BerryWeather 2.1 Gets Official; Thank You to Beta Tester Contest: 50 Free Copies of BerryWeather to be Won!

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Feb 2010 01:06 pm EST
BerryWeather 2.1 Public Beta Now Available

The folks at Bellshare let me know their insanely popular weather application BerryWeather has been updated to version 2.1.40 and is now out of public beta and officially available. A lot of key differences came with the 2.1 version as it's a re-write of the original code which will perform better across all BlackBerry devices, while taking nothing from the BerryWeather that so many have come to love. As a thank yout to everybody at CrackBerry who helped Bellshare with the beta testing of the latest version, they have offered us up 50 free copies to give away to our readers.

Win a Free Copy of BerryWeather: Drop a comment on this post for your chance to win one of 50 full versions of BerryWeather. Let us know what your favorite season is or what you hate about your least favorite season. For me, it's winter. Hockey and curling and snowmobiling aside, Canadian winters are never fun as it often times gets cold enough to freeze your face off. I'd much rather be at the beach :)

Reader comments

BerryWeather 2.1 Gets Official; Thank You to Beta Tester Contest: 50 Free Copies of BerryWeather to be Won!



Glad to see this come back in a contest. I hate Connecticut winters (mostly the other drivers from mass.)

I absolutely love the Fall. I love the crisp, clean air and all the brilliant colors. Curling up on the couch with Hot Chocolate and a good book makes the world feel cozy.

I'd have to say winter is my least favourite. I love seeing the city with a little snow, but it's my company's crazy time of the year and snow means people are late!
Anyway I'd love this free full version for my wife so she'll stop looking at mine!

Will BerryWeather tell me when I'll be able to get my car up the street based on my gps signal?

My least favorite season is either summer (when its too hot), autumn (when I'm allergic to everything), or winter (when its too cold and I never have enough moisturizer on my face and hands). Whichever season I'm currently suffering from, however, is usually going to get the vote for my least favorite. And then comes Spring. A time to warm up, experience longer days, relax from the roller-coaster of NHL Playoffs and start using my Blackberry a little more often because there's more BBQs to invite people to...

Anyway, thanks for the BerryWeather contest!

I hope this version will be more reliable and accurate compared to the new version. So tired of it dropping and not giving accurate accounts. Hope you guys can prove it is better and why I should go premium.

I live in Minnesota, and absolutely hate winter. I dont mind snow for a few months, but it snows here until May! Id love to be somewhere warm where the sun is always shinining and the temps are always warm!