BerryWeather 2.1 Gets Official; Thank You to Beta Tester Contest: 50 Free Copies of BerryWeather to be Won!

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Feb 2010 01:06 pm EST
BerryWeather 2.1 Public Beta Now Available

The folks at Bellshare let me know their insanely popular weather application BerryWeather has been updated to version 2.1.40 and is now out of public beta and officially available. A lot of key differences came with the 2.1 version as it's a re-write of the original code which will perform better across all BlackBerry devices, while taking nothing from the BerryWeather that so many have come to love. As a thank yout to everybody at CrackBerry who helped Bellshare with the beta testing of the latest version, they have offered us up 50 free copies to give away to our readers.

Win a Free Copy of BerryWeather: Drop a comment on this post for your chance to win one of 50 full versions of BerryWeather. Let us know what your favorite season is or what you hate about your least favorite season. For me, it's winter. Hockey and curling and snowmobiling aside, Canadian winters are never fun as it often times gets cold enough to freeze your face off. I'd much rather be at the beach :)

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BerryWeather 2.1 Gets Official; Thank You to Beta Tester Contest: 50 Free Copies of BerryWeather to be Won!



I have used other weather apps and none have really done it for me. I would love a copy of BerryWeather since I read frequently that it is very good as a weather app. I live in the Valley of the Sun (Phoenix) and while I love the weather year-round, yes, even the heat. Sometimes I just want to know how hot is it?

We have had so much berry crazy weather that I sure could use Berry Weather to help me keep track! Rain, rain, rain down here in South Georgia. I hate this time of year-the darkness on the way to work and the darkness on your way home! I long for the warm summer days spent floating in my pool or walking along the beaches of Ft Walton! I need to feel my "toes in the water and ass in the sand!" : )

I never win lol. I would love to have this product it would be awesome to finally get a good program to view the weather on my phone!

I love winter cause it is rare to see snow in Shanghai now. 20 years ago huge snow and right now I have to explain to my son what a snowman is and how can we make one. Love to travel in snowy winter!

I hate the winter.. gah.. and for someone from oregon.. i should be used to these long crappy winters.. but no.. i hate it. Need me a good app to check on the weather at the particular hour.

Here is Ohio we get a full taste of all 4 seasons. Love them all, but could use more Fall, less Winter. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of Berry Weather so I can keep track of it all! :-)

I missed the Christmas discount offer,
I live Shanghai China, I hates rain season. Now use 2.0 Free Version.
I would love this for my Bold 9000.

Summer is my favourite season. Living in Canada means that WINTER is my least favourite, since it seem to least from Sept. to June!!

Walking to class on campus when it's -30 and some of your older friends landed jobs in California last year. Good times.

The original was great! This is even better. Anything has to be better than! I will be using this daily!

I'm Canadian and I love my winter cold, dry and sunny! Nothing like having to drink your beer before it freezes and blasting fresh powder with my Ski - Doo 600 etec. I like summer too though I compete in hare scrambles with my CR250. If you don't know what a hare scramble is, look it up. I can take a tree like nobodys business. Hence I love to know what the weather is! Cheers!

For me I really really really dislike winter, people don't shovel the walks then it melts and turns to ice, there is brown slush everywhere, does it get cold where I live. summer all the way for me!

I live in Phoenix, AZ, and we have some of the hottest weather around, with 100+ days in june, july, and august. I like it cuz the large vacation I get from college and all those years running in cross country got me used to the hot days. I hate the cold obviously, i requires me to wear more clothes and don't like the shorter days

There's no weather I don't like. I love to ski in the winter, I love to swim in the Summer. I look forward to your new release, whether I win the free copy or not.

I use the free version but I would love the full version. Seems kind of expensive to purchase. I used to use Weatherbug but the interface is nicer on BerryWeather.

I'm not sure if many people would side with me but I like winter. I'm in California so it's not as bad as in other places. I enjoy winter because of the holidays and the family getting together. I don't mind spring either.

I really enjoy this app!
MY favourite season is autumn.
I enjoy the slight breeze and not too hot/col weather. Furthermore, the colourful leaves make the season much more enjoyable.

I live in Michigan and my favorite season is fall, I love the cooler but not ice cold temperatures! I don't like winter but being here it's pretty hard to avoid it!

I've been using weather bug which is free and really not that bad but i need an update from old weather bug. Spring of course is my favorite season because its not to hot or to cold and most importantly pertains to the month of May which is my birthday. Its also a nice time to go to florida where the weather is perfect for a nice dip in the ocean Hope I finally win something for my bb storm!!!

