BerryWeather 2.1 Gets Official; Thank You to Beta Tester Contest: 50 Free Copies of BerryWeather to be Won!

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Feb 2010 01:06 pm EST
BerryWeather 2.1 Public Beta Now Available

The folks at Bellshare let me know their insanely popular weather application BerryWeather has been updated to version 2.1.40 and is now out of public beta and officially available. A lot of key differences came with the 2.1 version as it's a re-write of the original code which will perform better across all BlackBerry devices, while taking nothing from the BerryWeather that so many have come to love. As a thank yout to everybody at CrackBerry who helped Bellshare with the beta testing of the latest version, they have offered us up 50 free copies to give away to our readers.

Win a Free Copy of BerryWeather: Drop a comment on this post for your chance to win one of 50 full versions of BerryWeather. Let us know what your favorite season is or what you hate about your least favorite season. For me, it's winter. Hockey and curling and snowmobiling aside, Canadian winters are never fun as it often times gets cold enough to freeze your face off. I'd much rather be at the beach :)

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BerryWeather 2.1 Gets Official; Thank You to Beta Tester Contest: 50 Free Copies of BerryWeather to be Won!



I live in western NY, and an on the road day every day working. The weather is so unpredictable and my colleagues and I are looking for a reliable, quick, and accurate weather app (we all have berries) and if I show them this app and it works as advertised, they will all be purchasing.

I would love to win this had it on my bold but for some odd reason i was unable to pin swap it to my curve (i know a step backwards) but i love this app and the new storm im buying this weekend would be even more awesome with it. and least fav season is winter its too cold and the weather never does what its supposed to

I hate being cold, so Winter is my least favorite season. I really like Spring and Summer. Spring, because I know that Winter is over, and Summer because, well, it's Summer. It's nice and warm and the days are really long. I can BBQ, work on projects outside, etc. I don't like Fall much because it means Winter is coming.

Winter is definitely my favorite season of the year! It's the one time that I never worry about being hot all the time.

Spring is sexy sexy time!

Now, make with the winnin' and give a weather geek (me!) their first ever contest win on CrackBerry!!

I'll make sexy sexy time with you?!?

My least favorite season has got to be that 'late winter' period....the one where the snow / ice turns into brown, nasty slush making it impossible to keep your car anything close to clean. I'd love a free copy of Berry Weather!

i love winter becaus I so much rather be cold than hot, an i live in the south so winters aren't that bad. and you can always put on more clothes but if your hot you can only take so much off! haha

I've been holding off purchasing this app because I'm hoping for a 5.0 release soon for the Tour. But I can't argue with free!

I hate winter because it's too cold to ride!

Namely Snow. It just sucks. Since my knee no longer allows me to ski I have absolutely no use for it anymore. I hate shoveling, I hate driving in the snow, I hate the mess that it makes when you track it inside. And worst of all, I hate that I cant golf in it. Come on Spring, I know you can do it!

Driving through winter storms and shovelling feet high snow is never a favourite of mine. I'd like a BerryWeather!!!

I live in San Diego so we only have one season. Luckily I travel a lot so I get to experience some snow, rain and other "fun weather."

Hopefully they've done a version for the Bold 9700!I have BeWeather and I'd love the full app, the wallpaper option looks awesome!

i am in need of a good weather app.
can't stand the cold and snow here in canada! need warmth sun & summer back!

I live in New England and have to walk 2/3-mile to work each way... uphill both ways... snow doesn't help

Fantastic program! I would love a copy now that my trial has expired. Pick me CrackBerry! I go to school in North Dakota, a big flat frozen tundra. One day, the high was -12.we had a windchill of about -65. No one can tell me about cold!

This is the perfect app for me to keep track of the crazy weather in the Dominican Republic, pleeeeeeeease, give me a copy! :)

I hate winter. Supposed to get 6 inches of snow tomorrow. That will make the drive to work fun. Oh well. At least I will have my BB Storm and Podtrapper.

Winter is to cold for me as I have gotten older. I have arthritis and it is kicking my butt during the winter months. This is why I am moving south, not just cuz of the winter months. I want to be closer to my family!!!! Please choose me for the NEW version of BerryWeather!!!!

is definitely summer! hot tan , hot clothes, beaches! love it all :)
pick me please i would love this for my bold!

My favorite season is summer for the simple fact that Camden, NJ Puerto Rican Day Parade is in June and I get to see most gorgeous women all in one place at one time. Ahhh the life :)

I like the Spring. Berry Weather would help me know whether to grab my umbrella, or my suntan lotion, or both. Pick me??

I live in St. John's, Newfoundland! I love Summer, which is all to short and, as for Winter, well... let's just say that the Weather Network is using the phrase "weather bomb" for tomorrow's forecast! We have some of the most unpredictable weather in North America - I'd love to give Berryweather a real test! Good luck to all.

