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FindMeHere and Textender -Two useful utilities, free until the end of July!

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Contest: Enter To Win One Of 50 Free Copies Of FindMeHere

By Bla1ze on 15 Feb 2010 06:53 pm EST
Contest: Enter To Win One Of 50 Free Copies Of FindMeHere

FindMeHere is a simple app with a direct purpose. It finds your location using your GPS and Google maps and allows you to copy and paste that location to where ever you may need it. Be it email, SMS, BlackBerry messenger or where ever else you can think of on your BlackBerry. Great for those times when you need to let people know where you are. 

Maybe you are meeting friends at a bar and they're unsure of where it is, fire up FindMeHere and send them your location instantly. Simple application with a simple purpose. That I like. FindMeHere sells for only $.99/cents in the CrackBerry app store but the good folks from BerryCodes have given us 50 copies to give away to our readers. Just give us an example of how  or where you could use FindMeHere and you're entered in to win one of 50 copies. Good luck folks!

[Enter once folks, duplicate entries will be ignored. We'll draw up the winners in a few days]



im a snowmobilier and meet lots of friends in remote locations, this would be perfect for my blackberry friendly friends to find me in the bush, or on the lake! please pick me!!!


Can I Have one please?


put me down for one :)


I would use it to tell my friends where I'm at if I'm at someone's house whose address I don't know.


My job requires me to meet with various clients in the field, this would be a quick and easy way to show them my exact location. Brilliant!


I want one copy plis!!!!!!.

Thank`s for all and for doing so good job.

Im a newbie user and find your page has been so much help.

Thank`s again...


ME ME ME ME ME PLEASE. May I have a free copy


That would be an awesome app. My friend and I meet once a month, she's from a few towns away and I don't drive so we always get lost either together or meeting up so this would help us find each other. We both have blackberries and love google maps, this would be great.


It sounds great hope I get a copy


My family owns a funeral home and sometimes we have removals are really out in the middle of nowhere and being able to find myself / get directions if I get lost would REALLY help!!!!
Thank you even if I don't win


i could really use this app


This would prove very useful to me.


thanks! I'll report it works nice after use this app in Korea.


I need that app!! I am lost without it!! would love it!! can you find me with it?? hope so!!


There is a common practice in Latin America called express kidnaping. This application will help you to quickly send your location to your family to help solve the case.


i live in Colombia, we dont have that security problems like years ago, but i would prefer to show my position every time i can. and this program would be perfect.


thsi seems like it might be an awesome little app. this would be great to try out.


Awesome app. I could definitely use this.


I love simple apps and could go for a copy of this one.


Using google maps has done things easier, but this app will make things easier when you are on your way to a party and you do not have the correct address. You send the location to a friend already there and he can guide you easier... We don't even have zip codes or house or street numbers, so do the math how we give directions.


if you're stranded in the middle of nowhere and need assistance!


Barhopping downtown. You can't talk on the phone in noisy bars. And who wants to be texting directions in a fun bar? I'd use it for sure!


I'd like to win! Thnx.


Sometimes I wait somewhere but I want to walk and explore the area and I find it hard to explain to someone on how to get to where I am going. With this, I would be able to email them where I am at.


I'd use it to let my neighbours know where I'm watching them from.. I'll just make sure I have a good hiding spot.


Well I was sure to see that at least 50 ppl had comments, but not so. What the heck, I could always use a license to an awesome app like FindMeHere. Best of all it comes from the awesome folks at (shameful promotional effort, yep - that's me!!!) :D


Sounds pretty handy, hand one to me please.


would like to try it if I win...


cmon find me ... lol


Here i am,I would like this app is kewl


Cool, I would love this app!


Thanks for the chance.


great looking app.....Now the wife will be able to rack me down.....THANKS!!!!


i would really really really like to have that


I would use it since I am a delivery driver so my boss could know where I was when I am out on deliveries.


Looks like an amazing app!


This would be great, as then my husband would not be able to use the excuse"he can't find the shoe shop I'm in" when I need him to pay with HIS credit card, lol


No more cutting and pasting links from Google Maps!

BB Musketeers

It would come in handy at the amusement park, when family members are trying to link up again.


Seems like it would be a good way to tag photos with location.


Great app for a parent with teenaged kids.


Drive a truck for a living and she always wants to know where I am. This app would be perfect. My wife would be a very happy person.