Just failed to even be concidered for the Blackberry 8900 in the previous article... I must be two old. Also learned today that the job I was interviewing for went to a "more qualified" applicant. Might as well try and win a free application for my blackberry curve. Thank you for the chance...maybe there might be some good news come from this day.

I live in Dallas Texas....I hate it! I am 6.3, skinny, white, so I have to wear shorts for nine months of the year. I love when my kids make fun of me, I respond with " just wait till your a teenager, my daughter will have red hair, no tan, taller then all the boys" haaaaaaaa jokes on you little girl. I need me some berryweather darn it.

In dire need of this app. Unpredictable weather these past winters... one week 20 degrees F, next week 67 degrees F. A whole month of rain last June, and only about 1 week of 90 degree weather the past summer. Would be nice to just look at my home screen first thing in the a.m. and know how its going to be out. Love spring, hate fall.

i live in northern California and i love the winters.
snowboarding in tahoe is the best.
blue bird pow days?
closest thing to shredding in heaven
or is it better? i forget

One word: Amazing

My favorite season would be winter.
Too bad here in Toronto we never get cold enough to actually experience the true winter like feeling. Oh well, the only way to experience that is up in the north.

I dislike winter more so than the other seasons and that's because I'm a truck driver. Hate driving on wintry roads. But I like being able to see the weather ahead of time in the states that I frequent. That's why I need this app.

i really need to check the weather right now for work tomorrow but my power is out and most weather websites dont show the active radar on phones :/ please pick me this would help so much on the jobsite and ocassions like this!

I had this app on my old 9000 but sold it with the phone and now have a 9700 definatly the best weather app out there.. i live in Vancouver so this year id have to say winter is my favourite bc the olympics

My favorite time of the year is fall. Things start to get a bit cooler, and it's hitting time. Lace'em up, strap'em on and go hit somebody. Start of the college football season. Count me in on the contest please! Thanks Crackberry and of course Bellshare.

Living in Florida, you really don't have a chance to hate a particular season. But then again, you can always find a reason; especially at the expense of winning a great application! I would have to say my least favorite season might be between winter as Floridians hate when the temperature drops below 65 and Spring as it often rains from time to time damping the day.

Please win...

i love the SUMMER. not so eager about winter. summer if its hot you can eat an ice cream cone, jump in the nearest river lake or pool of water. have a water balloon fight. winter if your cold you light a fire and stay as still as possible to conserve heat. Now in Texas you can exprience summer, winter, spring and fall all in about a course of a week. what better way than BerryWeather to find out if your wearing your UT flip flops , or your Aggie flip flops on account you don't want to get your good ones wet.

Summer's aren't my favorite time. It can get pretty hot (100+F) and the bugs are out in full force.

Thanks for the contest, CrackBerry!

As for my favorite season for love/hate reasons, it'd have to be summer. Sunny days nonstop seem to always put me in a good mood. Problem is though, that I'm in the southern US; and when it rains... NOTHING is worse than a hot humid day. Its like getting freshened up just to go shower again.

BerryWeather became a major app for me the first time I tried the beta. It'd be amazing to win the latest update.

I enjoy the warmth and sunshine of summer, but am a huge hockey fan which only comes with the dead of winter!

I hate it cause i work for a towing company and with all the snow and ice we get out of the blue i would always help me to know when to grab my water proof gear .. I have been soaked to many times .. Thanks for the chance!

is about to get hit with a major snow storm, I'm currently using the freeware version of this, but the update would be significantly helpful.

My favorite season is definitely summer. I work as a lifeguard and that's when I get my tan and when I can just enjoy myself. I always feel a lot better about myself and life in general during the summer because that's when I can jump in the pool everyday and swim laps. my favorite part of the summer though, is how warm it is at night, allowing me to sleep without any sheets. Summer has been and always will be my favorite season

I love spring when the air is fresh and the grass is green. However in Toronto this winter has been very tolerable due to the lack of snow. Let's hope my new BerryWeather app will only display great weather to enjoy.

i love the winter because of all the epic treks you can make whenever you want with snow blanketing everything you see and for the 2010 olympics :P

i want i want!
i ran the beta on my 9630 Tour and i loved ever single second of it. I think if you picked me, one of the 50 free copies would be going to a good home :D

i want i want!
i ran the beta on my 9630 Tour and i loved ever single second of it. I think if you picked me, one of the 50 free copies would be going to a good home :D

Great program - even when it was in it's 1.x form!

Favorite season - definitely winter. In Vancouver. Cuz it's mild enough to go outside and do anything without freezing your face off :)

Have tried several weather programs - all have shortcomings of one kind or another. I would like to be one of those chosen to give this new version a try!

Winter is my favorite season! I'd love a copy of the app for my tour so I can check the current snow conditions to keep up on the snowboarding!

