BerryWeather 2.1 Gets Official; Thank You to Beta Tester Contest: 50 Free Copies of BerryWeather to be Won!

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Feb 2010 01:06 pm EST
BerryWeather 2.1 Public Beta Now Available

The folks at Bellshare let me know their insanely popular weather application BerryWeather has been updated to version 2.1.40 and is now out of public beta and officially available. A lot of key differences came with the 2.1 version as it's a re-write of the original code which will perform better across all BlackBerry devices, while taking nothing from the BerryWeather that so many have come to love. As a thank yout to everybody at CrackBerry who helped Bellshare with the beta testing of the latest version, they have offered us up 50 free copies to give away to our readers.

Win a Free Copy of BerryWeather: Drop a comment on this post for your chance to win one of 50 full versions of BerryWeather. Let us know what your favorite season is or what you hate about your least favorite season. For me, it's winter. Hockey and curling and snowmobiling aside, Canadian winters are never fun as it often times gets cold enough to freeze your face off. I'd much rather be at the beach :)

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BerryWeather 2.1 Gets Official; Thank You to Beta Tester Contest: 50 Free Copies of BerryWeather to be Won!



Love Canada...but I can play hockey in an arena. Nothing better than walking into an arena in the summer wearing shorts.

Nothing like summer for me. Beer, steak, beach. Sometimes I could say in Ontario Canada we have 10 months of winter and the rest is spring, summer and autumn.

In Minnesota, winters are by far the worst season! When it's too cold to even go out that pretty much sums it up! Yes some winter activities are fun but most days are just too cold for me to find them enjoyable.

I've been reading alot about this app and...... Yes I would like a free one please. hahahahaha. If i dont I will probaby end up buying it.

Yes please king people of Crackberry.

New to the blackberry and yet to find a decent weather app that covers the UK.

I love the summer: playing baseball on the spring training fields, going to the San Diego beach, long sunlit days.

im from malaysia and i would like to have a copy of the latest awesome berryweather .. everytime i look on the cool icon and superb weather forecast on youtube or site , i envy those who have it .. drool* , but here in msia we cant buy it through app store and ive had no credit card .. i would reli love ti have this awesome app for me to show off to the rest of ma mate :)

My favorite season is autumn, because its just starting to cool down after a very long, very hot summer!! A sweatshirt is all I need to keep warm :)

Berry Weather is one of the greatest Apps I have ever used. Having the weather icon on my homescreen like an HTC Sense UI is visually stunning. This new update would great to have.

Guess I forgot to actually say what .y favorite season is in .y last comment. Most people will probablly say spring but I like the fall. All the leaves on the trees change to a plethora of oranges, yellows and browns and I like how its still just a little warm but much cooler than summer. It also gives me that secure feeling of getting ready for the cold months approaching. I also like the occasional wintery blast of cold sleet and rain. Central Texas doesn't get much snow but I like the rain.

After using the free version I definitely see why everyone rates this so high. It would be very nice to get the upgrade via a Crackberry contest.

BTW, is curling really that popular in Canada? I found that interesting since I get harrassed to no end when I say I am glad it is an Olympic year so I get to see curling.

Well...i live in Columbia, South Carolina. Normally considered the "armpit of the south" (haha)...yes, that really is what they call it around here. And that's cause normally, even now in Feb., it'll be at least in the 60's. And up in the 100's in summer. But, this wonderful winter it COLD!!! But not cold enough for some nice snow...just cold and wet. And what better way to know when my wonderful "armpit" weather will return than got it!...BerryWeather 2.1.40 (hint, hint, hint). :o)

Winter, generally speaking, is not so bad but, we've gotten snow on the beach this year and that's just plain wrong. Would love to track some storms on my Storm!

My favorite season is the summer. The reason is I get to take my motorcycle wherever I want. I ride my motorcycle to work (more fuel efficient), day rides, and sometimes weekend long rides. It would be great to have BerryWeather on my storm to ensure I get home dry, and help me get out of work early (hey boss, rain is coming, need to get home now!). This will not only help me, but also the group I ride with when i'm out with them.

P.S. Obviously, I won't check the weather while riding...

Nothing like checking the weather to find Mostly Sunny and 80 degrees. Summer all the way, head for the beach!!!!!