With the # of roadtrips I do, I could use this when traveling to coordinate with people traveling in another car with me.


Pick Me... Pick Me! Why?...because I fly planes. (Not that it really matters)


I would use this for my band. I'd put where we're playing a gig so that anybody that wishes to come see us (fans on Facebook/Twitter etc) will know exactly where the venue is.


Actually being on decoy missions for my job and not being able to take our police radios with us this would be a great tool for me to have. I appreciate it.


I am a skier and I can never find where my friends are and I have to call them at the bottom of the hill. This could be a life saver for me!


A google map related program of this nature has drawn my interest! Hope to check it out if I don't win :)


A google map related program of this nature has drawn my interest! Hope to check it out if I don't win :)


This application would be great as client always wants to know where I am so that my bill at the end of the month does not include time that I spent at the coffee shop.


Find me here on crackberry!


If Verizon ever releases the 9650 I would never be LOST again with FindMeHere!


This seems like it could be useful.


I often go out with friends and we sometimes take different cars. Most of them have smartphones so being able to send them my location would be awesome and convenient.


hey ...please pick me cos im moving to spain in a few months and this would come in very handy ...


Looks like one of those apps that you didn't know what you did before having it. In.


I would sure love to win one of these contests here! haha!


This would be great to have!


I'd use it to give instruction on meeting up at a new golf course.


I'd love to have one of these. Sounds like it could be a great program.


This would be great for a college student such as myself. I can wake up drunk and send my location to my buddy to pick me up! I don't have $.99 for the app b/c I spent it @ the bars so pick me! :D


Almost every weekend I go geocaching with my friends and I always want to tell them where I am but I never can accurately. With FindMeHere they could find me on their iPhones and Blackberries with out me having to call them.


Cool- this will come in handy for this year's Cannonball Run! :)


this app looks really awesome


I always get lost, I need that!!!!


I would love to use it as I am a typical female who always has to describe directions to my friends and family as "you know, the big place behind the mcdonalds down from the icecream, wait, it's near that chemist on the corner near the school..." haha... you would be helping me to save my loved ones the headache of having to put up with my terrible lack of direction skills!!

Thanks for the competition!


Could i have one as gift for my lunar new year?
Thank you


Fun app, enter me please!


I'd use FindMeHere when traveling home so I can let people know exactly where I am easily, instead of saying "I'm somewhere around the middle of nowhere, probably to the left of nowhere, actually I'm sure i'm to the left of nowhere."


Been looking for an app like this ever since I got rid of VZNav - but it only worked with others with VZNav as well. This app sounds good.


I'm always having house parties and when I give them directions people are always getting confused with some streets having two names. Seems people are so used to the way google maps or mapquest gives them directions it just makes sense to give them a pasted version. I even tried screen capture to mms people but only took black pictures.


Looks pretty cool. Pick me!


As a member of our church staff we have meetings or functions off site or even out of town. Since I arrange most of the meetings this would be an outstanding asset. You can't imagine how many people do not read the directions that you conscientiously provide for them in the printed material that ends up in their luggage.

This would be a great tool for a needy administrative pastor!!!


This app would really come in handy,especially if I won it..


Out running errands, need to come back later to pickup something else and want to send the kids. Tag my location while out and send it to the kids so they can find where I was at.

Anything to make it easier. :)


I travel all over TX and most of my friends aren't in TX, so I can use this app to show them where I am at any given time... pretty cool!


My work requires much travel. Sometimes my family will meet me in the city I'm working in for the day. I would use this to send them my location to meet for lunch/dinner, stc.


this app is so cool! would love to win :)

Captivate me

Great concept, I could really use this when meeting up with friends and about it, pick me please!




I am in a college town, and it is really hard to find places that people are at. This would be the perfect program to fix that. I would love a copy of it!

steven schwerd

im always on the run to diff. places this app will be perfect for me a must have!!!


Sounds like a very useful app that I would just love to win! :)


My friends and I are horrible at directions. This could help a lot


Count me in for a free copy. Can definitely use this app!


Horrible trying to explain directions! Def need this to help me. Thanks.


when i´m in a new place and have to send the address to a friend


Would love to get this app and definitely will help
If I'm lost in the wood or anywhere. Life saver this app iz.


I would love a copy. :P pick mehh plz


i want one i never win anything pick me pls!


interesting ! :) good luck everyone !

