebook to scare people over and over. Does it sound like a good enough reason?

I love taking photos and I'm always editing them with cool effects on picasa. This would make my life so much easier, and more fun! And it'll get my friends taking more pics too!

I need a copy so I can use this app at the butterfly farm. OMG! The pic's that I would take with this app. come on give me this app lol!

I would really love a copy cause i love photography and everything Black&Crackberry (: This is my first contest and i hope i get it!

I think I should win this because I would post so many different creative shots on my social network pages and blog. Good luck guys!

I love taking photos using my phone because it's easy and fast. maybe I can get rid of molome on my 9900 and try this one