Pick me, Weather is so very important to me, I work outside! I need to know whats coming, Please Pick me!

Would really love to win this.

Favorite season is summer - soccer games, sidewalk sales, stroll after dinner and the beaches. =)

I love the fall/winter time. It means its time for basketball season & "more sleep" thanks to daylight savings time!
You can always put more layers on, but in these humid & scorching Texas summers there's only so many layers one can remove before receiving a citation for Indecent Exposure.

I love fall or spring when it is not too hot or too cold. It gets over 100 degrees here all summer and sometimes drops below freezing in the winter. I don't have a very big tolerance for hot or cold. I really need this app to keep up with the forecast and dress accordingly.

HATE the winter season (apart from Christmas time) - the cold, rain, damp, grey skies are killers!

Great screen shot there! I'm going to update today. WARNING: Mfgr. strongly recommends you uninstall BerryWeather first before installing v 2.1

I'll report back my experience.

Count me in ... I'd have to go with summer as my favorite since I was born in the summer and it's the best and easiest time to party outside.

Okay, so Sask gets damn cold in winter... but I love it. Life slows down a little bit, the sun is usually shining, and the air is brisk and fresh. However, I'm not really a fan of snow... I would love to win this app :)

I'm game... My favorite season is spring. I live in Alaska and it's pretty amazing to see the transformation that happens here in spring. Everything comes back to life. My least favorite is Fall. The days are getting shorter, it's getting colder, and it really doesn't last all that long here.

Could use a copy of this, would look good on the storm. And winter is a great season if we get lots of snow for snowmobiling

I love the winter as its the time we can play in snow make snow man for my son several times. then he can distroy it and put me back to work.
This will be a nice app for my storm 9530

I hear so many good things about this version! Please let me win one! thanks for all the contests!

Because I don´t have Berryweather so I never know when to take the umbrella!

So please please please, let me have it! :)

....and I am wondering if it's a free upgrade? Awesome app, though. I have friends around the country and can keep track of the weather in their world. -35°F in Fairbanks a few weeks back. Brrr! I, too, would rather be at the beach!

I can't imagine. We had some very cold temperatures (10-20 degrees F) here in Alabama for almost two weeks and it nearly shut the state down. I don't see how y'all can handle conditions much worse than that for far longer.

Because of the Canadian winters I had to move south. I guess Buffalo NY isn't that far south though. Summers in Canada, well you can't beat that.

Firstly the person who's screenshot this is from should charge their phone more often!

Personally I'm confused as to which weather app would be best for me. A paid or free app? A free copy of a paid app would certainly help.

Canadian springs are the worst - I can deal with sub-zero temps by throwing on extra layers, warm summers are always nice for t-shirts and shorts and I love watching the leaves turn colours in the fall, but in spring all of the snow starts melting and there always seem to be 1-2 solid months where it seems impossible to take 2 steps without finding yourself in a puddle or mud (or a puddle of mudd.. sorry, bad joke). I'd much rather skip straight from cold and dry winters to warm summers.
All that and I'd love to finally get this app without dropping $10 so I can save the money for an umbrella when the weather gets wetter this spring.

Hockey is my favourite and to be honest I'm a fan of all of the weather kinds of seasons. BerryWeather is a great app!

Hope, wait, be happy....all I can say for now :D

Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn are my favorite seasons. They all have their ups, they all have their purpose. And they all have their lessons em :D

I need this app so I know when the heck the Boston weather will turn for the best!! I hate the winter cuase all the ladies are covered up. :-)

I have been using the free version.... I need this upgrade!!! also, my least favorite season is in full swing (winter), I need a little pick-me-up before we are supposed to get 6+ inches of snow this weekend!!!

This is my first posting ever... Its gotta be worth something?? Would love to have this application on my 9700!

I hate winter, the snow sucks. driving it it is the worst! go out side to clean the snow off or do whatever else with it, its cold, the snow can be heavy. it just isnt fun.

My favorite season is definitely winter!
Snowboarding is my life!
However, last winter we had no snow in Nov/Dec... That get's you down...
This year, praying for snow helped! :D
Next trip is in late march because of my exams in early march!


I love fall and winter. there's just something about baseball winding up, football starting and hockey and basketball getting moving. plus snow smells good...

love the free version..

I'm a Canadian, and's cold up here, but when it reaches frigid temperatures of -20C, and then factor in windchill.

You try to start your car, and it chugs a bit...groans, and finally starts, only to freeze your butt off, and just as you pull into the parking lot at work, it finally starts to warm up.

I'd be grateful to get a copy, so I can look forward to all the wonderful >0C temps while I sit in my frigid wonderland.



I love this app. The thing I hate about a season?? Hellooo, this is Texas....110 in the shade, need I say more?!?!