Love this app..jealous of the weather app on my BFs Droid..need something like this to make my Storm look as cool as his Droid..hope I am one of the chosen few!....BTW...Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow..just not here in TN..had enough growing up in PA..sunny, warm weather for me please! :)

Especially in Vancouver, it rains a lot; therefore, u have to cancel ur favorite outdoor sports; u have to stay at home.

Being born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, it's no surprise I have my favorite memories of winter and snow. The best was having enough snow and cold weather to turn your backyard into a mini hockey rink. It's better when you could also use your neighbour's lawn and make a real big one. Perfect for some real pickup hockey, anytime. :)

I can't decide if I hate winter or summer more. Like Kevin said, winters here in the northeast can freeze bits of you off. Meanwhile in summer you'll sweat about 35 pounds off in the humidity. I hate them.

I like this weather app better than any other I've tried. It's the one I've chosen to keep and use. Elegant. Thanks.

I hate winter because when I work 10 hour shifts (7am to 5pm), I drive to work in the dark and drive home in the dark! Totally depressing!

It's strange since I see that there's 3 seasons and 2 half-seasons: fall & autumn. At least in fall the leaves are falling so things are okay and it's still a bit warm out. But then the second half comes and the leaves are all gone and the weather's cold just waiting for the snow to fall... I just can't wait for late December to come so it'll be officially winter! Ugh!

I just picked up a Bold 9700 (to replace my iPhone) and I was looking around for a good weather app. This seems to fit the bill nicely for the constantly changing weather of Chicago.

side question, does anyone know what theme is being used in the screenshot?

I would love to have a copy of beweather for my storm! Favorite time of year is fall its not to hot not to cold. Least favorite is winter.

I have the free version of BerryWeather and I really love it, it gives a nice and cool touch to my theme! I'd love to get that full version to see how it compares!

i like the summer best being able to go to the beach every single day and the random sun showers always keepin you cool and on your toes

So, I freely chose to attend school in Northern New York. This means two's either always cold and just extremely wet and that two it can be 50 degrees at the beginning of the week then negative 3, three days later. This actually happened this past week. If I had this app might life would run much smoother and I could dress accordingly....always.

Weather is always interesting in South Dakota. If you don't like it, just stick around and it will change. I love winter at it is a great time to stay in side and play billiards. Not a fan of all the ice fishing stuff.

Excellent! It's the best weather app around. I'm using the free version and it's great.. can't imagine how cool the paid app will be!! Good job!

My favorite season has to be fall, because I can wear jeans and a hoodie all day, and It's the start of hockey season, while my least favorite is winter, because my car has no heat, and thats never fun.

I tried the beta and loved it. I then installed the beta on my wife's BBStorm. She loves it too. Definitely less memory usage and i love the homescreen option, backup, & etc. Great app!

I love Winter. It's always possible to make yourself more warm in the Winter. Plus, my allergies do not flare up during the Winter. WINTER FTW!!!!

I can't stand the winter. I don't even like when it's 50 to 60 degrees. I always tremble and get frost bumps. The funny thing about me is that, I'd rather it be 105 degrees than 50.

I think it's because I just can't stand wearing so much clothes, bundling up, and all the extra. Too much!

I'd rather it be hot all year round, but that's probably because I was born in Jamaica, even though I've been living in America for the last 17 years.

Fall is my favorite season! Best parts are the cooler weather, wearing sweatshirts and hoodies, drinking apple cider (with optional apple rum), football, bonfires, fall leaves...

Who wouldn't love it??

Its winter. The reason why, is because my first child was born in Dec. She has truly been a blessing. Plus I was born in Jan.

Living in a climate that's hot and humid 365 days a year, I live for the times when I hop on the plane to explore freezing temperatures, wind chill factors, red noses and ears, biting wind across my face.....and if possible, snow! There's something to be said nursing a hot mug of chocolate watching pure joy falling from the heavens.

With and BerryWeather, it's always sunny in Blackberry Land. I would love to win a copy of BerryWeather.


When I lived in San Diego, I didn't feel nearly as bad for the homeless people as I did while living on the East Coast. Compared to being homeless in a city like Chicago during the Winter, being homeless in San Diego seemed almost like a permanent vacation. I swear some of them made more money than I did, and one time I saw a homeless guy there playing with a nicer BlackBerry than mine! The weather there is perfect; you basically get 10 months of Spring, 2 months of Fall, and it only rains like 6 days a year.

Canadian winters might be cold but it's not that bad in Vancouver. Hitting up the mountains all covered in snow makes me very happy.