Blackberry is getting better and better thanks to the developers


I could use this program to send my location to my friend Mark. While he's on the way to meet me I could hide in a tree and wait for him. When he shows up I could jump him from up in the tree and take all his money, which I would then promptly spend on...donuts! I might even feel sorry enough for him to throw a nice maple bar his way.


Cool One could be lost and found..:)


I had an accident hunting that caused me to crushed anb unable to talk well. It would have been nice to show my son where I was so he could get me out.


This is perfect for me!!!!!! WOW!


Sounds pretty awesome!


This is a great app. I could tell my wife where to pick me up after a long day of surfing the bars & pubs.


yeah i could use it if i got into a reck and needed a tow truck or the police if i didn't know where i was..


Happy Chinese Lunar Year folks. Now, find me here and give me the software to start the new


They won't tell me where they I could use this app to find them... or email my location so they can avoid win...LOL


Many times I've had to travel to places in small towns and then have to give others directions to my location. This would help me give more precise directions than "look for the firestation, now not the garage! Go back! No, turn left, wait which way are you going?"


Great to have and be able to use in new cities/locations.


If the loseing streak continues


I travel into NYC a lot for work and often meet my family at various locations. This would be a great way for them to track me down...would love one! thanks much


I oft find myself lost..sometimes in thought sometimes for real in both occasions it is my BB that can save me


Can you find me now?


*jumps up and down like a spaz*

Pick me! Pick Me!




I'd imagine it would be really good to keep track of where you've been visually, such as traveling on vacation.


I would use this when on my bike
If a friends car breaks down
To guide people to places my band is playing at

The possibilities are endless!


I can use the Find Me app when I Freecycle. ~ : )


This could come in handy as we are looking at rural properties spread across a fairly wide area. I could use the app to pin point various locations and then have a record and directions for future use. Thanks for the 50 free copies!


Where am i?

I dunno why don't you FindMeHere


I ride my motorcycle quite a bit, and being only 19 and living at parents want to know where I am. It'd be so awesome to pull over and just be able to copy and paste it, then trying to pull up google maps, find what city I am in, and then create a text message, and send it.


I was recently at the beach, and my friend needed to know my location in order to meet with me. It would have made meeting each other a hundred times easier if I had this app!


I just Moved to Austin, Texas. We still get Lost once in awhile. And have trouble explaining exacally where i am when asked. I could use this to give my family an acurate location with out the hassel and stress.


Come on, it's my turn to win dang it!


I'm always travelling or going places and would love to have this.


Oh yeah! may those giveaway find me here! Thanks for the giveaway


Tracking me down when I'm out hiding from her!


This would be a handy app!


I could use this app to locate leaked pipe in the street. I'm working in the water utility company.


thanks for the chance


Not only would this be a powerful tool for emergency situations...

but it would be awesome to be on beautiful supercell storm and share location with others as well as pinpointing spot during tropical cyclone for other chasers!


because when i get black out drunk and i need some one to find me, it will be much easier for me. and for them =)



If you're at a party or other social event, and someone is coming in from out of town, you could use FindMeHere to instantly send them the event location.


Sounds like a good app. for those of us who are directionally challenged!!!


Please pick me..! That's a great app to have


I left my family and friends in Toronto to start a new family in Vancouver by marrying, now my wife, who is from Vancouver. Being new here, I rely heavily on my cars built in gps but I can't always be in my car. this app would help a lot with navigating through a new city.

Shay D. Life

...and then pick to win.


Always out and about trying to explain to someone how to find me...seems to be a simple but perfect solution.


i could use this when on vacation in New York next month


I do a fair amount of travel and it would be great to have access to FindMeHome



I would use find me here to locate my family when we're at disney world.


This App would be extremely helpful next time I find myself in a drunken stooper at 4:00AM, needing a lift home, but too drunk to articulate to the designated driver as to precisely which ditch I am currently face down in.


Put me down for a copy ...


please enter me in the find me contest I am a railroad conductor and this would be great addition to my apps


i travel a lot and being able to text someone my location in case i get lost in a city im not familiar with would be awesome!


This would help my husband and I find each other especially when I'm trying to figure out what his ETA is because he's always late.


i want this app for free


I am a High School coach and this will be great for me to give directions to my parents for the locations of our matches. Have you ever seen the directions that the High Schools give out???? Please help...