I would love to win a copy. Gimme that berry !!! I love the snow so winter time is the best for me. Summer in Vegas in pure murder

I'm a huge fan of BerryWeather, and currently use the free app on my 9700. My favorite season is definitely summer. Aside from the heat waves here in socal, it's always nice to see girls show a little more skin than usual :)

I love the rain and constant rain during the spring makes it so much more enjoyable! Also, I was born in May so thats why I love it even more! :)

I love fall. I used to live in New Hampshire and I loved to mountain bike in the fall. It made me feel alive!

spring .. not to hot in socal and not to cold in socal and lot less rain. summers are to damn hot in socal where i live.

Really enjoy the winter months just taking the family up to the snow. My 3 year old loves to check out the radar to see what's coming our way. Must have this app I might have a future meteorologist here.

Not many people say Autumn, which is strange as it is the season when a lot of new gadgets are coming out. All in time for the Holdiday season. That is why it is my favorite.
New ipods, games etc. And also of course often new Blackberries!!!!

Winter. What is there to like? Fingers and toes frozen, shoveling snow off the car, BB falling in the snow bank! Colds etc

BerryWeather is sexy. Yes, indeed! I'd love to get me a FREE copy. I'll enjoy using it during my favorite season: SUMMER. Less traffic, warm weather, and more outdoor activities to be done. I'll also enjoy it during my least favorite season: WINTER. It's cold and often rains. I'm from CA. Rain makes me lazy.

I beta tested and I have the older version but I can't afford to get the new one now. Please help me!

this app would be so sweet on my storm2 cause i like to show off all my new gadgets when i get them in every season... but i really dislike winter cause it so clod and miserable but all other seasons rock

My favorite/most disappointing season is winter!! I live in NC and we never get good inclement weather! I love a good snow storm or anything frozen for that matter; can everyone tell i'm from the south? We are in some kind of anti-frozen armpit where 30 minutes north everyone gets 6" plus and we get either nothing or a measly 1 or 2 inches... Whatever, at least if I get one of these free copies i can track, and wish, we will get some frozen precipitation!

Crackberry is best!

hard to decide. Love spring, except for the storms. Love summer, except for the humidity. Love fall, except for the fact that winter is not far away.

summer time in los angeles, california is the best. the beaches, and the sunshine. stays beautiful between march and october.

I would typically say winter, but looking outside in VA right now we have a foot of snow and are expecting at least a foot more...

Hopefully that sees this will pm me and tell me where to get that them for my Tour!!! Already own the app so Im good there. Great app though!!

We get some crazy snow storms in Ohio, I was looking for BerryWeather on Blackberry App World and couldn't find it, it's right here all along at Crackberry. Would love to win a free copy so I won't lose BerryWeather again and we'll weather the storms together.

im about sick of this cold weather and blizzards. its always to cold or nasty to goanywhere but then when you think its nice and you get there then gets too bad to get home almost. i just cant wait for the summer partys

I've considered downloading BerryWeather multiple times but never seem to catch it when it's 50% off. Just can't bring myself to download it at full price. Free would definetly be the better option. Time to keep track of the weather just in time for the Olympics.

hmmm my favorite season is summer my least favorite is winter. I hate having to get all bundled up to be able to out and do anything and that my electric bill skyrockets in the winter.

Summer is my favorite. Its when the air warms and the planes take to the sky, disgorging their payloads of skydivers worshiping the the warm air, and the beauty of the sky above and the ground below.

i love summer. cos maybe i just love the babes in the beaches! hahahaha. i want berryweather for my 8900 puhleez!

Winter would be my least favorite. For me, after a long Montana Winter, Spring is the one I look forward to the most; although, Summer ain't too shabby either. I'll have to say Spring is my favorite.

I guess my current favorite season would be Summer. Nothing like fishing all night long with endless daylight. Got to love the interior of Alaska.

I love spring. The snow melting, going to the beach, the street sweepers and the green grass. The nice sunshine and wind.

Meneed this amazing way of keeping up with all the changes in weather which is defining our new life

I've been studying in Australia as an international student so you know things suck when I do not have my family by my side....all I can do is keep in touch with them through email and my Bold 9000 is awesome because it can help :)

I love fall, since the panorama is the best :)
what I hate is a really really cold winter like these winter :(

That is my least favorite season. It is VERY difficult, and not very safe, to drive the Harley during the winter. Not to mention all of the snow and cold... Ugh...