My favorite season is spring...followed by my second favorite which is fall here in the tropics (Houston, TX). The summers are hot and bring hurricanes and the winters, like now, are windy and wet--and this year very cold.

And I sure could use a copy of BerryWeather to keep track of it all!

Favorite season is fall... being outside for football games... awesome. Least is probably the summer, when it's 100+ degrees and just unbearable to be outside.

This would be a great addition to my bold!

And summer is my favorite season because I get to spend a lot of time with my family at the lake skiing!

My favorite season is fall. I love the colors of the leaves and it's not too hot or too cold. My least favorite season is summer. I hate being hot unless I'm on a beach!

Winter would have to be my favorite season. You have the NFL playoffs/superbowl, hockey, basketball getting into the swing of things. Playing outside in the snow w/ the grandkids, also have Xmas and my bday in the mix as well.

Where the skirts get shorter and their heels get higher. That is what it's all about! Give me a berryweather so I can properly know when the warmer weather is arriving.

I would love to have a copy of this one....actually, I need it badly!! Lady luck smile on me just this once....please??

I enjoyed the version prior to 2.0, save a few bugs and UI features. I have been wanting to try 2.* out to see if those tweeks/bugs from the previous major release have been addressed but did not feel like paying for the upgrade.

This app is by far the best weather app for BB. The free version is damn good, the paid one should be ten times better! If I don't win, it'll be well worth the purchase.

In the words of Elmer Fudd...
Arise, Storm.
North winds blow!
South winds blow!

Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me, Pick me!!!!

one for each copy

I'd say winter is my favorite season but with another 2 feet of snow this weekend, the second "10-year blizzard" in a 2 month period might be a bit much

Summber is my favorite... it is a great time to get out of the house with friends.. go anywhere, do anything with long days... eat in, eat out, swim.. you name is always better with sun..

I love winter, BUT only if there is snow on the ground, and not wimpy snow... but rather deep, fluffy, white heaven.

I do love the evenings in the fall, and spring rain showers.

I also like long walks on the beach, have a cat and... o wait i though for a second i was supposed to give a personal ad.

Please let me win this awesome AP

because I live in the midwest, where they say "if you don't like the weather, just wait a minute!", and with that, I have to say that my favorite season is Fall. Gotta love the change in scenery with the changing leaves.

Least favorite season is winter....Texas winters are retarded!!!! One day it can be in the 30's and the next in the 70's!!!!

Summer hands down. I love Bass fishing and with this app, I can tell when it would be a good day to fish by using the moon feature.

I have the trial version and would love to get the full version of it . My favorite season is Spring. Not too hot not too ※cold※ I think its just right. Least favorite is winter tooo ※cold※ for me and I don't like the snow much especially when you have to go to work in that mess.

In winter Im not feel free to use my blackberry outside because or rain, or I dont hear it because my bear jacket, or I cant use it faster as usually because my hand globes.

In other way, the rest of the year Im very happy because Im really free to do anything.

Love BerryWeather! I had an earlier version and liked it then. I'm sure it would blow my mind now :)

I love Winter. I can't stand warm weather(85+). I also love to drive around in the snow before it gets icy out. A lot of snow this year though...Definitely need a new shovel before Friday! lol

I am currently running Weather EYe on my tour which is OK, but no where near as good as Berry Weather. PS my fav season is def summer. Nothing but beers on the beach and good looking ladies in bikinis. Who could ask for more.

Spring weather in New York City is perfect, not too hot not too cold just right just have to wear a light jacket and ur good to go...I hate winter cause when it snows u have to deal with the hard to walk in slush that's left. I would like to get berry weather it seems ver reliable with great visuals. If I do not win a free copy I'll probably buy the app anyway.

my favorite season is winter, personally because I love snow and hockey. And btw, berryweather kicks a**! go #blackberry -_-

We have a pool and there is nothing better than being on a floatie with a beverage in your pool on a hot summer day. I suppose a beach somewhere would be a close second.

Summer is the best since I live near the beach... Winter is my least favorite since we get a lot of rain and I commute to work over 40 miles one way! The 2 lane mountain road is slow and dangerous during the winter!!

Well worth the price, but a free copy would be even better. Much akin to a glorious spring day. Warm and sunny with a slight breeze. :)

Winter is mine, It's about 112F in Arizona during the summer, which is never, ever fun to be out in, during the winter I get to go out and actually, see the world around me. :P

Summer is the best in my book. Being from NJ, summertime can't get here fast enough. The first snowfall of winter is cool, but after that, please get off my lawn!

Thanks for the entry!

I use BerryWeather everday as I travel a lot and the GPS version makes the use of the tool really easy, since I don't have to do anything but pull up the app to determine what the weather will be for the next few days.

I really would like the free upgrade.

Thanks CrackBerry,


I love the fall, the temperature is just right, where i can wear jeans and a hoodie or shorts and a tshirt! I would absolutely love BerryWeather1