BerryWeather 2.1 Gets Official; Thank You to Beta Tester Contest: 50 Free Copies of BerryWeather to be Won!

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Feb 2010 01:06 pm EST
BerryWeather 2.1 Public Beta Now Available

The folks at Bellshare let me know their insanely popular weather application BerryWeather has been updated to version 2.1.40 and is now out of public beta and officially available. A lot of key differences came with the 2.1 version as it's a re-write of the original code which will perform better across all BlackBerry devices, while taking nothing from the BerryWeather that so many have come to love. As a thank yout to everybody at CrackBerry who helped Bellshare with the beta testing of the latest version, they have offered us up 50 free copies to give away to our readers.

Win a Free Copy of BerryWeather: Drop a comment on this post for your chance to win one of 50 full versions of BerryWeather. Let us know what your favorite season is or what you hate about your least favorite season. For me, it's winter. Hockey and curling and snowmobiling aside, Canadian winters are never fun as it often times gets cold enough to freeze your face off. I'd much rather be at the beach :)

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BerryWeather 2.1 Gets Official; Thank You to Beta Tester Contest: 50 Free Copies of BerryWeather to be Won!



I love the fall. The leaves are beautiful and falling all over the ground. The air is nice and dry. Most importantly though, the temperature is just right! Not too cold, not too hot.

My favourite season would definitely be Winter. Nothing better then a sitting inside on a cold day - large couch, crackling fire and a rich cup of hot chocolate. mmm

Yep Berryweather is definitely the WOW weather app for BB and it takes advantage of it's beauty of a display.
I'm not a fan of winter as Canadian winters are too extreme

I use another app and it is terrible i need something better so even if i dont win i think i will buy this

My man Kevin...
I have many fine memories of spring...

From my Marine Corps days taking our 4day liberty jaunts to spring break down in Panama City and seeing perhaps the most attractive women in the world let their hair down.

Having that 1st BBQ of the season when all your pals come over with their beer of choice and you throw washers or cornhole for hours because it was JUST TOO DAMN NICE TO BE INSIDE!

Yes, I love Spring because the grass gets green and the air gets warm. You can go for a run without being a sweaty mess or have to wear 30 layers of clothing just to survive.

Kev, Id love to get this app because I already have the lite version and LOVE it. Be a spring(break) lover like me and help a bro with this awesome app!!!


i grew up in florida . . . where there was summer . . . and spring . . . maybe "winter" if you call that winter . . . when i moved to georgia, and experienced fall for the first time . . . wow . . . beautiful!! plus, we went to the smokey mountains to really appreciate it . . . so yes . . . fall is my favorite season

Favorite season: Spring...seeing nature come back to life and the unpredictability of the season as it moves towards summer is great.

On the other hand..winter is great for taking the Jeep out and showing the "luxury SUVs" what a real car can do =)

I love winter because of the cool crisp air and all the rain and beautiful clouds. I'd love this app so I would know when its going to be cloudy and rainy!

I would love to have this. the weather apps i have tried are not picking up temeratures from my actual area. seems like it is always a hundred miles away

I lost all of my apps when I was doing a software upgrade on my BB and this was one of them, I would love to have this baby back. wishfully hoping in California.

I would really love to win this!
BerryWeather is by far the best weather app I have tried so far.
Would make a great complement to my 9550...

My favorite season is summer: beaches and lacrosse!

Me, me, me....

Setting up Berryweather on my BB would be great while I'm snowed in this weekend.

I'm currently rocking the trial version of BerryWeather and LOVE IT!! I'm stoked about all the new features w/ the new version. I can't wait to see the pinch-to-zoom on my Storm. I gotta have it!...but let's face it, I'd definitely enjoy it even more w/ a FREE copy!!

Winter is my fav because I love snowboarding and Colorado has some of the best slopes period. Plus, the holiday season is second to none!

I like the summer. I love watching the thunderstorms, and with this app, I could be alerted when they are in my area. Please pick me!

