Contest: Enter to win a pair of AfterShokz Bone Conduction Headphones

By IsaacKendall on 19 Jan 2012 05:34 pm EST

Last week at CES2012 Joseph and I had a chance to check out the AfterShokz bone conduction headphones, and they were awesome! They were almost too good to be true, while I shot the video Joseph and Dennis were each listening to music off their own phones while doing the interview.

CrackBerry and AfterShokz had some amazing feedback from our interview that we have decided to give one pair away! To enter leave a comment below. One entry per person, contest closes Sunday midnight Pacific time.

More information on AfterShokz headsets

Reader comments

Contest: Enter to win a pair of AfterShokz Bone Conduction Headphones



Well these seem really sweet. Only one to give away and over 20 pages of people wanting to win it. Slim chances but hey it may go good with the playbook I will be getting in the next day or two. Can't wait for OS 2.0. Thanks for the awesome contest guys.

Wooowww,this headphone uses bone-conduction technology to deliver sound waves directly to your inner’ll be able to carry on a conversation, pay attention to passing cars, or maintain awareness of your surroundings while your music plays, all while keeping the peace between you and your fellow man (or woman).
I wish I can win this contest but my location is in Indonesia...*poor me*....
well,congrats for the winner,may the sound blow your earbones away...:D...*kidding*

Gotta be in it to win it, would be an awesome prize though not sure if British people can win due to shipping costs etc??

Proud to be BB
Torch 9860
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If it makes sense it just makes sense

OMG im begging you can i please win!!!!!! I need some better headphones so bad!!! please pick me!

Seems sick, would love to have one of those =). Be hip and techy with my Playbook and Blackberry and these headphones.

this sounds like a great product. would not hurt my ears with touqe pulled down on way to work on those cold wintery days.

wow, im so late to the game. there are so many comments already. it would be nice to win a pair to try these out.

I should win because I'm always using white apple earbuds with my torch 9860. It's time to wear something else with my quality phone.

Sweet! Need a pair of headphones! Probably not going to win but worth a shot! Havent won anything in months. :(

I'd love a pair of those so much better than what i'm currently using so if this contest is open to people in the uk then with out sounding to keen PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME. if not then gratz to who ever wins them

I wonder is the police would think you're wearing headphones while driving, even though you can hear avarything around you.

I wonder is the police would think you're wearing headphones while driving, even though you can hear everything around you.

Ohhh! Always wanted to try one of these! After seeing this on Crackberry's CES video, I fell in-love! Plus this headphone is really cool!

as a avid BB power user,huge CB fan and music industry professional i would be a perfect winner to be chosen...and will blog, tweet and review them under my industry name and not code name used here ;)

mysterious eh......(damn right i'm canadian, i said eh! AND WHAT......?!)



I just blew my Bose headphones.........I could really use some new one's. Please please pick me. I would really be rocking with my 9900. Cheers

Really want to try this, instead of the really crappy and cracking headsets from blackberry -_- They really need to improve that.

aaaaaahhhhhhh, i want a pair, my current headphones are quickly becoming useless, bass notes are pathetic and the sound is all muffled :(

I just broke my headphones this week and winning headphones instead buying them would be GREATTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!

These look pretty cool, and the technology behind them is fairly new and innovative. Would love to win a pair.

I ve had my eyes on these headphones from the time crackberry put it up last week...... I NEED ONEEEEEEE

This would be an amazing thing to try. Since I am in the trucking industry and they have enacted the new cell phone law, this would be awesome! I would love to win and then I can do a review for you as well :)

Oh, those are REALLY nice headphones.
If--no, WHEN I win, please send me a message or something.
- - - -
My Blackberry...
(And I don't give one about what you say!)

Awesome product, had a chance to demo, would love a pair. I can hear better with these headphones, than convention due to my particular lost of hearing.

would these work for someone that has trouble hearing? i had ear surgery on my right ear a little over 20 years ago and the ear drum healed with too much scar tissue. is there a place to purchase these?
being deaf in the right ear can be a blessing... if the wife is complaining about something I can just roll the car window down and listen to the air blowing by while her lips are moving! - silver lining;)

I wonder what the freq. is like since it's not placed inside or over your ears? Lows would be good but what about the highs... Just some questions. Should be great anyway. A great design concept.

I have been told by many that I am a true bone head, so this makes me the perfect choice for a free pair of these headphones!

love to get this and give them a try. cause when i wear my head phone i can't here the people that are talking to me cause i always have it to loud. thanks

love to get this and give them a try. cause when i wear my head phone i can't here the people that are talking to me cause i always have it to loud. thanks

I am completely deaf in my left ear since birth. Earphones have always been a pain for me. I can not listen to music and listen to the surrounding area noise at the sametime. Conversations, traffic and other noises I can't hear because I have only one good ear and it is listening to music. These headphones would make listen to music safer and easier when I am out and about.

Wooooow! You know something is a contest when 1200+ people comment on it!

Thanks CB and Aftershokz for this contest! :D

I am So tired of having to buy new headsets (that don't even perform well!) every few months! I hope that I am fortunate enough to get this set!

These headphones are pretty innovative, would love to give them a whirl!
I can never find a good set for working out at the gym
- In ear headphones have the cord banging noisethat's annoying
- Buds fall out because I have big.... ear holes.
- normal head band are just built to be uncomfortable jamming the buds into your ear.
maybe this is the solution!?

This is probably the first and only time I'd be totally in for an accessory. I've been looking for something like this for some time

These sound too good to be true... I would love to win these in order to give them a spin. They will def come in handy when driving.