Contest: BlackBerry Storm 2 Coming in June?

BlackBerry Storm 2 Coming in June?!
By Kevin Michaluk on 19 May 2009 05:05 pm EDT

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There's lots of buzz around the interwebs today that the BlackBerry Storm 2 could be hitting store shelves much sooner than most of us would think, with rumors suggesting a release as early as before the end of this month or sometime in June. As much as I would LOVE for this to pan out to be true, my CrackBerry gut says we'll all have to wait a little longer than that to get our hands on a store-purchased model.

Our best info right now slates pre-production of the next generation Storm (which RIM internally refers to by the codename BlackBerry "Odin") to begin early next month and from there an official release is usually a couple months out (VZW's technical acceptance process usually takes 2-3 weeks on a device, so even if they approved it off the first pre-production run we'd still be looking at July). And this is Verizon were talking about here... the pickiest of the carriers... who also have the BlackBerry Tour 9630 to roll out still and after a less-than-stellar Storm 1 experience won't want to put out Storm 2 until it's ready. And they won't want to stack the 9630/Storm 2 releases too close to eachother. At this point, I'd rate a May release as impossible, a June launch as potentially possible but improbable, a July release as targeted/more realistic but tight (think end of the month, fingers crossed), an August launch as more likely but if you throw in the usual BlackBerry/Verizon delays then I wouldn't even be suprised to see it launch later than that. As always in the world of BlackBerry, all will be known with time.

Storm 2 Before the End of June Contest: Let's have some fun here! I'd love to see a June launch happen. I really would. I just don't think it will. So to that end, we'll take a gamble and run one helluva contest.... LEAVE a comment to this blog post. For every day that the BlackBerry Storm 2 is on sale in the month of June 2009 we'll give one away to a CrackBerry member. So if the Storm 2 is available for purchase on June 1st, we'll give away 30 Storm 2's over the course of the month. If it's available on June 15th, we'll give away 16. If it's available on the 30th, we'll give away one. And if it doesn't go up for sale in June at all, we'll give away none. Should make for an interesting month, huh? Leave a comment for your chance to win!

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Contest: BlackBerry Storm 2 Coming in June?



You really get my juices going with all this Storm talk, I love my original Storm and purchased it from Verizon due to your great comments. Love my Storm and will buy another - or get one ( or 2 ) free!


I bought the first storm i think it is a good phone but could be much better hopefully the storm 2 will get the job done.

Well Maybe it will possible to get it in June. Another site (don't know if I should mention it) says they have an insider that says it will be ready for June. Let's hope.

I'm tired of all the neigh-sayers out there about the Storm, the Crapple iPhone has taken a dive by being part of the worst (AT&T) network - Blackberry in general including the Storm has superseded the iPhone hands down!

Very interestingly put! I have read somewhere that the release date for Storm 2 is September 2009. I guess no one will be winning any?

People bought the Storm simply because they could not afford the iPhone or they disliked their carrier. There is no comparison.

I love my storm I have now....but it would be awesome to win a new and improved one, if available. Who doesn't like the most up to date technology available, eh?! Thanks for the opt...Have a great day

Just making sure I get in before the 15th. I think storms are so dreamy!! Gimme, gimme, gimme! Put a storm in my grabby hand. LOL

*Insert witty post-as-contest-entry here*

Still excited for release, whether or not it comes out this month!

Just bought the Storm in April this year but to have the latest and greatest would really send me into tingles.

Hoping for a June 1st but not expecting a release til November/December this year, let's hope they take the extra time to make sure the OS and all features are working correctly. My camera still does not work in mine, odd? Keeps complaining about closing down all the apps, but all the apps are closed so gonna try update it tonight xD

I'm willing to place odds they could have it out this month.

But then again, I have been known to be (stupidly) optimistic in the past. :P

As the end of the month approaches, I'm not very optimistic, but 'twould still be cool.

Count me in. Save me from buying an iPhone!

I take one if you sed it my way i know there will be none im sure think of how long it took for them to put out.148 but if they do put it out that soon I'd love to have one but by the time i get it the rumors of the storm 3 will pop up lol anyways holla at ya boy with a storm 2 suka!!!!!!!

Storm 2 better have a track ball.. blackberry is the way to go. Once ur in.. its all the way.. haha I had 1 pearl and 3 curve 8310 and 1 curve 8900. So this one will be a nice addition.. to my addiction.

Too much speculation!

But hey it's still sweet to have a slight chance at the Storm2.

I've waited silently with my Pearl 8130 while the devices slowly but surely get better and better.

Please have a contest for the BB-slider!!!

