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BerryWeather 2.1 Gets Official; Thank You to Beta Tester Contest: 50 Free Copies of BerryWeather to be Won!

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Feb 2010 01:06 pm EST
BerryWeather 2.1 Public Beta Now Available

The folks at Bellshare let me know their insanely popular weather application BerryWeather has been updated to version 2.1.40 and is now out of public beta and officially available. A lot of key differences came with the 2.1 version as it's a re-write of the original code which will perform better across all BlackBerry devices, while taking nothing from the BerryWeather that so many have come to love. As a thank yout to everybody at CrackBerry who helped Bellshare with the beta testing of the latest version, they have offered us up 50 free copies to give away to our readers.

Win a Free Copy of BerryWeather: Drop a comment on this post for your chance to win one of 50 full versions of BerryWeather. Let us know what your favorite season is or what you hate about your least favorite season. For me, it's winter. Hockey and curling and snowmobiling aside, Canadian winters are never fun as it often times gets cold enough to freeze your face off. I'd much rather be at the beach :)


After trying every single weather app out there, I have not found one that makes me say, "this is the one I will use!" I have heard good things about this one, but really dont see paying for an app that other developers offer for free. But I sure will take a free one of these should I win! Pick me! Pick me!


need it for the tour!


Pick me!! I purchased the old copy of Berry Weather a while back but unfortunately had to pay for the upgrade :( I just couldn't bring myself to do it as much as I loved this app so I would love to win a copy of this!Thanks!


im the first... YIPEEE... please iv never won anything, i really need this


This is Berry Good news. i don't have to watch the weather network in the morning or surf to sites. Love to win.


Autumn, not too cold, not too warm and everything is a nice color here in New England.


My favorite a toss-up between summer and fall.


Winter. Living 1hr away from 3 ski mountains can't get any better.


Winter least favorite for sure. Having to go out early to heat up the car, scrape windows off, and everything. Ohio winters are harsh and definitely hate them more than I love any other season.


My favorite season is summer obviously. Nothing like beer and women...laying on the beach and soaking in some good old fashioned sun!

My fingers are crossed!


Live in central Florida so winters are perfect. Summers are harder, they are sticky and gross. And...That's what she said!


I hope I win Berry weather! Cool app and free! =)


Summer is by far the best but is tied with spring and fall. As long as I am on my motorcycle I am happy!!!!!!

The Legendary

Hope I win. This software is great. My favorite season is winter (birthday and I love skiing). My least favorite seasons are fall and spring because I'm allergic to ragweed and pollen, which is so annoying.


Summer is the best but its a good tie with sring and fall.. As long as I am on my motorcycle then I am happy!


I have wanted this application since its launch. Please let me win!


Being from CO it's a tough decisions since we get all four. Summer is probably the's green, we have a great humidity balance, and it's tough to not enjoy 80 degree weather at 830 in the evening :) PLEASE HOOK ME UP WITH BERRYWEATHER! Thanks, Crackberry...


Fall! The vibrant colours of the trees against the cold grey of the sidewalk and city buildings is gorgeous!


I need an app like this on my Tour. Since I use the built-in GPS to get to my destination anyway (for work), BerryWeather would tell me what kind of weather to expect there. Many times, the weather will be fine at work, but get worse when I drive towards my destination, or get hotter, wetter, drier..whatever the case may be.

I use a weather app now, but it doesn't have the radar capabilities I could use. Detailed forecasts would ROCK!

I definitely need this app!


Fav. season is fall. in updates NY, the fall colors are the best and the golfing is awesome.


I hope I win........


I have to get all the sun I can being in New England! I never know if its coming or going! They say about NE.......if you don't like the weather....wait a minute! That's how often it changes!


It's all about the warm weather and cool water of Beantown! Now let's get a copy of this so I can keep an eye on the crappy weather we have the other 9 months of the year.


winter- skiing, snow, birthday, holidays.


Would love to give this app a shot. My favourite season is summer cuz I both play and coach soccer. This app will help me prepare the team for games and practices!


I'm too cheap to pay for it, a free copy would be awesome.


