Contest: Demo Video Of Telenav GPS Navigator Running On BlackBerry Bold 9700 And Giveaway!

By Bla1ze on 13 Nov 2009 07:48 pm EST

With the upcoming launch of the BlackBerry Bold 9700 on T-Mobile and AT&T software developers have been hard at work with getting their applications updated for the new device(s). Telenav is no exception to that, today we get a good look at Telenav GPS Navigator running on a T-Mobile 9700 courtesy of Telenav.

In addition to giving us a look at Telenav GPS Navigator running on the 9700, Telenav has also hooked us up with 3 one year subscriptions to give away to the CrackBerry community. Big thanks go out to Telenav for that.

[ Contest will run until next Sunday being November 22nd. Enter only once folks, duplicate entries will be ignored. Good luck to all! ]

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Contest: Demo Video Of Telenav GPS Navigator Running On BlackBerry Bold 9700 And Giveaway!



TeleNav is great! I had it on my current phone for awhile but deleted it because it was too pricey. I really miss the feature that found things in relation to where you currently are. Like if you're in an area of town doing some shopping & you get a huge Chinese food craving, TeleNav can tell you where to go (yes, this happened to me). I'm picking up the 9700 on Monday & I'd LOVE to have TeleNav again! Thanks for the opportunity!

This will give me another reason to say my blackberry is better than my friends iphone! Hope I win this!!!

I did try Telenav GPS a awhile back and was duly impressed but alas I really don't need to add any more monthly subscriptions :=( .

This is the app I need more than any other.

I get lost. A lot. I don't want to say I have a terrible sense of direction, but I have been known to get lost on my way home from work.

If I had this app, I could always find my way home. That means less panicking (which I do when I'm lost). Less stress (which the panicking causes). Less stress means I'll love longer (which means I can visit crackberry longer).

You see..I need this app, not just to find my way home, but to live. Why won't you let me LIVE!!!!!


I've never had a phone with GPS before, so that just makes me even more excited for the 9700 to come out on T-Mobile. It's good to know that developers are getting all the apps ready for it too.

I used to have this app, but it was too expensive on top of my monthly bill. I would be so happy to have a free subscription!! Thanks CB and Telenav! : )

Telnav is the greatest GPS software on the Blackberry, have subbed before but just too expensive now, would be fantastic to win a free year from CB.

I had this for a year on my Bold. I would love to continue using it. Please choose me to win a year subscription..

I was really disappointed to go from Sprint -which offers GPS free with their data service- to AT&T, where TeleNav costs a monthly subscription fee... this would really relieve my stress from moving to a new city without my trusty mobile GPS! I miss mah TeleNav! D:

This is the best nav for BB, and a free year would be enormously welcome! Great giveaway of a great product.

I'd love to win a subscription to Telenav GPS Navigator!

Currently have a Blackberry Bold 9000, but looking to upgrade to the Bold 9700 once it's available in this area in order to get rid of the problematic trackball.

Looks pretty nice. I'm getting the 9700 when it comes out on AT&T (whenever that is!) and would love to use this app!

I travel often, however - I have a BAD sense of direction. Without a GPS (or an old school map, even) I would have a hard time finding my way home. This APP would be a great addition to my BB. Please pick me and help me find my way home, LOL!

This would save so many arguments with my wife who has a great sense of direction. I need this to put us on equal ground!

If not me then WHO? A phone, GPS, and internet access with blazing speed. Who could ask for anything more. Happy ME.

I just got my 9700 Friday and I would love to get this one because I travel so much with my children and this would be a great help.

Hope I win and I can install in my new 9700. SO far I'm just using Google maps and by far Telenav is better.

Wow what a great way to find any place fast, easy and accurate! With Telenav you can always arrive on time :)