It will help for the fall, when the colors change and become beautiful. That also comes with the fast-changing weather, which the radar maps will help with!

i could use this app . i've tried many others and still looking for one i like hopefully this will be it

This is a great program and would love to win one it for my wife to use :)

Also I hate winter for the crappy roads =/

More snow forecast for tomorrow. I'm ready for winter to be over. Would be really nice to have BerryWeather on my Storm 2 to help me anticipate the arrival of warmer weather!

I hate the end of winter when it teases you with warm temps, then snow fall... them warm.. then snow....UGH! No one likes to be teased!

I had the beta installed and loved it. I live in Seville which is experiencing one of its wettest winters ever and as I spend a lot of time outdoors travelling to classes, it pays to know when it's going to rain. I'd also like to be able to see the first forecasts of spring on my phone when the temperatures rise back above 80, and this spring will see my first child arrive, so knowing what the weather is going to be like is especially importan, so that we can keep the little lad dressed just right.

i should get this so i don't have to pay for the upgrade so the cheap bastard developers can make more money.

my favorite season is winter because i get to ski! and i really am poor and would love berryweather. It would be the only paid app i have if i got it!

I live in phoenix az so summer is by far my most hated season... 110 everyday and outrageous electric bills!

My favorite season is almost here, I love the warming trends in the spring when I can get back into the lower hills on horseback..

By Blackberry 9700 provides me with a GPS on the trail to log my rides and BerryWeather would add to the functionality of my BB and give me piece of mind knowing the weatehr forcast before leaving the barn..

IT would be really AWESOME to win this software! i really really need it for my storm! Be nice to win something after a very very long time!!

With all the colours and all the flavours fall is my favourite season!!!!!!!!! May this one be a Berryweather one =)=)=)

Duck season is my favorite ... or is it rabbit season. Duck season - rabbit season! Duck season - rabbit season! Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of BerryWeather. Devoted Bugs Bunny fan.

After lots of reading, I feel this the very best wx app I have ever seen. The developers have really poured their heart and soul into this project.

Congratulations on a job well done!

I'd like to have this on my BB Bold 9000 in Texas!

My least favorite season is winter. I move about ever 3 years and I never know where job will take me. But the winters are the worst - I have experienced the extreme midwest winter of WI as well as the blistering cold of LA (No, Not Los Angeles) and to top it off now KY. I could use a copy of your app... Please

Love all the new features. Being able to custimize so many more options and sizes are essential. Having all these options makes Berryweather the no.1 weather app for Blackberry.

It's the must have software for my Bold 9700. The free version is good. This version must be awesome.

My favorite season is summer because I can pop whillys and ride skateparks with my bike.....even if I'm 41 haha.

Living in SEC Country, is there a better season than football? The scenery is gorgeous during the fall in the south. Plus, the leaves changing colors is nice too.

could sure used this on my s2 have weatherbug on my storm 1 work good but on s2 it sucks does not upgrade on home screen

Love spring - not too hot yet and LSU baseball gets going. Hate winter - it gets too wet down here which makes the cold that much worse.

I am a fan of Spring when it comes to seasons. It's not too hot, nor is it too cold. Comfortable temperatures to go out and about in is what I prefer.

I love snow at Christmas time, and when I am skiing, other than that, it ruins my car, my commute, my floormats. Why do I live in Illinois, I need to move somewhere warm year round. I like BerryWeather!

i have the original, cant see buying it again just for an upgrade! free would be nice.
its going to snow here tomorrow, big snow. i miss the spring and fall for fishing. i dont like the dog days of summer

I would love berryweather because in my line of work I need to know when theres going to be ice of death on the roads. Also i just like berryweather.

I live in Ontario and my favourite season would have to be summer hands down! Without winter sports, winter is just brutal in Canada. It's COLD. Need I say more...?

least favorite season: winter... I hate it, esp while I'm on the way from hotel to customer-site, equipped with a trolley on a slippery road ~_~ and you can't use your BB cause your hands will freeze

I love winter. Between snowboarding, and the natural scenery, there's lots to love about the winter. You can always put more clothes on to keep warm, but in the summer, sometimes you just are never cooled off enough!

