Contest: Fast Torch - An elegant theme for your BlackBerry Torch. Win 1 of 50 copies!

Fast Torch
By Michelle Haag on 8 Oct 2010 12:10 pm EDT

Fast Torch is a new rotary style theme designed by jmerhi for your BlackBerry Torch. While it seems that lately the trend is to make themes as wallpaper friendly as possible, not every BlackBerry user is concerned with changing their backgrounds. That's where a nicely designed theme such as this comes in to play. Not only does Fast Torch give you quick access to 12 icons of your choosing, it also gives you a visually pleasing display. Neutral black and gray contrast nicely with the white icons and blue details making this a theme you can feel comfortable using in a professional atmosphere. You can even hide the icons in the center dock to help prevent accidentally opening applications. Hidden hotspots for clock and manage connections round out the homescreen. Overall Fast Torch is a nice looking, easy to use theme for your BlackBerry. Grab this one today for $3.99 in the CrackBerry store.

Contest: jmerhi was kind enough to give us 50 copies of Fast Torch to pass on to our readers. If you are interested in this theme for your BlackBerry Torch, leave a single comment below to enter for a chance to win. Winners will be chosen at random, and entries must be in by midnight PST this Sunday. Good luck!

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Reader comments

Contest: Fast Torch - An elegant theme for your BlackBerry Torch. Win 1 of 50 copies!


I really like the design and the uniqueness of this theme I would love it on my torch (: . Hope I win :D

I would really appreciate a copy of this cool new theme! Just lost all of my apps and would love to start with winning this one!

I would love to try Fast Torch. I'm a try before you buy kinda gal though and have donated after the fact when I really like something. The idea of having my 12 most used icons on the home screen sounds perfect and exactly what I'm looking for, and I don't see any others out there like all. :-)

By far the nicest theme I Have ever seen.

I might have to buy a copy for all of my employees with this one if it works as great as it looks.

Great Work!


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