Contest: Demo Video Of Telenav GPS Navigator Running On BlackBerry Bold 9700 And Giveaway!

By Bla1ze on 13 Nov 2009 07:48 pm EST

With the upcoming launch of the BlackBerry Bold 9700 on T-Mobile and AT&T software developers have been hard at work with getting their applications updated for the new device(s). Telenav is no exception to that, today we get a good look at Telenav GPS Navigator running on a T-Mobile 9700 courtesy of Telenav.

In addition to giving us a look at Telenav GPS Navigator running on the 9700, Telenav has also hooked us up with 3 one year subscriptions to give away to the CrackBerry community. Big thanks go out to Telenav for that.

[ Contest will run until next Sunday being November 22nd. Enter only once folks, duplicate entries will be ignored. Good luck to all! ]

Reader comments

Contest: Demo Video Of Telenav GPS Navigator Running On BlackBerry Bold 9700 And Giveaway!



this would be great to have on my 9700 i've had it for about a week and i love it! telenav would make my 9700 even better

Some time ago there was a contest to win either Blackberry Visor Mount or a earplug headset. States that there was 2 of each to be given away. I never saw anything on winners for this contest, Kevin said it was wunderradio but they show contest for blackberry bluetooth ear piece. Plus when are Blackberry 9700 winner going to be announced? Don't mean to sound anxious,but I just keep checkin back for winners and never see them posted. Thanks.

This is something I can DEFINTELY put to good use. Can't wait to say goodbye to Google Maps and hello to TeleNav!

I'm picking up my 9700 on Monday and have been a subscriber of telenav on my 8900. I'd love to get a new sub for the new phone! Thanks to crackberry and telenav.

I remember having telenav on my first nextel, it worked great. Telenav has never gave me any issues, and always did great getting me to my destinations. Nice contest CB. Goodluck everyone.

Wow.. Great offer.. Please pick me.. This will be great for when I travel for the holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would love to use this on the BlackBerry Bold 9700. I'm not a fan of BlackBerry Maps, so this would be great.

To the reviewer: EXPOSURE/BRIGHTNESS! Turn it down, it was a nice video but pretty much USELESS. You kept the brightness high and exposure at who knows what, look at the screen, you can barely see anything on that video.

If it's just for 9700 i can't, still don't have it, but if Storm is in the contest, i want it!

Telenav is really amazing (just tested trial)...

now this looks like an amazing husband would love it if I had this!!! Good luck to all.

oh man oh man

this is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweeet

please hook me up.... i need this bad


and please pick me !!! I love Telenav, used to have it on my 7100i but recently havent been able to afford it on my 8310.

Hey guys this would be awesome for me i get lost all the time and would love to have an aid in helping me find my way!!! help me telenav!!

This would be a fantastic prize to win.

Now...if only my 9700 would get delivered and to win this...complete dream come true.

this will be gr8 when i get my 9700 on 22 :D
perfict so plz plz plz plz tag me along at least this time
been beging for louts of things on CB have mercy :D

Thank you for those who are continually figuring ways to let us only carry one device in our pocket (or car) at a time.

Telenav is fantastic! I have had it for about a year, bought the 4 year plan and have never regretted it. It has worked with both the Storm and now the Tour and way too many software upgrades to count. It has led me to out of the way streets in the city to long forgotten cow paths in the sticks that I think even God forgot about. Its worked so well I gave away my old navigator. Hey the phone is always with me no mater what car I'm in and there is nothing to worry about hiding at night, no broken car windows to steal a $100 piece of equipment that is sketchy at best. I don't need to win it, just extend the old contract, I've already got the best!

That would be totally awesome...the icing on the cake of the glorious new 9700! I can't wait until Monday morning to go pick one up...a Telenav subscription would come in handy!

i would love to have this i'm always using direction app this could really up the game since i use a cheapy one please...

I would love to have Telenav instead of paying VZW $10 per month for Navigator. Thank you Telenav and Crackberry!

Love TeleNav, and have always preferred it over Garmin! Sweeet it would be if I could one yea

haha wow, i was watchin this lil clip here and all the sudden heard the street names and they sounded way too familiar, there going to my local bank of america.
wasnt expecting that.

coooooooooooooooooool hope i can get this one need a more reliable one than the gps stand alone...

Thank you for letting me enter this contest...I am directionally challenged and I need a navigation system for my BlackBerry 8900 that TALKS! That's how bad I am!

Thank you!


I recently used televav for the blackberry tour while traveling and it
worked so well. It was a pleasure to carry just a phone and not a phone
and gps device.? Iove the way you can call a number
and speak a location instead of typing.
This is extremely useful while driving. I amgetting the
9700 on Monday when it is released and telenav
wwould make a great addition