Whenever I go camping I always invite people. This would make it easy to get them there.

P.S. I always bring my BlackBerry when I go camping. =)


when im lost in DC/MD/VA (as usual) trying to get my people to meet up with me would really help! Seriously! ha!


I would LOVE to win a free copy of this, please! :)


Cool app! Count me in!


This would come in handy to get my friend come get me when i'm passed out drunk and can't remember who i just made out with much less the street name of the house party i'm at.


Sounds like an app with great potential.
Would like to try it. Hope I win.
Good luck to all.


I get lost....Find me.....


haha. i would love to have this app. comes in handy when you friends keep asking where you are. Now i can just send them a text with my coordinates. That awesome and much easier.


Often I am out in the bush taking photo's or just taking a general walk, always hard to describe where I am in a text message, this would be brilliant


I am a manager of a sales team and they are always giving me shit about whether or not I am in the field working when I am telling them to....this would be great to shut up those whining sales people that work for me!!


it looks interesting give me one


I drive from Toledo,Ohio to Detroit,Michigan at least four to seven days a week and most of the people I deal with are natives to MI. It would be nice to send them my location instead of always trying to explain where I am so they can try to help navigate me to where they are. Looks like a cool app. If I dont get a copy I would probably buy it for $.99 anyways.


Would love a copy. Thanks


i would use it if i was lost at a theme park or a big blackberry convention! so my bb friends can find me!!!! i would use this app so much!


This app seems like a keeper


In the UAE finding people can be a pain when I go out to the desert!


hahah perfect for me pleas pick me!!!


Would be nice to know where I am.


Please! Please! please! I would use this to send my girlfriend directions to where I am, because she has a horrible sense of direction her self!


Please Gimme this app..I so could use it!!


How about letting your friend know where you are on campus!

Pastor Ron

This could happen: what about a person who is traveling along and sees an accident; that person could get coordinates and call 911 with the information. It would be easy for the first responders to find where you are.


looks like a cool app i would love to have it


...would like to try it out.



I would like to have that app.



I once had to call 911 on my storm (verizon of course) for a car that flipped on the highway. But the emergency rep tried to locate me via gps they couldn't because verizon can't use digital while on the phone. With this app I can txt the rep or read off my coordinates (after using the app b4 hand of course) so 911 can efficiently save a life . Sigh to Verizon and their HUGE set back but this app would be extremely useful in this manner .


Here in Kuala Lumpur..a developing City..the roads always changing. This would very helpful when you're lost, unsure or took a wrong road perhaps guide all attendees to a group meeting in new clients office.


most of the time my wife is OK
some times she has a little brain issue and gets very confused

with the s/w on her BB, she can send me her exact location
and i can either pickher up or give her directions to home


Great app and I would use this as I travel through out southern California. It would make my appointments much easier to meet me for lunch/dinner, etc.

Hope to see this baby on my new BB.


This would be a great app for me.. We have been cruising downtown Vancouver at different venues and it would be nice to just send "find me here" to friends who are also in Vancouver for the Olympics...


I would love to have a opportunity to utilize this application because it will save your life during those drunk nights when you can't even talk with sense. I think it is genius given the user the ability to quickly send their location to their friends or family with a push of a button. Possibilities are endless IMHO.


be great to meet up with people when hiking


me me me me. thanks so much !


rather interesting concept, sign me up.


Hey, you can find ME right here! :D I'm in for one!! :D


A lot of times, specially with non Blackberry users, it would rock to be able to send the Google maps link saying where exactly I'm at so we can meet there. For sure a great way.


Never win anything, So count me in to win ;)


This would be VERY handy for me, as I'm ALWAYS on the go and often have to share my location with others.




This would be the perfect app to help communitate with my girlfriend when it comes time to expleain exactly where she is. She forever sends me on a wild goose chase when it comes time to pick her up or meet up with her somewhere.

Please send me a copy !!


im terrible with giving directions to my parents when im at my friends house and asking them what there address is. It would be great so i can quickly send it to my parents without any hassle and they can pick me up without calling me 100 times for the address! please


im terrible with giving directions to my parents when im at my friends house and asking them what there address is. It would be great so i can quickly send it to my parents without any hassle and they can pick me up without calling me 100 times for the address! please


i do promtional events around toronto Ontario on a weekly basis and this would be an easy way to send the address of each place i am holding the event at.