I love Spring in Hawaii, Yes we do have spring here :-) The flowers and air is sooo vibrant and clear. The flowers fragrance is so strong, and you can just drive and smell it. Not vog or pollution. Definitely makes you want to go hiking or drive to Waimea and just cruize! ;-)

I'm in the UK, specifically east anglia...and yes it really is as rainy as is rumoured.

Previous too my 9700 I was a curve girl, and never bothered with apps etc, now I'm loving any I can get my hands on..and I'm lacking a weather app ;)

Autumn is my fave, warm anough to not need 5 layers and wellies, but perfect for chunky knits and booties :)



and I would like this one so I can keep informed on my FAVORITE SEASON!! WINTER... hockey is awesome and so I building snowmen lol

Fall is my favorite Season as I love extreme weather, especially storms (no pun intended as I have a Storm2 and love it too). Unpredictable - Tropical winds, warm fronts, cold fronts, leaves falling, Football. I love it!

This is a great Application cause growing up in the West Indies and living in the DC area now,keeping up with the weather can be tiring especially in the winter......This is a must have app....Lets Get It!!!!!!

My favorite season is Spring. The time when the cold weather turns into warm weather. I can go out with the kids rather than stay inside and figure out what to do inside during winter. A lighter jacket too, not a heavy coat. Don't get me wrong. There is good tthings I like about winter like cuddling up with my girl at night wwhen the kids asleep. We do it year round anyway but its sweeter at night during the winter. Anyway, that's my favorite season, spring, my least favorite winter.

I picked up snowboarding a few years ago for the winter so now I like all the seasons.

I've tried all the versions of BerryWeather and it kills the performance of my bb. Is the current version (2.1.40) better? They said 2.0 was better but not really.

I hate summer in Florida, heat, rain, flooding, hurricanes.....all the reason this place was/is a swamp!

im a sucker for snowboarding. and berryweather would make a perfect app to check out how the weather is at all my usual slopes. please gimme gimme gimme!

hey all, this is my first blackberry storm 2. i need some good apps. ok afor my fav season, deff summer my family spends almost every weekend at coney island in cincinnati (pool). chillin and lovin the sun......hope i win

i'm sure i'm in the minority on this one, but I live in LA and hate summer.
we pretty much only have 2 seasons: summer and not so much summer.
berry weather would be great so i could sit in my car in the nice air conditioning as i watch the outside temp skyrocket on my blackberry.

Of course summer is my favorite season. girls in bikinis on beaches no school having fun. nothing to worry about just waking up hanging out and doing the same over nd over.Now winter feels like theres less stuff to do plus its freezing outtt. school is back and everything seems to die down.

I LOVE winter, I LOVE snow...

I also love apps that tell me when it is going to snow..ha ha.

This would be perfect for me, Please Please Please.

Well my favorite season would be autumn. Simply because the climate is not too hot or not too cold, it's at a good temperature that's seems too suite me the best over summer & winter (the extreme ends of the spectrum). Plus it's close to my birthday so that's all good too.

Favorite season is Spring/Summer. One because my Birthday falls in there and it's warm. Least favorite is winter because it's to cold.

This would be excellent for me, since the accuweather push site doesn't seem to work right on my pearl flip....I have the icon with weather, but when I go to the site it's all scrambled.

As for favorite season....probably spring, maybe fall. Those few days when it's not unbearably hot here in Mississippi, but not freezing cold either. You can just go out in a light jacket, or maybe just long sleeves, and enjoy clear weather....

I'm currently using berryweather version 1.5 & love this app very much. Its accuracy is reliable helps me in monitoring the weather to decide which route i want to take. Where i live(jakarta), if it rain heavily, there will be flood in certain locations & it will make traffic jams. So, by monitoring the weather, if its rain heavily, i would rather stay where i am at that time, or decide which route that i have to take to avoid the traffic jam.

I love winter in Vancouver because of snowboarding, but I hate it because of all the rain!

Summer's awesome though, nothing better than relaxing on the beach