Contest: Enter to win a free copy of TEXT Pink or TEXT Blue by Simple Design!

TEXT Pink by Simple Design
By Michelle Haag on 18 Sep 2011 03:04 pm EDT
TEXT Blue and TEXT Pink are a couple of smooth looking themes by Simple Design for your BlackBerry. Featuring a mini-dock of 4 icons on the bottom as well as a top dock of text icons and a weather slot that are all able to be hidden, this theme is super wallpaper friendly. The battery and signal meters are numeric based, so you can check your status with a quick glance. Easy-to-read fonts and soft colors throughout make this a great theme for your BlackBerry 8330/50i, 85xx, 89xx, 9300/30, 9630/50, and 9700/80. You can pick up either version for $2.99 in the CrackBerry store. You're not going to want to miss all the awesome details in TEXT Blue and TEXT Pink!

More information/screenshots and to purchase TEXT Blue
More information/screenshots and to purchase TEXT Pink

Contest: Simple Design has given us 10 copies of each color of TEXT to pass on to you guys. To enter, check the list of compatible devices above, and if you have one that's listed, drop a comment below letting us know which color you want. The contest ends tonight at midnight PST, so hurry and get entered! 

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Reader comments

Contest: Enter to win a free copy of TEXT Pink or TEXT Blue by Simple Design!


I love the idea of being able to do text in colors on my BlackBerry. My choice is BLUE, please. Thanks.

Ill enter for my girlfriends 8530 she is expecting our baby soon what better way to celebrate than with pink or blue! Pink would be fine or even blue we are having a boy!!! She needs some excitement the swollen feet and belly are wearing her down as of late :(

OMG The pink would go great with my pink/purple 8900 please ive been looking for one that will be matchy matchy for ages :) pls crackberry :)