This is the best program - would love to win a free copy for my Tour


Been using the free version for the past few weeks, and by far best weather program I have found. Would be great to win a copy of the full version.


love the summer... it's not too hot here (in norcal) most of the time, hate winter when it is wet and windy sometimes.


Never been a big fan of the frigid winters.


Miss snow since moving to California.


Great program I just downloaded to demo - but I would just love to win it.


I live in indiana and winter is def my season our family make weekly trips to mich and upper up to rip up the snow on our snowmobiles!! But now in indiana its just cold and no snow so that's no fun lol so spring anyone!? ;) sign me up!! Thabks


People who like rainy and snowy days are crazy!


I hate winter and I love spring. Spring is a beautiful season trees ggrow back weather is beautiful. Nuthin compares to spring


I would be so happy that I would jump and yell in pure joy when I found out. [Even if I was in a meeting.]


I got the free version...this new 2.1 looks great...hope to win...


maybe it's worth a try.


I'm sure I'd love the paid version more, esp. If it doesn't eat up memory


maybe it's worth a try.


Fall has got to be my favorite. I have vast memories of jumping into piles of leaves and then checking my email on my Blackberry (of course).
I don't care for Summer it is too hot and rattlesnakes are crazy.

Crackberry for life!


Leaving a comment, love BeWeather, and seeing the full version would be awesome!


I love the summer be
cause it has given me the best moments in my life.


I love the summer be
cause it has given me the best moments in my life.


The free weather apps just don't seem to cut it. This would be great to have.


I can definitely use this for when bussing it on those cold days to work so I can be prepared for whatever mother nature throws at me.


Midwest it wont stop snowing randomly perfect to know when its going to snow... maybe.


Yay, I hope I win.


Well I got the previous version from a contest so why not?


Least favorite time is when I have to see the app render triple digits :(

Adam in Tucson, AZ


looks brilliant, would love to win a copy


I Tested it and I loved it! Only problem, I can't afford it! PLEASE PICK ME!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :) :) :) :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


great app, hope to win.


SAy whaaat?? love winter, its cold enough to make my girlfriend stay home all day everyday and get warm with me! if you know what i mean! XD hahaha


I love the summer time because you don't have to worry about getting cold.


I'm a big flower guy, so I love the green growth of the spring, when everything seems to come back to life.

The winter on the other hand is full of slush and biting wind. I can do without it!


I was debating on buying this morning, but hopefully Crackberry can make up my mind. Thanks guys!


I have tried a few weather programs and always delete them in the same day.

This is the best one by far......I kept it until the free trial ran, just waiting for it to go on sale!

thanks for the free beta trial!


I need a good weather app.

Shaved Berries

My favorite season is spring. You finally get to shake off the chills from winter and I love a sunny day in the mid 60's. Perfect.




I would love to have it--the beta was great!


I want a copy of BerryWeather for my Storm 2 I have the free version and it rocks


Spring - Hot enough for a t-shirt, cool enough that the nights aren't unbearable


What is my favorite season? Do we even have seasons here in southern California????


Using the tweaked zen precision theme, and this would be perfect for the weather icon.


Would be great to win the new version of BerryWaether 2.1.


Sure could have used this app today! Got a foot of snow....


I need to know when winter is over and spring is here!


I could use Berryweather to plan my next work day. I need to know if the temps will be below freezing at night. Cant wait for spring. I hate the cold!


Its a toss up between Summer and Winter. I like sledding and I like Biking... I would have to say Summer wins because of the warmer weather in Canada, but this winter hasn't been too cold... yet!


Hook me up! Before I owned a house with lots of trees, I liked Fall. Now, I enjoy Spring...


I could use a nice weather app especially with the 36 inches of snow we are supposed to get this week.


It will be a perfect companion to my new 9700 :)


Thanks Crackberry for the contest, i think that this is the best app that Crackberry can gift me, please pick me. I really really love this app.


I firmly believe the only ones who enjoy winter are those who have money invested in it.

I'm sure a free BerryWeather app will help keep me warm.



I hate Winter! I hate having to have to complete sets of clothes here in the midwest and I can't stand the wet dirty mess the melting snow causes. I also hate wet snow in my boots and/or shoes. Anyway... I hate Winter...


My favorite season is Spring, it's not too cold or too hot, plus no snow here in the midwest. I HATE SNOW! LOL, I hope I win!