The storm 2 will not be out in July @ all. The new Blackberry "TOUR" will be out on the Verizon network. The Storm 2 is not in the line up until 4th quarter of 2009. Fixing the bugs and the latest release on the Storm 1 was a jump in launching the Storm 2.
Crackberry gets to hold on the $$ for this contest,LOL.

June 29th will be the release date for the "Storm 2" because June 27th is my 18th wedding anniversary and that would be just my luck 2 days late!

That my phone got stolen at Nairobi Airport & now I'm living like a freak without any contact with the outside world except fb cause the phone had all my digits

I am leaving a comment.
I really need the Storm 2.
The whole touchscreen thing is a cool concept, but
the first storm just isn't cutting it yet.

It's strange how iPhone users are mocking this. " Second model already? See. It suc*s!"

Well, what model of the iPhone are they on now?
And how many OSs did they have to go through.

Being as that I got my storm in January, I won't be able to get one for quite awhile.

Free is good and appreciated!

I would like to thank my kindergarten teacher, Miss Vincent for teaching me the importance of asking questions. My parents for knowing I was wonderful. And Crackberry for my free Blackberry Storm 2... You are the bestest..

Thanks Again,
Reality Chick

Hey I can't get enough agravation so I want a storm 2. what am i nutz. Naw why not. Might as well go completely crazy.


If I were to be given free a storm 2 to try out?? I would !!! On the other side of the coin, I wish BB would concentrate more with correcting problems with already out on the market phones, than make big deals out of newer phones getting ready to hit the market. But HEY, that's production right?

Any and all who have had their Storm from Day 1 and have stuck by RIM should get a Storm 2 free with a trade-in of the original Storm. I'm also up for getting one for free. :)

although storm 1.0 did not meet the standards of other touch phones, i always have faith in RIM to break all of my expectations so i have no doubt storm 2.0 will be hit =)

I currently own a blackberry storm 9530. It is an exceptional phone
And once it is updated to a better OS it runs even smoother. I am very
Excited to hear that a storm two is on the horizon, seeing how expensive
The first one was I imagine the second will be no exception, and now that
It will be WI-FI capable I hope to win to see what new adventures it will
Bring, I mean you never heard of an IPHONE saving a kidnapped woman?

I currently own a blackberry storm 9530. It is an exceptional phone
And once it is updated to a better OS it runs even smoother. I am very
Excited to hear that a storm two is on the horizon, seeing how expensive
The first one was I imagine the second will be no exception, and now that
It will be WI-FI capable I hope to win to see what new adventures it will
Bring, I mean you never heard of an IPHONE saving a kidnapped woman?

...Verizon should give us all a huge discount on the Storm II for giving us a phone that was nowhere near ready to go to market.

Recently this month,My friend Tim's wife Lisa passed from ovarian cancer. She was the light and love in his life. As any wife can do, she kept him organized and balanced. Please crackberry pick us so my husband and I can offer help to him! We know this will help bring organization to his world again. My husband and I each have our own Blackberry Storm(s) so we don't have a need for it as he would.

Alayna n Ryan

Rest in Peace Lisa W.

I will thank God if we are the winners. For us it will give us the opportunity to help a friend in need. Lord hear our prayer!!!

Alayna n Ryan
Rest in Peace Lisa W.

I don't expect to win a Storm 2 if it does come out since everything I've tried to win in any kind of contest always is the fail,but I'm going to cross my fingers anyway and hope like usual for the best.

Not looking like a June release. Down to just 7 days. I think Verizon sponsored this contest and only has one to give away, so hang on, June 30th will be the release date. :-)

recommend this site to newly activated blackberry users twice as much as i do now if i win.(although that would mean over 100% but w/e)

I hope it comes out. I am up for a phone upgrade at the end of August and was planning on getting the Storm. Now I'll have to decide between the Storm and the Storm 2

May release soon, but I think there would be more hype and talk publicaly about it. I mean wouldnt they be wanting to advertize the hell out of this to sell as much as they can?

I was burned on Storm 1, replaced it with a Curve. That ain't so bad... for a two year old phone! Can ya hook a crackbrother up?! Please!

so i've already commented on this but i felt the need to comment again. after washing my curve in the laundry today i have had to downgrade to an old b/w phone. being a college student + a shi** job market i can't get afford to buy another phone unless of course...i sell my organs?! hmm.... lol jk

Yea I just got my wife and I storms in October. I absolutely love the storm now and can't wait to see what the new one is capable of. And about the june release......not gonna happen haha.

Well here it is into July and no Storm 2. Well I like my current storm. But am looking forward to the storm 2. A free on would be great.

Crackberry I Am Begging You To Provide Me With The Storm 2. I've been keeping up with the talk about this phone for months and would be so happy if i could get it. If you hook me up I'll advertise your website to everybody i know and the people in my town. I'll also send out an e-mail blast.