Contest: Camera Plus - Email multiple pictures easily. Win 1 of 50 free copies!

Camera Plus
By Bla1ze on 15 Sep 2010 02:15 pm EDT

One thing that has always bothered me about BlackBerry email is how it handles attachments. It's not exactly always easy to attach multiple images and files with the way it is set up on OS 5. BlackBerry 6 has improved upon that but, since BlackBerry 6 thus far is limited to one device that doesn't really help the majority of users out there right now. Camera Plus has a nice fix for us all. That fix, comes in the form of a rather simple application which allows you to quickly and easily add up to 5MB of images to any email.


  • Photo Album Creation
  • Multiple picture handling
  • Editing Capabilities
  • Email Integration
  • Full-screen Preview of photos
  • File explorer for attaching existing photos
  • Total File Size Indicator 

Snap pics using the app, sort the ones you want and discard the ones you don't. Email them off to friends, family members of even places like Twitpic or Posterous. Multiple images sent easily as it should be. We got 50 copies to give away as well so, be sure to drop a comment here for your chance to win. Contest will run till Sunday, 12AM PDT after which winners will be chosen in an upcoming post. Good luck and thanks to Wickid Apps.

Reader comments

Contest: Camera Plus - Email multiple pictures easily. Win 1 of 50 free copies!



That could be useful, what with the Torch having a nice 5Gb camera, I may actually leave my Sony Cybershot at home.

Just when I thought I didnt need anything else. This really fits a need. Whoever wins, good for you!

My friends call me TMZ when we go out and they are always asking me for copies of the pictures...... Sooooo I need this app. Give me Give Me Give Me

This would be a wonderfull application to have on my Torch. I am a outside sales representative and I use the camera in my berry all the time to send back examples to the office when I need to get the right example for comparrison. Hope I get this for use.

this is probably one of the few peeves i have about blackberry! i would love to fix this pleaaaaaaaassssseeeeee!

now this is an app i'd love to have! with me and my wife snapping as many pictures of our son and having to send them to both sets of grandparents, this would make our life (and phone bill too) that much easier!

c'mon you guys! PICK ME!!!! :)

This would be great for travellers who wants to send pics to family or business workers on the trip that need to shoot some photos for office use.

this would be a good app for me, being I am stationed in California and most of my relatives reside in New York and South Carolina, I could easily email pictures I snap on a daily basis of my son to the family...

I wouldn't mind a copy.

Thank you for the chance to win!

Great App, would save time & multiple e-mails we have to do at moment when sending photos or twitpics

I was just fighting with being only able to send one pic at at time just last night! I've got three kids. Need to send three pics at once . . DUH! Cannot wait to try this.

I send a lot of pics of my kiddos to my parents and my husband's parents. Since they are less than technological, it would be really nice to be able to send more than one picture at a time!

Thanks, CrackBerry!

With this app hope I don't need to send the image to my laptop just for rotate the image. And I hope can win the contest..

This would be nice. The wife and I use our blackberries to shoot photos of our son and send them each other. So we don't miss things that happen throughout the day.

Good luck to everyone.

Pick me. Pick me. Pick me.

Figured I just couldn't figure out how to add multiple pics....glad to hear it wasn't me AND that it CAN be done! Would love it!

This would be great to win. It is a real pain in the you know what having to send multiple e-mails just to send more than one picture attachment.

I would love to have this app as I seem to email alot of picures for work. It stinks to do it the way you have to on OS5.

"a picture speaks a thousand words" and I am one of those BB users who love to include pics in texts. This would be perfect a BIG PLUS ++++ if I was to win ! Thanks =)

i am always trying to send multiple pics and it's kinda discouraging that i have to follow the long drawn out procedure for doing this. it would be real real nice to be able to just bundle the pics like this software will allow. so please pick me !!!!!!!!!!

Me Me Me.... Please....Por Favor...Tevreden...Bitte...Per favore...Пожалуйста...s'il vous plaît!

This is exactly what I need. The number of times take 3 or 4 pictures and therefore have to send 3 or 4 e-mails for work is countless. Please hook me up.

Nice concept... Now if they can come up with an app to remove headers when I reply to or forward emails

I've often wondered why RIM made it so difficult to attach multiple files to an email message. So glad someone thought to create this app!! And thanks once more for a fabulous contest, CrackBerry Team!!! You're awesome!!! :)

So I can only send multiple images if I take them with the app? Still sounds better than what is currently in place. I emailed five pics in one message today... what a pain!

This would be the perfect app for me! I'm always trying to email pics of my kid back to family outta state. Perfect!!!!! Good luck everyone.

I attach a lot of pictures to emails on my BB and would love a copy of this app! This would def make my life easier!

Ahhh. Genius. Why don't I think of these great ideas. Very smart of you Camera plus. I would love win this & will probably use it religiously. Cheers

If u dont give it to me, im gonna... cry!! :P
Wahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahaha :P

just write my name in the winner's list ... and i'll be happy ... see, i'm not asking for too much ... just type 6 keys on the keyboard and i'll love u forever :P


This is so cool. One of the "things" that is really needed when out in the field is to be able to attach multiple images to emails. would be used extensively on a daily basis.

Acepto que saco varias fotos y me encuentro con la idea de meterlas en un zip y enviarlas luego. Esto me serviria mucho.