Love to get a copy..



winter because you can make a huge snow man than blow it up with dynamite !!! fun stuff for all ages lol


would love to win a copy !


Because I can get on my dirtbike and off the ramp!!


Baseball, beach, bikinis!


I live in Southern California, so Winter is my FAVORITE season. It's pretty much the only two months or so I can leave the house in a sweatshirt and not be uncomfortable. And even then its a crap shoot. We'll get 90 degree days thrown in randomly. LOL


This would be great, thank you


This would be awesome


Have to say I hate winter the most. Just plain being tired of being cold. Glad I don't live where it is real cold anymore. Five years in ND was enough for me.


Would love to win a free copy since for some reason Mobihand thinks I ordered and installed BerryWeather for OS 4.2 on my OS 4.5 8330. I have emailed tech support repeatedly an have not received any replies. The strangest part is the supposed wrong version works perfectly fine on my Curve. I am pretty sure I even updated the version I have at least once since the original purchase.


Long live the Home Screen Weather App Icon!


best weather app out there for the storm hands down. I'd love a free copy though ;)


Beginning of basketball season and the weather in Mississippi is "normal"


Looks like a greatly improved app. I'd like to try it out.


everyseason has it downs, spring is always wet, summer is always too hot, fall you have to rake leaves, and winter (espcially in northern UTAH) you have to shovel tons of snow. BTW please pick me :)


Fall is my favorite season, it means time to hunt. and when hunting It would be nice to know the weather.


I love winter, not crazy bout the cold, but snow is my favorite part of winter. I'm a snowboarder, and I need my snow. Then we have snowball fights, but NYC haven't been getting that much snow, so mostly slush fights!



I travel (woman alone + big dog for protection) across two states to go back to my hometown a lot. Older family relies on me there, it's rural and they can't manage anymore. I watch weather constantly. Much as I love warm spring days and all things renewed again, I don't like driving next to semi trucks in storms. To get radar I have to hit a bookmark online. I'd rather have it at a click of a button, but DH is about to be laid off and I have to watch the $.

So I'd love a free copy!
Yeah, it's a sob story, but it's all true. ;)


Winter in Europe this year has been a nightmare... I enjoy spring - but love summers!


Spring brings new life... Come already!


It would be great to have a copy. I like winter here in So. Cal. A bit of a change in weather and everything is green!!


Swimming! 4 wheelers! fishing! Bonfires! Enough said...


give me that free weather

bling blang


My favorite seasons are spring and summer as that is when the rivers are running and the rafts come out. But then, winter is pretty important as that's when the snow falls which then melts so the rivers are runnable. I just wish we could condense our Colorado winters in to one or two months.


My favorite season is summer because I love tanning :)


I need this for my Storm, the weather is key in my business


Just discovered Berry Weather. Love the program. Please let me have a free copy.


I'd like one please


but where I live we don't have any.

So lay a nice free weather app on me, and I won't feel bad that Bellshare doesn't respond to emails.


Love the fall, great season in NY to play golf!!!


Berry Weather would be a great App for my 9700 to tell me when the weather is getting warmer here in cold Canada. So I hope I am one of the lucky winners so I can plug in warmer climates when im under 3 blankets in bed and pretending im there.


I love fall in the Berkshires. The air is so clean and crisp. The foliage is second to none. It is so comfortable day or night with light breezes and clear skies.

It also helps that I got married on a warm day in October during peak foliage almost ten years ago.

Fall will always be my favorite.


I currently use the free version and would love to have the full version.

Live in sunny south africa and love the summer sun in the bushveld nothing beats it. Winter coz its to cold to go out in the bush and walk around.


This looks like it is the best weather app.


I love all the seasons.


Would enjoy a copy of this

Mainiak Blaniak

Best weather app out there for any season, including autumn, the best time for hiking and campfires. Beta'd this app and it didn't tank my 9700. I want the full version.


I'm a new BB user and the free version of Berry Weather was my first app! I Love It BUT I live in Tornado Alley and torndado season is coming soon. This app could save my life! I need the full version. Birdiesmom in Oklahoma.


Leaving in the South, we manage to escapte most cold weather. However, when it comes the cold, I can't stand it even though it is mild relative to other parts of the country.