Thanks BerryWeather! Spring is the best! After all the snow melts I can break out the Quad and get muddy in the trails :)

Spring is my favorite season because it's not too hot and it's not too cold!!! Please throw my name in the hat!!!
Good luck everyone...

I have never won anything from you guys, and this would be the absolute perfect 1st prize. My favorite season is the winter. Living in sunny south carolina, the heat gets excessive here FAST. Give me some skis or a board and point me to the slopes. I LOVE THE WINTER!! Now if we could get a little snow down here. Yes we pray for snow in SC.

I use the free version all the time and it's just fantastic! It's very pleasing to the eye. I really want to upgrade to the paid version to get it on my homescreen, but it would be awesome to get it for free from CrackBerry! :)


I've been using the 1.x version of BerryWeather (currently 1.6) for a long time. As far as weather apps for BlackBerry go it is hands down the best! I've wanted to upgrade to the newest version for a long time, and now all the enhancements in 2.1 make it even better! Please pick me!

As for my favorite season, it's close, but winter! Skiing is my favorite thing to do. Plus, I don't like to sweat :). Thanks for yet another great giveaway CrackBerry.

LOOOVE the summer time! Summers in San Diego are just about as perfect as they can get! Amazing weather, beaches, sand, drinks! What more can I say?!

My favorite has got to be summer. I love going to the beach and being able to walk outside almost naked without freezing my balls off.

love winter because of hockey and snowboarding! also hate it because it's so damn cold! couldn't it just stay between 0 and -5, with no wind chill? :D


Spring is because you have three seasons of alright weather and you can get to drive around with the windows down and i can take the dog to the beach and pick up girls....

My favorite season is summer. I live in wisconsin so the winter SUCKSSS!!!! I like to walk down the street with out wearing 20 pounds of clothes. I have to win this app. The free version is so BLAHHHHH...

Looks great! I'd love to try it. My favorite season is definitely summer. Nothing beats chilling on the beach! :)

Love to have the BerryWeather app. My favorite season is summer. Rather have few clothes on then bundled up looking like the Michelin tire man.

I am a teacher and I love spring! Winter is rough because we miss too much school because of snow days> We're waiting now for a major storm to come in!

I love the hot summers, beach, surf, bbqs... feeding the ducks with my little one... but all seasons look hot on the Berry weather widgets!!

For me in the UK, spring is the best season. Springtime is the time of new life and the time when the trees start to show their dormant desire for life. The cold dampness in the air that marks the UK winter starts to diminish and the early daffodils remind you that colourful displays of flowers will soon be seen in gardens up and down the country. Anticipation grows to view the short but wonderful displays of bluebells in that carpet the local woodland floors. Walking on grass in the garden becomes pleasurable again with lawns being trimmed and mown after the winter break. The melodies of birdsong fill the air and the blackbird chirps out his wonderful tune to raise the spirits. And of course the sun starts to climb in the sky as a positive reminder that longer days are to be with us in the coming months.
My least favourite season is Autumn. Yes, or course the colour of the trees is wonderful early on - but when the wind comes and blows the leaves to the floor, things get slippery underfoot. The smell of the woodland is wonderful but at home, it seems that no matter how hard you try to clean up your garden of the fallen leaves, there are always more there the next day. The wonder of the UK summer starts to fade and become a distant memory as the trees take on a skeletal form - and you know that the cold damp weather will soon be upon us.

I really hate being hot, so Winter is great, as I get to wear (sometimes) a jacket. On summer there are days that if you do not have Air conditioning you really want to kill yourself.

This would help me so much! This is clearly the best application for weather but i cannot afford it! Please!

I prefer spring best weather for outdoor activities!!!
Hope i will win a copy, i love this app
best weather app for bb

Summer is my season of preference as I work outside and Canadian winters are not fun! Would love to have BerryWeather on my 9700 to help me decide what to wear each morning before I go to work. Good luck to all.

This looks like the best weather app that I have seen, I really, really wish I could win it.

