Contest: Iconify v1.0.3 Out Of Beta And Now Available - Win One Of 25 Copies

By Bla1ze on 16 Feb 2010 10:58 am EST
Iconify v1.0.3 - Out Of Beta And Now Available

A little while back we had the pleasure of announcing the beta of Iconify from Emacberry. After all the great feedback from you all, the CrackBerry community Matthias has updated Iconify with many features that were requested and plenty of bugs have certainly been worked out. You can get a look at the full list of fixes via the emacberry website but here is a rundown:

What's Fixed:

  • Scroll behavior in the 'Edit IconifyLinks' improved.
  • Fix for installation failures of the Link-Launchers
  • Small performance improvements when a IconifyLauncher will be initialized 
  • Mail-Links support now any Contact PhoneNumber (to be used for SMS-Messages)
  • Instructions can be turned ON/OFF in the 'General Iconify Options'
  • Added a default Iconify-Application on the Homescreen (will open the Options)
  • Scroll behavior in the 'Edit IconifyLinks' improved.
  • Fix for installation failures of the Link-Launchers 

Right now you can grab Iconify in two versions. The 15 link version ($1.99) means you'll be limited to 15 customized links or you could go for the 50 link version which, of course allows 50 to be created($3.99). But, Matthias was also kind enough to hook us up with 25 free copies to give to you all. Drop a comment on this post for your chance to win and good luck!

[Enter once folks, duplicate entries will be ignored. We'll draw up the winners in a few days]

Reader comments

Contest: Iconify v1.0.3 Out Of Beta And Now Available - Win One Of 25 Copies



This is one of the best/most useful applications I have come across. It is well worth the $1.99 if you don't end up winning it.

Very cool app ... just like having your shortcuts from your desktop right on your BlackBerry ... Kudos! Job well done.

Please pick me! I would love this app! Thank you for your consideration! I'm one of the biggest advocates for BB in my organization.

I'm sure with th bugs worked out in the first full release this will be extremely easy and useful. Hope I win an upgrade cause I like this app.

Easy to use and I created a SPEED DIAL folder on my home screen which made auto dialing while drving a two touch affair while not having to stare at the screen. Lost my beta copy due to a BB malfunction. Love to have a copy back.

Count me in! Got burned a wee too many times by "betas," so figured I'd wait for the actual release. I'm a sucka for customization!

I beta'ed this product and would gladly pay for it! It's exactly what I wanted most from my WinMo phone. This was what I thought QuickLaunch was, but I was sadly mistaken. Don't get me wrong - I paid for QuickLaunch but I never use it. I use Iconify because it does exactly what I want it to do. Thanks CB!

I wonder why there is an upper limit to the number of links it would create? Not that I can imagine a need for more than 50 . . .

Congratulations on getting out of Beta. I've always wondered why RIM never made this a built-in feature of the OS. I guess they just were rushed into creating a touch UI and not thinking outside the box of the typical BB experience. Thanks for taking the chance and bringing this product to market.

When I was a young boy I dreamed of nothing but an app like this. It would be swell to be a winner. Its my dream. =)

loving this, tried the beta and loved it:P easy access to gf's contact got one for txt and one for call, perfect.

Go all over the world and there is nothing worse than having to roam and look up addresses etc. so Hooke me up. Thanks

I have the beta version, and LOVE this thing!! As crazy as it sounds, it's nice having my favorite #'s as just a click on my home screen. Really would love a free 50 copy!!! Here's hoping...

I've been using this since the free beta came out and I love it. I use it mostly for phone calls. please give me the 15 icon one and I'll be a happy camper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks in advance.

I was a beta tester for this app and it was great. Very easy to use and very handy. Send one my way crackberry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This would save a bunch of time on my 9000. I hate the fact that I can't put speed dials under a couple keys. Would be able to put a "Wife" button on the screen :)