Nevertherless, I hate the cold weather.

Good Luck


My least favorite season is winter by far. I just moved back to KS from San Diego, and the weather here has been cold and unpredictable. It's snowing as I type, but the weather seems to jump all around. It will be freezing outside and snowing, and then the very next day it will be like summer outside, and the next day it will be throwing down rain and thunderstorms. Never know what it's going to be like next.


florida summers are ridiculous. way too hot. come back fall.


Tired of using WeatherEye. :(


I have this app on my 9550 and use it all the time to check weather before skiing. I would love to win a copy for my wife's phone too. Thanks.


Ok, this looks like it would work very well. Been loking for temp on homescreen for awhile.


Spring and fall are my favourite seasons, because i can get outside and run.

Summer is good because it's hot, but too hot to run all the time, and Winter sucks here in Calgary, because it's too unpredictable and icy for running.


I would love to win the full version. Have the free one right now and I love it. I have to say I like spring. Not just because I was born in spring, but its when the NBA gets exciting, NFL Draft is during this time and I start planning for Fantasy Football. The weather is never too hot or too cold. Its the beginning for a fresh start. My Storm 9530 is put to full use at this time with everything going on with sports and scheduling for activities in spring. Plus the weather display on Berry Weather will continue to show the sun.


ditto, this new version is a huge improvement over the previous. It doesn't cause the lag on my 8530 like it used to everytime I unlock the phone or open it. I almost deleted it before, but I love it now!


I was a Beta tester for this and love it!


Here in Boise, i love Summer, its all about boating, going to the river and hiking... I know someone with the full paid berry weather and it looks amazing. Thinking of purchasing it soon anyway, though winning it would be great.


Not too cold, not to hot...Nuff Said. I would love a copy of this. Thanks


Will this be the one I finally win???????????


Though I hate the cold, Winter is my favorite season because I love long snowboarding trips!!!


free copy please :-)


Everyone loves curling up under the covers, so winter wins here. Plus, you can always make yourself warm, but cooling off is next to impossible (especially down here in Tejas).


I want it...and I want it NOW!


like summer cause i get to ride, dislike fall because everything dies.


A close runner up is blackfly season, though offset by trout fishing!


My favorite season is Fall/Autumn. I weater is usually very nice in the MidWest and the colors on the trees is beautiful.

Hope I can win one of these free BerryWeather Apps!


I love sprint, not too cold and hot. Perfect weather for me.


I love all season cuz I live down in S FLA !!! :)
Bring on the free license !!!


I hope I win, I NEED this app for the winter so I can check the weather conditions of the ski resorts before I head out there.


i love the spring/summer because of the nice spring like colors. i hate fall and winter because of the cold and snow.


Best seasons for mr are spring and fall, because it's not too cold and not too hot.


Would love to get this app. I have read a ton on this one and it seems that this is the go to app for weather on the berry!


I hate the Canadian winter!! Luckily this year, we didn't get as much snow.. but still, my car + snow = no good!


I beta tested this app, its amazing! I really hope I win a copy


Looks fantastic. I would love to win this


I've been using the BerryWeather and LOVE IT!


I am currently living upstate, so Winter and me have a very harsh relationship. The pain of chapped lips and cold fingers make me saddened.


I love the summer and can use this to see how warm it'll be outside so I can wear my tanktops!


Haven't picked up this app yet, great contest for people to win one, thanks CB! :)


Let me win one time!!!


Just give me this uber great application!!!


i want a free unlcok codeee


Want to have it on my Bold


I really love summer, and also, i love full moon, that's because waves at the beach get soo nice, i would definitely love to win this app.


Thanks for writing this software.


thats awesome. Good updates, I could sure use the paid version for free =D


Spring has to be my favorite...the joy of getting out of the winter cold and the promise of baseball and summer just around the corner...

Halifax Guy

Weather is somethign that everyone talks about at least once a day. This is a great way to stay abreast of the upcoming forecasts.


Awesome! I need this cool application...I am the weather man..sort of!


My least favorite season is spring because everything starts blooming and my allergies are horrible.


I would love a copy of this!


