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Contest: Enter to win a pair of AfterShokz Bone Conduction Headphones

By IsaacKendall on 19 Jan 2012 05:34 pm EST

Last week at CES2012 Joseph and I had a chance to check out the AfterShokz bone conduction headphones, and they were awesome! They were almost too good to be true, while I shot the video Joseph and Dennis were each listening to music off their own phones while doing the interview.

CrackBerry and AfterShokz had some amazing feedback from our interview that we have decided to give one pair away! To enter leave a comment below. One entry per person, contest closes Sunday midnight Pacific time.

More information on AfterShokz headsets

Reader comments

Contest: Enter to win a pair of AfterShokz Bone Conduction Headphones


These would be good for me! Thanks for this item in the future direction of my life.....

Posted with predictive text on my PlayBook running OS 2.0.7111!

I was just looking at these last week. I've been debating on buying a pair. Would love to win a pair. Good luck all.

My 49th birthday is on Monday (Also the Chinese new year of the water dragon.) and this would make a nice present as well.

These headphones would be awesome. I'm in the military and we're not allowed to wear "earphones" when running on base, for safety reasons. I'd love to see the look on the sgt majors face when I explain how these work. :-). Come on...these were designed for me. :-)

These would be perfect for work, I could listen to music yet still hear my work phone and the idiots around me! Thanks

RIM should embrace every hardware add on to fill out the gaps in apps. Maybe developers will write to take advantage of Blackberry connected hardware.

I wish can Have chance to win, as a Gym holic, Golfer and College Golfer athlete sometime i Must Do work Out and sport exercise twice a day, so i can spend my day with Music without boring..
This is a Great Headphone with Alot Lof Feature that Athlete Need..
Water and sweat ressistance, Stabill sound quaility, rechable battery and Usb Charger.. It is awesome Headphone ever..

thanks for chance for me to win, i hope I can Have it.. Thanks you

This is amazing I would so love to get a pair. Always listening to music and crackberry podcasts. Thanks for an awesome contest.

ok, i was just about to buy these earlier today and something told me to wait because you guys might be giving a pair away. this has to be a sign. please let this be a sign other wise the one that i have sitting in my cart will be clicked on and paid for. and i really would rather win, lol

I have been excited about conduction headphones ever since I was a little boy. Remember when those Oakley headphone sunglasses first came out? I was much more interested in a pair of swim goggles that had conductive headphones. unfortunately, due to my limited resources (and the fact that I never saw them on sales) i never got these swim goggles.

Crackberry, this is your time to let me live my childhood dream. I'm not a swimmer so I could care less about the goggles, but I want the awesome conduction power.

Go crackberry go!

I have a hearing impairment that makes regular headphone use difficult. Would LOVE a pair of these, they rock!!

ok my old headphones are JANG Just Ain't No Good!!!! Please pick me to win these fabulous headphones.... Did I say PLEASE??? and thank-you... Did I mention that my old ones are junk? Thanks a bunch CrackBerry!