Contest: Camera Plus - Email multiple pictures easily. Win 1 of 50 free copies!

Camera Plus
By Bla1ze on 15 Sep 2010 02:15 pm EDT

One thing that has always bothered me about BlackBerry email is how it handles attachments. It's not exactly always easy to attach multiple images and files with the way it is set up on OS 5. BlackBerry 6 has improved upon that but, since BlackBerry 6 thus far is limited to one device that doesn't really help the majority of users out there right now. Camera Plus has a nice fix for us all. That fix, comes in the form of a rather simple application which allows you to quickly and easily add up to 5MB of images to any email.


  • Photo Album Creation
  • Multiple picture handling
  • Editing Capabilities
  • Email Integration
  • Full-screen Preview of photos
  • File explorer for attaching existing photos
  • Total File Size Indicator 

Snap pics using the app, sort the ones you want and discard the ones you don't. Email them off to friends, family members of even places like Twitpic or Posterous. Multiple images sent easily as it should be. We got 50 copies to give away as well so, be sure to drop a comment here for your chance to win. Contest will run till Sunday, 12AM PDT after which winners will be chosen in an upcoming post. Good luck and thanks to Wickid Apps.

Reader comments

Contest: Camera Plus - Email multiple pictures easily. Win 1 of 50 free copies!



I would love to win this app, sending multiple photos in an email is too difficult. BlackBerrys main strength is email and messaging, it's a shame they have not addressed this before. Would love RIM to make it easy for attachment handling. :)

Thanks again for another amazing give away! You guys not only have give aways but they are actually useful time saving products.

Yes, this would definitely be convenient... and while we 9700 users are still waiting for OS6, this should do the trick!

This application would so help me out. It seems our clients are always wanting pictures sent daily from the construction site. Seems to be a must have.

Hey what's crackalacking crackas ill take a pic of which one I would want 2 win and I pic this one lmao so hopefully they pic me and if not they will pic another one lmao

... and I never win anything on this site, so do the right thing and pick me, please! Thanks and good night.

This is something I definitely would like to win..its like one of the most required tweaks a bb doesn't help you to do!!!

Sent off 8 pictures at one time, not only did it take forever but it drained my battery too. Could really use this, Thanks CrackBerry!

I'm in! I was just thinking about how there's no convenient way to attach multiple pictures, and I send pics all the time!

My B-day's Friday, but I accept belated presents! : ) If I don't win, I'm buying it anyway! Good luck everyone....and yes, my b-day really is Friday : ) GO VIRGOS!

Just the other day I was out with my family and my camera battery died. I took pics using BB camera but when it came to sending those to others I thought I will email them all. But It took me along time to email them since I can send only one pic at a time using BB. So glad something like camera plus is here.

The best apps are those that should be part of the OS in the first place. This is definitely one of them. Its so annoying trying to find pictures to attach that I usually just send separate messages for each picture. This would be a great app to have.

I find the BB still lacks good camera and editing apps. Lets see if this one works for my needs as a photographer.

I do not have a digital camera, therefore I use my phone as my main camera. I would love to have this app! Pick me!

Sound like a good program to have. Maybe it would take care of the phone rebooting when I start the camera on my 9650..


use this app as I take multiple pictures for work! Then when it comes times to send these pictures... HEADACHE! Please help me out

This would work great for me as I sell a lot of items online and ppl always ask for pictures sent to them, ill take a copy please!

Would love to win a copy of this since I am always sending multiple pics per email and hate having to go through the pain of the stock client.

I would totally use this to it's fullest!! I didn't even think an app like this existed. I thought I was just stuck emailing

Please pick me. I love taking pictures and with this app I can create album edit picture and show it to my family and my friends

I would love to win this app, seems like it would come in handy and make it easier to send pics.

It is a very useful app to enhance the bb camera function. I want it. Hopefully I can win a copy. Thank cb in advance!

It is a very useful app to enhance the bb camera function. I want it. Hopefully I can win a copy. Thanks cb in advance!