Winter, without a doubt! Hockey, curling, spiced beer, clear crisp nights to look at the stars.


would love to have a copy


Having this app will be handy since Calgary weather changes without warning...
My favorite season is summer cause I get to go play tennis and golf... And can walk around parks and enjoy the sun too!
Least favorite will be fall... Too cold and windy for tennis and golf... And not cold enough or any snow fall for snowboarding...


Cause everything is blooming!


summer is my least favorite season...the bugs, the HEAT, mowing the yard...need this app for my storm so I know how to dress for the day!!


i live in south florida so we really only get summer down here, which i love! no snow, and the ability to go to the beach on christmas day. what more could you ask for!


I check the weather 10 times a day ! no idea why but I do ....


With a chance of Meatballs


The competition is crazy now!
but I need to win!!



Been using it for a couple days now and really like the new version!


I love winter, myself. Mostly because I love snow. :) The other seasons are nice too, but bring on the snow!


For me my favorite season is the summer.

Dobe Man

I have the free version but would absolutely love to have the full new version 2.1

I hate winter...and here in the mid-atlantic we are having quite a long and miserable one. I can't wait to move to FL.


I just got my 9700!! This would make it perfect!


wow finally released to the public, would love to have it... even if I don't win it I might think about getting it* Thanks CB for the chance to win it*


Love the start of spring. Baseball starts!!!! Pitchers and Catchers report to camp!


Now if it can promise sunny days I would love it


I would be really grateful to win a copy crackberry!


I need this for my long summer days out riding my motorcycle in the mountains


I NEED this for my Storm. Living in the frozen Canadian prairie I need to know if I'm likely or very likely to die should I get caught on the wrong side of door!


My least favorite is winter, its cold, sloppy and gloomy. Give me any of the other seasons anyday


Selkirk, Manitoba is colder than Siberia


I love the Spring. It's nice to finally see the sun again and to be able to go outside in jeans and a t-shirt, but it's not the super hot that it tends to get during the summer.


I'd love to win a copy of BerryWeather!!
BTW, I NEVER win anything so it would sure be nice to win this.
But if I don't win, good luck to everyone!


I live in southwestern Ohio and as anyone who has ever been here knows that the weather here is always changing. For me, winter is the worst! warm enough today for a light jacket and tomorrow I will need a winter coat and snow shovel. If it were to just stay either warm or cold would be just fine!


I like all the seasons in Canada.

Winter because I am learning how to skate and play hockey in my old age. Kinda sad since I was born here.

Spring because it is not too cold or too hot.

Summer because I can get out on my motorcycle and just ride.

And Fall... hmm... Damn those leaves I have to rake up!


Looks great! would love this app.


Sign me up! I use the free one now.



p.s. where can I get this wallpaper?

Tried the Beta and loved it. Homescreen option is a nice feature. Not ready to fork over 10 bucks for it yet but maybe I'll win one!


Looks pretty freakin cool guys! Would love to give it a try!

Hope the official release is even better. Maybe I'll win one!


I'm Crossing My Fingers. I Use The Free Version So It Would Be Awesome To Win The Premium Version. Fingers Crossed.


I love my BlackBerry Storm and love rainy season. Nothing like getting curled up on the couch on a grey, rainy day with my trusty Storm.


wow i would like to win a copy


My favorite season is summer because I enjoy sitting in the sun at the beach. The sun warms me from the inside out and puts a smile on my face.


I love all seasons! Snow in the winter, the calours in the autum, flowers in the spring and beer and BBQ in the summer!!!


i would really love to win a free copy of berryweather


I love this app, but haven't yet found a reason to upgrade. It would really help if I won this


I'm looking forward to winning one of these puppies.


Have played around with the free version many times but havent bitten the bullet yet to get the paid version. This would be a great way to dive right in. Nice app! Here goes nothing!!! lol...


I love fall: cooler weather and college football!
I have no least favorite, I love something about all of them!


Already have it, but what's this theme they show??? Anyone have it or know? Thanks!


I just got the Bold 9700 and have been using the free versuon and really like it. I would love a copy of the new, full, version!


I love summer--warm weather all around!




Would love a copy of BerryWeather, I hear it's great!


Very useful piece of software!


i LOVED the beta I hope I can win