Contest: Carrier Unlock - 75 Free Unlock Codes

Carrier Unlock
By Adam Zeis on 3 Nov 2009 12:35 pm EST
- has again offered up 75 free codes for CrackBerry readers. Their codes are good for your brand new Storm2, as well as T-Mobile, AT&T, Fido & Rogers devices - so if you don't have a Storm2 or you are on another carrier you'll have to sit this one out. As an added bonus they are also running a promo to go along with the contest. CrackBerry readers can receive codes for the above carriers for only $6.99 ($3.00 off). Just head over to and use the promo code CB at checkout. To enter the contest, just leave a comment on this post. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment - multiple entries won't count.

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Contest: Carrier Unlock - 75 Free Unlock Codes



i neeeeeeed this for my storm2!!! i am traveling out of country soon and verizon wont do it for me yet bc of some 90 day rule. plz plz plz plzzzzzz pick me!!1

Hope I could get an unlock code for my BlackBerry. I should be one of the 75 lucky guys. Thanks a lot for CrackBerry in advance.

Well I don't seem to have any luck with these giveaways.
I would LOVE a unlock code for my new to receive Storm2 (on Verizon) but also have a T-Mo sim for my T-mo account as well...


I'd hate to lose my phone Insurance because the Deathstar now cancels it if you iunlock your BlackBerry. And I am leaving to England in a month.

I totally need it for my new Storm2!!! It would come in BEYOND handy on my trip to Argentina :o)

I just got my Storm 2 today - well, it was delivered at least and sitting at the house! This unlock code would be the icing on the cake!

My Storm2 and I really would like to be part of this deal as I travel back to the UK and this would be great !!! :)

Please please please I would love to win! I have an AT&T Bold and travel between the US and Canada all the time and would love to have my phone unlocked!!!!!

I could really use this to sell my current 8900 when I upgrade to the 9700! It would be nice to win something, PICK ME!

Could definitely use a free unlock code for my Bold while in medical school in Grenada! Plus I'm poor and would appreciate the free code! Thanks!

I've got a awesomtacular Storm2, and I'm making international trips in the next couple of months. PLEASE pick me so I can make good use of this great phone while I'm in Japan. PLEASE!

I just ordered my storm 2 and i have tmobile let alone i have been an avid blackberry user i would love it if you guys could hook it up

If the unlock codes will be avaliable for PDA's on At&t. will the unlock code work on the new Bold 9700?

As a international customer, I carry a sims chip with another service in another country. the phone has to be unlocked.

So I can open my blackberry to another carrier? Well, what ever I can do with a cracked device, I'd love to find out.

I got my B2 and I definetly want to unlock it plssssssssss thanks u guys are really cool I like this kind of contest you guys do.......LOL

People say beginner has the best luck! I am betting on it. I just got myself a no-contract T-Mobile 8220 Pearl Flip today. Ordered on Friday, delivered by FedEx this morning, I am charging it up right now. Found the website, registered here as a new user a minute ago. I am newer than the new black. Hope I win the the unlock code, so I can use it on my carrier AT&T right away. I will forever thank CrackBerry and CarrierUnlock for making me the happiest person on earth the first day on my first blackberry cracking away!