I'd love to win this for my fiance's curve 8530! She uses that WeatherBug program but it's so inaccurate it's ridiculous.

She'd use this so much more especially since I'm forcing her to move to Albany, NY and the winters there are bad. She hates winter because she hates the cold. She told me that if it's below 40degrees, she's not leaving the house and will have the heat up to 85degrees or higher and that I'll have to do everything. She said I'm torturing her by moving but oh well, got to go where you can get more money!

My favourite season would have to be Spring. Just the thought and transition of a long winter being over, the flowers starting to pop up, the birds chirping... It's great. (:

I really don't have a clever story as to why I need this. I live in Orange County and drive to San Diego everyday. The weather consists of either Sunny and nice or Sunny and hot.

But, I'd like this program for the bragging rights.

Man I was waiting for this app to go official for quite some while now. I would love to get my hand son a copy of this app!!!!!

My favorite season? Anything that's not rain or snow or high winds! You see, I go hot air ballooning and we don't like either of those! We like nice and calm winds and sunny skies (but, we'll take cloudy days, too!).

BerryWeather would be a huge benefit for my Ballooning activities since weather information is critical to our decision to fly or not!

I enjoy the winter. It is best when it's snowy and around 30 degrees. If not snow, then some sort of weather that is at least able to be walked in. Walking and playing on my Blackberry. =)

I like the spring time as it is nice outside to be able to play basketball and would love this app to plan some games :):):):):)

FALL! is there anything better than leaves on the ground, weather thats perfect and right in between the super hot and the super cold?!?

please hook me up!!!

It's soooo cold in Vermont that this application would come in so handy and a free version would help warm us!


I need this upgrade, hope I'll win! My favorite season is Spring, not too cold, not too warm (NY); great season for outdoor activities.

Spring is the best because the hills are green and the trails are fresh. Best time for running, hiking and/or biking.

A free copy of BerryWeather will help me keep track of the seasons!

My favorite season is fall when the weather is just chilly enough for a sweat shirt and you can sleep with the windows open. My least favorite is WINTER!!! Hate being so darn cold you feel it in your bones. =[

I hate winter. I don't do well in the cold. I love spring. Its when I was born and always reminds me of renewal and promise.

I would love to own berryweather. My favorite season, summer. I love warm nights and the sun setting at nine. Least favorite, winter. I hate the cold.

Summer is the best season, especially if you live in California like I do. I own a Storm2, but don't need those during my summer lol.

Georgia, we don't really get a full blown Winter here. It may go down in the teens a few times and we may see a few snowflakes but that's about it.

I live for Summer!! Lakes to go to, the beach isn't far and the ladies, oh man, southern belles are the best!!!

It'd be nice to know when its sunny...but actually 15 degrees! Moving from california to boston really sucks but you got to use all the resources available!

Never bought a blackberry app before, would love to see what the full version is like. My favorite season is Summer as it gets quite cold in this part of Canada in the winter. Swimming and BBQing are what I love about it.

The new BerryWeather app looks awesome. What better app to run on my New Bold 9000 than this. The display looks really cool. I have tried the rest, now I want the best. Thanks for the chance to win.

Before I got married and made a few kids, I used to do all manner of insane things. My favorite was rally racing. The best rally racing is on the snow. Throw the car sideways into a turn and watch a rooster tail of the white stuff fly. :~)

Love Winter because there are little to no annoying bugs outside. Hate Summer not only because of the bugs, but because the heat and humidity makes you feel dirty and sticky.

I enjoy winter because I am the type of person who ends up sweating when it's raining outside. I enjoy colder weather, but with the cold, comes rain, and rain isn't cool for people in Los Angeles. Why? Because when people in Los Angeles enter their cars, they automatically become ignorant and oblivious to everything. You can take the smartest person you know, stick them behind the wheel of a Range Rover, enter a storm and watch the body count pile up.

Aside from that, winter's pretty cool. But spring is when the girls come out. Woooo.

I would love to have this app. I have a reason to like all of the seasons, fishing in the Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring up here in Minnesota!!