Contest: Global Unlock Codes - 50 Free Codes for T-Mobile, AT&T and Rogers

Global Unlock Codes
By Adam Zeis on 25 Jan 2010 12:47 pm EST

Global Unlock Codes is giving away 50 free unlock codes to the CrackBerry Community. The codes will be vaild for T-Mobile, AT&T and Rogers devices only. The services sell regularly for just $1.99, but now is your chance to grab one free. If you're in a rush you can check out all of Global Unlock Codes BlackBerry services where you can purchase a code for any Verizon, Rogers, AT&T or T-Mobile device and receive it within a few hours. To enter to win one of 50 free codes, just leave a comment on this post. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only enter once - multiple comments won't count!

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Reader comments

Contest: Global Unlock Codes - 50 Free Codes for T-Mobile, AT&T and Rogers



I can haz?

Ok, so this post is another attempt to win so I can finally swap my phone between my two carriers, T-Mo and AT&T :D

I love the weekly contests guys! I have yet to actually win one, but just playing and hoping for the best adds a little excitement to the week. Who knows maybe this will be my lucky day... UNLOCK ME PLEASE CRACKBERRY!!

I just swapped my defective 9700 from Rogers which I paid to unlock and now my new unit is not unlocked. It would be nice to win this.

Please help this soul wanting to be free. Free her sould, free me... Porfavor dejame ganar tengo ganas de irme a Peru a vagar y quiero llevarme mi baby

i'm headed on an international trip in a few weeks, and this would work out perfect for me.

*crosses fingers*

i wish i was one of the winners but since it was only 50 codes and there are 200+ comments i decided to buy 3 codes at that price no one can beat that but free!

iam new to the CB community and love it especialy contest that i might have a chance at. please pick me got t-mobile

please after paying stupid service charges for my upgrade this would be a small victory against rogers !!