Contest: iBerry 4 - the iPhone Simulator. 50 copies up for grabs!

By Michelle Haag on 30 Nov 2010 09:29 am EST

iBerry 4 - the iPhone Simulator is a popular BlackBerry theme that seeks to do more than just copy the look of iOS 4. The developers at BlingBerry Themes spent months perfecting their graphics for this theme and no detail has been overlooked, no matter how small. iBerry 4 is more than a theme, and in fact they like to say it is a simulation of the iPhone, ported to your BlackBerry device.

Included with the theme is BlingBerry's custom made updating calendar icon application called RealCal. RealCal brings your native calendar icon to life by keeping it up to date with the current date.

Other features include:

  • Three different areas on the home screen. A dedicated 'Today' area with Calendar/Messages/SMS, a screen with just icons, and a blank screen for wallpaper visibility.
  • Over 50 professional designed icons you won't find anywhere else.
  • Real-time icon reflections on the dock. (not on the Curve 9300/8500)
  • Clean, with amazing attention to detail. Absolutely everything is customized and the whole thing performs beautifully.
  • Built in FAQ section icon. If you have a question and don't have time to contact technical support, you can click on the FAQ icon and get access to some of the most commonly asked questions, right from your device.
  • Devices supported: Torch 9800, Bold 9700 (OS5), Bold 9650 (OS5), Tour 9630, Storm 1 & 2, Curve 9300, Bold 9000, Curve 8900, Curve 8500

For more information and to purchase iBerry 4 on sale now for $3.47

Contest: BlingBerry Themes has given us 50 copies of iBerry 4 to pass on to CrackBerry users. Simply leave a comment below to be entered to win. One entry per person, and winners will be chosen randomly this Sunday at midnight PST.

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Reader comments

Contest: iBerry 4 - the iPhone Simulator. 50 copies up for grabs!



Need one of this one!
This theme is awesome for the torch, i have a lot of time looking for some friend that wanna gift it to me ! But oh my godd is so hardd!
This theme is awesome because is really fast on the torch, you get a REALLY experience that you are on a iphone 4, all the icons are super professional, If you have your blackberry torch on non-slidier ( Closed ) really people are going to think wooowww look that guy with a iphone 4 thats a lot of money!
I have an ipod and its cool the iOS of apple, so i wanna have it on my blackbery to know more about it
This theme is 100% clean and very fast that's what i really like of this theme one of the best that crackberry have!

Thanks for the opportunity guys!,

Best Regards

Good Luck to all!

Not bad, does it simulate poor battery life? If I wanted something that looks like iOS i'd get an iPhone, which is highly unlikely. I'll stick with my BlackBerry.

oh man, this would be the perfect complement to my storm2, i would love to get my hands on this!

This is by far the best iphone simulator theme I've seen, on that if I wet to win one copy ill go back to os5 till a official is release that how great it is, I love os6 but ill make the jump again to os5 for this... :-)

looks really nice would like to try it. It would make a good addition to my theme line up thanks for another great chance at the best apps made for BB. CB rocks

I beta tested for andrew on the 9650 version. I know they put a ton of effort into this theme. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it is a great theme!

This would be the perfect complement to my storm2, i would love to get my hands on this! thanks crackberry u guy's ROCK............

I luv my wife's iPhone's ease of use. If I can get close to that on my 9700, I would be a very happy camper!

Wow... le meilleur monde des 2 plate-forme! Un OS puissant de BlackBerry et une interface iOS d'Apple! :o) J'en veux une copie!!!

This theme is really nice. I would be real happy to win one. I would show all of my friends and they would buy it for their Balckberrys.

I have always wanted this theme for my 9700! Its so cool! I hope I can get it! Its awesome :)

This theme is really nice. I would be real happy to win one. I would show all of my friends and they would buy it for their Blackberrys.

I've always wanted one of these and from all I read, this is the best example of the iBerry themes

Looks like they have done a super job on replicating the iPhone theme. Would be nice to win one. I enjoy changing themes.

The theme looks nice it would look even better on my torch rather than just looking at it on the screen if you catch my drift.

I never did get why people wanted themes that "simulate" the look of a different phone on their phone. Especially when the phones are competitors like the Iphone and Blackberry Storm 2 for example.. But eh.. WTH Ill at least look at it and give it a look-see if I was to win it.. I still dont get it though..

It's interesting that someone would consider of making a quasi I-phone theme for blackberry. Is I-phone really that much more popular than blackberry? I'd like to try to this theme with my blackberry and see how it looks in a business like phone settings such as most BB's

Glad to see it's made for the Tour... feels like my CDMA baby became a dinosaur so fast with my carrier turning on their 3g network less than a month after
...but I love it so!!!

Not really interested in looking like an iphone 4 - but if I win I will give it to my husband who has a Torch which he loves. My general comment is that if we wanted iphones we would have bought iphones!

Well I did have an iphone4, but switched to a torch.....perhaps this will let me have the look of an iphone, but actually get a signal!!