Contest: Global Unlock Codes - 50 Free Codes for T-Mobile, AT&T and Rogers

Global Unlock Codes
By Adam Zeis on 25 Jan 2010 12:47 pm EST

Global Unlock Codes is giving away 50 free unlock codes to the CrackBerry Community. The codes will be vaild for T-Mobile, AT&T and Rogers devices only. The services sell regularly for just $1.99, but now is your chance to grab one free. If you're in a rush you can check out all of Global Unlock Codes BlackBerry services where you can purchase a code for any Verizon, Rogers, AT&T or T-Mobile device and receive it within a few hours. To enter to win one of 50 free codes, just leave a comment on this post. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only enter once - multiple comments won't count!

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Reader comments

Contest: Global Unlock Codes - 50 Free Codes for T-Mobile, AT&T and Rogers



I'm going to t-mobile to save money but i can't afford to buy a phone please give me a code so i can keep my blackberry...please

It would be very accommodating to receive a free unlock code for my AT&T bold from

Please consider picking ME!!

yep... im going to israel in less than two weeks and id love one of these codes to unlock my retired at&t bold 9000

I can really use an unlock code, due to my upcoming international trip. I know someone might say it's only $1.99, but every penny counts.

i paid the 1.99, not much i know, got emailed 6 unlocking codes and none work :-( have emailed them but no response as yet. You only have 10 attempts, so i am now left with 4.

ok, sooo i should get an unlock code because i just recently moved to MEXICO and i miss the blackberry i had back home =[ i brought it here with me but no carrier here offers the one i had with at&t, so im back to the pearl... id love to be able to use the other one once more!!!
pleaseeeee, an unlock would be awesome! a great house warming gift ;]

global unlock codes is a hoax. they sent me 6 codes none worked then told me to go to some site and access a program which is a virus. fuckin bullshitters,this site should not accept those fags to advertise here WTF is goin on

I have bought an unlock code for every BB I have owned thinking that I might need it should I have to travel. In one case I had to have it replaced and sure enough I got a locked one back from Rogers. :(

Would be nice to win one for a change.



Please hook a brother up and I will push your site to all my friends via twitter and Facebook. It's the least I can do!


I'm doing and internship in Taiwan this summer and I don't think I can live with Blackberry withdrawals... And using Att in Taiwan, financially speaking, is a stupid idea. I could really use this to keep in touch with my BBM contacts:/ I hope I win!

Hey I bought a code for my 9700 ATT phone today but still waiting for the code, howmuch time does it take for delivery
Thanks in advance

I have a Blackberry Pearl 8120 that needs to be unlocked..I would be more than gratefull! thanks for letting me enter!

I'm trying use my US bougt device in the uk which doesnt seem compatible with uk networks. Please help to unlock

as the title says, or i shall cast squaids upon thee !!!
j/k no squaids for you, but i could use an FREE unlock though.

Id love to have a ulock code for my at&t torch. I have t-mobile youd think they would work together since the merg but guess not.Its all about the dollar i guess.