Nice app would love to have it for my storm go crackberry my favorite season is summer I hate winter to cold for me can't do anything outside need to be on a beach somewhere nice and hot

I gotta say, here in the Midwestern US, the summers are too hot and the winters are too cold! But the spring and fall? Just right!
I wouldn't mind grabbing a free copy of Berryweather to keep me up to date! You can just give me one that was meant for one of those west coasters where the weather is always the same! ;)

Tucson, AZ. When the rest of the country is enjoying the outdoors, barbecuing, hiking, playing, etc., I'm stuck indoors with the air conditioning full blast dreading my next electricity bill.

I just downloaded the trial, and I LOVE this app!! It's versatile, easy to use, easy to read, u can't ask for more!!

I want it!!

My faves are Spring and Fall. They're nice and in between, great weather to be out in, nothing too hot or cold!

i would perfer the summer because of the hot days and chance to take the kid camping and swimming and fishing because of the winter were stuck in the house and it is very cold dont like going to the doctor for my kids because of a cold or getting sick.

Should I finally ditch unimaginative The Weather Channel or my wife's obscurities in TAFFs/METARs for something more decent? BWeather didn't impress me in their previous versions.....let's hope it parked in more usable bay.
No season hates nor dislikes otherwise.....well I live in Utah's mountains, where sun & snow simply love each other. Drop in for some nipples deep fluff!!!!!

Long time crackberryer and first time entering a contest!
My 2 seasons are winter because here in Los Angeles socks and shoes become optional in winter months...and I like Summer time because the other 51 weeks out of the year we get to go in barefeet and shirts are optional! Thank you in advance for awarding me one of the 50 free aps! Keep up all the good work, I know it isn't easy and you've got my vote for a job well done!

I live in Winterpeg (Winnipeg) so I always like to keep on top of the Weather. This Winter we've had everything from +3c to -40c. I really could use this app.

Oh do I need a more accurate weather app! Favorite season is winter, hands down. This is the time of year that I get to enjoy the Superbowl, snow and hot coffee in front of the fireplace. I hope I win BerryWeather so I can plan those days ahead!

My favorite season, and by far, is spring and this winter in northern Italy we had three snowfall :-(
BerryWeather would permit me to know before the day I should stay in bed! Thank you

This winter was a big problem for me because the weather change dramatically in Romania from a day to another.That`s way I really need this app.I hate winters.Sumner is the perfect season.

Christmas is easily the best festive season - christmas carols, presents, alcohol, holidays and in the case of Australia, plenty of heat! What more could a guy ask for?

Summer's also nice - come summer on the Gold Coast (Queensland, Australia - my home town), every spunk in the area gets their gear off and squeezes into the tiniest bikini they can find, which is even better considering the Gold Coast is like Australia's version of Beverly Hills!


So I live in cali. As u know crazy weather. We won't know if it will rain or if it will be hot... All I know our weather is extreme... I work on a basement. Sometimes I get reception sometimes I don't(tmobile) but sucks that when I'm there I don't get aware of the time or the weather unless I'm chatting. So when I get out is either raining, or a cold windy night will be upon me. My fav. Season will be summer cuz I know 24/7 will be hot... Not like winter or fall that sometimes feels like spring or summer days... So please get me this thank you!!!
Ps... I ran the beta :D

I hope they possibly release a "free" version of this upgrade.
the current one eats up memory.

But I still would like a FULL version =]

well in Rochester NY we have 2 months of Fall, 6 months Lake Effect Snow, Ice, Freezing rain, Sleet, More Snow, a big Dose of Snow from Canada, then round about May/June a weird summery springy but not quite summer thing happens and continues til the 3 days in August where it hits 90, then it starts all over again.
I actually love it!

and I'm dying for this app, but that $10 always ends up in my gas tank!

I use the free version of this app daily as I never know what the weather is going to be like near Lake Tahoe. Since California blows and Utah sucks it is always going to be windy.

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the summer, nice temp, everybody is in a good mood and I just hateeeeeeeeee the winter, for some years we didn't had snow but this year is crazy here in Holland.....Can't wait for the summer!!!!

Hi, thank you for giving us an offer to win this beautiful app. :) My Berry would appreciate it :) Umm.. My fav season is autumn I think - not too hot, not too cold. :)

My favorite season would have to be fall... Because of how the leaves start to turn color, the upcoming holidays, and lastly but certainly not least, fall is the season when i got my Bold 9700!!!

My fav season without a doubt is summer, nice weather, nice temperatures, great to go for a ride on my motorbike.

Least favorite is right now is winter, as we had quite a lot of snow here in The Netherlands (typically we do not see this much snow anymore - global warming anyone?); bought myself a new motorbike last week and want to take it out for a ride but cannot right now because weather is cr*p ;) need BerryWeather to determine my window of opportunity :)