Contest: iSkin Aura - Protect your BlackBerry Bold 9900/30 in style!

iSkin Aura back view
By Michelle Haag on 18 Nov 2011 03:39 pm EST

Check out the new iSkin Aura case, and enter to win your very own!

If you've seen any of my previous case reviews, you know I'm not generally a big fan of having a case on my BlackBerry. When I got my BlackBerry Bold 9900, I knew I was going to need something to keep it looking nice, but I didn't really want to get a case because the phone is too pretty to cover up. But soon the battery door, being plastic, was getting scuffed up from day-to-day use, and I decided it was time.

I had an iSkin case for my Bold 9700 that I liked, so I checked out their line of cases and found a new one for the Bold 9900/30 that looked awesome, the iSkin Aura. It's a really low profile shell case that protects the back and sides of the BlackBerry, while leaving open access to all the ports and buttons. There are cutouts in the back of the case as well, for the camera, flash, and rear microphone.

iSkin Aura front view

I love that the Aura doesn't get in the way of using your BlackBerry. It's designed with a modern look that compliments the style of the Bold perfectly. I ended up with the black/silver combo and from the moment I snapped it on, I haven't wanted to take it off. It's so sleek, and feels really natural. The only thing that has annoyed me about the case is the bottom edge. It's a bit sharp on mine, but not anything a bit of sandpaper couldn't smooth out.

What I like about iSkin, is they send some extras with their cases. Included in the package is an antistatic wipe to clean your device as well as a screen protector and some iSkin stickers. You can get an iSkin Aura case for your BlackBerry Bold 9900/30 in either black/silver or all white from the CrackBerry store at the link below.

Of course, I want to share my love of this case with one of our lucky readers. If you have a Bold 9900/30 and want to enter to win your choice of white or black/silver iSkin Aura case, courtesy of CrackBerry, drop a comment below letting me know which color you think is hotter. The contest ends Sunday at midnight PST. One entry per person, please. Good luck!

More information/pictures and to purchase the iSkin Aura case for the Bold 9900/30

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Contest: iSkin Aura - Protect your BlackBerry Bold 9900/30 in style!



Or just buy the "vibes" first because you will wish you had when you put a ding in your bezel and you can't reach your convenience buttons. I put a vibes on my 9900 today and it protects the top of the phone like a Commuter but its light weight and doesn't add too much bulk like the BlackBerry skins.

Can I have the black? :D hehe looks so nice BTW if I don't win thats possible I will have to choose between this and OEM hard shell

Nice :) I would want a Black one to keep the original look of my new 9900 that I got yesterday :D

The black and silver really suits the 9900 and I think that's the one I would go for if I won one. Thanks Crackberry

Ya! Aha! You know what it is...
Everything I do, I do it big...
Ya! Aha! Screamin that's nuthin...
When I pulled off the lot, that's stuntin...
Reppin' my town, when you see me, you know evrything...
Black & Silver, Black & Silver, Black & Silver, Black & Silver

Black and Silver is the hottest way to go...My wife and I both got our 9930's the same day. I got my iskin and when she saw it, snagged it from me for her phone after saying she didnt want one...I want my iskin back !!...:)

Please pick me for a Black and Silver for my Bold 9900...... I have yet to win a physical gift from crackberry team. LOL :)

I would love this to go with my white BB 9900 once it arrives with my Carrier. Black please!

Go Michelle and go iSkin :D

Good luck everyone! I actually asked my wife to get me the Black and Silver case for my 3 day old 9900, as a gift for my birthday which is today, November 18th! Sadly that didn't happen, so it would be wonderful if I got "another" gift today, wink, wink, hint, hint!

My 9930 arrives by UPS this afternoon.

Wish somebody would make a charging stand that worked with a case.

But the Bold deserves the best care, so it needs a case.

If you had a white 9930, you would want a white case, but for a black Bold, Michelle, how could you consider anything other than black?

I was looking at this one i liked it was wondering if it fit in normal holster. I think white one looks awesome but cant go wrong with black.

i think the black is a very clean look...i'd go with the black

on second thought the "platinum(white)" case is a good look too....

its a coin toss

Definitely prefer the black! Still don't know what the craze is with the white designs. Hopefully I win one for my sister's 9930!

I already have a hardshell case for my Bold 9900. Just want to say that I'm not too pleased with them covering the "Bold" on the back of the phone, nor am I a fan of products that put an "i" in front of the name to sound cool. That's Apple's stupid gimmick, I don't want that on my Blackberry...

Beautiful case! Thanks Crackberry. Keep up the great work. Yes, i can picture a black and silver on my phone!

Great looking case : would love to have one for my 9930 in blk/gray. My 9930 is great, can't keep my hands off of it. The wife has the 9330 , she loves it. We both switched from the 8350I.

The Black & Silver are sleek and still professional. I like the white, but just wouldn't want it to look 'dirty' white. Hope I win one for my new BB Bold 9900.

Man I just got tired of my Defender case. Right now I am just enjoying the feel of the phone itself. I am very intrigued by this case though. Looks like it keeps the nice form of the phone itself, plus gives a little protection. I want one!!


wow this case looks awesome!! the black with the silver on the back makes it look unique. it would great on my 9900

wow this case looks awesome!! the black with the silver on the back makes it look unique. it would great on my 9900

I'd love the all White looks sexy :D
Blackberry for life 8100 Pearl--> 8820 Curve--> 8900 Curve--> 9870 Bold--> 9930 Bold...

Black/Silver is the way to go!!

By the way, hope that it includes a transparent plastic adhesive to protect the back of the iSkin metal cover (the part that covers the back of the Bold 9900), otherwise the iSkin itself would be scratched!

Imagine, a protector for iSkin protector itself!

Well one o these are ecclectic enough for my case collection! Bring it on, 9900 ready and waiting! Black and silver, classy..

White is nice, but black is better! I love the silver back on the black case. Plus the black looks more original on the 9930. Give it to me.

White is nice, but black is better! I love the silver back on the black case. Plus the black looks more original on the 9930. Give it to me.

Time to have some fun! Please take this in the spirit that its meant. :D

I'm sure you've all heard the saying 'Once you've had black you'll never turn back' or how about 'The blacker the Berry the sweeter the juice' (How apt... I love that one!) Lol!

Black all the way! Though the Black & Silver one is pretty cool! Either way I want... No I need!......

Keep up the gr8 work CB. Good luck to all!


Black is the way to go to keep the 9930 really sharp especially in it's coming from Crackberry!!
Thank You Crackberry!!!!

I've always been a blackberry pocket puch user, but that iskin case certainly has style. I may need to make the switch. My new 9900 arrives on Monday. Can't wait.

Its a shame to cover such a beautifully designed phone. This cover seems to compliment the design. I love it. Black is so tasteful. Have a great day C'berry Nation.