Contest: Colorful Serious by BB-Freaks - We have 50 copies up for grabs!

Colorful Serious by BB-Freaks
By Michelle Haag on 26 Mar 2011 01:10 pm EDT
BB-Freaks continues to delight BlackBerry owners with their creative and functional themes. One of their latest creations is called Colorful Serious. This theme brings a burst of color to your home screen with sharp graphics that really stand out. As always, the icons used in this theme are top-notch and flow well with the theme without being distracting. Numeric battery and signal meters and a fun but easy-to-read font add even more style. The dock holds 8-12 user defined icons depending on your device, and hides with a single keystroke. Grey menus and buttons finish out the look. Overall it's a very nice looking theme, and will look great on your BlackBerry wether you use it during work or play.

Colorful Serious is available for $4.99 and is compatible with BlackBerry 9000, 96xx, 97xx, 85xx, 89xx, 93xx, 91xx, 95xx, 9670, and 9800 (OS 4.6 - 6.0)

For more information/screenshots and to purchase Colorful Serious

Contest: BB-Freaks has sent us 50 copies of this theme for you guys! To enter just leave a comment below. Please be sure you have one of the compatible devices listed above. One entry per person please, contest ends Sunday at Midnight PST!

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Reader comments

Contest: Colorful Serious by BB-Freaks - We have 50 copies up for grabs!



New Torch, first theme, for my new toy. This theme looks sweet and I could sure use some flair.

I know this is a complete shot in the dark, but what the hell ... Let there be themes for me and may all your CrackBerry dreams come true.

Am open...... am open..... this way ......shamoooooo....;);)
And we have a Bold touch down indeed!

This is the next best thing to tie-dye, which is my FAVORITE thing ever!!!! LOVE!!! Thanks, CrackBerry, you're the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so proud to be part of Crackberry. I hope to be one of those lucky person to this contest. I Love Crackberry !!!!! :)

Love it!! although the word serious- is a little strange for themes-titles especially when coming from THE ONE AND ONLY -BB FREAKS- but somehow whit that color explosion i feel the awesomeness of seriousness they were thinkin...

Thats a seriously colorful theme. My daughter has it on her Style and loves it. I would love to try it out, too.

Still new to the blackberry world with my first bb bold 9780 wouldn't mind checking out some new themes. The default is great but I would like a nice secondary option to help my BB love grow.

I am using 9700 and the biggest problem I have is choosing the right theme for me. I am very choosy and I got to admit this theme really attracts me. Something very different from the one I always use! Great theme and good job dev!

im loving this theme! let me have it for mi gemini!

i just lost my job :(

i need a pick me up....