Contest: Enter to win a BlackBerry Skin Case for your BlackBerry device

By Alicia Erlich on 27 Aug 2011 06:08 pm EDT

Leave a comment on this post to win a BlackBerry Skin Case for your BlackBerry!

BlackBerry Skin Cases

The BlackBerry skin case was the first accessory I ever bought when I switched to BlackBerry. They are reliable, durable, and soft to the touch. No matter what cases I've purchased, broken, or abused, the skin case is always the one I fall back on. While it does not offer the all around heavy duty protection like some other cases out there, it does protect your device from accidental bumps, falls, and scratches. Not to mention they come in an array of colors to match your style. Click on the jump for more images and contest rules.

The BlackBerry skin case is thin, lightweight, and offers a no-slip grip with its rubberized exterior. It covers the back and sides leaving openings for the mini-USB port, stereo jack, camera, audio ports, keyboard and screen. It's pretty good at staying put on most surfaces and I've never had it slip to the floor either on my desk at work or at home. I used to pair this with a BlackBerry leather holster for those times I placed my device in my pocketbook.

As you can see from the pictures below the cases tend to attract a lot of dust. However, they are extremely easy to clean by just wiping it away. Other than that its a pretty decent case for the little accidents that may befall your device day-to-day.

BlackBerry Skin cases by BlackBerry are available for the Bold 9000/9650/97xx, Tour 9630, Curve 3G/85xx, Storm/Storm2, Curve 83xx and Pearl 81xx devices. So why not head on over to ShopCrackBerry and take a look at what's available for your device?

Contest: To win a BlackBerry Skin Case just leave a comment to this post and let us know which device it's for and your preferred color. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Please only leave a single comment. 

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Reader comments

Contest: Enter to win a BlackBerry Skin Case for your BlackBerry device



i want my skin to my blackberry pearl 9100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a blue one, thanks from Venezuelaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Have seen this case, and it's quite good. Am I correct in thinking that the holster / magnet functions are preserved, even when this case used? Would much appreciate having a red one for Bold 9780!

I'm still on the hunt for a case for my new 9900. The leather holster is serving it's purpose but getting rather annoying.

My 9930 should be here next week and a lovely pink one would be great. What more could a girl wish for?! Thanks! And since it isn't available-I will take a rain check!

OMG I would love to have one for my BlackBerry Bold 9900. I would really love to win this one. Thanks CrackBerry you guys ROCK!!!

Good luck to all. Count me in for this contest also. Man ol man do I miss the 9000, and 9700. Pondering if I should go back to those classic phones.

I have bought 3 cases for my crackberry and they have all broken. I'm tired of buying cases!! Just want one that works!!!

please pick me! blackerry bold 9900 & id like the blackberry soft shell case translucent. thanks crackberry i love you!

i would want a blackberry soft shell in blue for my Blackberry Bold 9900 if I win the Smartphone giveaway.If I don't,i want a soft shell in blue for my Blackberry Storm 9250

OtterBox Commuter Series Case for BlackBerry Torch 9810. This case is for my torch 9810 that i'll hopefully win from you guys! Pick me!

Yaaaay i want one for my BlackBerry Colt... Remember it needs 2 openings for the 3d proyector, 1 for the electric owen, 2 for the laser beams on the sides and another one in the back for the solar panels :)

I am getting the 9900 as soon as UMA is available on it and as with all my BBs. This is the first accessory I purchase.

Would love a black skin for my 9700. I've gone through 2 of them already. I guess they weren't quality tested with 2 year old twins in mind........... :)

Just got my new baby and would be totally depressed if I got 1 scratch on her. Winning one of these cases would just make my day. I'm not picky any color exept pink will do :)

I have used a skin on every blackberry I have ever owned, they affordable, and not bulky. I wouldn't carry a blackberry without one.

I love crackberry the most, its one of the best bb sites out there.
I recently bought the new bold touch 9930, and i would love a blue skin.
Thank you Crackberry.

Sweet, Otterbox 9800 Torch, Grey or Black for me. I used to have a case by Casemate, it died, I was told otterbox was the best.

Just got my first Blackberry in the mail along with a Playbook! A black case would be great!

I'm guessing there is no way, short of removing the bottom half of the cover as needed, to drop this in a 9650 charging dock. Unless somebody wants to correct me?

Either way, I'm in....

I just got my first Blackberry today, refurbished Pearl 8130, and it needs a case. The burgandy one would be nice, but I'm not real picky. I just can't believe I have internet on my phone!